Muscle Blond and the Muscle Gang


By Muscl4life

Since when things got so fucking complicated? Name is Daniel Lassiter, by the way, I'd just turned 20 a couple of weeks ago, and decided it was time for me to hit the road.

You know, life hasn't been any easy on me, ever since my dad walked on mom and I when twelve years ago, she started dating that bastard and he sucked her money, her youth and her beauty. We used to fight all the time, everyday and he used to beat me every time, but the last year I was beginning to stand for myself and even hitting him pretty bad, it was then my mom got worried, she said Chuck was a dangerous violent man, and he could kill me if I continued to live there. Of course I didn't buy that story, but then I realized she'd rather stay with him! Mom couldn't stand being left another time, so she gave me a few money and asked me to get my life on the track. But how? I've quit high School when I was 15 and started working on Chuck's mechanical shop , he fired me when he started to get beaten, the only thing I had for my own was my old car, which was older than me. So that was the story of my life. Here was I, no house, no job, with just 1000 dollars which I kept in a paper bag under my seat. People always said I was good looking and should get jobs like modeling or even acting. I guess they were right, I was pretty hot even living like shit; 6'3" tall 195 pounds, I'm very lean and cut, my body is just at the top of the media ideal male body, buffed, muscular, defined but nothing like any bodybuilder. Smooth tanned skin with just a light fuzz on the love trail. My eyes are golden brown and I have full lips covering my white teeth. But I had much proud of my hair too, It was golden and full, curly golden locks filled my head with even lighter ends. I liked to really liked to take of it, shampoos, moose, rinse, all that crap I'd spent the few bucks I used to get from my underpaying job. Chuck used to call me "Curly fag", but I didn't care my sexuality was out of his fucking business!!

Anyway, I had no idea what to with my life, I drove and drove everyday, hoping to make a career as a model or something like that. I had my book with a few pictures of mine which I too a couple of years ago, when I thought I could earn a living as a male model, but then I give up when I got turned down, they said "I had the looks, but the market wasn't in the need for my appeal in the moment" it was just a turn off on my plans, but now the only hope was the modeling, and I didn't care I hadn't the training or the experience, I had to try, literally a shot on the dark!

So, I decided to try my hand at modeling, and living on California maybe could help me, and with my old piece of crap so called car , I was half on the way, but the last half was the worst, I had to drive in the middle pf the desert with an old road map, and no idea where I was, to make things even worse I was running out of money, started to sleep in my car next to the small towns in the way. After two days driving for almost seventeen hours with no food on my stomach, I had to stop in one small town for eating and take a bath. The town was a mess, old houses, ugly, sad people, on the streets, I wanted to get out of the place a.s.a.p.! The only dinner of the town was dirty, but I didn't care for that now, ordered the stinking lard splattered special with a bottle of soda and a case of mineral water for my drive.

I vanished my plate and the coke, not caring for the terrible taste of the food, and was preparing to leave, when a bunch bad looking guys arrived. About five big bearded men bad looking and violent types entered making loud noises, I noticed the waitress and the cooker exchanging looks, the other two customers left the place as soon as they arrived, not bothering to leave their food behind, and the bikers just sat and finished the plates for them!

“Hey Patty! Get your butt here and give us some food! The guy with a black goatee demanded and the waitress approached and asked their order. I sensed they were trouble so I'd better leave while I could, I paid my bill, without noticing the stares of the truckers, and headed to the bathroom, when I got out of there I realized the bullies were still looking at me, one of them stood up and casually approached me and said:

“Hey kid, wanna have some fun? He flashed me some kind of joint. I knew they were trouble, so I just thanked and headed to my car, but when I got there, saw that my car was completely blocked by their big pick ups! I couldn't get out the car! I returned inside and asked:

“Could one of you guys move your car, so I could leave in mine? The bullies kept eating their food and didn't even bother with me! The waitress waved her head trying to warn me, but I was just too stupid to get it, and once again asked for their cooperation:

“Hey guys! I have a schedule! Can't wait for you finished eating! The rest of the guys kept eating and one HUGE man looked at me! He was even taller than me, and his figure although much fatter was impressive, he talked to me poking my chest with his breath stinking at garlic

“We can help you on your problem if you help us on our money problem! I was so pissed! I lost my mind and tried to punch the fucker right in the face! Bad move. All of a sudden the five of them were all over me, threatening to beat me up if I didn't give them money.

“LISTEN HERE PUNK! NOW IT'S GONNA COST YOU EVEN MORE MONEY IF YOU WANT TO GET OUT THIS TOWN ALIVE!! I was totally pissed, I was no kid to be bossed around! I just decided to set my foot down:

“YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE MY MONEY! I'LL CALL THE SHERIFF! That was my mistake, they started laughing and the waitress hided behind the cashier. All the guys stood up and surrounded me:

“You're screwed pretty boy! The leader approached me and lifted me by the collar of my shirt.

“You don't mess with me! I fucking own this town! The sheriff does what I told him to do! He looked to the other guys and they rushed to my car and started breaking the windows. I've managed to get free from his grip and tried to stop them, but I couldn't beat the five of them! So they ended beating me up and trashing my car, fortunately they must get bored and left me all bruised near my car. Not one of the locals dared to help me, who ever those bastards were they sure ruled that town!

I woke up a long time later, my keys were still on my pocket, but the car was worst than ever! I saw the paper bag trashed near me, they took the money! Those bastards broke into my car and found the bag, why those things always happened to me! I got on my feet (God knows how) and entered the fucking rest of my vehicle, it started and prayed to Lord to help me getting out of that place! My whole body hurt and I drove without even knowing where I was going, it was pretty late, well past midnight and the dark road was very difficult to drive, I just keep my hands on the wheel and felt my self falling asleep, just had time to step on the breaks and turned the engine off…

The sun on my eyes awoke me. My head hurt, my guts burned, and my face was a mess. I looked around trying to figure out where the hell I was! Nothing but dust. Then I could see something like a hangar. It was a metallic building, resembling a big abandoned junk yard. I walked till the thing, cause the car ran out of gas. I called anybody on the front yard, but there was no answer, I tried the back yard and yet still any sign of life! I was desperate! I needed something to eat, a bath and take care of my wounds…

Though it may sound impossible, the inside of the hangar was unbelievably neat! The floor was clear as a hospital and the rooms were neat and organized, it was easy to find all I needed in the small bathroom. I couldn't care for what would the owner think, I could go to jail, but I had to stay alive first. After washing and cleaning my wounds, I went after something to eat. That thing was so fucking strange! It had an enormous kitchen! Three whole big cabinets and three refrigerators full of food! All kinds of foods! I had the best breakfast in my whole life, eggs, ham, pancakes, whatever you name , there I could find it! The table was also funny, it had three different levels in each there was one kind of chair, one was almost like a normal chair but it was indeed reinforced, the other was taller and wider, also it had wooden reinforcements, and the third one was much taller than the others, made out of steel and still had much stronger reinforcements. Obviously, I used the smaller chair, even at my height, I would have my feet swinging in the middle one! I was starving, vanished the food and drank a lot of milk to wash the food! There three huge sports drinks bottles, one red, the other orange and the third was blue, labeled in this order, (lt. B), (S) and P, what the fuck would that be? I just grabbed the first one and filled with orange juice

After eating, I decided to check out the rest of the place, it was very big, you know a hangar can hold many small planes inside, and I found out that the rest of the building was a HUGE GYM! It had all kind of equipments and not just that everything in three different sizes and scales, everything, regular sized appliances, then a much larger version and even bigger size for all the weight plates even! There were so many odd things in that place. The rest of the thing looked like a laboratory, like those on my school, but had things I've never heard of, computers, machines, everything was so damn ridiculous, I found some kind of modern gym complex disguised as an old junk yard. Who the hell lived here and why need for three samples for everything? I continued scanning the building, and found the ladder for the second floor, it seemed somebody transformed that old hangar into a loft, very good work of interior design! I went upstairs and was surprised, it was a huge bedroom, very, very large room, with three beds! The first one was already a king sized bed! Very soft mattress, I won't bother you talking about the bigger and the much bigger bed nest to the first one, I just collapsed there and slept like a log for about four hours…

“WELL, WELL, WELL! LOOK WHAT'S THE TOOTH FAIRY LEFT UNDER MY PILLOW! The voice was low and incredibly mainly, I woke up scared and the figure I ha in front of my eyes was even frightener: This man was HULKING MUSCULAR! Taller than me at least two whole inches and wider than me by one foot or more. His skin was tanned, it seemed pure bronze, his teeth were white and his face though impressive was also strongly beautiful, but I didn't care for that now! The man was so wide and muscular that his enormous muscles practically ripped the poor clothing he was wore, a white tank top and a leather waistcloth. His hair was black and his body hair was also thick and full just like his head, and his well trimmed beard, just a single line framing his impressive chin and a strikingly gorgeous goatee really were the perfect match for his square jaw and his thick neck, I couldn't take a look at his eyes because he wore those enormous Ray-Ban glasses. He smiled at me as I quickly jumped off the bed and tried to hide from him in the corner:

“OH! I AM SORRY DID I WAKE YOU? He laughed and approached me, man his BULK filled my whole sight. I gasped and tried to justify my behavior:

“P-please, don't hurt me! I was desperate, I need to heal my bruises or I could die! I didn't mean to break into your house, please I will leave now! The man was each time closer, but the more I spoke, the more quiet he became. He put his knee on the bed and leaned forward, his huge arms crossed on his impressive chest. I realized hw wasn't paying much attention to me apologies, so I just shut up:

“I DON'T GIVE A CRAP FOR YOU LAME EXCUSES! He turned his back on me and went downstairs – You get your arse down here! He shouted and before I realized I was right on his side:

“YOU'VE BROKEN INTO MY HOUSE, ATE MY FOOD AND SLEPT ON MY BED,! YOU THINK YOU'RE GONNA GET OUT OF THIS EASILY? He grabbed me by the collar, I was so frightened by that mountainous man that I couldn't even remember that my bladder was so full and I was so nervous, and suddenly I felt the warmth getting down on my legs and wetting the floor, the huge man stopped and watched me all peed and the floor and he exploded into laughter:

“FUCKING COOL! I'VE MADE YOU PEE ON YOURSELF! He kept repeating it over and over, and soon he put me down and I ran to the bathroom, and quickly cleaned the mess I did! I couldn't believe how humiliating this was, as I mopped the floor, my eyes filled with water. Much more than anger, I felt sadness. Although I was tall and pretty built I couldn't never take advantage of my body strength and size. First Chuck, who beat me ever since he moved in with us, I trained hard with the rusty old gym set I bought just to stand up for myself, I've learned a few boxing techniques, and when I finally was able to teach that bastard a lesson, my mom kicks me out of the house! Then, I got beaten up, by five guys, each one bigger than me, and for free! And now this! This HUGE fucking brute laughed at how scared I got! Won't ever stop?

The guy heard my sobbing, and looked at me once more, his face was still hard and angry, but I could feel something different on him:

“Look, I know you couldn't break into the house, the door had very complex locking system, so I guess it's my fault you've entered here, but it doesn't give you the right to eat our food and trash the place! He turned the smaller of the three chairs and spread his enormous legs to seat, it was a grotesque though sexy view, his legs almost breaking the chair and his crotch cramped on the wooden bars, his pec slabs literally lied on the back of the chair, and he casually put his big paws on his knees and toyed with his bulging triceps, then he pointed me to sit on the second chair, maybe just to see me, a 6'3" tall man swinging my feet on the air, cause I couldn't reach the floor! I did as I was told, then he smiled, for the first time not a threatening smile, I knew he wanted me to explain my story, this time he would listen to me:

“I am sorry! My car broke down on the road near here and all I could see was this hangar, I called but no one answered, so I went to the back door and it was open! So I entered, I need to clean my wounds, and eat something, but I didn't take anything you can check if you want! I emptied my pockets and showed him there was nothing his on them, he scratched his chin, looking at me with his own eyes, after removing his glasses, I saw his dark brown eyes, they were so big and captivating, but his look was still not very reliable. He got up of his seat, stretching those muscle pillar legs much more than I could imagine and stood up very near me, his face approached, he looked straight into my eyes:

“I smell fear on you, and I LIKE it! He got full standing and crossed his arms – I know you didn't take anything valuable, just food, and maybe a few band-aids, but that's cool! He offered me his huge paw:

“My name is Marcus, but you call me LITTLE BEAR! I hesitated a little, this guy made me pee in my pants! But, somehow I understood things were already a mess in my life! I needed to trust on someone! We shook hands – better he almost shook my entire body so strong his grip was:

“Sorry by that! I keep forgetting how strong I am! I retrieved my arm and smiled:

“Pretty damn strong! My name is Daniel Lassiter, you can call me Dan! His face returned the scary look and he grunted:

“I call you Danny, cause you're skinny and bony! And you won't say anything! He pointed to his unbelievable huge guns to emphasize his statement. I nodded. This guy really need to feel BIG around me, and I couldn't understand why, but I had to play along, cause he was indeed much bigger than me! He sat back on the chair the same way before, only now, his hands were crossed behind his head, and it almost disappeared aside to those fucking huge arms:

“So, Danny – Hoe old are you anyway? He asked without looking at me

“Twenty! I said casually, but he but he quickly stood up and walked toward me, he towered me by at least two whole inches, and his attitude was worse than ever! He walked forward and I tried to go back, but he was so damn wide I couldn't manage to get free of his presence, without running away, and to be sincere, I didn't want to leave that man, he was so fucking attractive to me. He finally had me trapped on the corner, he forced his enormous mass against mine and I could feel how hard his muscle and cock were:

“And you are afraid of this huge man, aren't you? He asked with a hot mint breath, I could swear it was some kids toothpaste. I realize, this guy was very into reassuring his size, and if I could stay harmless with this role, then I would go for it, besides, I really liked those muscles…

“Yes, I am afraid of your huge body! It sounded so fake but he bought. He smiled and turned his back on me

“Guess how old I am! The brute figure said as he opened the first refrigerator and grabbed his red bottle and filled with juice, he gulped the liquid as I managed to do as he said, he looked so mainly and yet very, very young , maybe he wanted me to guess a younger age, so he could feel more powerful and vigorous:

“I don't know, 25, 28? Being so fucking huge as you are, takes years of training, You can't be less than that! He laughed and looked at me:

“Yeah, you could say that! Being fucking HUGE like ME takes time, usually takes time! He smiled mischievously and flexed his chest and his guns for me, I noticed his shirt giving up and exploding revealing the monstrosity of his physique underneath his mere clothing:

“YEAH! FUCKING HUGE! FUCKING HUGE! He repeated and lifted the chair, went towards me, my face was in the level of his pommel it was high and thick:

“FEEL THIS FUCKING HUGE MAN! He grabbed my hand and rubbed all over him, he smelled at roses, a fresh odor of cologne, he was so fucking horny, I could feel his cock hard even under his tight jeans. As he rubbed my had over his hairy muscles – I've never seen such a hairy man before, his muscles were so huge, that even the forest of black silky hair couldn't hide. In fact it made it look even more massive than he already was. I was so fucking horny, that I took care of squeezing and rubbing and biting his incredible musculature, all the time he moaned and gasped, like he wasn't used to this treatment, the guy of his size should fuck more men that he could even count!

“FUCK LITTLE MAN! YOU'RE PRETTY HOT! He said between moans, he lifted me and I grabbed his waist with my legs, as I grabbed in his deltoids for balance he opened his eyes wide:

“YOU LIKE THIS HUGE MAN! YOU WANT THIS MONSTER TO FUCK YOU? I nodded. Never been a bottom before, had some pretty tight asses around my cock, but never imagined me being fucked! He ripped his pants off, and I gasped at the sight of his monster cock! It was gargantuan ! The uncut head made all its way to the world, and his balls were the size of two lemons. It oozed precum, and Bear just grabbed a handful and splattered it down his shaft:

“ 14 inches long 6 inches wide! That's a real COCK!Never did this before! Hope I can make you happy… He confessed and finally grabbed my butt and adjusted it on the head. I've loosened the grip on his waist and felt myself sliding down his cock, it hurt, I won't lie, but there was nothing I could do to stop it, at that position, I couldn't lift me and the cock was so stuffed in my hole there wasn't way to expel it! We both screamed as the cock got up on my arse and I got down to his base, he lowered me on the first level of the table, and started pounding on me holding my legs with his hands. I was lost in the feeling and he was fucking me so hard, but yet like he wasn't so sure of what he was doing, he looked so marveled, I just couldn't believe how could he inexperienced in fucking! He was the epitome of manhood! Was this muscle beef a bottom in his heart! Anyway, to me he was doing a wonderful job, I felt his pole pressing my guts, and my own cock was almost ready to spew his load, then the colossal man, took his pole out of me and managed to change position with me, I remained lying on my back on the table, and the was over me! I was a little scared of having such weight over me, but he was holding himself, lowering his own hole, and little by little he lowered himself over my cock! It was incredible! And I was really enjoying this, I adjusted my cock and screamed in agony every time he allowed me to go inside of his muscular butt! It was so tight and hot, soon he was moaning and screaming and I was roaring as I fucked that man like never before! Every time I stuffed my cock harder up into his prick! I got my hands around his waist and pushed it against mine, he lowered himself on me and this time he was set on me, the weight was fucking incredible, but I kept pumping my cock in his hole and got my hands on his own cock, so I had where to hang and get strength to keep fucking him. He screamed something in Spanish that I couldn't understand! I stroked his big cock and fucked him, I couldn't feel my legs so fucking heavy this guy was, but his cock was so huge, I couldn't see it, but my both hands were full of his mighty shaft, I squeezed with all my strength:

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We both screamed, we reached the orgasm at the same time! I filled him with my load, and felt my hands all soaked in his spunk, it never stopped, I was dumbfolded! He kept cumming , and cumming, I was exhausted, the weight was too much for me! Couldn't breath right:

“Marcus, Marcus, you're too heavy! Please get yourself down of me! He was still kind of lost on his ever lasting orgasm, returned quickly to reality:

“OH! DANNY! I AM SORRY! He jumped down to the floor and quickly grabbed me in his arms:

“ARE YOU ALRIGHT? I nodded – Suddenly, it was like some one else overtook his body, he was so caring, so tender, where did the bully who made him pee on my pants?

He smiled, lowered me and gently kissed my cheeks. Then, he grabbed paper towels and started clean the mess we did, mostly him, because his jism hit practically everything, and he was pretty worried to that, who could he be fearing, I mean with his SIZE… I helped Marcus, he didn't bother I called him by his name, that BEAR thing just lost the moment, we cleaned the whole mess and he invited me to sit on the living room, he choose the smaller couch (yes, there were also three different sizes of couches!) and asked to sit on his lap! It definitely wasn't the same guy of the beginning! I did as told and brushed his fair chest hair:

“Marcus, just how BIG you are anyway? I had to ask, since his weight over me almost crushed my legs He grinned – 7'2" and 378 pounds! He gently squeezed my butt as he said that. If you'd like to know my other stats, my chest is at 62 inches, my thighs are 37", my arms tapped at 26 fucking huge inches!

“WOW! You must be the BIGGEST man on the world! I smiled and squeezed his pecs with my hands. His face was changing, like he remembered something else:

“Well, I think there can be bigger ones! He resumed nursing me on his arms. I liked that, and kept rolling my fingers around his body hair:

“You've must been training ever since you were a kid, haven't you? I asked with big puppy eyes, fixed on his impressive musculature, I rubbed my hands on his torso and squeezed his biceps while talked to him. He obviously enjoyed my acting, but it was different than the previous times, he moaned, but gently grabbed my hands:

“Well, I feel like I'm still a kid! He said those words looking at me straight in the eyes, my jaw dropped, it couldn't be true, this HUGE man was merely a kid? How come? I would have asked if he didn't listen something coming form outside, I said I didn't hear anything, but he freaked out. Marcus grabbed me and looked at me, then he turned his face, and when he looked at me again, the look was different, it was fear! How come a guy that huge could fear anyone? He rushed caring me along to the outside:

“ You stay here and please be quiet! I'll come here in a moment, but PLEASE be quiet! He practically threw me inside one little deposit room near the junk yard. Inside it was hot and the stink was too strong, but I did as he asked me.

I tried to hear what was going on there, I heard the sound of a huge vehicle approaching, then the usual loud of the door closing, but after they entered the hangar, no sound was audible. I could only wait for Marcus coming back. After a long time, I decided I wouldn't wait for LITTLE BEAR anymore. Fortunately, there was a small window near the roof, I managed to get out of the room as quiet as I could, and went back to the back part of the hangar, I tried to open the door, but had closed it, casually, I remembered the hot sex we had just done, and his muscle body incredibly heavy over me, it felt so funny fucking him, not that I didn't like it, but If I was Marcus, being so fucking muscular and freaking ripped like him, there would be no way I let anybody top me! It would be ME fucking the smaller guys..

“Thinner guys, I would never been topped by thinner guys – I remembered Marcus introducing himself as "LITTLE BEAR" – If I was that size no way I would call myself "LITTLE" specially being the biggest motherfucker in the place! The idea hit me like a thunderbolt! Marcus feared someone BIGGER than him! But who could be bigger than him, I mean he was almost 400 pounds of solid, thick, impossibly huge muscle! I got to the front part and the main door was a little open, squeezed myself into the building, each time remembering the look on Marcus face, what could be happening? Inside, I heard loud noises of metal plats clapping into each other – Marcus must be training, but why the hell didn't he get me out of the room? I could dehydrate inside that stinking cubic! I recovered my posture, and forgot all about the "BIGGER" threaten , Marcus should be playing with me, like he did right before we fucked. The noises were loud, and I rushed my step so I could get to see Little Bear pumping some iron, maybe he called himself "LITTLE" to emphasize his hugeness, his musculature, everybody would react the same way I did when they saw that "LITTLE BEAR". I entered the gym, quietly, just to play a trick on my big huge little bear, but it was me the surprised one. Totally surprised.

The picture was HOT! I mean – CREAMING YOUR PANTS HOT! I saw, a HUGE man – huge is a lack of expression, because I thought Marcus was huge, this guy outgrown him! I mean this guy was BEYOND description! I can't tell you how BIG he was, because he was sat on the incline bench, he was definitely a BEHEMOTH! Then I got frightened! Between the enormous pillars of the behemoth's legs, right in the middle of that muscle tower I saw MARCUS! Then I realized why he called himself LITTLE BEAR, no way he could be the same size of that MAN! Marcus is already enormous! But near to that monster he was just a "beefy guy", the difference between their bodies was pretty bigger than the one between Marcus and myself – It was unbelievably! The muscles on the man were so much bigger and more ripped than in Marcus, it seemed that Marcus has been shrunk, but he remained the same glorious 7'2" 378 pounds, which meant the other guy was way bigger than my poor little bear! But Marcus wasn't upset with such difference! He seemed so happy sucking the alabaster cock of the muscle freak! Did I say cock? It was a HUGE PYTHON! The length of that cock should be over two feet! It was so thick Marcus could barely hold it in his mouth! But he was happy sucking the freaking huge dildo while the behemoth was doing something like bicep crunches. I mean, he was curling the FREAKIEST weights I could ever imagine! And his guns were almost exploding into a sheer size and strength! He moaned and kept his eyes closed, each rep, he felt himself getting bigger guns, and his cock being deliciously sucked by a 400 pound super muscular man! Truth to be told, the behemoth was a dazzling handsome hulk of muscle himself: He carried that native american look, a reddish complexion extremely tanned and sexy, with his skin was so tight over that overgrown muscles! His hair was dark brown, and well over shoulder length, it was loose and while he crunched those incredible weights, the swing of his head turning around to take a better view of each gigantic peak of his biceps seemed as a dance of power, a ritual of muscle and strength to make himself even stronger and bigger! Hid neck made Marcus look like a pencil neck! It was veined and with deltoids along, jumping a few inches out of the shoulders, shoulders so fucking wide as the world itself! Each shoulder was bigger than a bowling ball, better, bigger than basketballs! His chest was a mix of muscle and stone wall, the pecs were jumping up and down, with each rep, and the breathing of the behemoth made the chest inflate like a balloon of muscle power! I noticed the giant muscle man was almost hairless, except for his silky hair, his body was smooth, very different of Marcus, who kept the fur as a prize to his impressive musculature!

As I was lost on my view, the freakiest of the Mohicans roared and moaned, with a wave of pleasure and cum, which I realized was his orgasm. He roared and lifted the weights faster, while Marcus kept on sucking his spunk, he sucked even faster, and the guy kept pumping for over twenty more times, then he lowered the weights, grabbed Marcus, kissed him and gently placed him on his shaft, Little bear just adjusted his legs on the sides of the bench, and lowered himself up and down, while the behemoth started all over again, curling his incredible biceps harder than the last time. Marcus kept impaling himself on the pole of the freak muscle monster, and the fucker kept pumping until, Marcus couldn't hang anymore and sprayed his cum all over them, what made the gargantuan muscle freak even hornier, he grabbed Marcus and literally used him to jerk his enormous cock up and down, Marcus pecs jumped fiercely as he was jerking the cock inside of him, and another primal roar indicated that the behemoth had come once more! This time, he took his cock out of Marcus and gently made my giant little bear rest in his collar, then he retuned for his weights and started curling all over again, with his gigantic cock fountaining jism all the time. I lost my count at 300 reps, but he sure did much more, with Marcus resting on his chest like a baby, the incredibly hulking Indian finally stopped and woke Marcus with a kiss:

“THANK YOU FOR THIS! I NEEDED A GOOD PUMP BEFORE BREAKFAST! The voice carried so much power and manhood, He lifted himself and carried Marcus just as he did to me. Marcus just kissed him:

“WOW! YOU COULD GO THREE TIMES? THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME! He embraced the giant freakish muscle man, as a child hugs his father, and they left for the kitchen. I silently moved to there and kept listening:

“You did a pretty good job with the place, LITTLE BEAR! I'm proud of you! The behemoth said as he chewed an entire ham, he gulped a carton of milk and gave another hungry bite at the meat.

“Thank you, SNAKE! Marcus said it with such happiness, like he really enjoyed working and serving as a rag doll for the giant's purposes. Snake was really something powerful, he lifted of his chair – I couldn't see if it was the biggest one, approached of his little bear. The man towered Marcus for a foot or more, and he was much wider also. Marcus head touched almost the middle of the man's chest, and my bear kissed the immense cleavage of the behemoth, who thanked and squeezed Little bear's butt. It was only then he noticed me. He opened his eyes and caught me staring at the impossible huge couple. He immediately broke the hug, and before I could run away, he had me in his hands – I mean he grabbed my waist with enormous paw and squeezed me, lifting a few feet over the ground. Marcus froze:

“I SEE WE HAVE COMPANY! He looked at me and grinned – LITTLE BEAR? Marcus looked like a five year old being caught drawing on the wall:

“HE SHOWED UP THIS MORNING! I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIM… Realizing that I was still naked, because Little bear had ripped my clothing, the giant indigene smiled :

“SO WHAT DID YOU DO AFTER YOU FUCKED HIM? Snake asked with an arrogant attitude.

“IN FACT, HE HAD ME FUCKING HIS BUTT! I exploded and confronted the giant man. He looked at me, and instead of getting furious, he bursted into laughter:


“Can u please put me down, and let me tell you what happened? I said already feeling his enormous pressure on my waist. He looked at me and grinned. He lowered me at the floor:

“SO, LITTLE MAN, WHAT'S YOUR STORY? I told him all about my assault at the town, how I ended up there, and he could figure what happened after Marcus found me. He crossed his giant arms and asked:

“You said your car was near the road right? I nodded – Well, come with me Danny! (Why did they have to call me Danny, I never liked this name!). I followed Snake and got mesmerized as he had to duck to pass through the back door. As we both were outside the hangar, he signed Marcus not to follow us:

“YOU STAY HERE AND PREPARE ME SOME FOOD, YOU KNOW I HAVEN'T FINISHED BREAKFAST! Little Bear nodded and started cooking happily ever after. Being outdoors with that mammoth size man was beyond words, Watching him walking, swinging his thick hair, and the swing of his wolf like walk, his muscles struggling for space and his skin so beautifully red, along with his thin eagle shaped nose nose, and the square jaw. I didn't notice, but he had this feather ring on his right ear, and around his impossibly thick neck rested this strange necklace, made out little teeth. His body was corded and cabled with veins almost as thick as my own cock! He was so veined, and his smoothness made you think he was sculpted right on the granite! His arms were so ripped, they seemed they would burst the tight skin over then, and the impressive size of his ab-packs were such a turn on for me! His legs were so thick he had to walk in a peculiar way, which I found sexy, and his lats were so wide, I could open my arms on the spread of his back, and yet I wouldn't touch the side! It was so muscular it looked like a road map! Tattooed in the immensity of his back, was this impressive totem image, that for me was a natural size image! He wore nothing more than a skimpy little jeans short, which barely contained his crotch, in fact, I could see the tip of his cock hanging out of his shorts:

“Don't mind with that! I gave up trying to keep it on my clothing, long time ago, it is just too big! He was smiling at me. Why are these freaking monsters so damn cute! I smiled back at him:

“Why he called you SNAKE? I asked trying to break the ice:

“ Well, you could say it's because of my ancient necklace – he showed me the bony jewel – it is made out of poisonous snakes fangs, but I'd rather think it's because of my COCK! He smiled and became quiet, just to have me curious enough and ask – WHY? He grinned.

“When it's hard it is reaches 26 inches long, almost the size of an average rattlesnake! Sure it's almost twice the width of the poor thing, but almost as long! He grabbed his cock and let it hang free down his legs, it was a freak sexy sight, it swinging heavily almost touching the middle of his thighs.

“WOW! It was all I could say! I kept looking at the size of his cock, he smiled and gently poked me:

“Stop staring at my cock, and tell me where is your car! Gee, you are really into my snake aren't you?

“all I can say is that I've never seen such BIG thing before ! I told him my car the direction to find my car, but I couldn't help staring at his huge physique! He was laughing all the time, when he realized I was staring at the width of his back, and specially the beauty of his totem tattoo, he just said:

“It is the Totem of Strength – the symbol of power! I liked the meaning, so I made on my back! Cool huh?

“You're awesome, everything on you is awesome, Snake – Even your name! When I saw Marcus, I thought he was the biggest man in the world, but you are WAY BIGGER than him, why? He grinned once more. He stopped and kneeled so his arms were a little over my eye level, then he FLEXED his arms and I couldn't resist and attacked the guns with extreme voracity. I moaned while squeezed his guns and grabbed onto his arm:

“LITTLE BEAR IS STRONG, BUT HE'S JUST A KID YET, IT TAKES SOMETIME TO BE AS BIG AS A MAN! SNAKE'S YOUR FUCKING HUGE MAN! He lifted me along with his arm and carried me sat on his biceps all the way:

“FUCKING COOL! How big you are, Snake? I said as I smelled his sweated biceps:


“YAHOO! I screamed as I heard those words, he was so much stronger than Marcus:


“But you won't have Snake inside of you! You are gonna leave our lair as soon as I fix your car!

“What? Why? I couldn't believe he was dumping me like that! I had forgotten all my plans, I just hoped to spend the rest of my life fucking with my two giant musclemen! We reached my car and Snake looked at its conditions:

“Pretty bad! But nothing I can't handle! He made me get a few steps off and LIFTED my car over his head, as it was something light! I was scared, and completely hard by that display of strength:

“I'll take this crap to my workshop, we have all the pieces we need there, I'll let it better than before! Then you'll leave us, and never come back! The look of the giant native was sure and mandatory. I just had to accept my fate and leave them for ever, after all, it was just by fate I found them!

Snake didn't say a word during all the way back. He just commanded me to return to the hangar, have something to eat while he fixed my car, and then I would leave. I couldn't be mad at him, he was fixing my car, for free, after I broke into his place and ate his food. He could just kick me out of his house!

When I was back, Little Bear had prepared a very huge meal for three, of course I wouldn't eat as much as them, but my plate was also set. I smiled at him. It was so funny seeing a huge muscular men with a "KISS THE COOK" apron, so I kissed him and sat at the table:

“So, where were you two? He asked as he poured me eggs and ham. I answered in a low voice:

“We found my broken car and brought it here to fix. Then I'll leave – as he commanded me! I hoped Marcus would be sad because of me, but all he did was saying

“Too bad! I was enjoying being bigger than one person - I confess it hurt me. But, again, I was in no place to complain, better get some decent food, because I had no money to buy more… I ate my share, and watched as Little Bear finished his huge amount, but there was over 3 quarters of food left:

“I hope we had left enough for Snake! He said as he washed the dishes. He asked me to see some TV, but I really wasn't on the mood. So, we stayed in the kitchen, when Snake came back almost an hour later.

“All done! You can leave before lunch! I've filled your tank, and changed the oil, also checked the breaks, your old car is good to go! He said as he devoured the whole amount of food! He ate much more than Little Bear, and still keep devouring the food until there was anything left:

“Next time, I want more food! You know we're almost on the season again! Snake said to Marcus without looking at me.

“Yes, Snake! I will make up to you on lunch! Marcus smiled as Snake lifted him and kissed him roughly.

“Good! Now, you mister! It's better if you hit the road now! I want some privacy to train! Snake look was scaring, I nodded and went to my car, grabbed my clothes bag in the luggage compartment, and quickly changed some jeans and an old T-shirt.

“Thanks, Little Bear! I said and he hugged me, I could hear him sobbing, he put me down and I looked for Snake, and he wasn't there:

“He went to the gym! Bear told me as he washed Snake's dishes. I just went to the heavy duty gym and saw Snake doing squats with abnormal weight on his back. I just said:

“Thanks for everything! Goodbye! – He didn't even look at me! Boy, I was upset!

“DAMN! I heard the voice thundering the room. I looked back and saw Snake absolutely RIPPED, with his thighs almost bursting and his cock sprouting a huge erection! It was enormous! The cock was almost as thick as my arm, and the head seemed it was gonna blow:

“SNAKE'S GOT HARD BECAUSE OF YOU LITTLE MAN! He said with a mean look at me. I took a few steps back as he approached me with his over two feet long cock:

“YOU WANNA STAY HERE WITH SNAKE? YOU'D BE HERE WITH THE BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER IN THE WORLD? I just nodded. There was nothing I wanted more in my life :

“You know I want, Snake! He laughed out loud. Then he said:

“You're gonna be tested! If you pass, I will let you stay here with us! Otherwise…

“What do I have to do? I asked at once. Snake laughed:

“I'll be training now, and I like a little "attention" while I pump myself even HUGER! So, you just have to come up with a way to keep me hard all the time I'm training, and then I gotta cum at least two times while I'm pumping! Are you ready? He looked at me and I just nodded. He adjusted himself at the middle bench and loaded his cargo:

“I've already warmed up! So, I'll be hitting pretty hard those weights, this time 1200 pounds! He looked at me and laughed. I knew what I had to do. When he placed himself I started my plan. I got up on the bar and got naked, got a good grip on it, then I placed my self lying with my crotch on the bar :

“What are you doing? Snake said worried:

“I WANNA BE USED FOR YOU SNAKE! I WANNA FEEL YOUR POWER, EVERY TIME YOU LOW THIS BAR, MY HARD COCK WILL FUCK YOUR MOUTH! His eyes were wide opened. He accepted. He lifted the bar with me and lowered, my hard pulsating cock, found its perfect nest on the mouth of the over 600 pound native, and it was heaven for me! His mouth was hot and he bite my head each time he lowered, he did a total of 120 reps, then he loaded more 500 pounds and did more 150 reps, every time sucking my hard pole, and in his last rep, he kept sucking until I lost it, then he lifted me and I sprayed hot cum all over his torso. He laughed and told me to get down the bar:

“WELL DONE! BUT I HAVE TO CUM NOT ONLY YOU! He said provoking me!

“I kept you cock hard all the time? Weren't you loving to overpower me, to have my whole body over your power, over your muscle strength? You want to fuck me more than ever don't you? Snake was speechless, his cock was harder than ever! But you won't have it! I will order you to fuck me! Only if you pump yourself HUGE! I wanna see you begging to let you fuck me! I wasn't kidding and he knew it. He roared and prepared to start the chest train on the bench, he grabbed the dumbbells and I already knew what to do. AS he lowered the dumbbells I got up on his chest and sat with my already hard cock on his cleavage:

“YOU WANNA THIS TIGHT ASS? YOU GOTTA GET THOSE PECS HUGE MAN! COME ON SNAKE, CRUSH MY COCK BETWEEN THOSE PECS! AHH! ONE MORE AHH! YEAH! FUCK HUGE PECS! He kept pumping his chest and squeezing my cock between them, and I lost it in almost 50 reps, I came right there and creamed his face, then I kept licking my cum over him, and massaging his chest with my tongue, I worshipped him, licked his whole upper body as he completed his total 300 reps, in the end he roared, his cock was purple and I grabbed it on my hands:

“YOU WON'T FUCK ME UNTIL I TELL YOU TO! I WANNA SEE YOU BIGGER! He didn't say a word and started squatting again, the trap was set! I got my legs around up on his waist, wide spread and lied on the floor:

“YOU WANNA THIS ASS? He squatted all the way and stuffed himself on me, the pain was excruciating, but the pleasure was even bigger. He roared and lifted from me

“YOU THINK YOU CAN SQUAT SO LOW? I asked fingering myself and demanding to come down again

“ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH? I teased him squeezing my muscles against his shaft, he roared and moaned, but kept fucking me each time he squatted.

“ CAN YOU FUCK ME? I said as my legs grabbed on his waist and he lifted form the ground. I gripped on his muscles and totally impaled, I forced his cock up into my ass, and he screamed in agony of ecstasy, I felt himself exploding inside of me. With the extra lube I forced myself even deeper:

“IS YOUR SNAKE BIG ENOUGH? I asked between breaths, I was tired but, he was in heaven! He got me out of his shaft and prepared to do biceps crunches:

“YOU CAN'T DO AS LITTLE BEAR! He warned me not to suck on his cock, it would be more difficult, but I also had my tricks! When he started curling, I got my hole over his shaft tone more time:

“I wanna see if your cock is so strong as you! I impaled myself, ignoring my own pain and his groans, then I let my weight forward, and then stopped my fall holding my legs against his butt:

“ COME ON! LIFT ME SNAKE! PUMP YOUR HUGE GUNS AND YOUR COCK! He did, he lifted me, and each time one of his biceps curled, his cock brought me up once again. It felt like heaven! I felt his power totally inside of me, and his struggle not to cum:

“FUCKING HUGE! YOU'RE FUCKING HUGE! LIFT ME SNAKE! PUMP YOUR COCK! I WANNA YOU TO FUCK ME THIS WAY! He couldn't hold it anymore and roared in ecstasy as he filled my for the second time, aright before he finished his set he said:

“YOU HAVE TO STAY! I NEED THAT PRICK EVERYDAY! He moaned and roared like an animal:

“OH YEAH? AND WHO'S GONNA MAKE ME? I decided to provoke him too. He dropped the weights on the floor and grabbed me:

“SNAKE! He was scaring, but not to me anymore, I teased him:




“YOU KNOW HOW BAD! He hoisted me effortlessly. I was totally overpowered.

“YOU'RE NOT BIG ENOUGH! I tried to provoke him even more…

“ARRRRGGGGHHHHH! He lifted me and started curling me like a dumbbell, he flexed his enormous biceps and forced my cock right into his mouth, then turned me upside down and plunged his mega huge cock in my anus, pulling my legs against him, and pumping my limp body into his engorged pole, the pressure over my diaphragm prevented me from talking, all I could feel was his incredible pile driving on my anus, and his bragging:

“YOU WANTED THIS DON'T YOU? YOU WANTED THIS MUSCLE MAN TO FUCK YOU! YEAH, FUCKING HUGE, FUCKING MUSCLEMAN! YEAH! I felt himself cuming for the third time in a row, he felt the rush and gently retrieved my limp body. I was totally exhausted, he just let me rest over his shoulders, with his cock still inside of me, it felt so right!

“YOU WERE BRAVE LITTLE MAN, BUT YOU CAN'T KEEP UP WITH SNAKE ! He walked out of the gym, and we met Marcus on the living room. He was smiling from one ear to another:

“I can see he passed the test! Little Bear complimented me by rubbing my shoulder, I still couldn't speak much, just smiled:

“Passed? He fucking ACED it! I came three times! Snake said and showed my butt still attached to his cock! This boy really knows to handle my cock! AWESOME.

“Snake aren't you going to pull of? Marcus said a little curious – Oh, sure, it just felt so warm in here! He adjusted him self and finally pulled his cock of me, I felt the breeze refreshing my hole. Snake carried me to his bed and we laid together for a few hours. Actually, he just laid there for a few minutes, then he went back to gym, where it was Marcus turn to "give him attention". When I finally was back from my beauty sleep, I smelled the wonderful cooking of Marcus and quickly got down to the kitchen. Marcus was serving Snake, and they both smiled when they saw me:

“Hey, rookie! Marcus invited me to seat on the table – The kitchen is mine, but you will take care of the house! He said showing me the broom. Snake laughed as he devoured his food. After lunch, they invited me to take a walk around the yard. Snake ran this yard, he is really skilled in making and fixing stuff, he designed all the special furniture of the house, he made it out of the parts on the junk yard! Marcus said as he hugged the tiny waist of the enormous man, who went red in the same time . He hoisted little Bear and they kissed while I watched their muscles flexing and bulging while they attacked each other:

“Hmm! I faked a cough and they got it – That "test" thing was just joke wasn't it? Snake put Marcus on the ground and they started laughing:

“You got lucky! Marcus said approaching me and gently brushing my hair – On my turn he got me begging to let me stay here with him! We laughed out loud and he carried on his arms, then Snake came along and carried both of us on his arms, we grabbed each in one of his deltoids and he could support us for the rest of the days:

“I still don't know your real name, Snake! I looked straight in his eyes:

“Morningstar. Henry Morningstar, at your service! He was so serious now, I could feel he was really giving himself into this, telling me his name was really important for both us:

“Danny, you're about to enter a very dangerous situation! And I can't lie to you, it is all up to you, your decision – I looked to Marcus and he was as serious as our giant indian. Hank walked us to the center of the yard, where there was this strange sculpture:

“I made this myself, ya recognize? He turned his ample back for me, and I could see the same drawing on tattooed on his muscular back:

“The Totem of Strength – I mumbled – You are very talented, Hank! I tapped his shoulder, at least I tried, cause I couldn't reach cause his enormous height.

“Thanks! I made it right after my induction! It represents all the POWER we have since then! He opened his arms and enjoyed the breeze refreshing his colossal lats.

“Can you see the symbols? Marcus said behind me – Unlike the normal totems, this is built upside down!

“Strength and power relies from base to top, the strongest supports all his minor fellows, giving them love, protection and receiving love for his muscles and worship his physique! Hank said as he touched the totem, it was so fucking HUGE, even him looked smaller when he stood near it.

“The top figure is the LITTLE BEAR! Marcus said proud of himself!

“Yes, but you'll not remain "LITTLE" for too long – Snake said looking at him provocative. I looked at the figure of the bear – The bear stands for the brute strength of nature, it's a powerful animal but only attacks when provoked. And most of all, the Bear is a symbol of manhood because of his fur covering its gargantuan muscles.

“WOW! I muttered as listened to this description. Very impressive! – You see? I told you Hank was AWESOME! Marcus leaned aside of the bigger muscle freak – I AM THE BEAR!

“You've already told me about your "snake" but what's the meaning on the totem? I recognized the big snake rolled over itself and supporting with very little effort. Hank turned to me smiling:

“The snake is dangerous, one of the strongest creatures of nature, its muscle power is impressive even though the slender figure can disguise. Snakes may be poisonous, but true strength of snakes relies on the Anaconda, the true power of snake, which can eat an entire bull, crush steel bars with its power! That's the power I'll reach within very little time! He opened his arms again, and I could see his raging hard on once more, for the first time I realized they wore anything else! They were naked and so was I! And most of all, I fucking loved it! The feeling was blessing, I saw their bodies and mine, of course, nothing compared to those freaking gargantuan muscles, but I knew they fid me as hot as I did about them!

“Hank, why are you two so fucking huge? There isn't a reasonable explanation! The question should be the first to be done, but due to the amazing events it just didn't happen. The both gargantuan amazing muscle men looked at each other:

“How old you think we are? Hanks asked that question with an intriguing look. I noticed they looked exactly the same age, like they were brothers apart for one year at max! I laughed out loud. It was so ridiculous!

“Why you two are such worried with this age thing! I know you must be getting the mid thirties, but you don't seem a day over 25 – I swear! Amazingly, that's what made them both laugh! In fact they laughed so hard, their pecs bulged and bounced, and it kind made me hard once more.

“That's the point! I have already passed mid thirties a long time ago, and Little Bear is still far away from that mark! They laughed once more and waited for me to ask, they really liked that – What's the deal? How old are you anyway? I was kind of embarrassed and horny at the same time… Hank started laughing, he dried a few tears and finally said:

“I am 48 years old and Marcus is only 17! My jaw dropped.

“But how? I mean, you are way too BIG, you should be losing some size, even Arnold lost it! And you only look BIGGER each time I look at you! Hank just started laughing again! And Marcus joined him:

“And what are you laughing at? You are not old enough to build a BODY like yours! And you're only beginning your growth spurt for heaven's sake. I was this close to have a nervous breakdown, in a certain point Hank had to grab me in his arms and calm down my shivering shocked body!

“Just relax, Danny! We'll explain everything to you! Just try to stay calm down… And strangely, it made really tranquilize, having this strongest muscles, gently squeezing me…

“Believe me, I know how you feel, but it gets better! Little Bear said comforting me, then Hank gently put me down and laid his enormous paws over my shoulders:

“Marcus and I have been – how can I put this – Upgraded! He looked at my eyes lift4ed my chin and continued – Manly Magnification! I still couldn't understand.

“He's trying to say that the both of us had been just like you, well not like you, because you are HOT! Although Hank was already bigger than you, I was just a mere shadow… Marcus tried to explain, but it happens that he also got so excited that he mixed the things up!

“About a year ago, I ran this junk yard and lived my life normally. I've always been BIG and BEEFY – 6'1" 250 pounds range, but as the age hit me I was beginning to lose all my mass and definition, and it really bugged me – Hank smiled and caressed me like a pet on his lap:

“When I got here about three months, Hank had already become SNAKE, and believe me he wasn't as HUGE as he is now, and so wasn't I : I was the average Latin guy, thin, slender, olive complexion, I came here looking for a job in the yard – He looked at Hank – But found a new lifestyle, becoming LITTLE BEAR!

“You are not LITTLE and soon you'll be BIG BEAR! Hank threw him a kiss

“But what you mean by "Manly Magnification"? I asked without letting Hank's touch on my head

“I don't know the real mechanism, but for all I know, the system amplifies the male characters in such a level it transforms a man like you, into a freak like Marcus, a MONSTER like me and BEYOND! Hank shouted to the air, he was REALLY excited by that if you know what I mean…

“And who did this to you? Who's responsible for this? They both remained silent for a while:

“We can't tell you much more, it's only up to you! Marcus said in a low voice

“Only can ask him, but only him can offer you the process…Hank said already nesting me on his arms I looked back at the totem, I remembered the description of "BEAR" and "SNAKE", but there was a third figure on the sculpture, an ENORMOUS, and I mean it, almost 2 thirds of the totem, It was a big black bulking sculpture which seemed never ending, I realized that it "carried" the incredible symbols of the bear and the snake, also, the muscles on the figure were something beyond words, the bear or the snake were no match for the base of the totem, however they were already supermuscular:

“He did this to you? I pointed to the base of the totem – He knew the secret of Manly Magnification? Hank smiled, he knew that although I hadn't finish school I was no idiot:

“PANTHER! Hank said – He's our MASTER! Marcus said in chorus I noticed the resemblance with a GARGANTUAN feline form, it was so delightfully muscled, the magnificence of the form, the ultimate size of strength, I could see that PANTHER was the BIGGEST among all of them, and that made my spine freeze:

“Where's him? I asked Marcus nervously – He didn't answer me – I looked at Hank and he did the same.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? WHO THE FUCK IS THIS PANTHER ANYWAY! I exploded and they smiled, turning their faces to me and grinning from side to side:

“YOU WANNA SEE THE PANTHER? ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE PREPARED LITTLE MAN? The voice echoed around the place and made my spine freeze, my groin tingling and my cock hard all at once. I looked back and saw the MASS, the BULK, the MAN! He was BLACK, and boy he was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't see his face straight, because of his height and his shine, the man actually was shining like polished bronze! He was ABSOLUTELY, ULTIMATELY MUSCULAR! I couldn't compare him not even with Hank, He looked like he was made out of onyx! His skin was temptation on muscle! I've never imagined MUSCLES could be so BIG! He shone like the mightiest of the men, and certainly was! •

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