Live and Learn


By WBHunk


The morning sun streamed in the bedroom window, finally knocking hard enough on the door of my brain to open it. With a groan, I turned over in bed and snuggled deeper into the sweet-smelling white sheets. And sat bolt upright a few seconds later when I remembered my sheets weren't white!

Wildly I looked around the room. Log walls, mirrors everywhere....slowly my memory pulled up the events of the past night. Had I gone to bed with...and as I looked over, my question was instantly answered. Dr. Francis--sorry, Mike, my mind instantly corrected--lay sleeping quietly, mountainous pecs rising and falling with each easy breath. Without thinking, I reached over and gently caressed his nips, twin peaks set in a forest of luscious brown hair. His breath caught higher in his throat, eyes flicking open a second later. He looked over at me, white teeth in a dazzling smile against his tanned skin. "You're something to wake up to," he chuckled, voice low and musical.

"So are you," I answered back, rolling over on top of him and laying my cock against his, his lips pressing against mine in one of those drop-dead kisses I distinctly remembered from the night before. I felt his cock stiffen under mine, hot man-blood transforming mere tissue into an instrument of abject pleasure. I crawled forward on his enormous body, kissing his ears, then his forehead, then his hairline, and then lowering myself gently onto his cock, my ass quivering in anticipation. I felt him enter me, then thrust gently, using his rock-hard glutes to move and writhe his cock inside my hole, each movement a glow of pure pleasure. He stiffened as I braced against him, the rumble from deep inside his balls growing larger by the second. I felt the cum leave his balls, then travel through his shaft as the head flared inside me, then exploding in pure nuclear orgasm, a wave of warm cum seeming to travel through my entire insides. My cock fired back a retort, waves of ecstasy greater than I had ever felt washing through me for what seemed endless minutes. Breathless, I sank back onto the warm hardness of his chest....suddenly realizing it wasn't at all sticky. Where was the cum I had just shot?

"That's one of the immediate side effects," Mike said almost instantly with an amused look.

"What do you mean?" I answered back, still a little dazed from the lack of oxygen.

"The side effects of the.....treatment....I gave you. The beginnings of the genetic enhancement process." He looked me up and down. "Like this," he said, his hand reaching up to my head. I closed my eyes, imagining how good it would feel for his fingers to run through my hair, but suddenly realizing his hand was touching my scalp. I reached up and found no hair. Instantly I leaped out of bed and stared into the full-length mirror that stood next to it.

I was bald. Spear bald. There wasn't a bit of hair anywhere on my body. My chest, abs, cock, legs, even eyebrows.....all hairless. I stood there, mouth wide open, a horror flooding through me, but then realizing....I had abs. Among other things. My muscles stood out in bold relief like an Olympic swimmer's, pecs high and tight, legs covered with braided steel cables, arms rippling with each move. Awestruck, I hit pose after pose, enjoying the new look of my marble-statue body.

"Perhaps I'd better explain," Mike said, again springing out of bed and landing gracefully beside me in one quick movement. His hands began to massage my now-steely glutes. "When I performed the process on myself, all this happened--quick growth, no hair, no cum. It's the body's adaptation to the new genetic code. When I gave you my cum, I initiated the process in you. Your DNA is now being restructured as half-mine, half your genetic code amplified."

"So that's what you meant by 'son'", I said, picking up his concept. "So as this develops, I'll become more like you?"

"Every bit," he answered back, looking at me lovingly. "In addition, since your code was more perfectly expressed than my original was, you should surpass me eventually. But," he said, turning me around and placing his hands on my shoulders, "that's what a father always wants for his son." He kissed me again.

"Thanks Mike....I mean, Dad," I said, hugging him tightly, feeling his hard body against mine. He hugged back, massive biceps bulging against the unyielding sides of my rib cage. "So how long will this take?"

"The process took about a month for me," he rumbled back. "But....I have an idea that might accelerate it a great deal." He looked me up and down with a hungry glance, cock stiffening almost immediately. "I theorize that a sudden release of neurotransmitters coupled with a surge of male hormones should increase the rate at which your cells complete the genetic restructuring exponentially."

"And that means.....I have to fuck you," I answered back instantly. Shock rippled through me-- how had I been able to understand him so fast?

"Tom--full genetic code. That means that it enhances the mental processes as well as the physical," he smiled back indulgently. I felt my own cock stand up swiftly, and I swore that it hadn't been that long a second ago. His grin broadened. "Remember....don't think. Just feel," he said, moving in front of me and without warning hitting a most muscular pose, veins bulging, muscles exploding outward like popcorn, even his man-fur seeming to bristle and become larger. Instantly I lunged for him, bringing him roughly to the ground, my mind filled with one thought and one thought only...find the hole. I growled and slavered like a beast, thrusting my cock against him blindly, each miss only heightening the raging fire of lust in me. He twined in my grasp, moving, opening his legs...and suddenly I was in, the air rushing out of his lungs in a gasp as I thrusted against him, my cock moving farther and deeper each time. My breaths came in inhuman grunts as I pushed and pushed, feeling the pure sex drive fountain from the very depths of my being, as if his ass was the key to my survival. My eyes clouded red, my other senses growing dark as my sole focus became his sweet hole, pleasure coursing through me as I spent every ounce of lust in my body. I felt the rumble in my own balls like an earthquake, cum crashing against an organic dam. I screamed from every cell of my body as the dam broke, cum cascading out in waves of utter power, shooting through the canyon of my shaft and deep into his well of ecstasy. My body shook and quivered as the echoes of the waves shot through me, arms and legs jerking in a rag doll motion. Instantly Mike jumped on my arms to restrain me, but one contraction sent him flying into the wall, logs groaning with the impact.

"Oh damn!," Mike screamed, fear like a stink in the air. "Son....son!" He came back over, his eyes wide and frightened as I looked up at them, his image single, then doubling, then shaking. Suddenly, they widened even more...and somehow I felt the wonder he was feeling. I looked through his eyes without even thinking about how I was doing it...and saw myself.

Muscle expanding everywhere, my entire body lengthening, then widening at an incredible rate. Muscle upon muscle.....pecs expanding, looking as if they would erupt any second, arms broadening into calf-size, then leg-size, veins popping out like oilfield pipes......legs rippling, changing, enlarging, ropy cables becoming bridge supports, steely-hard, striations visible through the skin. Calves growing into cows, then into bulls. Neck bulling, flaring out to meet winglike lats, delts like basketballs under the skin. Face broadening, then reshaping into aching handsomeness, eyes turning a bright green. Skin tanning throughout to bronzed brown. Cock stretching, then expanding, passing twelve, thirteen....sixteen inches, balls enormous and hanging below them. Then man-fur, first as a sheen, then a haze, then a deep forest of hair covering pubes, then ass, then spreading upward like a luscious river, mounding over pecs, then arms. My mustache resprouted into a full goatee and stache, perfect for framing my sensuous lips. Finally, as if it were a crowning touch, my perfect face and head were capped by a tight flattop of deep brown hair. I felt Mike's amazement as he looked down on this man-god he had created...the love as he looked at his son.

With a start I came back to myself, looking up into Dad's loving eyes. "Wh-wha...wha..."

"Not now, son," he said, scooping me up with a grunt and a smile. "We've got a lot to do." •

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