Bull's Strength

Joshua's story revealed


By Muscl4life

Joshua waited for Bryan at the front door, he saw the car coming down the road – It was a good thing that Clara stayed at Martha's because she would get too stressed. All those things were still hitting on Josh's mind. His mother that he never got to know, his unknown father, a name Holdar, what would that mean, and all that crap Bryan told him, that enigmatic contact over the internet, how come all those things connect.

“Here I am honey! Bryan entered the house through the kitchen and found the table full of left-overs, maybe Joshie had to eat something so nervous he was. Joshua found Bryan on the leaving room assembling his computer, they kissed and Joshua sat on the couch heavily thinking. Bryan finished and turned the machine on:

“Now, I'm gonna show you the archives I've been able to see, but that's not very convincing… Josh saw the video files, and he got amazed by the resemblance between the man named Holdar and himself, although it was not very clear, because Joshua's figure is something very strong and that Holdar guy is just too "thin" to be alike Joshua, that' for sure… After the "surv.2" clip, the screen went black and once more the dialog box asking for the password code and then Bryan typed "sunrise" and once more appeared the "ACCESS DENIED" message:

“Ya see? That bastard stood me up! He gave me the wrong password! I thought it was some kind of virus, but it still didn't damage anything at all! Bryan sat on the other couch and took a deep breath, while Josh had this smart looks in his face again, and it was such exciting for Bryan as his muscles were. He read the printed pages once more and retrieved a very important detail:

“You said the name of the operation in which Chemtech was working is "operation morning star"

“Yes, but I told you he gave me the password! Bryan replied from the couch

“Well, he said the password was "sunrise"- with this precise words?

“Well it was implicit! Bryan justified his interpretation.

“Listen, he said "type sunrise", but maybe he wasn't meaning the verb "to type" but as the synonym of "kind of" so he could mean "a kind of sunrise"

“So? Bryan loved to feel idiot near Josh, he was so CLEVER! He approached his beloved and paid more attention to him.

“"Kind of sunrise" – The operation is "morning star" and he said "kind of sunrise". Well, to many cultures the morning star is a sign of glory, but also the mark of a new beginning… Bryan decided not to talk otherwise he could cut his clever muscle lover thought.

“If the operation meant a new beginning, then "sunrise" is the cause of this new beginning – that HbE program was surely about the building better soldiers, starting with better men… Bryan sat and watched astonished as Josh's mind solved that puzzle.

“Of course, the sunrise also refers to the Sun itself, and to many ancient cultures, the sun was the main religious figure, the Egyptians believed the pharaoh was the "sun of Ra" – a son of sun…

“So you're saying the password is "pharaoh"? Bryan went tot the computer and almost typed the word as he felt the immensity of Joshua's paw covering his augmented shoulder :

“Not yet, there's more…Joshua said without even looking to Bryan. The morning Star is actually a planet – Venus and one of other names is "Vesper" in the greek mythology… So the mainstream could also be the greek mythology and if so, the "Sun" is Apollo – THAT'S IT! Joshua yelled and squeezed Bryan's shoulder:

“Ok! So the password is "Apollo"!

“No! Don't you see it? Joshua held Bryan's chin and looked into his eyes – Apollo is not only represented by the sun, he also is the greek God of medical science, art, music, and represents the ideal of perfection, but it is not the password – "Sunrise" for the greek mythology the moment when Apollo brings the day driving his horse powered vehicle over the sky…

“Josh can u please make up your mind? Bryan exploded in anxiety… Joshua took a deep breath and said:

“Phaetonte! Joshua said and looked to the funny expression on Bryan's face:

“Where the hell did you get this name from? Bryan refused to type such thing without an explanation…

“Apollo had many mistresses and lovers as well, and but the only demy god as who was his child, Phaetonte, was also the prince of a rich city. When the god Apollo called him and told that he was his real father, the young man asked for a proof of love, he asked to drive Apollo's chariot which brings the light of the day…

“How did you know all those things – We don't study greek mythology in High School! Bryan smiled and kissed his lover, but yet his face wasn't smiling:

“Phaetonte drove the chariot, but he couldn't control the power of the fire horses, he fell from the high skies and died in the Aegean sea – Apollo or the sun everyday dive himself in the search of the body of his beloved son, and so the night comes over the day…

“Why you think this is right? Bryan asked in a sad tone…

“If this clip is truth, we'll soon find out! Joshua watched as Bryan typed the letters for "Phaetonte", and surprisingly (to Bryan) the dialog box show the "ACCESS GRANTED" and then the screen went black one more time, returning with five more new icons: "report", "denial" ,"RhHbE2", "Proj. P" and "surv.3"

“You've made it Josh! Man, you never cease to amaze me, Bryan jumped on Joshua's arms and kissed him hard and they almost fell on the floor. But Josh was to excited for sex now, he managed to keep the balance and sat on the computer. He clicked on the first icon and the clip started. The camera showed Dr. Feldens' face and sure was worried, he looked nervous and apprehensive, he had some papers in his hands, then he leaned his head and started reading:

“"Dear members of the Board, we are thrilled to announce our successful fulfillment of the "Human Body Enhancement" project. Working against the difficulties and also the intolerance of the members of this institution (Zack looked to the camera, then he hesitated), even so we had results better than expected, and with no further explanations, I present you HbE subject number 17 Dr. Richard Holdar. Zack pointed and the camera zoomed out, and then HE entered the scene: A HUGE, IMMENSE, figure filled the camera with his gargantuan proportions, from the back, all we could see was MUSCLE, he was so WIDE his lats couldn't be shoot at that distance, his butt was amazingly muscular and his calves looked like hams attached to his enormous legs, his walk was powerful and all his muscles seemed to dance along with his full black cascaded hair, shining with beautiful locks, the back of his arms were so huge it seemed to surpass his own depth, and those arms couldn't stay in less than 120 degrees from his body, the waist was so thin when compared to the upper body. The he got side to side to Dr. Feldens and the smaller doctor almost disappeared in the scene, all you could repair was the muscle monster on his side, and when he turned his front to the camera, you could choose where to start, because his chest was big and round, two enormous slabs of muscles many inches away from the body, his flat stomach was made out granite and his shoulders were so wide, he seemed to be stretched, the arms were gargantuan and massive, noticeably bigger than his own head, his neck was so massive and powerful the cables of strength and power went down to his chest and arms, his legs were definitely too big for his waist, and his genital parts were rather enhanced because his cock hang well over his knees, his pubic hair was almost too thick to cover his enormous endowment, but yet it was almost smooth in the rest of the body except in the depth of his cleavage and the abdomen, where it only reassured the magnificence of his abnormally developed musculature. Then, when the camera showed his face, both Bryan and Joshua had the same reaction : SURPRISE! The beautiful face showing in this clip was JOSHUA'S! The man who had this arrogant look and faced the camera like a lion about to devour its pray was JOSH! The same high cheek bones, the squarest jaw in the world, the impossibly beautiful set of lips, the expressive green eyes, the sweet and tenderness were not there, but it was Joshua's face, it was so freaking, it was like seeing Josh at the same time speaking and listening to his speech! The only difference between the man on the screen was the beard, whether Josh face is still smooth and soft as a baby's butt, the man on the screen had a full thick five o'clock shadow in his face and his side burns were very pronounced, he was Joshua with HAIR, and attitude, what an attitude! He smirked to the camera and pointed Zack to go behind the machine.

“Dr, Holdar started at initial stage: height, 6'1", 168 pounds, 36" chest, 14"biceps, 31" waist, 32" thighs, 15,7% body fat. Within two weeks of treatment he went to 8'5" in height and 625 pounds at 1.5% body fat his stats are 102 inches chest, 66 inches biceps, 47" waist, 93 inches thighs. We estimate the final magnifying ratio at eight times the original standards… Then, the picture was adjusted to contain such MASS, and it managed to capture the whole musculature of the enhanced man, he just smiled and began talking in a low tone, which could give the tougher man goosebumps:

“One picture is stronger than a thousand words! I've proved that my enhancement treatment is effective, and much more! Rather than simply "magnifying" the human standards, I was able to establish new ones! Not attainable standards for you little men, but a new set of STANDARDS! Holdar showed his new body off and laughed out loud:

“As I've said before the genetic catalyser was the missing link in the treatment those useless volunteers treatment, we were afraid of the reaction of the so called ethics board! But I've used it on myself, along with the original enhancement formula, not diluted! And in higher doses, twenty times the amount I've used before! I allowed my organism reach its full potential and then SURPASS it! I was able to achieve results no athlete could ever do, My health is just perfect, I am immune to all the known diseases and my resistance to bacterial and viruses is virtually perfect! My organism is capable of anabolize the income of nutrients into more efficient muscular tissue, which gave me more deep tissues, and enhanced the capabilities of my other functional tissues, my already brilliant mind was amplified in a ratio you miserable men couldn't understand! My strength isn't measurable in your standards, that's why I've decide to give you a show! The camera now showed the thread mill – And the huge Holdar was running at an incredible speed – almost at 39 miles per hour, and he could keep this speed for almost one hour and a half. When the thread was finally turned off he wasn't tired, he was just glistening of sweat and his arrogant look remained there:

“Even though I have a body weigh more than 4 average men, my muscular tissue is so developed it allows me to achieve unattainable velocities for human body for long periods of time, its because amazingly distribution of the nutrients within the muscles of my body which are permanently fed, and the use of the energy is so better performed there are no residues which could damage the functioning of the physical activity! Holdar smiled to the camera and pointed to the next room, where they keep the weigh sets:

“We used this pathetic weights with the other subjects, and none of them was able to lift much more than 400 pounds at once, but with my treatment – Holdar grabbed almost all the weight plates in the room and loaded in one huge metal bar and he LIFTED the whole thing with just ONE hand! He laughed at the scene and curled the whole amount while he talked to the camera:

“I am curling exactly 2560 pounds with just arm, that's more than any man had ever did! And I am not even tired, previous records of mine can attest that I can curl this weigh for more than 3 hours in a row for over 2000 reps! Holdar flexed his other arm and laughed out loud as his biceps swelled to even freakier proportions. The camera cuts for the outside of the lab, and shows Holdar near a huge cargo truck:

“Since the enhancement, my musculature is much stronger than it looks! Although my total growth wasn't finished, I am sure much stronger than you've ever imagine! The he went near the truck and adjusted his grip down the metal, his muscles started to flex, the veins popped out, his face turned red, but didn't lose the look of arrogance, then his arms swelled almost two times the size of his head, and his legs ballooned to awesome proportions, he was LIFTING the TRUCK! He shifted the whole thing up, and threw the whole thing over 100 feet away! He was sweat but didn't look any exhausted. The camera returns to another room with medical appliances all over the place…

“I think I proved that my treatment worked in the physical area, but it is much more than that! My whole organism is BETTER! Than any human could imagine, and that's not in the health area, or better, SPECIALLY in the health area, because I couldn't wait to show you my most significant improvement! Holdar took a few steps behind and he grabbed his now hard member and stroked it! It was HUGE, thick and veined and longer than the biggest bodybuilder arm, the head was swallow and purple and soon Holdar screamed as his cock exploded in a torrent of cum who hit and covered the camera, all we could hear was the sound of Holdar's laughter…

“Sorry for this lack of description, but I had to show you my capabilities, You've just witnessed one of my orgasms, but I'd better warn you that I still have much to show you! In fact I can ejaculate over 20 times a day, and each time the amount of sperm is bigger than the previous one, actually I can produce per day over 3 gallons of spunk –if you forgive my vocabulary – And I am the most fertile male in the whole nature, one cubic millimeter of my sperm had over 3 billion spermatozoids, almost 30 times the average amount! The camera finally went black and the screen closed. Bryan instinctively clicked on the second icon and the clip started. None of them said one word: Once again Holdar filled the screen with his muscles, he seemed even bigger than in the previous clip. His long black hair was tied in a pony tail, which only reassured the beauty of his face, and he was shaved, what definitely had made him look exactly like Josh:

“Due to the incredible enhancement of my body, I decided that my precious treatment can't be spoiled with a military project designed to support an ideological conflict. I don't wanna create an army with enhanced men like myself to serve a bunch of bureaucratic bastards! Don't care if they're "rednecks" or "comrades" I am better than these political disputes. My project intends to bring humankind to the next step of evolution, and it won't happen thanks to death and destruction.. Holdar had this different look in handsome face:

“I am so bigger, stronger, and better than you little men that I can't allow you to destroy the planet I intend to live, if you tiny men can't live in peace that's not my problem, but I won't cooperate with such stupidity, You'll never have the formula to create more like me! NEVER! He turned the camera off and so the clip ended. Bryan barely had time to reach the mouse, because Josh already clicked in the next icon: It started with Zack Feldens talking to Holdar in a huge kind of bench press and , BOY, did he look even BIGGER:

“Well gentlemen, after three more days of intense work out and regular doses of my treatment, I am still growing at an incredible rate, In fact this morning I was 8'8" tall and weighed 763 pounds! A gain of almost 140 pounds in just three days, and the just in muscular mass! He flexed his guns : 73" inches aren't these guns the biggest thing on the earth surface? My chest is up to 113 inches along, and my thighs are 104 inches each one, with a 47" waist it's still a new kind of muscular beauty, and my endowment is almost 29 inches long, and 25 inches wide, a pretty development, if we consider that I started with a 6 inches penis…

“My dear colleague Dr. Feldens is a little apprehensive with the outcome of our experience, and he thinks we'd better stop the monitoring and "get help" for me! But I don't see why, after all since I've turned into this superior kind, my health is perfect, as he had checked a hundred times, and each day I am stronger, and better, absolutely out of the poor human standards, no medical report would ever fit for my actual stats!

“Rich, please you gotta reconsider! I know your purpose is noble, but this is very dangerous, we don't know what could happen! Look at you! You're already 800 pounds! Who knows if the enhancement will ever stop! Holdar definitely looked more comprehensive and caring about his co worker:

“Zack, you don't understand! I am not like you anymore! If I weigh 800 pounds that's just normal, my organism can actually weigh much more, my muscular and bone structure can handle much more, you've seen the calculations! Holdar resumed his training and his smile was so beautiful!

“Rich, we gotta do something! I can't take this anymore, you're too big! We don't have much more money, you eat more than ten big men together, we can't afford you for much longer! Zack approached him and touched his shoulder:

“You know that we can't stay here for ever, the board is mad at you, and will be only a matter of time! Holdar grabbed Zack in his huge arms and then they KISSED! Holdar broke the kiss and said:

“You were the only one who helped me when I needed, and the one who showed me my importance in this world, not be an arrogant monster, but above everything I am BETTER! We'll find a way… Zack was put back in the floor, then he and he finally exploded:

“WHY THE FUCK YOU DID THIS? Holdar wasn't expecting fort such reaction

“Zack, I just thought you wanted every one to know about us! We're lovers!

“You, you, you! It's all about your muscle majesty isn't it? What else do you care about?

“Zack, I love you! Holdar was each time sadder, he just turned around as the other doctor slammed the door behind him when he left:

“According to these data, my body fat dropped to 0.8% and my muscular tissue is about 337% thicker than before, which meant my strength is up to 17 times the strongest man standards. He looked to the camera – As you've seen before little men, I am the new step in man evolution, I am taller, stronger, better, more beautiful, and genetically enhanced until unattainable standards for you tiny small men! But that's not all! As my growth and enhancement is not through yet, my power will only augment during the rest of the treatment. But I think it would be unfair to you if only me had such power among tiny men! I've decided to help mankind to achieve its full potential, in other words to be like me! Camera shut down. Josh looked at Bryan and they clicked in the next icon together: Holdar appeared looking even bigger than the previous times, his hair was tied in a pony tail, and he had this look of happiness in his face:

“Even though my colleague decided to quit the project, I am happy to record this moment for the medical story and for mankind as its new development! Holdar was smiling as he proceeded:

“For obvious reasons I decided to name the next stage "Project Phaetonte" as in the greek mythology! Since my fantastic capabilities were given to me through this expensive and complex treatment, I decided that it would not be the best way to spread my gift around mankind, and also the way I've planned will be able to increase even more the wonders of my power!

“The concept is very simple: Since my transformation only happened in the adult life, my genetic code was just enhanced by the formula, it was like it had been "cleaned" to allow my growth and many other perfect talents, but I am willing to use my already enhanced genetic code along with enhancers and the fluids I've secretly kept to REPRODUCE ! I will generate a progeny of enhanced men and women which will soon spread around the world and soon all the tiny men's errors and prejudices will be corrected by my children, specially the first one, which I'll make the strongest, the one I'll raise myself to help him reaching all his enormous capabilities and surely surpass my strength, then he will be able to do the same and soon, my bless to mankind will be completed! Camera cuts to Holdar once more and he looked even bigger (if that is possible):

“Searching the files of ChemTech I was able to find some healthy female volunteers for previous projects, and finally I've chosen the most appropriate mother to my son, she had been selected for previous projects and was well paid, that's why she accepted to be the rental womb of the subject. Her name is Sarah Barnes, a 23 year old Caucasian young woman, with incredible health and impeccable physical standards, although her genetic conditions aren't one tenth of mine enhanced one, the balance of power can be corrected by applying the catalyser during the conception of the child and the enhancement fluids during the puberty of the subject, even so, with my superior genetic gift and the catalyser, the child will be absolutely amazing for any human standards, bigger, stronger, and much better than any other kid of its age or even grown ups. Camera shows Holdar (no need to say , he's bigger) dressed as a HUGE surgeon and caring the body of a beautiful woman in his hands he gently put her in the operating table, took the mask off and looked to the camera:

“As expected, the female subject was totally frightened by my size and muscles, but once I've showed her I wouldn't cause any harm, she became calm, I told her about the honor she would have and the benefits of being the mother of my progeny, but she wasn't interested in raising my family, what was also expectable. Then she settled for the rental womb agreement, a pretty new kind of contract, but totally available for such situations, I would pay her price, and then took care of her during the pregnancy, then when the baby was born I would be fully responsible for him.

“Her price was rather impressive, but I still had pretty much of the research fund, so it was suitable for the purpose, of course due to the need of monitoring the conception, I couldn't couple with Sarah, and besides the size and specially the width of my endowment would severely harm her, so I decided to make the conception in the laboratory. Besides, I had to take care to only apply one of my sptz, otherwise there could have a problem, due to the amount and the resistance of my "swimmers" is rather high! Camera cuts once more to Holdar and for the first time, the "female subject" Sarah – Josh's mother. She's already showing signs of pregnancy – like three or four months! She was frightened and scared, but Holdar was so gentle with her:

“Look, Sarah! I know you must be thinking this is odd, but we breaking science records here! You're carrying MY child! And it means the baby will be better than everyone else in this planet, including me! Holdar reached for hugging but she avoided:

“You mean, I am carrying a super baby inside of me? Why am I so fat? It took months to get a stomach big like this! Sarah tried to stay away from the giant doctor, but somehow he attracts her, maybe it is his mainly voice, or just the MUSCLES!

“Dear, you're not fat, you've just put the right weight to feed my baby, and it means, also feeding you, I gave you a large dose of amino acids and nutrients right into your blood stream, also you were subjected to a very diluted composition of body enhancement fluids, but don't worry, I applied it directly on the umbilical cord, so you won't be affected, but it gave my child the amount of enhancement it will need along with your special food! Then Holdar showed her a large plate with all kind of food, and soon Sarah seemed to forget anything and attacked the plate. After a few scenes of Sarah's growing womb it returned to Holdar (do I need to repeat that he is BIGGER): The results of project Phaetonte are thrilling! In just three days, THREE DAYS, I was able to cat scan the fetus and it looked like a 5 month old fetus, it is already a baby boy! His stats are rather impressive, and he grows more everyday – Just like his old man! I estimate that he'll be born is less than three months of pregnancy, although his growth is quick, in the time he'll be ready to be born, the catalyser will have finish his "magnifying" effect, so during the pregnancy my son will be getting everything I was given during my treatment and more, because I just gave the baby a 400% solution of enhancer fluids! I know I was supposed to give it only during puberty, but latest episodes made it urgent to provide my son all that he needs to GROW! Even so, I intend to give him an even higher concentration when he is ready to get his share! As for Sarah, I really think she'll need my supervision, because she is not taking everything so good, and I've realized that my child is quite too big for her organism, this way I've decided to make the deliver as soon as I realize it could harm her, then my son will receive the enhancers normally, and he'll be able to survive even so he didn't make to the end of the pregnancy, it could be very dangerous for Sarah… Camera fade out. Bryan cleaned Joshua's tears. The big lad was shocked, but he wasn't mad, somehow the only guilty was Holdar, and even so, he seemed a nice guy, of course he was kind of crazy after the HbE but still he seemed a very caring person… Bryan looked at Joshua and he nodded his head, then he clicked in the last icon.: The last clip was really stunning. It showed Holdar, BIGGER than ever, fighting dozens of men who apparently broke into the laboratory, the soldiers attacked him with stunning guns, but it didn't seem to have any effect on him, then gas, and still nothing, Holdar wasn't furious he was concerned, it was almost like he had something on his mind, rather than his own survivor. He threw the men away, like they were made out of paper, he breaks the wall of the room and returns with Sarah in his arms, then he just ignore the attacks of the intruders. He manage to beat them all, and with the few seconds he gained he escaped from the building before it exploded, and the camera was destroyed – and what was more shocking was the date on the bottom of the screen : 09-18-1987 – Precisely four days before the day Sarah appeared in Clara's front door pregnant of Joshua. Both Josh and Bryan were stunned with the previous scenes, Joshua lifted himself from the chair and walked around the room. Bryan felt so sorry for all of this stuff, he would never imagine such thing, and most of all, he would never guess that Holdar was indeed Joshua's father…

“He's fucking insane! Joshua repeated to himself, he couldn't believe that he could be so similar to that arrogant bastard on the screen! And yet he couldn't deny it! Most of all, he couldn't ignore that he was part of that freaking experience! And his size, his strength, his power, everything came from that dame arrogant bastard! Josh was mad, but then he started to feel like he understood the man, he had the same feeling of superiority many times in his life, when he noticed he was taller than his uncle with just seven five years old, when he realized he could do the work of five grown men at the age of seven, when he started to wrestle with the bulls, when he carried the Porsche, and when he sowed himself to Bryan, all those times he knew he was better than the rest of the men, that he was superior, and nothing meant more than this feeling for him… He understood his father's intentions but he couldn't forgive his actions, how he had gotten his mother into such a horror movie and caused her death, but again if it didn't happen it he wouldn't be here…

“Josh, I know it's hard for you, but your father… Bryan looked at him and saw the look of anger in Joshua's face – I mean, Holdar wasn't guilty for your mother's death, he planned to be with her, something must have happened! Bryan hugged him harder than never and was ready to support his tears, but they didn't come:

“I need to know more, who gave you those files? Joshua asked and sat down in front of the computer again, like he knew that another dialog box would appear: >>It took you a while to figure out the code! - Fuck this guy found me again! Bryan screamed as he reached for the phone line to plug it out! NO! Joshua yelled – Let me handle this: >>What ever happened to Holdar? Joshua asked with no presentations >>Calm down, Bryan, let's not loose our temper >>I won't because I am not him, Dr. Feldens! - Josh looked to Bryan and he was frightened, the muscle lad had once more used his brilliant mind to solve things Bryan wasn't capable of. The screen was silent for a while then it showed another message: >>Who am I talking too? Who the hell are you and where's Bryan! The person was starting to feel desperate. >>I am his boyfriend – Bryan never thought it would be such a reason of proud for him as he read those words. He went near Josh and squeezed his shoulders. >>Who's there! I demand to know! >>First things first! I wanna know what ever happened to my father! >>You're bluffing! The line was about to disconnect when Joshua made his final move: >>Does he know you turned him down, that you told the ChemTech board about his experiments? After a few seconds the box opened once more: >>How can I be sure it's you? Joshua thought for a while and then he typed: >>What if I told you the name she had chosen for me – Joshua Elliot >>It's you! You! I've never thought I could ever find you! >>Not so fast! First you gotta tell me if my father is dead! Josh waited for the answer more afraid than ever: >>He's alive! The only thing I can assure you, he's alive! The giant lad didn't know what to feel happiness or disgust, excitement or anger, but one look at Bryan gave him the strength he needed… >>Does he know about me? >>I think that he doesn't, he and Sarah took different ways, he found me on the forest and we took Sarah to the train station and after I bought her a ticket and she was in her way to Austin, I returned to my van and Holdar was gone!! I need to find him and, then I'll reunite you two! Nothing could get Joshua more happy now, he was so excited his heart pounded like never before: >>I know you can track this call till where we are, so you find your way to find me! >>It'll take sometime, because I need to clear my path, but I'll be there in a week or so! The box disconnect and went off, then Bryan's computer was turned off, and when they turned the machine on again, all the files had been erased form the hard disk. Both Josh and Bryan felt electrified with such revelations, it was so exciting and at the same time scaring, was that REALLY true, all about Joshua's father, and if there was a catch? All they could now was wait.

“There's just one thing that still bothers me – Bryan said as he looked through the window – If your physical stats were granted to you while you were still in the womb, how come you were able to pass it to me by your spunk?

“I am not sure, but as my genetic code was affected by the catalyser since my conception it must have reprogrammed my testicles to produce enhanced fluids itself – Josh approached Bryan and hugged him, feeling his hardness and width – The important thing is that whatever made me different from the rest of men, the essence of my size and power is now also a part of you, and I am very proud of that – They looked at each other and kissed deeply, feeling their bodies almost melting into one huge hulk of mass.

“You know Josh, you old man must be ENORMOUS! Bryan said laughing, he was already bigger than you when at that time, imagine how BIG he is now! Bryan said that and then he shut up – how BIG would Holdar be anyway?

“Bryan, I don't know if he managed to grow even more, but I gotta be presentable to him – Joshua said checking himself.

“You mean? Bryan was afraid of continuing

“We gotta resume training now, and double better triplicate the whole program, I'll make the adjustments, and you can be in charge of food, make sure there'll be a LOT of food for our growth!

“Our? Bryan felt his groin tingling

“Sure! Now that I finally got you to play on my team, you think I'll waste the chance to pump you at a HUMONGOUS size? We'll have to be absolutely HUGE to meet my father! Joshua grabbed him and carried him to the gym, they had lots of training and fucking to do… The best effect that revelation had on Josh was the new perspective it gave about himself. If in previous times he could think he was a freak, now being at his size and ever growing was just part of his personality, just the way he was made, and he was fucking love it! Everyday he trained from sunrise to sunset and even more, he trained during the night until midnight, the work on the farm was now Bryan's responsibility, since his lover was so dedicated in his growing task, Bryan could easily do the work, and he still had plenty of time to "train" with his growing lover, also Bryan took care of feeding them both with huge amounts of food. In breakfast they ate three dozens of eggs with a lot of bagels, over 10 gallons of milk, pounds and pounds of ham, dozens and dozens of pancakes and lots of fruits, then came gallons of supplements which Joshua downed with gallons of milk. Two hours later, more food and supplements, energy drinks, hyper caloric composts and more milk and isotonic beverages. For lunch they would vanish 4 pounds of tuna with pasta, over two pounds of chicken breast and meat, with potatoes, broccoli, and other vegetables. To wash that little lunch, gallons of juice and isotonic beverages, as well as lots of full blenders of supplements and much more energy bars, within two hours they would be attacking bagels, cheese and smoked turkey along with fruits and milk, then came dinner almost as full as lunch and of course, the little snacks served until they finally quit training and hit the sack, not without having a fucking party that took hours to finally consume all their energy and bring them into a state of muscle bliss which would lead them into amazing growth during night and even at the light of day. The time Bryan had to spend on kitchen, was rewarded by loads and loads of his muscle juice tonic which gave him the size and muscles to spot Josh in his hardcore program. The bigger Bryan got due to the unstoppable emissions of his lover, the difference between their bodies increased. Although Bryan was amazingly muscular and his own muscles were not capable of handling the amount Josh was lifting, Bryan could barely help him loading the bar. And when they got to fuck, Joshua had the idea of tasting Bryan's cum, just to see what would be the effects, and it turned out to be an excellent idea, because what was a major supplement for Josh, who could train harder and heavier, and helped him in gaining more mass even faster! Josh could only focus on training, now he knew what was waiting for him, a life full of MUSCLE and incredible POWER! His strength would be increased, his muscles would grow even more at each rep, each series would be heavier and he wouldn't stop until he did not spend all his inhuman energy in building his body to the proportions it deserved to have. And what proportions those were! Joshua was growing to something beyond human comprehension and his beauty only magnified. His arms an legs were much longer and thicker, his chest was so large compared to his tiny waist, the muscles of his power neck were so cabled they seemed to be made out of steel, each slab of pecs were thicker and heavier than much bodybuilders entire upper bodies, and his stomach was definitely popping out at 20 pack of abdominal muscles so thick and big each one easily bigger than a 17 inch biceps. His lats were practically wings now and didn't seem to stop growing as long as his marvelous biceps, who were already bigger than basketballs, they didn't have comparison with anything you could humanly imagine, the power of those 70" inches biceps were totally beyond of human comprehension, and with each day of training the results were surprisingly augmenting, after only three days of this "hardcore" program Bryan and Joshua were amazed by the results; Joshua had gained in almost week of this new training four times he used to do in a whole month! That's right – Joshua had reached a new level of growth a new development that surprised even himself! After all, he gained 117 pounds of MUSCLE, more three whole inches in height and many other inches around his already inhuman limbs! The lad tapped the scales at 678 hulking pounds and 8'1" tall. He was 6'4" wide, no door could keep up his width! And his muscles! WOW! When could he ever stop growing? •

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