Bull's Strength

Kevin's Return


By Muscl4life

The sun was high and hot, which only made riding an old delivery bike a harder task than it already was, but it didn't matter for Kevin. He was determined to find out what happened to Josh and Bryan. Ever since their last encounter, he had never heard of them, and ever since Martha Haynes showed at his father's little market and practically bought all the food of the whole store, the cashier told him she spent more than 2000 dollars with just one huge shop, and she didn't want to tell why was buying so much food all of a sudden. Kevin knew it had something to do with Josh and Bryan, he managed to retrieve Joshua's phone number, but they never answered his callings, what if something happened? When Bryan phoned him this morning and asked him to go all the way to Joshua's home, Kevin knew there was something up and decided to check on them himself, he borrowed the delivery bike of the store and went all the way down the road, his father would be mad at him when he returned, but it would be worse if he had gotten the car instead of the bike, his father never let him do anything, and it was already pissing him, he was almost 19 and he didn't like to be bossed around all the time… Almost one hour later – the road was bad and there were many hills to go up and down, but Kevin could already see the Spencer's farm. He didn't go there for a long time, but it hadn't change at all, he remembered the barns and the old farm house. He finally made to the front door but it was locked, he called for Mrs. Spencer and there was no answer. Then he checked from the side and he noticed the back door was open, there should people on the stables and the barn, Kevin was not very sure of jumping the fence, but he urged to know something from his "buddies". Jumping was no problem, for Kevin's 6'2" 200 pounds athletic figure, he simply flew over the wooden fence and proceeded calling for Joshua, then he saw a huge bulk leaning on the side wall of the barn, and judging by that BULK, it was JOSH! Kevin decided to make a practical joke on his muscle buddy, believing he had not listened his callings! He approached carefully form the huge figure, it definitely was Josh, no one could ever be so WIDE! So MUSCULAR! He would recognize those arms anywhere in the world, and that mega bubble butt was unmistakable! The same oversized overalls tighten untied on the upper body, the beautiful muscular neck, majestic shoulders wide marvelous shoulders, and that large back, so muscular, the only thing was the hair, he was almost sure Josh had a chestnut shade of hair, not that the beautiful gold blond thick hair was any less beautiful, and it matched so well with his pink complexion, Joshua only should be using sun blocker, because he was noticeably less tanned than he used to be, and he never thought Josh would be that kind of guy who wore bandanas at work, but it was incredibly hot seeing that figure, he was completely outmuscling his clothes, and that red bandana was so appealing it reassured the beauty of that muscle titan, he could barely wait to be carried in his powerful arms and once more feel his power while they fucked. As closer Kevin was, more nervous he got, until he jumped at Joshua's back and crossed his legs around his waist, he took bites of his hard flesh and before the head could turn to see him, he gently covered the huge face with his trembling hands:

“Guess who? Kevin asked nervously and he rubbed his already hard cock against the muscular wall he was grabbed to. He felt the heavy breath an the smile building in that covered face:

“I know it won't be a surprise for me, but you'll just drop dead! The smiling mouth said, and with that Kevin stopped breathing – It was not Joshua's voice, he knew that and he recognized the timber, although now it was much deeper and low, so everything made sense, the skin, the golden hair, it was not Joshua it was:

“BRYAN?! The red haired guy uncovered the eyes and rushed to see the face of the muscle monster, and there it was Bryan's face smiling with an attitude typical of a gargantuan muscle freak. Kevin literally dropped on the floor but he was caught by those enormous arms and nested just like the way he deserved:

“I said you would be the surprised one! Bryan smiled and kissed Bryan before he could have the chance of asking anything. They felt their passion building and soon Kevin had to break the kiss:

“HOW? Was all he could say after the kiss. Bryan laughed and gently put the now smaller guy in the ground. Kevin repaired how much Bryan had grown, he used to be the taller between them two and now, he can barely reach Bryan's lower chest, although the vision of those nipples was delicious!

“Let's just say that Josh had something to do with it! Bryan smiled and he casually FLEXED his muscles. He couldn't avoid that, after all until ten days ago, that guy was bigger and more muscular than he was and now he had the chance to REALLY show off!

“W-where… Josh? Kevin couldn't finish the sentence when Bryan's chest grew harder and rounder and the giant nipple almost poked his eye. He took a few steps away and his jaw dropped…

“MAN, YOU'RE HUGE! Kevin just said and with one gesture he begged for Bryan's grip and soon he was back at his muscle buddy arms. Bryan laughed out loud and kissed the dwarfed guy once more:

“Josh ran to lake to refresh before lunch! I was just finishing to clean after him and was about to serve the food! Bryan smiled and for the first time Kevin noticed how GORGEOUS he became: If Bryan's face was pretty before now it was HANDSOME, it was absolutely MAINLY, the jaw was firm and square, the eyes were big and the blue shade hypnotizing, the blond hair coming down the red bandana was so provocative, and specially his golden beard was definitely HOT! It was thick and well trimmed, like he had just done, it was the perfect frame for his pink full lips, and his white teeth. He was absolutely MALE, his neck was so fucking thick, his head seemed smaller, his chest was absolutely HUGE and the golden fur coming of the impossibly cleavage of that blond colossus was something to die for, and even so those arm pits were totally smooth, without one single hair on them. Kevin gently brushed Bryan's cheeks which were covered in the golden beard and Bryan grabbed his hand and gently kissed:

“You like my beard? I decided to grow it yesterday! Woke up this morning and didn't shave, just trimmed it nice and slowly! So isn't it cool? Bryan fostered his golden beard as he asked Kevin's opinion:

“It's SUPER! You're so mainly! And you said you let it grow overnight? Kevin asked stroking the soft hair

“Well, it's not the only thing which GROWS overnight on me! Bryan said as he gently rubbed his hard cock under Kevin's butt. Kevin felt how much it had grown and was almost losing the reason…

“You're so big now? You're as big as Josh? Was all Kevin could ask as he felt the hardness of his muscles.

“You like me this big? Bryan asked in a low voice biting Kevin's ears

“Yes, you're so mainly, so HUGE!

“You like you men HUGE don't you, little man? Bryan just had to do it, it was so fucking hot feeling this big!

“HUGE! I like them huge! The red haired guy moaned and desperately reached for his own hard cock while Bryan squeezed him and made him feel small and tiny against his powerful muscles.

“You're tasty little man, and I don't fuck for almost 2 hours now… Bryan ripped his pants as he did with his partner and soon he was hard and naked already working on Kevin's hole with his fingers, he applied some of the pre cum which fountained of his mega hard prick and shifted his fingers up to Kevin's anus, which was hot and wet. Bryan lifted the 200 pound man as if he was a feather and gently placed him at his hard pole, and began pulling him against the thick alabaster cock, Kevin screamed in agony and ecstasy. He felt his hole burning with pain, his guts aching, but he wanted more, he wanted to feel all that immensity inside him, he wanted to please that fucking monster as much as he could!

“Damn, little man! You're so tight! I feel so fucking huge inside of you! Bryan moaned as he shifted many more inches of his prong inside of Kevin's ass, who screamed even harder now. Bryan grabbed Kevin by his pits and began lifting the guy up and down, so he could feel his thickness moving inside the tightness of his dwarfed fuckee! Bryan also felt himself building into a mind blaster orgasm. Kevin could feel himself being used as a mere sex object and he was loving it! He felt the giant lad grabbing easily under the arms and began to lifting him, the he was pushed against the shaft of his giant fucker, the pain and the pleasure were beyond words, Kevin tried to reach his own almost spewing cock, but Bryan already had it on his mouth, sucking so fiercely the poor guy thought his cock would be eaten by the giant, then as a wave he felt himself melting into hot lava cum down the giant's throat, and soon he had came, Bryan worked him even faster up and down:

“Yes little man! FEEL IT? FEEL me growing inside of you? Then he felt Bryan's cock so thick inside of him, it was struggling for space, he felt the muscles of his fucker growing, he was getting taller! He was thicker! Bryan laughed out loud he could only feel his muscles hardening and strengthening, he loosened the grip on Kevin, and the red guy slide DOWN his cock screaming in pain, he FLEXED his guns and hic cock and Kevin felt himself attached to that mass of penis going forward and behind, it was so hard! Bryan felt stronger than ever, he never thought a normal men's cum could make him grow too, but then he remembered Kevin did fucked with Joshua and maybe this must gave him a small gift, but it was enough to make him grow, and he never grew fucking before! It was so cool! He watched as his chest unfolded and his biceps grew even freakier! His legs were so wide, and his cock ached inside of Kevin, he was so BIG! He felt his muscles swelling and his power augmenting! It was so cool! He felt his biceps and FLEXED them, he felt Kevin sliding all the way down his cock and it was too much, as the little man slides all the way to the base Bryan FLEXED his muscles and exploded in cum inside of his buddy, and both of them screamed in ecstasy, Kevin felt his hole filling with Bryan's jism and once more he felt himself melting into his orgasm, Bryan's emissions were so thick and strong soon it flooded down his legs and helped him lubricating his butt and finally allowing it to be completely attached to Bryan's cock, the pain was excruciating but the pleasure was sensational he felt his bigger man hugging him and kissing his ears:

“You were awesome little man! Bryan whispered in his ears and they both laughed as Bryan collapsed into the ground, he just lost the balance and let himself heavily seat on the ground… They enjoyed the cold breeze and felt their sweat and cum drying, Kevin still attached to Bryan's grown cock and Bryan's still attached to Kevin's tight hole:

“Damn, you have the tightest prick in the world! Bryan said as he tried to pull his monster out of Kevin. But it was stuck! Bryan tried once more, he turned aside, but the harder he pushed the more Kevin screamed:

“OH, FUCK! PLEASE DON'T DO IT! AHH! IT HURTS PLEASE DON'T! Bryan tried to calm his fuckee, truth is he was so hard because of Kevin's anus that his cock seemed to be too thick to get out of the sphincter. Bryan tried to get soft, but just breathing he lifted Kevin's body along with his cock and it was so damn tight he got hard all over again! Kevin was in pain, he was so stretched he thought he would never walk straight again. He was being lifted every breath Bryan took, and it was preventing him to get soft. Kevin tried to detach alone, but it was useless.

“How long we have to wait until you're limp? Kevin asked smiling, although the pain, it was such a turn on for him, being impaled for a muscle giant! He squeezed his butt and Kevin screamed in pleasure:

“If you keep doing this I'll never get soft! Bryan said between moans

“So, my big man is still hard, isn't him? Kevin gave another squeeze in his butt, and Bryan screamed out loud, he kept doing this, and soon Bryan filled him with a new giant load of hot cum. Kevin felt the warmth inside of him and he surprised himself with a third load of cum, and he collapsed. Bryan gently held him and helped him. They were stuck! BIG TIME!

“Kevin, Kevin ! The red haired guy awoke with the tender of the big paw in his face… He felt the air refreshing his anus and realized they were finally free from each other, not that it is a good thing…

“After you slept, I've managed to get soft and pulled out from you! It was great, THANKS! Bryan grabbed him and nursed him in his arms. Kevin still felt his ass burning though he missed the man in his butt.

“Bryan, you are so fucking amazing! You look so HOT! Kevin once more fostered Bryan's golden beard and kissed his lips:

“I know you like it! So did Josh! He said I should definitely keep it! Bryan smiled

“Oh, my God! Where's Josh? Kevin was scared? What happened to him? Bryan calmed Kevin – Don't worry, he's already back from the lake, but he was starving, so he went inside for lunch, while I was taking care of our "situation" Kevin blushed and Bryan looked straight in his eyes:

“Look, Kevin, You've seen how much I've grown, but I need to prepare you first.

“Prepare for what ? Kevin worried.

“It's just that ever since we started "hardcore program" I had pretty much PUMPED myself to much larger standards! You've seen it! I am 7'9" tall weighing 689 pounds 109 inches chest, 72 inches biceps, 46 inches waist, 20 pack abs and 85 inches thighs! I've grown to almost 4 times my previous size! Kevin's jaw dropped:

“You're BIGGER than Josh? Kevin said in kind of disappointment! Bryan laughed out loud, then he looked behind nodded his head, and then somebody eclipsed the sun – literally.

“HOW COULD THIS DWEEB DWARF ME? The voice was soft and tender but the power was so fucking strong it made you desire to cum right there. Kevin watched as the figure filled his sight, it was JOSH and if he had confused Bryan with him before now he couldn't ever do it again! The gargantuan lad approached Bryan's already impressive stats and towered him easily! Kevin swallowed hard as he noticed that the figure just LIFTED Bryan form the floor and carried all the mass of Bryan in his arms:

“Josh! Why you had to do it! You've scared the hell out of Kevin! Bryan said grabbing around the impossibly thick neck of his lover.

“SORRY KEVIN! The voice was so loud and yet so tender. Josh smiled and Kevin melted. Just like that, with one smile Josh had made Kevin cum without even touching him! Who would blame little Kevin? Joshua was now a BEHEMOTH! 9'6" tall and his weight (this morning) is 1167 pounds! ONE THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN FUCKING INCREDIBLE HUGE MASSIVE IMPRESSIVE MIND BLOWING POUNDS! He now outweighed his lover by almost 650 pounds and it showed! Joshua's shoulders were 7'8" feet wide and his waist was a mere 50" inches around, when compared to his 149 inches chest it is almost a 3 for one ratio, his legs are 127 inches around, bigger than Bryan's chest, and they were the perfect complement for his gigantic calves, then his abdominal "wall" could shock you, with the 24 pack of granite rocks attached to it, then the GIGANTIC COCK along with the biggest balls in the whole world could blow your mind beyond details, and those guns, were definitely WONDERFUL, at perfect 100 inches around, they were so huge and powerful, cable cords of veins made it look like a statue, and the LOOK on Joshua's face was absolutely dominating, no one could ever challenge this look, his face was still as soft as the first day of school but tougher than ever, it was square and the jaw was impressive, and the hair cascaded well over the middle of the back, his body glistened with the sweat against the sun, and his smell was so strong, so mainly, it was the epitome of manhood. Joshua and Bryan kissed and they soon were aware of Kevin dumb folded look:

“Sorry Kevin, we didn't want to scare you, but as you've seen we are not "regular guys" anymore! We'll tell you everything that happened the last days! Joshua sat on the floor and Kevin realized that even in such position he towered the red haired jock.

“You mean, you're the result of a freak science experiment! And that your father turned into some kind of monster? Kevin walked as he tried to understand the whole story.

“It's funny when you put in these words! Joshua stood up and tried to calm Kevin.

“Doesn't it mean something bad can happen to you? Kevin asked worried – Can't you turn out just like your father? Joshua and Bryan laughed and they were soon all over Kevin, tossing his curly red hair:

“There are things we still don't know, but we're about to finds out soon! Dr. Feldens is coming to help us! Joshua hoisted his buddy in just one big hand, and the guy embraced his thickest neck:

“Can we trust him? Kevin looked to Bryan and the other freak musclebound:

“He's our only option, besides who can possibly harm US? Bryan leaned over Joshua and they kissed once more. Kevin felt his own cock stiffen once more and Joshua also noticed it:

“That's why we called you here – We want you to take a part on our power trip! A journey to MUSCLE! Joshua looked straight in his eyes:

“Please, don't feel forced to do anything, if you feel that it isn't right, we won't force you to do something you don't really want to try!

“You mean that? Kevin asked already guessing the offer.

“WE CAN MAKE YOU HUGE YOU MOTHERFUCKER! Bryan exploded and threw Kevin's body up and down. All of them laughed, but Kevin's cock never got any less hard:

“If you mean, I could get half the size you guys are, I can only say YES! I want to take part on this! Josh gently lowered him, supporting the red haired leaned on his thick forearm. Joshua smiled as he allowed his oversized cock reach its full length, while Bryan roughly grabbed Bryan's body from the arms of the biggest freak. Bryan and Kevin kissed hardly and their hands were all over each other, Kevin grabbed the blond muscle bound around the waist and soon the enormous prong was on its way up Kevin's ass, when Bryan screamed in agony and Kevin felt both of them being lifted!

“YOU THOUGHT I'D BE OUTTA OF THE FUCK? Joshua grinned looking down into Kevin's astonished eyes. His prick impaled Bryan's muscular butt lifting him from the ground along with him! Then the enormous arms reached the engaged fuckers, holding firmly as Joshua fucked Bryan and the muscle managed to fuck Kevin, who was almost purple! He wanted the secret which could make him grow to meet his buddies in size and strength and POWER!

“That's too much for me! Please let down! Kevin insisted as the force of Bryan's pound over his muscle butt. But the blond muscle was having his won share of excruciating pleasure. He was squeezed between Kevin's tight ass and Joshua's mega huge thick alabaster cock devastating his ass with its thirst for pleasure:

“YOU THINK GETTING THIS BIG IS EASY? NO PAIN NO GAIN! Bryan laughed and squeezed his prey even harder while Joshua increased his own pace, and soon they were all near climax. Joshua lowered his cargo and Bryan eased on Kevin's butt. The red haired jock almost fell down as he felt the release on his arse, but Bryan was right there to catch him:

“WHOA! Don't worry Kevin! I got you! Bryan looked into his eyes – Hold your pace! Joshua roared in pleasure and Bryan carried Kevin waiting mouth to the huge head of his lover cock. Joshua closed his eyes:

“Hold his head! And so did Bryan, the pressure of Josh's jism was so intense that it came out from Kevin's nostrils, but the jock kept sucking and drinking the precious spunk of Joshua. Kevin drank a lot of cum but, suddenly Bryan moved his head of the fountaining cock:

“HEY, DON'T BE SELFISH KEVIN! SAVE A LITTLE FOR ME! And the muscle blond behemoth started sucking on Joshua once more:

“Bryan? Joshua just smiled and relaxed as the experienced musclefreak took care of his still cumming cock, and Bryan was rewarded with one more dose of first-class muscle growth cum:

“FUCKING COOL! Kevin shouted as he realized his body beginning to grow. His shoulders widened and his already muscular figure was filling out with prime MUSCLE meat! At the same time, Bryan let Joshua's cock go and almost fell on the ground. The biggest lad in the world just smiled as he took a peek at his growing lovers, he just crossed his arms on his chest and enjoyed the show:

“FUCK! LOOK AT MY ARMS THEY'RE JUST BLOWING WITH A SIZE! Kevin jumped up and down like a happy child looking at his ballooning muscles. Then he had to stop when he felt the increasing weight of his body, it was then he looked at Bryan who kept moaning on the ground ever since his own growth started:

“WHOA! HOW BIG ARE YOU GONNA GET ANYWAY? Kevin exclaimed as he noticed Bryan's expanding proportions. The blond guy just grinned. He was thickening by the seconds and his golden fur covered muscles grew each time freakier. His lats were so huge, it was like he was developing wings, and his legs got so thick and muscular, Bryan had to spread them the most, otherwise his cock would be crushed – Although it was a very competitive contend since Bryan's tool was also growing in a steady pace:

“WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A RIDE ON THIS HOLE? Bryan offered his butt to the still growing and amazed Kevin, who just jumped for such exciting opportunity . Kevin shifted his growing pole up Bryan's butt and they engaged into another incredible sex round. Their both growing figures augmenting by the seconds their strengthening muscles enhancing their power and squeezing each other:

“YOU'RE A HOT FUCKER KEVIN! Bryan shouted as he squeezed the guns on his fucker, Kevin barely answered, he just threw his head back and let a primal roar! He set his hands over Bryan's expanding torso, he licked the golden fur over the meat and punched it real hard as he felt himself coming to the climax. Bryan never forgot the first time he grew, but this time it was so fucking cool having someone else enjoying this feeling with him. The blond bear embraced his red haired fucker and managed to sit down with him, and they held their growing figures struggling for more space, fighting to grow more and more freakier, their heads turned as the noise of Joshua's orgasm bursted in a fierce river of cum and reached them:

“YEAH! TWO GROWING MUSCLE FREAKS TO FUCK! COME ON YOU WUSSIES! YOU GOTTA GET HUGE FOR YOU BIG JOSH! GROW YOUR MOTHERFUCKERS! It was the final drop, Kevin came strongly inside of Bryan's ass and the blond bear fountained between their growing figures, and they collapsed with Bryan's cock still spewing volleys and volleys of cum up in the air…

“COME ON YOU TWO! ARE YOU THROUGH SO SOON? Joshua gently woke his beauty muscle lovers:

“WHAT'S THE NUMBER OF THE TRUCK WHO HIT ME? Kevin asked returning to reality. He put his hand on his head and seemed surprised when he noticed the SIZE of his paw, as well as his whole body:

“I THINK YOU WERE THE TRUCK, AND YOU'VE RAN INTO A EVEN BIGGER ONE! Joshua pointed at the awakening enormous figure of Bryan. He was HUGE and so was Kevin:

“IF YOU TWO KEEP GROWING LIKE THIS – I'LL BE THE SMALL GUY VERY SOON! Joshua teased as he helped Bryan to get up:

“YEAH! RIGHT! EVERYTHING POUND YOU GIVE TO US, YOU GAIN ANOTHER FIVE WHEN YOU TRAIN! DON'T TRY TO FOOL ME! Bryan and Joshua hugged and kissed. Then they both looked at the still astonished Kevin:

“DAMN JOSH! YOUR JUICE IS GETTING EACH TIME STRONGER JUST LIKE YOU! LOOK AT THE SIZE ON THAT KID! Bryan said as Kevin himself checked his new proportions. Both Josh and Bryan knew what Kevin would ask:

“LET'S GET IN THE BARN AND WE'LL SEE HOW MUCH WE'VE GROWN! Bryan hugged Kevin and led him to the barn, where they kept the bull scale, only this could read their mass now:

“WOW! 7'5" TALL AND FUCKING HARD 483 POUNDS! Bryan shouted as he managed to read the weight of Kevin. The red haired augmented jock couldn't believe those words – You can't be true! He said getting out of the scale – Oh yeah? Why don't you take a look at yourself you "little man"! Bryan pointed to the wall sized mirror they've managed to bring into the barn, and his jaw dropped: He was absolutely RIPPED, his muscles bulging everywhere, totally veined, cabled with power, his chest jutted out of his body and his legs struggled for space, which only made his crotch even more obscene, his ball sac enormous with two cantaloupes hanging heavily and his still hard member engorged pulsing with power, already demanding attention… Then, BRYAN appeared next to him, blowing every inch Kevin had gained with much more POWER! He smiled and gently measured the smaller guy chest:

“84" inches chest! Amazing – He went down to his waist – 29 inches? What keep you standing, sure are those ROCKS on your stomach – 12 pack huh? Nothing bad! Bryan moved to his legs, pretending to ignore the hard member and his owner's moaning – 67 inches pillars –Way to go, Kevin! The blond bear measured his arms, not without kissing the peaks and licking the sweaty pits – 48 inches , you're fucking massive! Bryan lifted Kevin and squeezed their cocks together, he let Kevin on the ground – 27 inches? You're a fire hose! Kevin smiled and kissed Bryan roughly:

“Have you seen yourself lately? YOU'RE MASSIVELY HUGE!


“MY BLONDIE LOVER IS AWESOME 8'3 TALL, 778 POUNDS! JUST THE WAY I LIKE MY MEN! BIG! Joshua appeared and towered both of them easily, even after their amazing growth.

“NOW THAT YOU'VE STARTED WHY DON'T YOU FINISH? Bryan teased Joshua poking his butt.


“GUYS! GUYS! Kevin interrupted the embrace the best way he could - Before we do it once more, I just wanna say THANK YOU! Bryan and Kevin exchanged looks. Joshua and Bryan touched Kevin's shoulders and looked to him kindly:

“Kevin, it's only the beginning! We don't know where are we gonna stop this, IF we are going to stop! Bryan brushed his red hair now so much more beautiful, Joshua held his chin and kissed his forehead:

“Don't worry, I'll be always here to protect you two, I won't allow any harm to you or Bryan. I LOVE YOU TWO! Bryan and Kevin looked to Josh:

“I LOVE YOU IN A DIFFERENT BUT EQUALLY INTENSE WAY! THAT'S WHY I WANNA SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU – BOTH OF YOU! DO YOU ACCEPT ME AS YOU MAN? Bryan was sobbing and Kevin smiled nervously, but they kissed Joshua passionately and then each other, Joshua carried them to the bed they've made in the back part of the barn to their first night as a "married trio". •

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