Ten Big Indians

Illusions of Grandeur


By John

So, you think you know who the winner is? Are you sure or could there still be more ahead? Read on, if you dare, and find out what is in store for our apparent lone survivor.

Mike was nearing the end of his morning workout when Dan and Rick entered the gym. He was doing incline bench flies. The lovers were stopped dead in their tracks as they walked up behind Mike and saw what was before them. Both Dan and Rick were still huge, but Mike was way beyond either of them. Even spread out and stretched out across the bench as he was, the sheer volume of muscle would have been unable to describe to anyone not seeing it with their own eyes.

Mike was up to a massive 525 pounds. He had gained 275 pounds of more-than-solid muscle. The amount of sheer muscle he had added was more than any single one of the ten men had weighed just a week and a half ago. Every bundle, every fiber, every tendon was visible over his entire body. Thick was a word that no longer applied for he had transcended merely being thick with muscle. Mike WAS muscle! A chiseled mammoth of unrelenting muscle.

From above they first noticed the width of the shoulders. From melon cap to melon cap, he was almost 4' broad. Each shoulder was divided into several strands of muscle that rounded up from where they disappeared under the massively protruding triceps and biceps to where they interlocked with the 3" thick traps. Three separate, distinct lines wound up to the neck on each side. Cables of muscle ran from the base of the traps up behind the ears into the back of the head. All of this was bound together in rope after rope of twisting veins that seemed perfectly in place in view of the muscle they seemed to hold together under the almost transparent skin.

The outstretched arms forced the shoulder muscles to form complete half globes of compressed meat. As the triceps leaped out from inside the deep valley between them and the shoulder boulders, they hung full, arched and low swinging sharply up to join the elbow. The body of the main head of each triceps extended downward toward the ground and was, itself, the shape of an American football but at over twice the size. The smaller front head, was another football. Each visible head was looped with bundles of striations leading clearly from the outer end of each section of triceps to the deep cut valley in between them. The "horseshoe" was, deep dark and hollow as the meat of each of the heads extended out so far as to create a valley large enough to be named.

Even in their extended position, the biceps showed that they were a mighty match to be paired with the monster triceps. They extended full and rich from the same shoulder notch they fought to share with the leading edges of the tri's to the dimple at the top of the elbow. It was as if someone had taken and cut a watermelon in half than inverted the two halves and shoved them under the skin on top of each of the upper arms. The ridges and valleys of the various muscle strands formed the pattern of the light and dark lines on the tan watermelons. As with the shoulder and neck muscles, all this was seemingly secured together under the skin by the pulsing veins, some of which were over " thick themselves.

Apparently, Mike had not heard the two men come into the room because he kept working through this last set of incline flies. Even though he had set the bench at about a 30 degree angle from horizontal, the two onlookers were astonished as the massive mounds of pec muscles bunched up higher and higher as Mike worked to bring his fists together. Given the sheer volume of muscle within each pectoral and competing bicep, it was no surprise that this was an impossible challenge. Still, Mike groaned loudly as he forced muscle against muscle and muscles against weights in his endeavor to have his hands touch at the top.

The vision of this movement was unforgettably exciting to the visitors. In any other situation, both would have secured raging hard cocks right then and there as the muscles of the pecs and biceps both loomed ever thicker and grew visibly harder. The pec meat in each man-tit rose above the face as viewed from above and continued higher and higher until they stood up in perfect half globes with more the 3" of meat visible beyond Mike's forehead at the center of each mass. The biceps filled all the space to each side of the pecs and forced dimples into the sides of each globe as the hands fought harder and harder to get closer.

Finally, at about 8" or 9" apart, the hands gave up to the solid resistance of the iron tight chest and would move no closer. Mike held his hands rigidly in place and forcefully tensed his pec muscles even harder. The veins on them writhed as they sent reflections of hard light in different directions as they moved and pumped simultaneously. Each and every fiber of muscle turned to steel wire visible individually under the tan-red toning of the paper serving as skin.

As the arms had moved up, the lats began to appear from beneath the shoulders and triceps. They spread out to be as wide as the shoulder caps from end to end and they moved out even further extending to be almost even with the widest bulge of each of the triceps. The belly of the meat in each lat had to have been almost a whole foot thick from top to bottom as it came more and more into view. Each lat swept away from them disappearing under it's own volume of raw meat as they dove back toward the invisible midsection. From their vantage point, Dan and Rick could see the feet firmly planted on the floor and the ankles moving up to what must, indeed be a gloriously muscled pair of calves. Regardless of how big they must be on their own account, the massiveness of the lats hid them completely.

Only the tops of what promised to be equally huge upper leg muscles peered over the bulk of the visible torso. Then there was the cock. The mighty, mighty cock! The head and about 6" of the shaft was still clear and in focus projecting high and proud above the contracted balls of the solid pecs. What was visible fit nicely, but barely, within the sight-lines defined by the hands and forearms. The head was a full 5" across at its base. The shaft started at 4" wide immediately below the crown and promised greater thickness as it grew toward the invisible stomach muscles. It glowed pinkish-tan and reflected hard and chiseled. Ropes of veins pumped like those in the upper arms. The head moved toward them ever so slightly as it, apparently, responded happily to the pressure being applied to the chest muscles.

After a what seemed like and eternity of clenching, Mike slowly began lowering the cables with his arms doing a fully controlled negative movement in the process. The result was that, while the pecs began to stretch out, not one single fiber in either meat monster vanished into the overall mass in the process. Each sinuous piece of muscle showed that it had every intention of finishing the job of controlling the heavy, heavy weight even if it had to do it alone. With a groan of relief and exhaustion, Mike finally let the weights connect with the plate at the bottom of each cable machine. It was only then that Dan and Rick noticed that Mike had been working with the entire stack on each side.

"We're sorry to interrupt, Mike." Dan said as calmly as possible.

Mike's gigantic muscles shivered vividly at the surprise of the unseen voice. With as much mass as he was carrying, the vibration looked like a virtual muscle-quake as each muscle was so dense they sent shock waves throughout the extraordinary mass.

"Don't get up," continued Dan, "We just wanted to let you know that we think it would be important to talk with you after your work out. Sorry to interrupt, we'll see you in the Dining Room about 10."

Without waiting for a response, both men turned and went back out the door. As Mike started to get up, he heard the door to the gym swing shut. Still exhausted from the last set, he fell back onto the bench with a loud "whoosh" as the air escaped from under his massiveness as it hit the bench pad.

"God, that was strange," he thought to himself. "I wonder what could be so important."

Dan sounded so sincere and serious and since they had all agreed that contact avoidance was essential, this must be something special. Mike decided that it would be best for him to go. He laid there trying to catch his breath before he moved to get a towel to dry off a bit.

When Mike walked into the Dining Room just after 10 AM, he knew immediately what the drill was. Both men waiting for him carried extremely large musculature but neither sported the ever-present hard-on. They were both creations to marvel at. Dan was full, thick and solid. So was Rick, but, God, he looked beautiful - even with that completely soft cock draping down almost to his knees. Clearly, in some fashion, they had been moved to the point of no return. That could only mean that he, Mike, was left in the contest. The truth of this hit him like a ton of bricks.

HE was the victor!

Dan and Rick confirmed Mike's observation. That is why they had wanted to see him. They went on to explain how it had been their choice to pull out of the program out of a need and love for each other. Mike was deeply touched and could only wish to find someone to share this deep abiding mutual compassion with some day. He told them as much after they had shared their story.

As they went through a brief overview of what had transpired between them the night before, Dan and Rick both had to work to restrain themselves from being overwhelmed by the vision before them. Now, here in the dining room, they had the chance to see the remaining parts of the mountain of a man who stood before them.

His upper body was as astounding from the front as it had been from above - maybe even more so. The legs, indeed, matched in scale and sheer massiveness to the torso. Mike's legs swung in a wide circular arc as he moved to place one foot in front of the other around the quad muscles as he walked forward. The thighs were as big around as a champion middle-weight bodybuilder's chest and as deeply cut and striated, too. Cord after cord of muscle fiber moved further and further out from the top of each leg as the several visible individual muscle masses gathered and clumped together forming deep, deep channels where they joined. The kneecaps were overshadowed by the protruding cliffs of meat hanging precariously over them. The ever-present veins formed more than a half circle of skin as they wound in and between the volumes of hard dense flesh below them.

Calf muscles showed row after row of coiled definition as they bulged from the less than 4" wide knee joints to their 9" overall width at their widest point. The columns of vertical muscle fiber dove quickly back to the ankle that could only be about 3" across. How all this weight and strength could be being supported on these narrow rods was anyone's guess. The overall lower leg effect however was more like that of a graceful deer than grossly wrong. It all seemed so right.

The cock, indeed was all that they had witnessed and so much more. It stood directly and proudly forward and just a little bit up from the horizontal for it's full 21" length. The 5" wide crown partially shielded the leading end of the 4" wide pole. It widened slowly and gently to almost match the width of the crown at the root. This slow taper gave it the impression of carrying even more strength than it would have if it had just moved out straight and unchanging from the hard girdle of muscle at the abdomen. A longer large vein assigned to serve as the main thoroughfare for returning blood meandered along the top of the shaft just slightly to the left. Smaller vessels then ran off downward and around the steel tubing at various angles and intersected with the main blood cord in sharp dark shadows. The overall cock showed the same vital strength and density as the rest of the muscle that was this man. The smooth, melon-sized ball sacs each glowed reddish-tan and had their own network of servicing veins.

If Rick had been Adam in the Michaelangelo painting, then Mike was God, himself.

When they were done with their descriptive outline, Dan turned to the camera, presuming that their host had witnessed and heard all that had transpired. Then he asked a surprising question.

He and Rick wanted to know if there was some way they could get the antidote, but not until they had returned in size close to where they had started.

The bodiless voice laughed loud and hard.

"We can do that, my friends." It responded with humor still in it's voice. I will arrange for the antidote for all three of you to be delivered on the next boat trip. By then, the two of you will still be about 15% bigger than you were when you got here. Keep that extra muscle as my gift to the two of you. See, I am not the ogre that some of you had thought."

Both Rick and Dan thanked the voice. Since the boat wasn't do for two more days, they would enjoy these remaining time as the vacation they really needed - together.

"Now, Mike, you have a decision to make." The voice started again, changing it's focus.

"What kind of choice?" Mike asked curiously.

"Well. There is not boat for two more days. God knows you have come a long way and, as of right now, you would be the victor." It went on.

"What do you mean `as of right now'?" Mike challenged in a puzzled voice.

"If you stop taking any more doses now, you will level off in your growth by the end of the day. You may also choose to keep taking the dosage you have been getting or, in addition, you now qualify to take all 10 doses daily." The voice went on. "Again, before you decide, there are probably a few things I should tell you about."

"Sure, here we go again with the conditions." Shot Mike back to the camera.

"There are always consequences, Mike. Consequences to everything we do. Why would you think that this would be an exception? Be patient my muscle-bound friend and let me tell you about the ramifications of your options so that you can make the best decision for you.." It said with obvious wisdom.

"The choice you make" the voice continued "will determine whether you actually will win this challenge or if you might still loose everything."

Mike was all ears (and muscle). •

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