Muscle Blond and the Muscle Gang


By Muscl4life

Hey guys! while Josh and Bryan work out, I present you the latest version of anoter classic fairy tale, this time "muscl4life" will tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but since it is a "fairy" tale of MUSCLE!

“HERE I AM DANNY! He approached towering me for over two feet and more in width, he smelled so strongly, his essence was manhood made into sweat. Both Hank and Marcus stood back as he approached me and kneeled in front of me and yet I had to look UP to talk looking at his face:

“ALL THE TIME I WAS HERE, BUT I ASKED HANK AND MARCUS NOT TO TELL ABOUT ME, WE DIDN'T WANT TO SCARE YOU! He was so calm, so relaxed, and I realized why. Nothing could hurt him, he was POWER in it's ultimate form! True power must feel like this and strangely he passed this confidence to me, I wasn't afraid of them, like I was the first time I saw Marcus or Hank, with him it felt different!

“You're the Panther? I asked shy. How come a freaking monster of muscle like him could be so handsome, more than handsome he was beautiful, he was pretty! His body was well over eight feet and a half tall and he must be almost as wide! His chest seemed so gigantic, it just spurted out of his body, his shoulders had to be seven feet across, and his deltoids jumped out like two titanic diamonds! His arms were just INCREDIBLE, and they looked longer and even more ripped than his obscenely huge muscles, his legs, pillars of true muscle power, struggling for space, and his stomach jutted enormous packs of abs to go along with it's hardness!

The waist seemed so narrow and it only intensified the proportions of his mega muscled body.

His beauty was something between ecstasy and bliss – Black as the might Panther, his eyes were honey brown, his skin was smooth without one single hair all over those impressive muscles, his neck looked thicker than Marcus thighs, but what almost lead me into tears was his face. It was square and firm, but also showed serenity. His noise was thick and the nostrils were enormous, but it needed to go along with his enormous muscles, he was completely bald, and his head shone with the sweat. He noticed that I stopped on his crotch area, he only wore a white leather thong, which barely hide the immensity of his member, it could barely cover the ball sac! I knew his cock was much bigger than Snake's! Then, he smiled and engulfed me in his gargantuan arms soaking me in his sweat. It was the last drop, I couldn't think about anything else, the moment I felt his skin I came all over him I was naked for heaven's sake, when the cock of mine spurted it hit him all over his arms and part of his chest! His skin felt like steel statue covered in hot velvet! He was totally smooth from head to toe, but his skin felt soft like the most expensive of mink coats! His essence over me, his odor of manhood soaking myself was absolutely out of control, the orgasm build within the seconds and lasted longer than I ever imagined…

“IT'S OK, LITTLE MAN! I KNEW YOU WOULD COME ON ME, THEY DID THE EXACT SAME THING ! Panther spread my jism over him and it made his skin even more deliciously wet. Rubbing his muscles was other thing I've never seen, it was like caressing a rock, a hot rock hard and powerful, but so veined, I mean POWER CABLED! Veins I thought there even exist, and his skin was so thin I swear I could see his muscular tissue underneath! Panther stood UP! He let me still dripping cum and went towards Marcus and Hank. I've never thought they could look "little" but they did, when Panther stood between them it was like comparing the sun with Jupiter Saturn – just couldn't be done! I saw two huge muscle freaks, but ONE MOUNTAIN between them! He smiled an just reached under their buts, they were as lost as mine, he LIFTED both of them, one in each arm and cradled my muscle giants like a father does to his kids. He barely lifted them and they both came just like I had done so little ago. Incredible, they kept soaking him with their cum, Marcus was so little he kept pumping his cock near Panther's nipples while Hank "fucked" his hairless pits. Panther laughed:

“IT'S OK GUYS! YOU'RE SO FUCKING HUGE YOURSELVES, BUT I LOVE WHEN YOU CUM ON ME! GIVE ME THE LOADS COME ON SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT! Finally, they stopped cumming and Panther lowered them back on the floor:

“YA SEE? IT'S PRETTY FUCKING NORMAL, BUT I LOVE WHEN YOU GUYS DO IT! Panther said smiling. – We just can't avoid! Marcus said still recovering himself and helping Hank to recover form their orgasm. Before I could ask anything Panther started:

“DON'T WORRY I'LL LET YOU IN THE WHOLE STORY! He paused and proceeded in a much lower tone – First of all, that "Bear", "Snake" and "Panther" thing are all but crap! Hank invented those things, because he's a fucking talented artist! And we can't deny it's hot playing the roles he choose for each one! My name is Aaron Baxter! He just touched my hand, after I came all over him, I think he wanted me to feel more secure around him first – I am doctor specialist in male health! I worked many years in the combat of the prostate cancer! He paused and sat on the pile of junk – with Marcus quickly jumping in his lap.

“As you may know, prostate cancer is a disease which only happens in men, and I think the main cause is the "Y" gene that only men carry in his cells, it contain the key to all male characters – height, fat distribution, body hair, and of course muscle size and male hormones like testosterone. I gotta confess that all this shit was greek to me, and Aaron realized it, but he insisted telling me it all.

“My work consisted in studying the behavior of the Y gene in those individuals who developed prostate cancer, and I found out, that even though cancer is a genetic condition and ignited by many factors such as the use of steroids, the cancer in most of the cases only appeared after a significant decrease of the molecular structure of the Y gene, it means that individuals who suffered from mass decrease on the Y gene, almost immediately developed prostate cancer. Aaron realized he had lost me and so he decided to be less scientific.

“Danny, I discovered that the reduction on the element which gives the male characters of the individual is a strong cause of the development of prostate cancer – I looked a little less lost – What would be the effects if we could "strengthen" the body of the Y gene? So, I developed a serum which "thickens" the body of this specific gene, making it absorb more elements on its structure allowing the gene from twice to 15 times its actual size!

“And that's how you are so huge? I asked kind of impatient. Aaron laughed, he knew I was more interested in results than explanations.

“Not yet, the results weren't perceptible, then came phase two – The genes were bigger but, the part which controlled male characters didn't change the level of it's work process. It took me quite time to study the chemical mechanisms of this process, but the most relevant discover was that specific electro magnetic waves, combined with low harmless radioactive emissions had the effect on those genes forcing them to work in symmetry with their augmented size and components.

“Great, but I don't see the connection! Aaron caressed Marcus and kept telling me his story…

“It all happened by accident! You see, I had lost my father and my uncle because of prostate cancer, I feared that it would be my fate, so I fought it even though I was health, I decided to test my experiment in myself, couldn't take the chance of hurting innocent men, that's why I started to take the treatment, the serum and mostly the sessions of many combinations of radio frequencies and radiations. One night, the whole equipment had melted down and I was exposed to a unique kind of radiation, And next morning I realized I had gained weight and my muscles seemed thicker, and also my hormonal levels were extreme high – and it only increased over the week, I had gained almost seventy pounds of hard muscle! I manage to isolate the exact combination of waves and radiation that hit me that night, and this is how I created the Manly Magnification System!

“You say that you created a machine capable of making our muscles grow without training?

“No, my invent is capable of augmenting the muscle tissue size and power as well, but training will only increase even more the results, that's why we keep that enormous gym at home! Aaron looked at me and laid his hands on my shoulders:

“You wanna know how BIG I became since then? The answer was obvious, and then my show begun: Aaron stood up in his full glory:

“8'8" HIGH! I MAKE O' NEAL LOOK SHORTY! He laughed and then hit THE MOST MUSCULAR POSE: FUCKING HUGE 873 POUNDS OF HARD ROCK BLACK MUSCLE! I was so hard i shot another load right there and it him in his legs, which he rubbed my cum all over – 77 INCHES OF MUSCLE LEGS!– AARON laughed out as he caressed the deepest cleave of his chest – 92 INCHES AROUND! GONNA MAKE THIS BABY BREAK THE 100 INCHES MARK REALLY SOON!!! He stepped closer me and BOOM! He flexed his enormous guns with all his might – 85 INCHES OF BICEPS, MY GARGANTUAN GUNS ARE BIGGER THAN HANK'S PATHETIC SPAGHETTI ARMS! Then, he ripped the leather thong and the cock! Awoke! It was huge, much longer than snake's – probably as thick as it was long:

“ 39 LONG INCHES OF MAN'S MEAT – YOU THINK YOU'RE READY FOR THE PANTHER LITTLE MAN? He grabbed me again and nested me on his chest, then he kissed me and said very gently on my ear:

“And we can bring you to our team – If that's what you really want! The three of them looked at me with big puppy desiring eyes, I felt the sexiest man on earth!

“You're kidding right? OF COURSE I WANT IT! I'd give anything to be like you! He lowered me back on the ground and proceeded:

“That's why we asked you – Once you've been inducted you'll need to keep growing in muscle size! Your anabolic process won't stop, and will only increase over the time, it means that your size and weight will always be increasing, as long with your power and the need for more muscles, you'll have to take another sections of induction to keep your needs of muscle! I started this one year ago, and each 21 days, we have to take another dose of the growth waves! That explain the difference between us, Marcus only had two doses and Hank only started after I was over 400 pounds! You see? WE HAVE TO GROW MORE! And your libido will go through the roof, as you've may already noticed! The sex you've done with Marcus and Hank was just their "warm up" – They went down in my lab and fucked with me over fifteen times in just 24 hours…

“But Danny, it feels so FUCKING GOOD! Marcus exclaimed already feeling the hardness of Hank's snake poking his hole… I looked to Aaron, nothing cared more than this chance he was offering me:

“I'm yours! Make me HUGE! I opened my arms and he lifted me with no effort and kissed me hard:

“Don't worry, I'll make you ENORMOUS! He caressed me and I felt his RAGING COCK poking my butt:

“You'd better run! Cause I'll only let you stick that pole on me AFTER I've attained Marcus size – At least! Aaron just nodded and carried me inside of the hangar. That strange laboratory was really equipped! Aaron ran a couple of exams on me, before he started taking my measures : 6'3 high, 197 pounds, 42 inches chest, 17 inches guns, 24 inches legs and a good 7 inches cock!

“Since you'll be starting the process, I believed we could try the new version of my serum! He looked at me and noticed the excitement – It is ten times more concentrated, which means, that it'll react to the growth waves one hundred times faster! So, you'll be able to grow more muscle mass in just one dose than we could in many ones!

“You mean I can get bigger than Marcus or Hank – or even you? He smiled

“Don't get cocky! I'm saying that your dose will be outstanding but we don't know how it will react on you! Although the genes have the same composition they have different answers to the same stimulation. Little Bear developed this amazing fur over his muscles and Hank's cock got bigger than mine –When I was his size…And on me, well let's just say that I didn't keep the same human proportions! My fucking arms are bigger than my legs! My muscular mass is in fact 85 deeper than Hank's which makes me almost two times stronger than him! That's why I think your dose will be fantastic! He handed me a beaker with the transparent fluid inside. I gulped it down, it had this sour taste, like vinegar, than he looked at me:

“You trust me? He asked – Of course! You know that I do! He filled the beaker once more:

“If that works, Hank, Marcus and I will join you in your power trip! But, just for once…

“You wanted to be fucked by a BIGGER man! Alright Panther, Ill take care of this ass of yours! Let's go WILD! He smiled and went behind the machine. The Manly Magnifying Machine –or M3 like Aaron used to call looked just like that sci-fi machines, big, futuristic and with a huge pointer that made any one fear. Two really huge walls of metallic plates stood at my sides and big appliances seeming big lamps were allocated in different positions and all kinds of shapes. They were about eight feet apart. Marcus and Hank were at Hanks' sides, and Marcus had two thumbs up for me, while Hank just nodded his approval and his barely could hide his "appreciation" by sprouting a huge erection. Aaron started turning the machine on, and my stomach felt like full of butterflies:

“Danny, you may feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning! It's normal! Just relax as the process take over it'll get better, much better, trust me! He turned some switches and the walls begun buzzing:

“The growth waves came out of the generator hit your body and reflect over the walls, then it creates the energetic field which begun the process – As Aaron said those words I felt like being hit on the guts by a truck! My guts burned and my stomach got worse, then I saw something incredible – my whole body seemed a blur, it was like it vibrating at high frequency. Just for two seconds, but it scared the hell of me:

“Don't worry, it'll come down – Marcus shouted at me, but I couldn't pay attention to him. Then, as soon as it begun, the blur thing stopped, I could see myself again.

“Holly cow! Hank pointed at me, both Marcus and Aaron joined him! I was bubbling! Different parts of my body moved in rhythms and paces involuntarily! My arms felt they would fall apart, my chest would blow, my legs would just dismount and the rest was so fucking hurt! Then I realized why they were pointing, I was GROWING! My feet grew enormous, and they spread over the floor, making slip, along with them, my hands stretched and widened at such point, I could cover my face with one of them, my arms grew longer and longer, also did my legs, I was a freak! I looked like an ape! Talking about apes, I felt the MUSCLE building within. My chest got so big that I almost fell forward, so heavy and round, still they grew, and then my abdomen popped huge packs to support my ever growing chest. My shoulders start widening and I felt like being stretched to the max, my legs hurt as they ballooned and got longer, I felt myself growing taller, and taller, but not as WIDE! I should be the size of Marcus:

“ 6'10" 457 pounds – And still growing! Aaron said reading the screen of the M3! Fuck I was already much muscular than Marcus, and yet my whole body still ached and twisted, I saw my cock and it was almost touching my knees and my balls got so freaking huge, they looked like oranges. But my muscles keep growing faster than ever, I saw my biceps bulging and growing bigger than my head, the peaks unfolded and grew bigger and bigger, I touched and it felt so fucking cool!

“Santa Madre de Dios! Marcus exclaimed as he saw me so fucking HUGE! And then my other transformations started, my hair got much lighter and it grew longer and longer, my curly scalp was turning into a golden crown of silky long locks of the most beautiful hair there could ever be! My face got so square and my jaw so strong, it was the most male face on the world! My body got so fucking veined, it seemed I was sculpted in raw granite! Every muscle covered in the sexiest net of power cables veins! And absolutely hairless! The shine of the skin was obvious and it turned into a reddish shade, which only made more beautiful. I smiled at Marcus and he remained quiet, then I noticed my muscles were so HUGE, it was like I was too short for my width! And talking about that:

“7'5" 586 pounds! Fuck! You're gonna blow our size, Danny! Hank shouted at me! The feeling change into bliss, it was like the few seconds before you reach orgasm, everything seems to get quiet and you can only hear the sound of the last heart beat before the explosion of pleasure!

“Let's go for BROKE! Aaron said and turned the machine on 100% - We've never passed of 60% before! He smiled and I glanced at him, this black muscle monster – the most beautiful man I've ever seen was hard because of me! And I was about to catch him in size! And even… I felt the pressure on my crotch and saw my cock! ENORMOUS! It was totally hard still it was growing as I looked at it!

“7'8" 627 pounds! Hank exclaimed – You're almost my size Danny!

“No, Hank! When I get your size I'll fucking blow you out! And I laughed out loud feeling the overwhelming power building inside me! I flexed my guns and watched the rocks of muscle growing by the inches as I breath in and out , and speaking about that I looked at my chest and jutted out of my body for over one foot ! I was so thick, that you couldn't compare me with anyone, not even my former muscle giants!

“Guys! Look at THAT! Aaron pointed and their jaws dropped. The I looked at my cock, it was so fucking long it poked the base of my enormous chest and struggled to keep growing. I laughed and adjusted the anaconda between my cleavage and threw my head back such force and pleasure it gave me! My cock was so obscenely immense and thick that it was almost as muscular as my legs!

“No way! 8 ft. tall 743 pounds! You're amazing Danny! Aaron screamed and high-fived the other behemoths and I grinned – Watch out Panther – Danny is coming after your ass! I said provoking my onyx giant. Growing was such a fierce feeling I didn't even noticed that I was becoming so fucking wide and thick my weight had to increasing by the seconds, the sheer insanely size of my muscles was so intense I lost touch with the real world, I just closed my eyes and felt my whole internal pleasure of expanding my muscles and my power, to become each time stronger and stronger, to have all those three fucking huge musclemen worshipping me and desiring my muscles! I rubbed my hands against my enormous stats and my realized my cock was practically at my mouth, all I did was leaning a little bit forward and mouthed my own giant cock. After that moment, pleasure was too intense to describe!

“Aaron! He surpassed you! Hank said looking at the screen – 8'5" 882 pounds! No wait it's 8'7" 896 pounds! He's growing faster! Guys! Guys come take a look at that… Hank looked up and got silent. Both Marcus and Aaron had already noticed: I was so fucking HUGE, and my cock was so immense that I was able to suck on myself just standing, no need to take years of yoga classes! And as my growth got stronger I could no longer hear their cheers, all I cared was my cock on my mouth and my muscles growing!

“9'2" 1058 pounds! He's over one thousand pounds and still growing! Aaron watched in disbelief as the numbers on the screen got wild! I just felt myself almost cumming, then I let my cock go and FLEXED all my muscles! With the power I felt I exploded in volleys of Cum that covered all four of us, the machine beeped and squirted, then it seemed to turn off automatically:

“It ran out of power! Don't worry, just had to wait a few minutes and we can have our doses! Aaron tried to speak but Marcus and Hank couldn't hear them – They had BIGGER things on their sights. I walked out of the spot, walking was so great feeling, my legs struggled for space and my arms could not touch my lats! I stomped with a mean smile and looked at them. I walked towards Marcus and saw his fear, I just pretended I would hit him, and he covered his face, then I noticed he had cummed. I laughed! Hank was right behind him, I just reached him, holding him with just one hand and grabbing his tiny waist, and started curling him like he was a dumbbell, I did ten reps and he came on my chest, I tossed him and looked at my next victim, Panther. He was there! He didn't feared me, he was open armed, his mega huge cock totally hard as mine already was! I walked towards him, no fear, no hesitation, we know what we felt for each other, more than lust it was something deeper, LOVE for MUSCLE! For OUR MUSCLE! I got near him, towering my former onyx giant, I look down at him and grin:

“NOW! I commanded and he came, without touching himself, he just waited for my order saluted me with his juice! I grabbed him in my arms:

“THANK YOU! I KNEW I COULD TRUST YOU! YOU'VE MADE BOTH OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! I kissed Aaron hard as he deserved and cupped his butt, quickly I lifted him and impaled his tight mega muscled butt around my giant pole:

“AAAAARRRRGHHHHHH! Aaron screamed in ecstasy as I slid him down my cock, all the way to the base, I saw his eyes rolling on its orbits, then I give a few pumps and he came once more over me:


“How big I am? I asked casually to my impaled doctor. He twisted his head and tried to reach the controls, not wanting to let him go, I just reached along and he pushed the final results:

“ 9'6" TALL – I towered Panther for over a foot. 1269 POUNDS – Almost 400 pounds heavier than my beloved titanic doctor 146" CHEST – No wonder I am so WIDE! And with a 16 pack stomach and a 42 inches waist? 137" BICEPS – I knew it! They were BIGGER than my legs! COOL! 128" LEGS – Pillars of muscle! Pillars of POWER 98" CALVES – They had top be that big! estimated penis size: 47 inches long - I think it's even bigger, but I'll find out after, because I won't let Aaron go that easy of my cock! Marcus and Hank brought something covered in a white sheet:

“We do this every time someone is inducted! Hank said as he lifted sheet. It was a wall sized mirror, and I almost didn't fit on the thing! For the first time, I saw myself after the transformation : So tall, and so beautiful, so WIDE and so MUSCULAR! My hair so golden and long, the locks delicately arranged on the ends, I was pretty! But I was POWER, sheer power of muscle and size! I looked at me overpowering Aaron and him equally beautiful impaled on my cock! I saw him resting on my enormous chest, and understood that was meant to be! I watched myself so mega powered and could no long resist, just like the others the looks of mine was just too much to behold! I felt myself cumming, for the second time! The orgasm of my beauty and MUSCLE! I came inside of Aaron still impaled hole and he said in my ear:

“PUMA! You're the PUMA! I heard those words and accepted my fate, I became PUMA, the golden feline, powerful and most of all, symbol of beauty, I felt the fountain of cum subside, and soon my baptism of spunk was finished. I kissed Aaron and he felt my tears running down my face! I was so fucking happy, I found a man who fulfilled my needs even before his! He could have used this to grow even more huge! But he choose me first, and thanks to his choice I was now PUMA, and I would be his for ever:

“I LOVE YOU PANTHER! I said out loud as I gently get him out of my cock. He kept looking at me with smile in his mouth:


“Then, you two shall rest at the base of the totem! Snake said and handed me another beaker of the serum! I accepted it and gave to Aaron:

“You must reach my size, otherwise the totem may turn over! Aaron laughed and drank the liquid! Then he reached for a whole bottle of serum and tossed to Marcus and Hank:

“You two drink this, and try to get our size! Aaron smiled and before I noticed he had another bottle for us!

“Don't you think we'll get too huge? I asked as he brushed my hair :

“Do you really think, there's such thing as "too huge"? He asked and I smiled, then I drank the beaker of serum, he gave me four more, and I downed every one, he drank three, and then he made drink the whole serum , from our gallon and the others too!

“Why are you doing this? I will become too big to fuck you?

“I've been trying to realize this experiment, We'll all be exposed to the Growth waves together! I estimate that the growth will be enhanced thanks to the amount of reactors inside all of us, and so, the effects will be amplified at the proportions of the whole amount of inductors and not just regarding what each one had drunk! We expected to do it with an even number of people! And thanks to your size and muscle, we'll all grow A LOT! Aaron finished his share of serum, and prepared the machine…

“Can we fuck while we are growing – Marcus asked me leaning in my leg, and humping like a little dog…

“Well, if we couldn't then, we'll certainly can! I grabbed him and reached for Hank, holding each one with an arm, and they soon start kissing my neck and my cock- yes my cock now is too much big to them at lest until you guys grow a little more!

“Hey Aaron! Move your muscle ass here, my cock is hard for you! Aaron smiled and turned the machine on he jumped for another many rounds of muscle sex and power fuck!

I woke up feeling Hank's cock near my mouth, we must have slept right after I blew him, man his cock has really grown! And so has SNAKE! He was lying over me still in a 69 position. I felt his warm mouth around my still hard cock! Ever since I've been morphed, it never got soft! I woke Hank gently:

“Good morning Snake! And with a hip thrust I threw his head of, he woke up scared, then he smiled:

“Man! What a fuck we had last night! He hugged me and we both feel like we had grown. Hank was now 10'10" 978 pounds, and if you think he's huge, you haven't seen his cock! 52 inches long! It's a good thing we have slept on the floor, not even Aaron's bed could handle that much weight! We stood UP and admired our new size, Hank was now at the middle of my stomach, almost reaching my chest:

“I've never seen someone so huge like you!

“Did you take a look at you? Come on let's get something to eat! I smelled the delicious cooking of Little Bear – I mean HUGE BEAR, like he wants to be called now: who could deny it to him? At 11'8" and 1280 pounds, with two colossal 119 inches guns? And an absolutely black fur along his muscles, and a 47 inches cock? Man, he was so hot I could fuck him now! But my stomach demanded to be filled. I smiled at the sight of Marcus apron "KISS THE COOK" totally stretched and his hard cock all the way up and twisting as he cooked:

“Bear, watch that pole man! I don't wanna your cum along with my eggs! Not now! I sat down in Aaron's chair – fortunately he wasn't around, and I could barely seat on that tiny chair! My enormous muscle bubble butt got stuck!

“I gotta take care of the furniture! A whole new set – Could use some muscle to help me! He looked at me:

“Anytime! But if you keep fucking with me all the time, you'll never get the furniture:

“That's right Snake! You should get to work soon! Bear growled between chunks:

“Hey, you can be a little bigger than me, but I can kick your ass anytime! Hank pretended to be furious!

“Let's see! Bear ran and grabbed him and went upstairs. He was fucking love the feeling of not being the smallest guy on the house anymore, but Hank promised it wouldn't for too long! I vanished the rest of the food, belched loudly as I've never imagined possible and decided to play my role in the gang.

“PANTHER! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? I screamed as I walked around stomping and bumping on things on purpose – I looked for the BULK of my beloved on the laboratory, but he wasn't there. I screamed louder and went to the outside, but what I saw made me freeze. There he was, my Aaron, my Panther, my black muscle god! He was naked and I almost cried seeing all his MUSCLE in the light of morning sun. He was so calm and tranquil, his breath was controlled, and his gestures were pure dance, he was practicing Tai-chi and you haven't seen true poetry until you see a 13'9" tall 1456 pounds of black hard hot MUSCLE gently sliding through the air, his 130" bulging biceps flexing as he complete very complex movements with an incredible ease. I watched in awe as he finished the last movement and opened his eyes:

“You don't need to yell Puma, You know PANTHER is always here for you pleasure. He came to me and we hugged, I loved that position, his head touching my neck and his muscles squeezing mine. We kissed and I felt like the happiest man in the world. He looked at me:

“You're the most beautiful man in the universe! He was almost crying:

“After you Panther, after you! I carried him in my arms. I was the only one who could compete with him in size. And win. After our group growth I was now at impressive 15 feet tall, 2350 hulking pounds! I know all those extras doses would build me HUGE, but I never thought I would become so gargantuan. As I carried Aaron, my 187 inches biceps swelled and he moaned as he watched my figure.

“You are mine forever – I said as he squeezed the head of my 63 inches cock! That's right I have a 5 feet three inches long cock, with a whole two and a half feet wide, that Panther likes to ride like no one else!

“Bear and Snake are fucking once more! He'll never finish the furniture!

“That's OK! He'd better wait until tomorrow! Aaron smiled

“You mean? I squeezed his butt

“Another round of muscle fuck growth! This time We'll double the dose! Ready to grow more Puma?

“PUMA IS ALWAYS READY TO GROW! I carried him to the fuck his brains out! And we fucked and grew happily ever after. •

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