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Dear Journal,

Well, it's been 10 years since my last entry. A lot has happened. The world is a different place, and I'm not the little boy I was then, still in High School, experiencing miracles on a daily basis and wondering what would happen next.

No one is sure even now why things happened the way the did, or why I was the catalyst, or whether this was merely the next natural step in an evolutionary process or an anomaly, though I personally tend to favor the former just on egotism. However, I doubt that man evolved by plugging each other's butts over the millennia, but what do I know? I'm just a simple PhysStat superstar, the biggest man in the world and the object of more detailed scientific attention than probably anyone, ever.

My name is Kevin Peters. I am 25 years old. Several years ago, as I entered puberty, something happened to me physically that radically altered my body – much more so than any other young boy experiencing the blossoming of sexual awakening and the realization of his manhood. My overall growth was accelerated, my muscular development was off the chart, my sexual appetite was insatiable and it became apparent that I was able to pass on my increased physical and sexual capabilities via direct physical contact with other men.

Literally, I could fuck a guy bigger. Excuse the vulgarity, but time is short so I might as well get to the point.

At the same time, I was discovering my homosexual tendencies – luckily for everyone, sexuality is much less a definition today than it was then, and labels and `decisions' regarding one's desires and preferences disappeared as another side effect of what happened to me. However, I think it is safe to say that I tend to prefer men over women, sexually, and at that time in this country, that meant I was gay. As I said, labels have mostly been forgotten, which I'm sure makes everyone happier.

Or at least, more content. I'm sure the changes in religious teachings and the bent toward spirituality and away from physicality also played a large part, but that debate is for theologians and philosophers. I'm just a simple media celebrity.

Well, not that simple, if I may say so. Traveling the world has certainly opened my eyes to a great many new ideas and learning new languages and studying different cultures has, I hope, made me a better man than I ever hoped to be. The wealth isn't bad, of course, but I'd trade that all in before I gave up the things I've learned and the people I've met.

But, as I said, time is short. So, my story…

This is not the final chapter, of course, although this dialog with you ends one part of my life and starts another. My rather juvenile writings are being published and I was asked to author a denouement, if you will, to the past ten years as seen from my limited vantage point. I remember that I used to record my developing dimensions, taking perhaps more joy in certain developments than others. I have no excuse for that behavior, other than the usual youthful male zeal for all things penile. However, in order to help you understand what I look like, assuming you've never seen my vids or films or magazine shots:

Height: 9' 11" Weight: 760 lbs. Waist: 40 inches Chest: 109 inches Upper arm: 45 inches Thigh: 49 inches Penis: 22 inches (erect 28 inches)

My growth has slowed considerably over the past two years, although I am still gaining approximately two inches per year in height, and my workouts seem to continue to add muscular bulk without limit. Many other men around the world are approaching my dimensions, but as far as I know I remain the largest (and strongest) man on Earth.

The physical changes have slowly migrated everywhere on the planet. There seems to be no immunity, so to speak, to the process once the man has been exposed. Additionally, children are now being born showing the same accelerated development which seems to effect males much more strongly than females, although there are also what I suppose used to be called Amazons now, immensely tall women of incredible beauty and strength capable of coupling with the new model of the human male. Having been with more than a few of these women, I can attest that they are as perfectly and `normally' developed as I am, or any of the men I have been with.

I would estimate that I have made love with around 2,000 men in the last decade, and probably 200 women. As I said, I do have a definite preference. And I use the term not in irony but in fact. I loved each man and woman I was with, and we shared more than physical pleasure.

I cannot, of course, comment on others' published writings concerning heightened sensitivities and sensuality as a result of the process. I was never anything other than what I am, so my observations concerning the changes manifesting as a result of the process are bound to be lacking in insight.

Put simply, sex is fantastic. All areas of my body are sensitive to touch and my erections are as full, strong, ample and constant as ever. I could not help but notice that this obvious and unvarying physical attribute has changed how men dress and comport themselves in public. Much of the former shame and embarrassment concerning the male appendage have disappeared. It is as much a part of the exposed body as the face or arms used to be. Frankly, fashion had to adjust to the new dimensions immediately, but more for a sense of individuality than of indignity.

It is also common now to grasp another man's erection in public as a greeting. It is considered impolite not to swallow another man's seed if this greeting extends beyond a mere friendly stroke, although that does not tend to be a problem in my experience. The blow job has advanced to something of a way of life, and it's a regular site to see men and women engaged in fellatio on streets, in bars, in malls and nearly everywhere people congregate.

Erect pricks are bared proudly and as a sign of virility and beauty. Men may elect to wear cod pieces or pants with penis socks, but most adopt the "naked sword" as their daily wardrobe. Nudity, in fact, is often the preferred method of `dress' in nearly all situations, although in the occasional office or formal occasion, pants are still worn. Shirts are usually sleeveless, of course, or made of stretchy material that accentuates and compliments the man's muscled contours.

Sexual encounters take place easily and without ramifications. There is certainly always an emotional as well as physical connection, but partnering continues to be as popular as ever. I see Paul on occasion and we remain good friends, but not uncommonly our love for each other dimmed as we grew out of our youth and found others to fill that gap. I am now with a man I love very much, Raul, and we have been together for two years. He was already changed when we met in Rio during Carnaval. Although he is undeniably the most beautiful man I have ever seen or met, it is his soul and heart that make me love him.

What else can I tell you that you do not already know? My life has been recorded in detail in any number of biographies. I regularly appear on digivid and film giving interviews or demonstrations. I created a series of vids designed to ease newly processed men into their new lives, showing them the possibilities of their improved bodies and helping them understand that the love and worship of one's own body and others' is natural, beautiful, pleasurable and accepted. My digivid series, `The Good Freak,' is available on disc and shown on some globonet channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can observe my continuing development on that series, which I filmed over the course of five years.

Personally, I gave up clothing years ago. I tend to stay in climates allowing me that luxury and the world is built such that clothing is rather unnecessary under most common circumstances. I am open to sexual encounters at any time with anyone, as is almost anyone I see in any city I visit. Perhaps it is just my physical appearance that causes these sudden and welcome partnerships, often with multiple muscle buddies, but I note that I am not the only man on the street enjoying the attentions of others in an open, healthy, exuberant sexual fashion.

And it only becomes more accepted and prevalent each passing day.

The elimination of sexually transmitted disease as a result of the process has, of course, only accelerated its spread, but it also allows me or any other processed man or woman to engage others without fear or precautions. The abandonment of mores concerning correct and incorrect methods of physical contact and sexual enjoyment have transformed society into one of complete acceptance. The word tolerance is rarely used anymore – there is nothing to tolerate when you accept.

I must run, dear reader, but in parting let me say this: I hope we meet one day, you and I, and fuck each other into paradise. I will lift you into my muscled embrace and kiss your mouth hard and deep and full. We shall explore each other's bodies and souls, delving deeply into the bottomless well of sexual pleasure that you and I can drown in. You will feel me inside you, and I will fell you inside me. Together we will find unbounded joy, power, strength and wonder in the ultimate fulfillment of physical pleasure. We will embrace in love and lust and desire, joining together for moments or hours of perfect and beautiful sexual release.

I love you, Kevin -- The Good Freak

The End •

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