Ten Big Indians

The Show Must Go On


By John

As the mystery begins to wrap in on itself, we focus in a lot closer on our pending victor. Can he take it? Can we? And what is in the mind of our host now?

The choice was made at that dinner two days ago now. Mike had listened patiently at his options. The, then, 530 pound muscle survivor had had the chance to end the contest then; accept the a basic winnings of $2,000,000; and to move out into the world, fully restored by the equalizing elixir as the biggest muscled bodybuilder in the history of mankind. He also had the choice to keep taking the 4 doses per day for the remaining 3 days and packing on even more muscle. Finally, Mike was offered the opportunity to take any amount of dosage up to the maximum of 10 per day and become a god amongst gods of muscle.

With the last two choices, he was advised that, should he fail, as all the others had, to resist the still growing temptations of own animal lust, all would be lost to him and there would be no victor and no reward. He had begun to notice by that time that, even though he was getting four doses daily, he was not gaining at the rate of 40 pounds of muscle per day. It, in fact, had begun to drop and he had only gained 20 pounds in the preceding 24 hours. The host had noticed this, too and had concluded that there was, indeed, a limit that the human body seemed to have in the assimilation of the testosterone change.

While he said he did not know what this actual limit would be, the mystery voice had surmised that bone marrow and density seemed to be the driving force. While Mike's muscles were becoming bigger and denser, the same thing had been happening to his bones so that all this strength and mass could be supported and used. After all, what good would those spectacular giant muscles be if the bones were so weak as to simply shatter as he tired to push his new limits of strength? But bone could only get so dense and the bone marrow could only produce so much of the equally important additional blood that the gargantuan body was now demanding. Therefore, according to the host's theory, the body was creating it's own set of limits.

If he had chosen to walk away at the time, he certainly could have done well with the couple of million offered. Mike, however, was not a quitter. As he pondered his selection, his sponsor told him of the final challenge awaiting him if he were to move forward. There would be a final display of his newly acquired strength and muscle and the amount he finally secured would be tied to that. If successful, Mike was to be awarded his strength equivalency in gold! The more weight he could support, the more he got, up to the full $10,000,000.

Mike thought about the money; his failed fellow challengers; Ivan; and his own desire to be big. Wasn't that the point? To be the biggest muscle monster ever. He loved the body that had developed up to that point. Now he was being offered the chance to add maybe another 100 to 200 pounds of mind-boggling, dense, beautiful muscle and to get millions more just for doing that. It was only another few days. He could control his mighty cock until then! Couldn't he?

In the end, the muscle opportunity was too much for him to pass up and Mike elected to take the full 10 doses for the next couple of days.

Now, here it was, the morning of the last day. The strength test was set to start at 10 AM. He had made it. He had taken the advice of Dan and Rick and had had them put the coverings up over all the mirrors in the gym and in his bathroom. Sure, he could see a lot just by looking down every day that his body was developing new huge quantities of muscle and his cock, certainly, was impossible to ignore. But Mike had not seen the results of his work since that dinner. Today, he would get to see the finished product. Today his muscle would finally be revealed to him … and to the rest of the world!

The voice had told him that, if he made the choice to move on to the final contest on this final day, he had arranged for it to be shown on pay-per-view cable and that hundreds of thousands had signed up to see the unveiling of "The greatest Muscle-God ever created in the history of the world". So, our host was not a stupid man. Here he was, giving Mike an enormous sum of money and banking a considerable profit for himself, too, in the process. In fact, he had used some suggestive flash photo shots of some of Mike's enormous muscles in advertising to taunt and stimulate the potential audience.

Mike was ready! Mike was pumped! He did not know exactly how this contest of strength would work, but he was sure that he could do it. After all, here he was, standing on the scale this morning. Bending to see over the top of his beyond-huge chest, he saw the arrow on the scale moved ever higher until it came to rest with the number 695 pounds in view. Six-hundred and ninety-five pounds of pulsating, human male muscle! Indeed, never had there been anything like Mike's body. Now the whole world would finally respect him! And he was about to let them see what a total muscle package really was.

He had let himself sleep late this morning. It was past 8 when he got up. By 9 he was washed and out the door. His body rubbed loudly against the walls as he made his way down the now-too-small hallway to get something to eat. Dan and Rick were in the dining room when he got there. They still looked great, even at their current sizes of just under 300 pounds. At least they were able to get back into pairs of tight-fitting shorts. While this helped hide their inability to get aroused, the shorts showed that they still possessed invitingly desirable packages. They, too, were expected to help with the upcoming contest. After this, they would all be able to partake of the neutralizing agent. For Mike, it would lock in his amazing growth. For Dan and Rick, it would save them from any more loss.

Neither Dan nor Rick could believe the mountain of muscle that walked into their presence this morning. He had barely fit through the dining room's large double door. They knew that Mike had not seen himself for over 2 days now and hoped that he was prepared to handle what he would see once the coverings been removed from the mirror in order to permit him to witness his own beautiful muscle being. They dared not say anything to him out of fear of over-stimulating him. They had come to like Mike. He had treated them well and they wanted him to win this contest - whatever it was.

At a few minutes before ten, the voice came back to life and told them to make their way to the Gym. When they walked in, they noticed that Mel had apparently been very busy since there was an empty platform in the middle of the room. The voice told Mike to stay where he was by the entry door into the gym. Dan and Rick were sent to each side to where the leading edge of the cloths over the mirrors began. The voice advised them that the show would be starting in just about one minute. It seemed liked the longest minute he had ever experienced to Mike.

Then it started.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the world's greatest muscle spectacular!" He began. "Today, you are about to witness the most mind-boggling display of human muscle and strength ever offered anywhere. Over $10,000,000 are at stake"

"You are cautioned that this display will be so breath-taking that those of you with weak hearts or other physical conditions that may result in negative physical response to any stress to your heart may wish to tune out now. You are warned that this display will be fully nude and involves images of human arousal beyond your wildest ability to comprehend until you see it. You will understand why these announcements are necessary once we bring our muscle giant forward onto your screens - if you dare to stay tuned!"

The voice went on for about five more minutes. He taunted and played with the excitement and tension of the viewing audience. Then he proceeded to explain the muscle building challenge but left out the part about the participation of the other nine men. He also explained that Mike had not even seen his own body results for the past few days. Once the host had the audience sufficiently teased and appropriately up to speed on what had lead up to this moment, he issued one final warning and then introduced..

"Mike, the muscle wonder of the world!"

A bright spot lit up the center platform. The announcer asked for Mike to move to and onto the platform. He strode forward, climbed the three steps and moved to the middle of the platform and turned, as he was being instructed to do, to one side to face a large, remote control operated camera in front of an arc of covered mirrors. Mike stood there for what seemed like forever in as relaxed a pose as his massive body would permit. He heard and saw the camera move from side to side and then tilt down slowly and back up. The voice had cut off it's sound into the room and it became obvious that Mike was being displayed and described to the viewing public. Finally, the sound came back on.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, everything you see before you is real." He said. "Six-hundred and ninety-five pounds of pure, grade A+ muscle. As I told you, Mike has not seen his own body for over two days. Now it is time for us to reveal his form to him. This will be his first test."

"Mike," the voice said directly to him "Your audience awaits your reaction. As they know, and as you will now know, if you should happen to ejaculate at any point during this program before you have finished your ultimate test of strength, the contest will be over. Right now, you have a guaranteed $2,000,000. You may agree to take that now, or you may risk it and have us remove the coverings from the mirrors so that you can see yourself. Remember, if you ejaculate, you will loose everything. It is your choice, what is it you want to do? $2,000,000 right now, or move forward and remove the coverings?

"I came this far to win it all." Mike said confidently. "I want to see what I have created! I will prove that I deserve to win it all!"

"Then that is what it will be." Responded the host. "Gentlemen, remove the mirror coverings.

With that, Rick and Dan pulled at the end sheet and all the sheets that Mel had apparently rigged together fell off the mirrors to the floor at once. Mike's body reacted immediately to the vision that came into focus before his eyes. He visibly tensed with shock. This only resulted in sending a second immediate wave of muscle-vibrating shock through his whole system as he saw this literal mountain of muscle become instantly alive with dense striations and veins everywhere across and around it's surface. Mike flew backwards a couple of steps in instant reaction. His feet stepped back to the very edge of the platform and he began to totter backwards. Hands and arms flew forward to help regain some balance. All Mike saw was indescribable amounts of dense, packed muscle shooting ever further outward and upward as he flailed. Each unbalanced movement resulted in a display of size and muscle thickness that boggled all the human senses. As he struggled to regain his footing, Mike was unable to take his eyes off of the living column of huge muscle in the mirrors before him. Even he had difficulty accepting that this much muscle could be real.

As he got his footing and composure back, he felt the reaction within his balls as the excitement of this vision reached deep into his raw sexual desire to react to the glory of the image. His cock and balls, those massive amazing bags of manliness he was seeing through the mirror right in front of him, shuttered into visibly vibrating reaction as he found himself wanting to release a sexual explosion at the mere sight of this total package of muscle standing there. He tried to focus on the money and the ultimate victory as he worked to bring his mind into control. Then he just began to stare - to stare at what he, himself, had become.

He was beyond human! Way, way beyond human! He was beyond amazing! Mike could find no fitting words to apply to the wonderful, monstrous image of him before him.

The host's voice finally broke the thoughts. "Our winner on guessing how much Mike weighs in at it is Mr. Mitch Thomas of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Mitch guessed 662 pounds. Actually, as I mentioned before, Mike is, believe it or not, a full 695 pounds. Thanks to all of you who entered and congratulations to Mitch, You get three full days, all expenses paid and tickets to the next Mr. Olympia show. More winners are on the way, so stay tuned."

"Now, let's get a closer look at this monument to muscled manhood." Teased the announcer.

After another silent moment of the camera lens adjusting and shifting as it, apparently, gave the viewers various close-ups on the massive muscles before them as Mike returned to the center of the platform, the voice finally continued again.

"Well, it seems our ultimate muscleman here has survived the first challenge of seeing himself and now, let's get on to the next phase." The voice continued. "If we can have our two assistant come forward with the tape, we'll start the measuring right away. Mike, how about giving us a nice double bicep pose and tensing those legs as we begin our measuring down there."

Mike did as instructed. He raised both arms up extending parallel out with the floor and began to move them at the elbows while he moved one leg forward of the other and began to tighten all the muscles in the front leg. As he tensed more and more of his body, his skin became almost non-existent. Fibers of steel-hard muscles formed everywhere. Striations and cross striations yielded to individual threads and cords of voluminous muscle.

As he fought to bring his forearms perpendicular to his upper arms, he tightened his forward calf muscle as Dan and Rick moved close with the tape outstretched. Sweat was pouring from their faces as they showed just how difficult it was to be standing in the presence of this much pure, perfect muscle. Their inability to attain an erection or to cum had not affected their sexual desires to love and cherish every one of the stupendous muscles now swelling to breathtaking size and hardness right before their eyes. And now, they were about to get the chance to touch and fondle this living god.

Wrapping the tape slowly around the widest part of the calf muscle, Mike put all his thoughts into flexing it as tightly as possible. He could feel them laying the tape against the meat, but, even as they pulled it tightly around to ensure the most accurate measurement, the sheer density wouldn't permit the slightest yielding. Dan and Rick took every opportunity to feel and hold this mound of meat as they rounded it with the tape. It wasn't just hard, it was chiseled hard! The tape came back around to where it began. Dan called out the 33" dimension in a loud but audibly shaking voice.

"A 33" calf muscle!" announced the speaker. "It's unheard of in muscle history. And this is just the beginning - a "minor" muscle at that. Imagine the power in these calf muscles. Look at them! Let's get a close-up of those striations. (The camera lens moved and twisted.) Just look at the way each one flair's out and dives back sharply between the knee and ankle! Come-on Mike, flex those diamonds for us."

And so he did. Mike moved his foot up and down. As he did so, the huge body of the calf muscle lengthened and then bunched up into a series of diamond hard cut ridge lines. The veins grew more pronounced as the muscle needed to be fed more and more blood. Mike felt his balls churning once again as his arousal responded to the sight of the living breathing chunk of muscle he was controlling. He could feel the strength all the way through into the central depth of the meat.

"Now, viewers, let move on to the thigh muscles of the upper leg."

Mike tensed.

"My God! Oh, my God! Have you ever seen anything like that!" The host boasted. "Why, no, of course not! No one has thighs like Mike's. Look at those marvelous muscles. Look at how deep those trenches are where the main muscles join together. You can see each and every bundle and rope of solid muscle. You can even see the veins pulsing to the beat of his heart."

Sure enough, the scale and depth of the newly tensed muscles was so overwhelming that, certainly, thousands of the viewers were probably achieving orgasm at the sight before them. The camera lens twisted as it focused in closer on this grouping of thick, rich muscle-turned- rock.

Dan put his hand into the crevasse that the muscles had formed. It must have been 2" deep just there right above the kneecap. The swell of muscle stood out a full 6" from the knee. They brought the tape up as Mike, again, flexed the leg muscles into iron hard stiffness. They wanted to move the tape up as high as they could without touching the marvelous ball sacs that still vibrated rhythmically at the excitement they, too, were enjoying. Around the leg the tape went. Dan and Rick relished the chance to be running their hands over all this stone-like man-flesh. Mike's body was as hard to the touch as it appeared. They fondled each ridge and each valley as they moved the tape across this vast expanse of human steel. Even now, with one foot moved forward, the sheer volume of the muscle caused the meat of the inside of both legs to join together for most the distance from the groin to the knees. Dan and Rick sawed through the dense touching leg tissues as best as they could with the tape, using all their considerable strength to get it level and smooth as high up as possible. The sensation sent more shivers of delight through Mike's body. His mighty cock responded with several noticeable twitches. The tape rejoined itself at the 48" mark.

"Now that's a hunk of leg folks! A solid, deep and hard 48" the announcer shouted. "His leg is 4 full feet around! And we're not nearly done. If you ain't hot yet, just wait! Let's get to that waist measurement right away. Do you think it's as small as it looks or is it all just an illusion created by the scale of all that other astounding muscle he's carrying on that 6'-4" frame? It takes a lot of meat to add up to almost 700 pounds."

Sure enough, the waist was still only 32" around. He had gone back up a couple of inches from it's smallest measurement, but with what it had to support, being only 32" was indeed amazing. But there could be no doubt that the abdominal muscles were perfectly capable of doing their share of the muscle-work. Each of the 5 pairs of abs set out sharply from the channels carved into Mike's stomach. It was as if someone had made copies of Uluru mountain in Australia, shrunk them down and then set them under Mike's skin. The obliques on each side were steel arrows of interwoven muscle pointing linearly to his groin area and dying suddenly and darkly into the leading bottom edge of each lat at the other end.

"Come-on now, Mike. Let's let out those lats and pump up those pecs! It time to go for the big dimension. Show us how big you can blow those muscles up." Taunted the host.

Mike inhaled deeply as he forced himself to both push the lat muscles out as far as possible and tensed the chest into it's own form of rock hardness. Both Dan and Rick gasped audibly at the site. Never had anyone seen a chest so big and hard. Thick was not a sufficient adjective anymore to what pronounced it's presence before them. The downward pointing nipples grew as hard as the pecs themselves as they jutted outward under the demand of the muscle for all the space. Mike's body was so lean and the skin so thin that even his nipples had lines of striations darting through them. They stood there proudly inviting you to challenge them with your fingers and mouth while, simultaneously warning you of their intent to win.

Dan reached up with the leading end of the tape. His widespread hand covered less than 1/3rd of the width of the pec-meat being offered to him. His other palm was lost on the underside of the protruding man-tits. Both mounds dove into invisible obscurity in the cleavage between them. As he applied the tape across the great rounded plain of the other pec, Rick guessed each pec to be 8" to 9" thick at the middle. He pressed his hand onto the muscle. Nothing yielded at all. They weren't actually round, they were much too ridged and corded to be called that. Each muscle bundle within the volumes of tit-meat moved back in and out again under the skin visibly separate from the next bundle. All of these were then welded into a giant, high, steel fan. Where the muscles joined at the middle, they looked hard enough to crush the hand of anyone dumb enough to have put it in there. Veins writhed across the surface as Mike twitched and flexed, forcing them to find what room they could between the surface of the impenetrable meat and the tightly stretched onion-paper thin skin. Rick hated leaving the touch of the heat-producing meat machines, but continued moving the tape around

The muscle now facing him was so large as to suggest that it deserved it's own zip-code. Each huge, curving lat was the size of a chunk of a truck tire from an 18-wheeler. They were thicker than a fully inflated tire, too. The lat meat rolled up, out and away from the tiny waist until the entire torso was over 4' across just below where the triceps joined in.. The two assistants each walked half way around the behemoth of muscle as the tape exchanged hands as it moved across his body with their fingers. Nothing yielded to their feel. They could feel it all continue to expand and swell as Mike pumped harder and harder. They could feel it move further outward, and then, once it secured it's additional space, refuse to give any of it back. Mike felt like a giant growing boulder. The meat began to turn redder as the blood flooded in to help with the pump. Mike swooned them with one last big crunch as they worked to bring the tape back together in the front on top of one of the massive mounds of pec meat.

"One-hundred and one inches!" screamed the announcer. Almost eight and one-half feet of thick, blood pumped, carbon-steel muscle meat! Imagine, you could put two normal sized bodybuilders in that one chest!"

Mike almost came at the announcement. His chest and back were over 3 times as big as his waist. He flexed each pec individually and gawked at himself as he watched first one, then the other, shift and move several inches as the meat relaxed and then pounded itself into an infinite number of tightly corded wads. He could feel the pecs rubbing against one another inside the deep cleft as he ground their masses together. He could feel the bumping over of one bundle of pec muscle as it jostled over the corresponding bundle in the other pec. The feeling of his own muscle against his own muscle was yet another new level of sensual arousal. His cock jumped dangerously high as it responded to the new sensation. He wanted to reach down and feel the power and rigid texture for himself. Mike's nipples begged to played with. Instead, he had to make do with sensing the internal feelings of raw power as he felt inside his massive tit-muscles with his brain.

And how his lats could extend out that far and be that thick was beyond even Mike's comprehension. They dove into his upper waist at almost a horizontal and made a deep shadow line where they joined the obliques. Mike moved his shoulders back slightly, pulling part of the lat meat back with them. He could feel his correspondingly huge back muscles bunch up and rub themselves together now, much as he had felt between his pecs. Bringing his shoulders forward again and locking them into place, the lats spread even wider. The torso demanded that the tape yield once more. Dan called out a correction to 102".

He was a vision from muscle heaven!

"What do you say we `Go for the show', the show muscle that is!" the host moved on. "It's bicep time! Let's load up those cannons, Mike."

Mike refocused his mind on his arms. They sprung back into full action as his attention was drawn back to the raised biceps and clinging triceps. Sharp muscle was replaced by pure sinew as enhanced density crashed through the meat of the upper arms. Mike's own eyes became the guide as they traced the road map of the main vein traversing the mountain range of shoulder muscle and looped into the joint where triceps meets bi. Other rivers of blood poured into the great vein from above and below forming major tributaries flowing in the rounded bumps in the skin above the all-too-solid dense fibers below. These blood canals bumped up and down into the meat as the various strands formed into cables within the biceps rounding higher and higher as they were laid in visible clusters of coiled strength, one on top of another.

The football sized and shaped front part of the bicep projected forward by it massive volume and cast a dark shadow over the top of the even larger front body of the triceps. It looked as if someone had jammed a basketball into the football on top as the back portion formed the higher peak over the football. It reached clear up to the bottom of the fist. The veins made the jump from one ball to the other, pulling the overly tight skin away from the muscle fibers as they crossed, threatening to tear the skin right off of the body of pure muscle. The upper ball was as round from front to back as it was from side to side. It was impossible to imagine any more muscle being added because there was simply no space left. Massive could not be used to describe the marvel of the huge, bulging bicep!

The triceps clung like hardened lava flows to the underside of the arms. It appeared as if you could cut yourself on it's rigid hardness. Roll after roll of cabled cord spiraled back from the end at the elbow to the intersection with the lats. The bi's and tri's fought with the other muscles to all find space where they had to come together. The triceps appeared to be about twice the bulk of the huge biceps and equally hard. The veins on the surface pumped in and out in spurts taking blood back to the pump that would send it out to bring back more food for the screaming behemoth of meat.

Rick moved the tape to the top of the mighty peak. He put his hand full and forceful on the top and, taking advantage of his situation, attempted to squeeze hard and with obvious force. Nothing gave. The peak held solid. The veins filled out even more in response. The muscle fibers corded themselves even more and resisted any attempt to be even slightly repositioned. The arm felt hard, it felt more than solid, it pulsed and commanded reverence. No bicep had ever been so inviting and so resisting both at the same time. The sculptor smiled as the bicep showed that it was, indeed a working masterpiece.

Rick let the tape fall to the back. Then catching it from below, brought it around under the widest part of the triceps. He slowly stroked the volume of meat as he rubbed his fingers along it's circumference bringing the tape back up the front of the monstrous display. As Rick's fingers approached the top to other hand holding the leading end of the tape, Mike forced one more crunch making the peak push Rick's upper fingers into his clenched fist as the bicep shot amazingly higher. Finally, Rick connected the two ends of tape and read the number with complete disbelief.

"There you have it, folks." The host announced with glee. "A man, a human demigod with a 42" upper arm. Can you imagine the damage that that much dense meat is capable of doing? Forty-two steel hardened inches of mounded glory - all on the arm of one, single muscle machine!"

Rick couldn't resist running his fingers over the entire length of the astounding upper arm as he wound the tape off. He wanted to shoot a load right there and then, but, of course, he couldn't.

Mike just looked longingly at himself and his raised arms in the mirrors. He could feel the heat moving inside his packed, cramped arm muscles. Then he felt the heat growing again in his groin. He looked down and caught the sight of a drop of precum leaking out of his piss-slit. He forced himself to look away and to concentrate on the contest. His balls continued to churn and stir the vats of liquid being held inside. His cock jumped two or three times. The drop of precum turned into a small flow. Mike forced himself to crunch down on his mighty muscles harder still. The feel of the sheer muscle straining against itself worked. Mike's thoughts moved back to the muscle and away from the boiling liquid of manhood.

None of this display had escaped their host.

"Well folks, we had a close call there." It seems our muscle god is just another very healthy human male after all. You saw that giant tools' response to its' own muscle…and quite a tool it is, huh? Shall we see just how big that thing is, too? Do you think you can handle being handled, Mike? I think our able bodied assistants are anxious and ready!."

Dan moved over on the platform. For a moment he just stared at the monstrous appendage before him. It was unearthly. The cock stood straight out and slightly upward as it had now for over a week. Large was not the word. Hard was not the word.

The camera lens refocused and aimed directly along the length and breath of the mighty pole. It was, clearly, no less solid than the mounds of muscle anywhere else on Mike's magnificent body. The fibers of it's musculature showed as densely through the virtually non-existent skin as from every other piece of meat on the body. Veins danced along in meandering patterns. Regardless of their number, they seemed perfectly placed and sized to enhance the desire to feel and possess this organ that had a life of its own. The camera zoomed in on the gigantic ball sacs for a moment. They had swelled to the size of two sixteen-inch softballs. Both sacs vibrated with excitement as they whipped the heavy cream inside to keep it warm and ready.

The steel reinforced shaft tapered gently as it moved from it's anchored connection at the harden groin to the flaring backside of the crimson crown. The staff darted in more over it's last couple of inches to crash into the head. The collar stood out bright and hard all the way around on the top and sides inviting you to cup your hands into that most sensitive of joints. The cap formed a vision of pleasure as it curved into the triangular sweep down toward the yawning gape of the piss-slit. The entire tool stood there ready and wanting to be released. But, hopefully for Mike, that would not happen just yet.

Dan pushed the tape into the small tuft of hair on top at the groin trying to be sure that he would get the most accurate measurement. He stretched the tape smoothly across the upper surface as he slid his fingers along the hot, sensitive, horizontal tower. Mike shivered at the joy of the sensation. His balls rumbled again. Dan came to the cap and lifted a finger to the top of the outer ring of hard but tender flesh. Mike shook where he stood. Dan paused as he, too, felt the quaking from within the shaft. Mike fought for control as a second round of precum forced it's way out of the hole at the end. Then Dan continued with the tape to the spot where the clear liquid now sat. The camera zoomed in.

"Twenty-eight and one-half inches! Have you ever seen such a symbol of virile manhood in your life!" The host beamed.

Dan unable to help himself, pushed down on the cantilevered head. Nothing moved. He pushed harder, strain showing on his face. Still, nothing moved. He stood there in disbelief and then he went to push again. Before he could, Mike reached out and quickly pulled his hands off of his tool. The excitement was almost too much. He knew that it would not have take much more for him to have lost it, and in the process, lost everything.

"There you have it folks. Muscle like it has never been seen before. All real, all man! The voice stepped back in. "You know it's real now, but just how strong is it? Mike, are you ready for the final challenge? The one for the real money? Tell you what, I'll give you $3,000,000 if you walk away right now! Or, if you're ready to take on the test of strength, you can go for the full $10,000,000. Last chance, so what will it be, Mike?" •

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