Ten Big Indians

Boys Will Be Men


By John

Are you sure you're ready to see who survives the next muscle test? Three are still up for the game. Can they survive ... and at what cost?

Already the morning of day 11. Dan could hardly believe he had made it this far. Several bigger and younger men had not been able to endure the pressures and pleasures of this program. Yet, here he was, still in the race and looking years younger than his 42 year old body. Not to mention the 390 pounds of muscle it now supported. Shit, he had gained an astounding 180 pounds of solid, youthful, defined muscle in just a little over 1 ½ weeks. In the years of training before he found himself "invited" into this program, he had only managed what he had though was an outstanding gain of 50 pounds from his 160 pound college graduation weight.

Spike had been fortunate enough to catch the boat the other afternoon just in time. The voice had assured the remaining contestants that he would probably be able to come out slightly ahead overall since he would be getting the antidote so quickly after his fateful self- induced encounter with the cock-weight. They were sure that Spike would be happy with this knowledge. They had wished him well and hoped to catch up to him upon their completion of the program. It sure had been an amazing cock and they were going to miss it, and him.

Dan and Rick had agreed not to try to see each other at all for the time being. After all, they were both pursuing the same goal and it was just the two of them and Mike now. Rick had admitted his growing inhibitions for pure animal lust with Dan now that they were both these supreme muscle giants. Dan told Rick that he had moved in Dan's mind from absolutely beautiful to unbearably stunning. With these revelations, they were forced to accept the need to be completely apart before one of them caused the other to fail in his own pursuit. God knew that neither wanted to be the one to be thought of as the cause for failure on the part of the other.

At 5'-8", Dan looked absolutely monstrous at his weight today. His 68" chest dimension made it as big around as he was tall. The oversized lat muscles that were always semi-hard like (most of) the rest of his body forced his 27" arms to hang at a constant 30 degrees off of vertical as the triceps meat, dense as it was, couldn't displace the volume of space the sides of the back muscles needed to occupy. He loved to look at the astonishing arcing flair of the lats as he tried to raise his arms up behind his head. The mountain peaks of the biceps refused to permit him to put his hands behind his head anymore, so he had to reach over his head and grasp his hands together above it to see this affect anymore. Soon, even that might not be possible as his forearms would insist on their own growing demand for space from his still expanding biceps.

Still, this morning, he stood in front of the bathroom mirror, hands clasped tightly high over top of his head and he just stared at the half-moons of lat meat glued onto each side of his body. When he pulled tightly with each hand against the other, the lats flared even wider and sharper. I must be 3 ½' across he thought to himself. The meat of each side made a good 8" thick half circle as the skin rounded from front to back. The slabs were covered in smoothly over- stretched skin that gave the anatomically perfect muscle masses their tan color while red-blue veins throbbed in between the outer cover and the dense muscle. The top parts of the lats fought with the grossly large belly of the triceps and, together, they formed a deep dark line between the two distinct masses. The bottom of the curves of back muscle were almost horizontal as they crashed into and behind the crisp, sharp obliques at the bottom of the wingspan.

At this point, just above the waist, his body had magically swept down to be only about 17" across. This continued down and in along the tight sides to the smallest part of the waist where Dan could not have been more that 14" across - maybe less. After all, he only had a total waist dimension of 31" around. He loved the dark clear shadows of the eight rigidly separated ab muscles. They created the impression of a stomach that would be impenetrable to any fist that would be so stupid as to even dare to think of attacking it. Of course, launching an attack first meant getting by the 14 ½" steel pipe that protruded straight out just below the abs.

His cock was twice the length of what it had been when they started and had eight times the volume. The thick pole was wrapped in bands of veins like a butcher would wrap a large roast in cord. Dan watched as the veins visibly pumped with the beat of his heart. The man- muscle lifted it's steel hardness a little up and down with each nutrient feeding throb. The head stood out dark, hard and ready to unload the contents when the challenge was finally ended. It showed it's large vertical slit of a smile as it taunted Dan to let it make it's delivery of enhanced, almost inhuman, amounts of cum.

The balls below bounced full and thick with the juice the slit wanted to dispense. They were biding their time until the inevitable moment arrived. The load inside the sacs was heavy, even for this huge muscleman to carry. The weight of it on the sensuously stimulated mind being more than the considerable physical weight inside the coconut hard balloons.

Dan brought his gaze back to the lats and on to the arms still perched in a grasp over his head. He twisted slightly at the waist. First one way then the other. The volumes of the upper arms were full and round, not thin and vertical, when viewed from the side. The hard bicep mass was wider even than the hugeness of the forearms. This in spite of the fact that their masses were pushing hard against each other causing the forearm muscle to broaden itself as it flared out wider to each side. As he pulled with both mighty hands, the biceps sprung into action and achieved a hardness that could be felt clear through the muscle. They throbbed densely as they forced the fighting forearm muscles wider and flatter. The veins in these monsters thickened and curled themselves around under the skin to find new places to go as the meat insisted on more area.

While all this was going on, the triceps stayed full and defined creating their own huge crescent moons under each arm. Striation after striation swept around the massive, individual heads moving thickly yet gracefully in larger bundles from elbow to lats. It was as if someone had taken rods of steel, coiled them into a tight springs, compressed them and inserted them under his skin at the back and underside of Dan's upper arms.

Time to go for a cold, cold shower and a long, long run followed by another cold shower thought Dan as he fought to regain his senses. It was all such marvelous muscle. It was all his…and he wanted to keep it that way.

Rick was a full 100 pounds lighter than Mike. But at 420 of the most beautiful pounds of muscle ever applied to a living being he had moved from being a figure in a Renaissance painting to assuming the position of the new Adam in the center panel of the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Surely, God, himself, had reached out and created this astounding creature.

Workouts for Rick started late in the morning and ran until lunch. He worked hard, fast and without taking breaks. He had to. Every time he paused, it only permitted his mind and eyes to move into the vision in the mirror. Yes, he still loved Dan deeply, and always would. Now, however, he had come to learn how much he loved himself - or at least this super-muscular self. Even without permitting himself to look in the mirrors, it was still impossible for him not to know just how gorgeous he was.

When he did cable curls, he could see the balls and strands of bicep muscle form into huge, intersecting melons. He could see the veins writhing around the dense hard muscle. He could feel the strength within these steel balls as they moved almost 200 pounds of metal up and down rhythmically with each rep.

He had actually held a 25 pound weight locked in place in the tensed cleft of muscles between his pecks. The thickest part of the meat extended past the center hole of the large weight plate. The mounds of pec muscle were so thick and dense that, even fully stretched in flat bench flies, they still stood up a full two inches past the breastplate. Striations were everywhere in his man-tits. They were no longer pecs; they were no longer muscular man-tits; they were objects of pure male sexual strength and desire. Indeed, they were as powerful as they were beautiful.

Using a pair of modified cable machines he had pushed near each other, Rick could press close to 350 pounds with each of these quivering, pulsating globes. He liked to watch the fibers shake and vibrate as he forced them to deal with resistance that mere mortals wouldn't dream of trying. As they vibrated in their struggle to win the challenge against gravity, his pecs would ripple and quiver sending feelings of immense pleasure down into his groin. He would stop when he felt the load in his balls begin to churn in heated response. So far, he had been successful in quitting in time.

No fat existed on Rick's body at all, yet his gigantic muscles still flowed with unimagined grace from one sharp giant to the next. He could not even see his tight, small waist at all anymore and refused to look in the mirror to see what he knew would still be less than 30" around. He could tell this just by the feel of his hand on his hips. The feel felt to be about the same size as always. The only difference being that the hips were as hard as the rest of his body.

He knew his cock was a wonder among wonders, but, thanks to his many other enormous muscles, he could avoid the view of most of it most of the time. When he saw the head, it was enough to make him swoon over himself. It was absolutely perfectly formed and fitted onto the huge shaft of meat that extended from below it. The cap must have been 4" across and 3" long on the top. Because his cock still had that rigid gentle curve upward in it's constantly hard state, he could clearly see the half-inch long piss slit and the cleft that defined the bottom of the great helmet. Rick dared not to touch any of this inviting monument. Every now and again, because of it's sheer size, he would feel it bump into something - a post, a weight, a door frame, etc. When this happened, the experience was one more of increased sensual arousal than pain.

Mike was impressed with his own amazing levels of self control. His desire to win, the vision of being the most amazing muscle-god on the planet was still able to keep some hold over and above his desire for raw sexual satisfaction. This 525 pound body deserved to be adored! Others would come to know and respect this fact once he and his body made it's triumphant return to the mainland. As Mike thought of it. if the world were smart, it would be preparing itself for his coming now. It would be a new world order of bodybuilding and he would be it's leader!

Fortunately, the height that been his nemesis for so many years was now his greatest asset. Because of it, the extraordinary amount of muscle he was carrying, while astonishingly huge, did not seem out of place. Yes, it was, or had been, an unimaginable amount of pure, dense meat to be applied onto the bone structure of one individual human being, but, somehow it still worked. Seventy-three inches of prime beef sat proudly on his 30" muscularly ridged waist. Forty inch thighs and all that body weight were carried on top of his 26" calf muscles. His upper arms now stretched the tape at 33". He could easily touch the top of his flexed biceps with his thumbs while his hands maintained tight, density-enhancing fists.

Mike still loved the feel of his cock and found that, within reason (if that thought process still existed) he could enjoy limited fondling of his scepter of manhood. It was just ½" short of the magic of being 20" long. He figured that his cock alone must weigh in at close to 25 pounds. Yet, from the way it just stood straight out there in it's constant state of steel hardness, you would think that it simply defied gravity. His balls, however, still hung down round and filled. Mike had given up on estimating the amount of cum they contained any more. One thing for sure, it was way more than enough!

When completely focused, Mike found that he could actually use his cock in his workout. He would place his slightly bent arms on top near the end and then just push. After 3 or 4 "reps" the resistance of his meat to move downward would cause the always visible striations and mounding of his triceps to visibly sharpen. The pump was great. Then, as with Rick, once he began to feel the stirring of the vast amount of cream inside his balls, he would have to stop out of fear that it would burst down his shaft and end his quest for the glory that was going to be his.

At their request, Mel now delivered dinner to each of their rooms so that they would not be visually or sexually stimulated any more than necessary by the magnificent sights of each other's body. The host didn't seem to mind and had laughed long and deep at them over this. He seemed to know better than they the futility of this attempt. He reminded them that only one person could win and that there was really nothing they could do to stop it. Dan and Rick tried to remember the verses of the poem that they had seen that first day to see if it offered them any clues, but neither of them could remember it well enough to be of much help.

That afternoon, Rick returned from his workout and went in to the bathroom to towel the sweat off of his body. Not long after he had gone in, the other door opened only for Dan to stop in startled amazement at the sight of Rick.

"I'm sorry." Cried Rick. "I forgot to lock the door! I'm just not used to having to lock door between us."

"Yea, OK" Dan responded sharply, unable to take his eyes off of the astonishing body in front of him.

He started to pull the door shut as quickly as he could. Even this momentary accidental sighting was overwhelming for him. Rick was way beyond beautiful. They hadn't seen each other in two days and the vision before him was more enhanced than ever. This was his lover! He wanted to have him! He had to shut the door, or else!

Rick threw a big meaty arm out and caught the door before it finished closing and swung it back open. The instant the arm grabbed the door, it locked into densely defined musculature unlike anything Dan had ever envisioned possible. Dan's mind whirled faint as he saw this display of muscular form fill his up-close field of vision. So much obvious strength. So much size. So much physical beauty. And all of it in and on one indescribable man.

"Please. Just a moment or two." Pleaded Rick. "I love you! I miss you! I just want you to know that.

He moved his hand from the door and gently reached for Dan's.

The touch was almost too much to handle. Dan yanked his own hand back.

"I know. I do, too, …but we can't. We just can't." Dan said resignedly and quickly grabbed the knob and pull the door shut.

Rick turned the lock with a resounding "click". He stood there, facing the door longingly. He began to question himself on whether he had not locked that door on purpose. He knew he had not left it unlocked consciously, but, he had to admit, he hoped that Dan just might do exactly what had just happened. Except, of course, in his vision of the encounter, the ending would have been much different.

Here they were, pursuing their own personal, individual dreams of becoming the most gifted musclemen in the world. Rick wondered as he stood there in the bathroom if they had been told a week and a half ago that they would have to end up giving up each other as part of this, would they have chosen to stay on the island?

He didn't have long to ponder this. He jumped as he heard the scream coming from Dan's room.

Rick threw the latch on the door and burst in. Damn the risk, his lover was in trouble!

Dan spun around at the sound of the door opening. A huge thick volley of cum hit Rick square in the chest. Then another and another. Rick stopped in shock.

He screamed.

"Dan, NO!"

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" was the only reply Dan could make at the moment as he was seized with the exhilaration of his sexual release.

"No, Dan!" repeated Rick as he moved forward to embrace his lover while the streams of cum kept pouring out onto his huge, hard body.

"It's OK. It's OK." Dan finally whispered out over his obvious weakness that was the result of this immense release. "I did it to myself."

"What? Why?" Rick moaned back.

"I love you. You are my life, my meaning. I wanted you and I want to help you win." Came the offered explanation.

Even now, Dan was still issuing strong shots of cum as his cock was beginning to loose it's previously ever-present rigidity.

"But what about your dream? What about your chance?" Rick cried back to his tiring lover.

"You are my dream!" Dan sighed. "Once I saw you, I realized that that is how it should have been all along. Forgive my selfishness up until now. Look at you. You are the muscle-god that deserves to be… I am here for and with you. I want you to win. I do love you so very much."

Dan virtually collapsed into Rick's strong waiting arms.

"Oh, I love you so very much, too." Rick whispered as he helped Dan onto the bed.

He stayed until Dan had drifted off into a seemingly restful sleep.

When Dan woke up, he saw that it was dark. The alarm clock told him it was only 9:30 PM. He felt strangely rested and calm. Reaching down, he felt his now soft cock. Still very large, but very soft. Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted, he thought. Rolling over, he was startled into full alertness by the shadow of a figure on the chair beside the bed. From the size of it, it could only have belonged to one of two people.

"I've been thinking." Rick said softly.

"About what?" Dan responded with equal softness.

"About us. About this contest. About yesterdays and tomorrows. About a lot of things." Answered Rick.

"And what about all these things?" Dan asked accepting the challenge of the verbal game.

Rick decided to skip all the volleying and began to stand up and move toward Dan.

"I want you to beat me off." He said matter-of-factly.

"Why?" Dan was caught off-guard.

"Because I love you, too." Came the retort.

"And I love you, but you are, …we are …so close to winning." Dan continued.

Dan reached over and turned the light on to it's first and lowest setting. His immediate astonishment was evident in his face.

"I want you to beat me off." Repeated Rick with a bit more force than the first time.

"I can't do that." Insisted Dan. "God, look at you, you're glorious beyond words. You have to win. You're…well…perfect!"

The body standing in front of him was, indeed the epitome of human masculine perfection. The soft light cast huge shadows that accented the subtle sensual beauty of the giantly muscled male animal standing there. Rick's body shown as if it were a lovingly morphed black and white image in a film noir picture. The thickest part of the bellies of his deeply etched muscles showed whitely against the depth defining blackness that described the valleys and recesses on this hand-sculpted, breathing angel. The tips of the agitated nipples shown like two stars of light peeking out of the sky of darkness that his pec cleavage created. His biceps each looked like moons hanging in the same dark surrounding sky. His triceps were like two comets on each side of the moons with their tails disappearing into the darkness below the shoulders. The shoulders, themselves were widely spaced planets that the moons and comets circled about.

Rick's face was starkly beautiful and the shadowy light only made his lips look fuller and more inviting. The waist was almost non- existent in this vision. The bumps of lined-up moonlets were clearly the domes of his ab muscles.

An then there was that cock! That marvelous, marvelous cock! Hard, rigid, curving and begging to be taken. It was 20" long now and, in this light, looked to be about 4" across. The perfect head stood out by itself in front of the shadow it's crown cast across the adjacent part of the shaft. Only the front of each of the balls was caught in the light but they were each smooth and round and promised to deliver huge, warm loads of semen.

Dan was overcome with raw emotion. He may not be able to get a physical hard-on, but that didn't stop his mind or his passions.

"I'm not perfect. I can never be perfect. Not without you, not without us." Rick said firmly. "Now, I want you to beat me off. I want you to make me perfect with you again."

"You will hate me later and I couldn't live with that." Dan fought back.

"No! I will love you now and I will love you later. I LOVE YOU! I love the you, you were just as you loved the me I was before all this began. Let's go back to that." Rick continued. "The only one I ever need to be impressed by is you, Dan. And no matter how you look, you will always be you and it's you that I love. I only hope and pray that you love the real me just as much."

"Are you Sure?" Dan insisted on asking.

"Yes! Absolutely sure!" Rick insisted with finality. "Now, beat me off and make us whole again."

With that he stepped right up to the edge of the bed. His mighty cock and balls loomed above Dan awaiting his responsive action.

Dan slowly raised one hand and placed it on the top of the base of the shaft. He applied pressure intended to bring Rick down onto the bed. Instead, he found the rod so strong and hard that he was lifting himself up off the bed to meet it. Getting his knees under him, Dan pulled himself up so that his own still huge chest rubbed against the underside of the hot, pulsing monster. He wrapped the huge beefy arm around the pole and pulled it and him together so that it was enveloped in the meat of his pec and arm muscles. Dan positioned the giant curving rod between the mounds of his pecs and forced the cock to slip into the center crevasse while locking the top of the shaft in between his bicep and forearm. He reached down with the other hand and wrapped his fingers as best as he could around one of the solid ball sacs.

As he started rocking his upper body on the bed, causing his pecs and arm to run up and down on the stiff dick meat, he began kneading fingers into the ball sac in his lower hand. The friction created by the rubbing muscles was exactly what Rick had hoped for. It felt wonderful. Rick groaned in delight.

The massaging hand met stiff resistance at first, but as the liquid contents heated up, it became more pliable. Dan moved his hand from sac to sac and back again. Soon, he felt the hard nuts start to stir around within as if they were two large beads inside of a can of spray paint whose job it was to stir all the liquids inside together. Rick moaned more loudly.

Dan placed his cheek against the head of Rick's cock as he continued the full-body massage on the solid stem below. The light scratching of his whiskers against this extremely sensitive part of Rick's organ was all that was needed to complete the tumble into the uncontrollable passion.

It only took another moment before Rick started to erupt. Dan felt it as the balls rumbled into action. The shaft took on renewed hardness for an instant as it became an amazingly forceful pump. It was a good thing that Dan resisted his temptation to place his mouth over the end of Rick's magnificent organ. The first shot of cum rose hard and fast and hit the ceiling with enough force to be heard. The second volley was no less forceful. Then it just began gushing out in a non-stop shower. As it fell on Dan's face, he lapped up whatever he could catch.

Yes, it had been too long. Too long for both of them. Now they did not need to wait for anything - other than the ability to get a hard- on again. But, at least they had their love back.

They fell asleep together that night. •

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