Bull's Strength

One Week Later


By Muscl4life

Hey guys! As usual, my story got a little "TOO BIG" jusdt like Joshua, so I'll be posting the final part in two parts! The whole saga of Joshua is dedicated to alsoknown as in my opinion the BEST author I've ever read ( no offense to wonderful writers out there, but each one is entitled to his opinion :)

Also, I wanna thank the wonderful and caring lines dropped by the dear readers!

So, have FUN!



After lunch the lads were back at the barn/gym waiting to restart their work out. Joshua decided to train two periods, he woke up earlier and trained for two hours, then headed to his farm work, then he returned in time for breakfast, then he finished his other obligations and had lunch then for the rest of the day he and Bryan trained at their barn.

”WOW! Josh You're training HARD man! You're beating your records every day! Bryan said as he watched in awe his lover finishing his last rep at the bench, a total sum of 4350 pounds, many huge concrete plates which seemed dozers, and the bar was almost one foot diameter, but it didn't matter for Joshie, he just keep lifting it as it was normal for him. He lowered the abnormal weight at the ground. His glistening body, shining as the statue of a bronze god of muscle, he watched himself at the mirror, and he noticed his lover looking astonished at him. He flexed for him and looked naughty, teasing his little lover. Then he returned to his training, not without lifting and kissing his audience:

“Bryan, do you think I am lazy? Joshua asked as he prepared his next set with more 200 pounds on each side.

“Lazy? Josh you do the job of ten workers, you work out more than five hours a day, you still have time to study the most difficult stuff, and you still think you are lazy? Josh stopped his preparations and looked direct into Bryan's eyes:

“I feel that I am not giving everything I could! I never feel tired training, all the things I do, I just think the work is too light! And even the things I study, they are so damn easy! I feel like nothing is enough! Bryan noticed his big lug was not joking! He really felt that way:

“Josh, you're just too fucking good! You're just AMAZING don't blame yourself for your superior conditions! Bryan touched his shoulder, and kissed his soaking chest savoring the delicious sweat of his behemoth lover.

“Thanks! But I have another idea! LET'S GET SERIOUS! Joshua shouted as he attacked his set .Little did Bryan know about Joshua's idea, but he found out really soon. The other day when Bryan came from his grandma's house, he found his freaking huge lover on the barn, well, just then he noticed that Joshua had moved the gym stuff to the bigger barn, because he decided that he would use his amazing capabilities at his limit! And this idea has being prepared for a long time:

“Hi honey! Joshua waved at him and closed the door behind him

“What is this all about? Bryan asked approaching the barn, but Joshua just grabbed him and closed his eyes.

“I am getting serious! Joshua said and stood proud with his chest. He closed Bryan's eyes and leaded the smaller guy into the "Headquarters" as the big lad liked to call.

“What you think? Josh showed the place to Bryan who took some time to understand it all. The barn was filled with the equipment Josh had, but it seemed "upgraded" the machines were reinforced and the weights were HUGE, much bigger than the ones Joshua used before. The walls were crowded with charts, tables, notes and many other things he didn't understand.

“What's that stuff?

“These are my GOALS! Joshua said proudly – I decided to establish some directives for myself! I am going to give my all capabilities to my training and studying, to see how far I can go!

“What's all those charts and tables?

“I made them last night! I've been reading those magazines you gave me, remember? Well I've noticed those tiny guys have a pretty organized schedule of training, but there are a few mistakes here and there, but I've compiled all the best routines, and came up with this routine specially developed by my own needs, it means, that those tiny guys train with very light cargo, so I just multiplied the sets, the reps, the cargo and the days of training in order to fit on my profile – basically I just grabbed it all and multiplied by 16, that is the ratio my strength overtakes those tiny little guys. Bryan listened to that in a mix of awe and shock, because the "tiny guys" Josh refers to were just names such as Mike Matarazzo, Ronnie Coleman, "World Harris", Greg Kovacks and the list goes on and on, sure they were "little" if you compare them to Joshie, but to Bryan they were the biggest motherfuckers in the world before he met Joshua.

“Josh are you sure, it is gonna work? Bryan asked still not understanding the whole situation.

“Then comes the studying! I will study everyday those subjects, and everyday I'll revise the previous day, for at least three hours and then twice a week, I'll read everything again from the beginning! Then I'll increase the difficult in order to make it more challenging.

“You're sure you wanna work that hard?

“Sure, but it is not just training, It's all about eating and resting too! I don't really need to sleep all those hours, to me three or four are enough! But I realized that if I sleep more then my organism will recover from the training faster! Also, my eating was wrong, I gotta eat less carbohydrates and much more protein, and I gotta eat more often, much more times a day! Joshua said almost to himself as he walked towards the wall.

“Josh, you already eat almost the whole day! Bryan answered still not believing all that stuff.

“You know I don't, but I'll increase my diet quality, eight times more nutrients!

“Eight times? Josh isn't that a little too much? Bryan was getting a little worried

“And then comes supplements! I realized that if those tiny guys take them, and I sure need to do so, but I gotta get more than six times per day their amount! That's why I've already ordered four cases of the most powerful protein shakes.

“Four cases? Bryan asked still admiring the charts tables and the pictures of the "small" guys…

“Yeah, but just at the beginning then I'll be hitting them really hard, I estimate 8 cases per month!

“Joshua aren't you wasting money? Bryan said apprehensive… Joshua looked at him – We don't spend much money, and my Uncle Greg let me some good money!

“I know, but this money was supposed to help you in the future… Josh approached, lifted Bryan from the ground and carried him in his arms…

“Bryan, THIS is my future! I don't know why I can do the things I do? I don't know why I am so big and strong! All I know is that I gotta reach my limit, feel challenged, everything is light! And I feel I can grow more, I don't know how is this possible, but I just feel that I can get BIGGER, STRONGER, BETTER! In any sense! Please Bryan let me reach all my capabilities… Joshua gave Bryan the look, the same look he knows always wins any arguing, and Bryan just smiled accepting his upcoming lost.

“Joshua, I see you are very excited about this, but and what about us? Josh grabbed him and nursed him in his arms:

“You see those blue squares? That's the time we spend together each day – Bryan noticed lots of blue squares everyday – And every time you need I'll be there for you, that schedule is just for me, you can do whatever you want, but please understand, because I REALLY need to see if this works!.

“Well, since you are so happy, I can't say no to you…

“I knew you would understand! And I need your help! Josh asked with his big puppet eyes…

“What for?

“Well, I realized that I need one more thing to GROW, I need to be "complimented" by my gains, that's where you enter! You know what I mean! Bryan smiled and they kissed

“Sure! You know that's my pleasure to worship those muscles, I really dig your size, champ! But I think you've missed the "sessions" in your schedule! Bryan said laughing. But Josh hugged him and whispered in his ears:

“What you think those red crosses stands for? And then Bryan noticed the dozens of red crosses in the charts

“ YOU ARE GOING TO FUCK ME OVER TWO DOZEN TIMES A DAY? YOU WANNA KILL ME? Bryan screamed as he figured the abnormal amount of "red crosses" on those charts… Joshua laughed out loud and grabbed his lover in his arms:

“Those crosses are the times I need to cum! It doesn't necessarily be with you – although it would be wonderful! Josh said in his ears.

“You need to cum so many times a day? Bryan asked dumb folded

“Actually, I need more than that, my testosterone levels must be always high and the best way to achieve it is having orgasms, which helps in the feedback and …

“What? Bryan felt the monstrous cock poking his butt and he decided to play along

“It would be great if we start right now…The giant lad kissed him and they both started to make love on the ground…. After Bryan came three times and Joshua over twelve, Joshua returned to his training, not without having a little "snack" and pretty soon they resumed training, and Joshua "begged" for Bryan to suck him a few more times, and each time, Bryan drank huge amounts of Joshua's spunk and to his own surprise he enjoyed drinking form his lover… Their dinner was amazingly huge, and not just for Josh but also for his lover, each on of them ate for over six full grown men in a hungry day, and Joshua had even came back for his "round two". Clara was absolutely shocked not at Josh but at Bryan, because each day he was eating more and more and he wasn't getting any fatter, in fact his pants were loosing in the wais but absolutely tight on his thighs as well as his T-shirts were almost tearing on his arms and chest. She smiled at the unpleasant sight of their eating and excused to leave the table, knowing they would take care of the lots of dishes trashed around the kitchen. About midnight, Clara went to her room, Bryan and Joshua were lying on the floor, because no couch would hold Joshua and another person. Bryan used the incredible huge chest of his lover as a pillow as they were half watching, half sleeping during a re run of Gilligan's Island. The weight of Bryan over his chest was definitely turning him on and he immediately felt his monster python demanding to be released, gently poked his sleeping beauty to start another round of steaming hot sex. Bryan didn't answer to his lover's callings, not even the many cock pokes Josh gave him, it seemed the boy was knocked out so tired he was. Josh smiled and carried Bryan to his room, he laid the beautiful body of his lover and sat on the edge of the bed watching him sleeping heavily, and surprisingly it was a major turn on for the oversized lad! Watching Bryan's smooth body over the moonlight, the tight muscles flexing during sleep, the heavy breathing of his powerful chest, the look on his face, it was almost unbearable! Josh just gave his cock a good thrusts and then he jerked off at the sight of Bryan fiercely, his breath was heavy and he waited for his upcoming orgasm, but first he had to kiss Bryan, just the warmth of those honey lips worked its magic and Joshua came all over the bed, and it didn't stop, he came in volleys he would never imagine before, soon Bryan was covered in his cum and it didn't stop he fountained cum like never before, and before he could think of a way to clean the mess, he felt the warmth of his lover's mouth around the head of his cock and the rough sucking of his blowjob draining all the cum of his ever spewing cock. Bryan drank and drank and after over 30 minutes of another blow session Josh came another two times without ever stopping spewing hot lava jism down Bryan's throat who just kept drinking more and more. In fact, he fell asleep with Joshua's semi- hard cock in his mouth. Joshua was quite spent himself. He adjusted Bryan and himself on his bed, without even bothering with the drying cum. He just had to take some sleep… •

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