By lemapp

My roommate, Ron, was in shock to see me come in so late on a Saturday morning. But the thing that shocked him the most was how huge my body was. We rarely saw each other during the week, we usually only passed each other at once on the weekend. Now my average build had changed in several days into a bodybuilder. I did not know how to explain this.

After a long silence of staring Ron finally spoke asking what had happened to me. I was still at a lost for what to say as I unconsciously took off my shirt and shoes. Numerous lies ran through my head that I could tell but nothing seemed believable to me. I could not tell him that I had overdosed on steroids. So I decided that I should try and tell the truth.

I asked Ron to sit down and I would explain what had happened over the last few days. I told him about the BodyPlast and painting a male escort. Later we modeled a body mask on the bodybuilder friend of the escort. Then I decided to show to Ron that it was true by removing the body mask. I pulled down the leather pants and my porn star dick sprang loose. Ron laughed that there was no way my dick could be real. I reached behind myself and peeled away the mask.

I began to expand in size as I peeled away the bodybuilder mask. Below I was still wearing the Muscles mask that was larger. In a few moments I was no longer wearing the bodybuilder mask but now had instantly gain some 50 pounds of muscle. Ron had sat there in awe as I had changed before him. Since he was staring at me so hard, I decided to do a little show. I went through a series of bodybuilder poses, pumping my arms, legs and chest.

I offered to Ron that he should try on the body mask lying on the floor. Ron in an instant jumped up and grabbed the mask. He then walked over to the bathroom. I knew that Ron was straight and he knew that I was gay. I figured that I should go and get some shorts or something on while Ron changed.

I found some thin spandex shorts that did little to hide the monstrous cock and balls. I posed in my mirror before heading back downstairs. Ron still had not left the bathroom. I went to the door and listened in. Based on the moaning and pumping noise I guessed that Ron was stroking hard. I wanted to bust in and join him but I decided not to. I went and sat down waiting for Ron to exit. After a few minutes, Ron left the bathroom wearing the bodybuilder mask. Just like I expected, he was wearing a towel around his waist. I thought it was funny because I knew exactly how it looked underneath the towel.

It was getting close to noon. I had not slept for over a day now and I needed a long nap. I suggested to Ron that he keep the body mask for the day and I would go to sleep. I gathered up my bag, clothes and went to upstairs to bed.

I woke several hours later hearing a couple of women laughing down the hall. I stumble half awake and naked out of my room to see what was going on. I stood in Ron?s doorway to see 2 naked women on top of Ron. He was naked and still wearing the body mask. I was kind of odd seeing myself on the bed with 2 women because I had previously been that body. Soon, the ladies spotted me and were whispering to themselves. One of them slid off the bed and walked over to me. She ran her hands over my muscular body. Soon my cock was expanding because of the attention.

The lady grabbed my stiffening cock as a leash and led me to the bed. She pushed me down next to Ron. Ron grinned and made a comment about switching teams. I smiled as a thought flashed in my mind. I pulled my female friend closer and whisper in her ear. She started to laugh and then said she would try. I quickly slid around the bed putting my butt check to check with Ron. I crossed our legs and now our cock and balls were touching.

One of the ladies held Ron and my cocks firmly together while her friend aligned her pussy with our poles. Now I had my dick being fucked with Ron?s. I could not see his face but I was sure he was mad. The pussy was tight and warm as it sucked in our cocks. Our friend was dripping so we were soon sliding around. The one lady continued to hold the cocks together and play with our balls. I felt Ron?s dick banging into mine. We certainly did get a great ride. Soon I could felt Ron?s cock begin to convulse. I could not hold out anymore and I came too.

I now wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Slowly the lady who had ridden our poles pulled away. I twisted over the bed and kissed Ron. The ladies laughed as I played it off as a joke. I then kissed each of the ladies and left Ron?s room.

I went to my room and toke a shower. But it did not wash away how I felt. I did not want to think anymore about it and decided to focus again on BodyPlast. I wanted to do something else. I had a need to create more body masks. I just could not decide what to do.

After lying in my room it struck me, I could use BodyPlast as a spa treatment. I decided that I would try the local men?s spa. In the city there was a place that provided spa treatments for men only. This seemed like a perfect way to get guys to allow me to cover their bodies with BodyPlast.

I had a hard time dressing, trying to found something that looked halfway professional. The shirt I chose stretch over my large chest and I decided on shorts since my pants would not slide over my thighs. I refilled the portable BodyPlast container and snuck out of the condo. As I past Ron?s room, I could still hear the ladies voices.

The traffic was heavy on a Saturday, but I was able to arrive at the men?s spa but early evening. I found a 24-hour garage nearby and hiked over. I was glad to see that the spa was still open and walked in. The guys at the front counter were all over themselves when they saw this huge muscle guy walk in. I had kind of forgotten how incredible I looked.

I announced that I was marketing a new skin treatment for men that cleansed the skin, deeply. I could tell that I was having an effect on the guys because they keep adjusting the growing bulges in their pants. As I spoke, a man in a suit exited from behind a door and asked what was going on.

I tried to begin my speech again when the suit said that he was not interested. I must have made an impression on the guys at the counter because they pulled the suit aside. The suit returned and said that he would talk to me further if I first performed the full body treatment to him and his entire staff. I agreed and asked if I could do the treatments naked so my clothes would not get dirty. All of their chins dropped collectively and they simply nodded. I thought to myself that this would be fun.

I was led to a room to set-up. I stripped out of my clothes. But then I thought if I had brought enough BodyPlast. I remembered the metal bobbing in the paint can earlier. I wondered if that help the BodyPlast to survive and possibly even grow. I found several glass bowls and poured some of the BodyPlast in each. I was lucky I found several metal blocks in one of the drawers, I guess they were for some treatment. I dropped the blocks in the BodyPlast.

My first client was suit. He quickly undressed. He was a middle-aged man with an average build and a bit hairy. His average dick was standing at attention. I went straight to work by coating each foot and then each leg. The suit?s dick kept hitting my face. Finally, I grabbed his dick hard and he moaned. I began to cover his entire body including his head. In a few minutes I was peeling away the BodyPlast body mask. I tossed it under the counter.

Suit began to comment on how wonderful he felt. The treatment was like making new skin. I thought to myself how right he was. The Suit simply slipped his boxers on, which did not hide his erection, and left the room with his suit in his hands.

My next client was a young thin college kid. He was embarrassed about getting undressed. I try to persuade him but he would only strip to his underwear. The first bowl of BodyPlast had now expanded. So my guess about feeding on metal was true. I proceeded with the treatment, covering the underwear. The kid slipped his clothes back on without saying anything and left.

The third employee was a 20-something guy with a trim build. His body was completely shaved including his pubes and balls. He wore no underwear and his dick was above average. Here was a guy I wanted to play with. I quickly did a body mask and tossed it with the others under the counter. But I was not through with him; I could not help myself.

I asked my client if I could assist him with a problem he was having. I then grabbed his cock, dropped to my knees and pulled it into my mouth. I began to suck hard on the lengthening pole. I felt it slide into my throat so I squeezed hard. I heard moans from above me. I continued to pump hard on the tool and soon it was squirting down my throat. I offered to clean up by doing a second treatment. Soon I had a second body mask of this guy. He slipped on his pants and slowly left.

My finally client was an older man with a barrel chest and thick arms and legs. He peeled off his clothes to show a hairy monster underneath. The fur around his dick hid whatever has lurking there. The final bowl of BodyPlast had now doubled in size, so I did end up having enough. I began the treatment and something began to bob around this guy?s pubes. As I reach his waist a stiff 4-inch dick was sticking out. I made a point to rub the twig a few times. This seemed to make the guy happy. I quickly finished the body mask and peeled it off.

The Suit entered the room as the old hairy guy left. He announced that it was past closing time, but he wanted to know more about the treatment. We agreed that I would return Sunday afternoon to talk more about the service. As I dressed, I pulled the body masks into my bag. Now I had 5 more body masks to play with. •

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