Bull's Strength

Muscling up Bryan!


By Muscl4life

Right before dawn, Joshua woke up and went to accomplish his obligations, and when he returned for breakfast, he found out that Bryan was still on bed and Clara went to Martha's.

“That's odd, Bryan uses to wake up right after me, what ever happened? Joshua's answer came faster than he expected. He heard the screaming from the bathroom and rushed to check on his lover. Then he was frightened. What he saw was definitely shocking. And exciting! Right in the bathroom, he saw Bryan, but not the Bryan he knew until yesterday. A better Bryan, a BIGGER Bryan. The image was simply glorious. Bryan didn't remember much, only that he woke up covered with hot spunk over him and the familiar scene of Joshua's orgasm. He just wrapped his mouth around and drinking the never ending spewing shaft. He drank so much cum and still there was more, after that he can't remember, but his sleep was heavy and he felt his body twisting and struggling for space in Joshua's bed. Then in the morning he could get some descent sleep, it was then he decided to wake up and take a piss…

“What's happened to you? Asked Joshua approaching his lover. He didn't repair when he woke up, probably because it was still very ark, but now you couldn't help to NOTICE Bryan – He should be over 6'6" and GOD he must weigh almost 300 pounds! His clothes were tore over his body, and he just pealed them off as he went up on the scale and read his weight:

“328 pounds of MUSCLE! Bryan said with a glint in his eyes – And thanks to you! Bryan launched himself over his even bigger lover and Josh had to double his efforts to catch him, not that it was a challenge for his abnormal strength, he just wasn't used to such mass on his boyfriend! They hugged hard and it was almost another sex round all over again, if Josh – Joshua, himself, didn't broke the mood:

“HOW? How could I make you grow like this? Joshua asked between kisses:

“Who's the genius around here? I am just as shocked as you! Bryan kissed him and reached for Joshua's hard cock stroking it hard in his hands. Joshua tried to figure it out, but he couldn't resist it anymore. Growling, he grabbed Bryan's ass and impaled it in his shaft and started to fuck right there. Bryan felt his ass stretching and burn with the pain, but it was more than heaven for him, he grabbed his men with his legs and they fucked harder than never, he just had so much energy, so much more power to keep up with Joshua and his cock was so much thicker and bigger. He felt so much energy building inside of him that he had to do it, he managed to get Joshua's cock out of his butt and he begged to his bigger lover with his look, and the bigger lad just laid on his back shifted his bull dozers legs, offering his hole to his engorged boyfriend who just smiled and attacked it as the world would finish right there. Bryan felt the incredible tightness of Joshua's most muscular butt and how warm it felt to be fucking him and he shifted his alabaster prong all the way to his ball sac and Joshua just screamed as he felt his own cock aching to cum. Both of them held their stand the most and with two powerful hip movements Bryan managed to give Josh his first and unforgettable fuck of his life, and at the same moment he had the first orgasm as a topper, and it felt wonderful, he never felt so virile, so mainly, like he could take the whole world, and yet he screamed in ecstasy as he saw Joshua mega sized pole ready to spew its precious load, and he decided to test his theory, he just leaned and gently drank the explosion of hot lava cum down his throat and moaned as he felt his body tingling and itching so good his newly given muscles made him feel, then after another monstrous dose of Josh's emissions, Bryan felt his body REALLY hot, it was different of the other times, he just felt tired then, now he felt POWERFUL! He lifted himself of the floor and rushed to the mirror on Joshua's room and he barely could believe his eyes, he was growing more muscular by the second, he saw his shoulders strengthening and his abs tightening, the neck was getting thicker quickly and his arms and legs showed to be getting bigger at an incredible rate, he saw his guns growing and getting fatter, rounder more beautiful, and then his body hair came out as never before, he watched as a golden fur covered his cleavage and his arm pits and the love line was now a love road, as long as his scrotum, it was now full of the most beautiful golden shade of all, his face showed a 4 o' clock shadow and it was getting thicker and longer, his side burns were longer and his hair who was blond and short was longer and it got more golden tone, like it was shining as the sun itself, his cock grew more and more, it had past the 15 inches and it was almost thick as it was long, his balls ached and his muscles, his muscles were now as massive as Joshua's and Bryan looked like a "smaller" yet any less muscular version of Josh, like he was a prototype of the muscle man Josh would turn into. Bryan almost cried at the sight of him, when Joshua came behind him he just welcomed his lover by opening his hole to him and feel the pleasure his beloved cock made him feel. Joshua was so marveled at the transformation on Bryan he barely noticed that he was also a lot thicker, much more stronger, and BIGGER! It didn't matter now, just the feeling of Bryan's now tight skin and the hardness of his muscles made his cock hard once more and he had to shove it in the better place on the world, inside his now muscular man, he felt how right it was for him and they both checked on Bryan's new figure, already knowing that it was Josh's spunk who mysteriously turned Bryan into the muscle man he was now. Joshua didn't want to take his cock out of Bryan's ass, it felt right in there, so he just lifted his augmented beloved and brought him to the gym in the barn, so they would have more space, there he finally let his cock out of his boyfriend and they both kissed, Bryan was still stunned to all the recent moments but he was loving it, now he could feel a little of Joshua's everyday feeling of POWER, of STRENGTH of LIFE! He walked to a Mega-J plate and lifted it – It was light as a feather! He curled it and his biceps felt like they would rip of so big they got, he smiled, walked towards all the equipments and he felt the same way, he noticed he much more power than his physique already showed it was like Josh who was much stronger than he could possibly imagine! Bryan found the measuring tape and gave it to Joshua:

“You wanna know my stats, big man? He flexed for his lover and Joshua had to really focus not to fuck Bryan once more, because he was more interested in finding out why his sperm could make Bryan grow… At 7'2" – Bryan gained a whole foot in height – and incredible 406 pounds! He gained 78 pounds in just one hour! Bryan was everything pro bodybuilders ever dreamt! He had a 71 inches chest, along with 28" inches biceps in a 34" waist! His flat stomach was popped with a 16 pack of granite slabs and they looked immense even when not flexed. And his alabaster cock tapped at 20 inches long! His gold blond hair not just crowned his beautiful head and also covered his muscles with a golden fur who made him look like a lion so majestic his figure now looked. He approached his still towering lover and kissed in the lips, then he leaned his head over the immensity of Josh's chest. He caressed him and then their looks met, no words were needed but yet :

“THANK YOU! Bryan said in his new low voice and they hold in their position for quite a long time, then Joshua just watched at his lover admired his new power. What did he do? What was he really capable of? Why he was so different of the others? And worst thoughts assaulted his mind – What did he do to Bryan? Would he now be a freak too? And if he caused anything bad to him? All those ideas exploded in Josh's mind and he finally exploded in tears, he ran to the lake, without noticing Bryan following right after him calling and begging for an explanation for such behavior. They arrived to the lake and Josh squatted at the margin:

“WOW! I've just ran three whole miles and I am not even sweating! Bryan shouted and screamed as he approached his crying lover in the same lake where it all begun. Bryan crouched like Josh and finally decided to wait for Joshua talking:

“Please, don't think I didn't want it to happen to you! You're my love, all I want is you to be happy, but I am afraid, I don't know what I could cause to you? And if I make you sick? Or worse… Bryan brushed his pretty face, he sat down and started:

“Look, I know you love me, and I love you too! We are meant to be together and now I AM BETTER THAN EVER thanks to you! Bryan just leaned and reached for his chest, he knew it was better than talking , they understood each other just by actions! Josh brushed Bryan golden hair, he knew they were more in love than ever and that growth only magnified it even more:

“Bryan, I don't know what I am, but it definitely isn't average! If I could just know the truth about me! Joshua sighed and continued his caressing on his lover. Bryan knew Josh deserved to know the truth, or at least the part he knew, it was his entitled right!

“Look, what I am about to tell you was hidden from you just to prevent any harm, but due to the latest episodes, I think you should know… Joshua rushed all the way back to the farm in his most furious look, he was mad! He was PISSED! He saw Martha's car passing in the road and he went towards it. Bryan was really trying to keep up with him, but it was hard, Josh was still much bigger, and he was much more used to that size!

“AUNTIE CLARA! Josh shouted and the lady already knew it wasn't a good call, Martha watched Josh running towards and it was a scaring scene then she noticed another huge man coming down the road, it was BIG almost the size of Joshie, she never saw someone that big, then the hair and the way of walking, no she's got to be wrong, but it was him, it was :

“BRYAN?! All Martha could say before she passed out, what literally saved her from witnessing Joshua's anger.

“WHY YOU'VE LIED TO ME FOR SO LONG! Josh's fist punched the old tree and it fell down like it was hit by some wracking steel ball. Bryan tried to calm his lover down and then he ran to his grandmother, he lifted her in his now powerful arms and took her inside – He knew it was between Joshua and Clara.

“What happened to Bryan, why is he…

“SO MUCH LIKE ME? A FREAK? A MUSCLE MONSTER FREAK! Joshua screamed at his aunt, he was so hurt, he never felt like this before, not even when Greg was mad at him. Clara looked to him and her face said it all, Joshua couldn't be mad at her! Not even if he wanted to! Not even if it would make things more easier just blame on her! He knew she's innocent, she didn't believed his mother's story, and no one would ever believe, not before him, not without looking all the things he could do, and the size he could gain in such short lack of time, and most of all, she didn't know the whole story just the last part, and she loved him, she was the only one who loved him as a child, as her only child, and it was all he could do, Clara was just as innocent as he was, and then he grabbed her and kissed her forehead and cheeks:

“I AM SORRY, PLEASE I WAS JUST SO MAD! PLEASE FORGIVE ME AUNTIE CLARA! Clara realized Joshua finally discovered the strangest details of his birth, and that scared her, it felt relieving, but also and most of all scaring, what would he do, what would he think?

“Grandma, Grandma! Are you OK? Martha heard those words and she know this voice belonged to Bryan, but when she opened her eyes it wasn't Bryan who was talking to her, it was this HUGE man, he looked as big as Joshie, but totally hairy and looking much more mature than Joshie, then she noticed the eyes, and the tenderness on the look – It was him! It was Bryan! Before she could scream anything, Bryan gently held her mouth:

“Yes, it's me! It happened slower in the beginning, but each time stronger – Joshua made me grow like this!

“How? Martha asked still shocked

“Look grandma, I really don't wanna go into details, let's just say that his fluids were responsible for this! Bryan blushed and his grandmother got the picture, she blushed too – who the hell wouldn't?

“You are HUGE, Bryan! I don't know if your clothes will fit on you anymore! Martha walked around her grown grandson and she noticed how much "BIGGER" he became in that particular area too.

“Well, you're the one who said that wanted me to get some meat on my bones… Bryan smiled uncomfortable

“I'll say it! You're ENORMOUS! Martha was still stunned with the sight of Bryan, but she was slowly calming down…

“Look, grandma, Josh is outside talking to Auntie Clara now. What happened to me was a surprise for us too! Joshua went nuts and I had to tell him what you've told me, I know I wasn't supposed to but…

“Don't worry! I know you would never hurt Joshie, I trust your judgment! How did he take it?

“Pretty better than I've expected, he couldn't get mad at Auntie Clara, they are in the kitchen now, telling her what I've found out, just like I am about to do.. Martha drove the car to her farm with Bryan in the back seat, and Clara in the front one. Bryan was surely filling all the space, he had to bend a little so they really noticed his new size:

“My god! If you get anymore "fluids" you won't be able to fit in this car again! Martha said as she managed to check on the back mirror. She parked on the kitchen yard and got out of the car, an quickly made into the kitchen along with Clara, then a HUGE bulk moved from her car and got into the house. Bryan almost bumped his head in every door frame, but he managed not to break everything with his enormous figure. He went to the office and grabbed his computer, his notes and the papers he printed – even if they were most in shreds. He managed to grab everything in his great hug and rushed back into the car. He took the whole thing and dropped in the back seat, then he returned and grabbed the keys with Martha :

“Please, you gotta be careful, we don't know what kind of people is over that internet…

“Don't worry grandma! We are big enough to handle anything! Bryan flexed his arm just to emphasize his point. Martha was surprised at how much BIGGER he was, but to her he would always be a boy…

“You gotta help Joshua find out the whole truth – Clara begged as he left to the car - Don't worry! Martha and Clara watched as Bryan drove the car down the road, he had gotten the seat all the way back and yet his head was hitting the roof of the vehicle.

“I don't care for anything they came up with! He's my Joshie! My Joshie! – Clara cried and hugged Martha and them both went inside – Don't worry dear, he knows that, you've raised him and you're his mother! •

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