There once was a man named Jared


By Jace Soliz

Jared was the type of man that made decisions that would place him only higher in the bracket of riches. He was already rich, but he wanted more. Thought he SHOULD have more. With his talent, he didn't understand why everyone just didn't hand it to him. Arrogance was an important trait when being rich. It made you intimidating. That's what his father taught him despite his mother's disapproval.

While everyone that works for him went home to struggle with bills, he went home and got laid by beautiful men and women. Though he chose men more often than not, they didn't expect much more than just sex. Women were more complex. They go through this rejection process. And one failed marriage behind him; he was almost completely done with women.

Jared was a very good-looking man. The best money could buy he would often joke. His looks though were all genetic. 6'1 225lbs 7% fat. He worked out 6 times a week with his own live-in trainer that lived behind his mansion, above the home gym. Even though the trainer is straight and this being his only job, an amateur bodybuilder in his free time, they had played a few games with each other, where in the end they would both would cum. And kissing was mandatory. That's what Jared pays his trainer for. To work his body and so much more.

The mansion was a modest size, about the only modest thing about Jared. He only chose the best quality of furnishings.

His company, Nyclon Sports Supplementation (or NSS, INC.) Was his own creation from a fantasy he had when he was younger about a drawing his father once drew. The name of the beast was Nyclon. The muscles on this beast were immense. His father had drawn this figure with immaculate detail. In middle school he used to get off thinking about being that big. Then at 13 he entered the school's gym. His body changed fast. He filled out his clothes, and then over filled them. When the first vein popped up onto his biceps in 9th grade with the help of supplements and pumping his body up for football, he knew that he wanted to keep developing. He felt he had yet to unlock his full potential and strived towards the goal to unlocking that hidden beast inside himself. Through schooling he learned science, through experiments, he learned humility. Through money, he found an empire

He hears the phone ringing and when he answers it, he hears loud popping noises and screams and then the line goes dead…. the caller ID shows that it's the direct line from the lab….. He rushes out.

As Jared pulled up to the lab site, he noted that all the windows were blown out and smoke was coming out of the scorched frames. He got out of his car, flattening his clothes to his tight body, because a crease in a suit is a sloppy businessman. Another of his father's sayings.

As he walked up he saw tattered pieces of clothing and he feared that the good Doc was no longer. He rounded the corner to get to the door of the lab and he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Doc?" Jared saw a man with his back to him shaking as if cold. Probably stunned from the accident. "Doc is that you?" It certainly looked like Doc, but he seemed different.

"I'm growing." Doc calmly looked at him. Doc, the 60-year-old genius was correct once he turned around and Jared had a good look at him an instant erection commenced. No longer the tall skinny man he once knew, Doc was now a bull standing in front of him. Doc's neck was as thick as his head; the collar of his button up shirt was stretched wide due to the growth of his traps. Doc's pecs were straining every button on his shirt. His shirt was still tucked into his pants and you could see a thick 6 pack through the white fibers. Doc had his eyes closed and in his pants he could see the doctors huge cock. Stretching down his leg…..DAMN his legs are HUGE….he could see the quads straining the seems, and the thick calves filled in the lower part of his body.

"You did it, Doc. You've been able to unleash your potential! " Jared couldn't wait to unlock the monster within himself. But Doc just stood there shaking his head.

"Jared, this was a mere accident. I will probably die. My body is covered in chemicals. The odds that I will survive are not good. Even though I feel incredible and look the part, it is just a side effect." A few buttons pop off his shirt and exposed a deep cleavage of power. Jared's cock reacted with a jolt. "The others are dead from the explosion. We should take care of this business and I'll then tell you everything that has happened." A tear appears and drops from Doc's eyes.

"You really loved him didn't you?" Jared asked coldly.

Doc turned around anger apparent on his face, he clutched his hands and his lats ripped open the sides of his shirt. Jared just stood smiling. •

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