By Musclebuff

Come the day, we were to eat, drink nothing but water and juice. We had to power-douche ourselves to get thoroughly cleaned out. And worst, we were not to indulge in each other at all for twenty-four hours. This, he explained, was to provoke our libidos into demanding the maximum from each other when the moment came. It was a hard task, but the prospect made it worth the sacrifice.

We were there, all three of us, in the cleared gym. . Brett and I were outside that ring of light, the Master glowing inside it. I had to see him as the Master again, for he had achieved that maximum magnificent stature - standing there, proud, hugely naked muscles gleaming, semi-tumescent dick arching out of that mind-blowing body, throbbing as he waited for us to join him.

He already seemed half-ways into a trance, but this didn’t stop him for issuing directions and explanations.

“Here’s what we’re going to do. I’ve already put my mind-waves through the computer, aligning them with the data you’ve both provided with your DNAs and mine. So I’m primed, ready to go. Brett’s fucked you often enough this week, Bjorn, for his characteristics to be well-seeded in you. Now I have to do the same. After I’ve fucked you and you’ve received my seed direct, then you’ll be primed to take over.”

Shit! Take over! Things are moving fast here! Can I keep up?

“Brett, I want you to put your mind into a kind of trance: concentrate all your desires in our direction so we can receive your vibes while we’re doing this. Don’t forget that you’re already part of me. Much of this power, though you haven’t been taught how to exercise it yet, is also part of your make-up. And we’re going to need your input all along the way. OK? “

“OK. I’ll try, Dad.”

“You’ll be OK, boy.”

I grabbed Brett’s hand. “Yes, mate, you’d better be!”

Then I too moved into the light.

“So now, as I fuck you, we’ll achieve partial fusion like last time. How do you want me, Bjorn?”

“There’s only one way, Master. Ready, Brett?”

“Fuck you! Just do it!”

So I put my hands on those huge delts and hoisted myself up, my biceps straining with the weight, until I felt his fuck-pole poking at the entrance to my muscle-cunt. Then I slowly used my lats and biceps to

lower myself on to its massive length until I felt it seated in the center of my being. His arms wrapped themselves around my gleaming, oiled torso, my hands around that Herculean pillar of his neck, and our mouths joined to suck on each other’s souls.

Slowly I started to bounce up and down on that ever-thickening fuck-pole, my own sliding up and down on his flexed eight-pack. Dangerous, as I was under instructions NOT to cum. Then he started to increase his speed as his dick became more and more passionately demanding and I could feel his horny heat increasing in my innards.

The more he fucked, the more I felt my body expand, muscles filling and growing, just like the semi-fusion last time. The more I swelled, the more I felt his power entering me.

I squeezed my inner butt-muscles round that invading tree-trunk and he started to moan down my throat. I moaned back in ecstasy as I felt his giant mushroom corona expanding inside me, about to burst.

Amazingly, it was Brett who yelled “CUM!” and somehow he must have been transmitting to his dad because there was an instant torrent unloosed inside me. Then I was pulled off him and got thrown on to a couch on my back.

“Hold him down, Brett! I‘ve got to get this assimilated into him as fast as possible!”

He proceeded to massage my stomach with great thrusts from the heels of his hands. Then they flipped me over and did the same to my butt and lower back. All the time I could feel my innards sucking, sucking, as if my body couldn’t do without a meal any longer after the 24-hour self-imposed starvation.

Then he picked me up. “Feeling OK? Ready to go on?”

I looked at Brett, both of us glowing in the dark, then just nodded.

“Let’s go.”

The three of us joined hands.

“This is it, guys. Just keep your heads straight and go for it. Concentration is everything. Brett boy, I can see you’re kind of tearing

up. You too, Bjorn. Don’t think of this as any kind of good-bye. I’m not sacrificing anything, ‘cos I’m always going to be with you, whether you like it or not, and you’ll always know it too, so you won’t miss a darned thing. OK?

“Now, Bjorn - just do what I tell you and think good things, then, with any luck, it’ll all happen. When we’re through, I want you to give Brett the partial fusion,OK? Then we’ll all be home and dry. Let’s go.”

We stepped back into the light. The mirrors descended around us.

“As you’re assimilating me this time, you get behind me. Now put that monstrous dick into the cleft of my glutes, and fill one of your hands with my pecs and slam the other on my abs. Let them feel the bulk of all that muscle. That’s right, enjoy it! Now, as you pull me in to you I’ll make sure your dick goes into me. You don’t have to do a thing except fuck me as hard as you know how and watch me in the mirrors.”

Apart from my hands I couldn’t see a thing but his huge, godlike physique filling the frame of the mirror. It felt like holding my own Muscles.

“Now, Brett, come and kneel in front of me and grab hold of my dick. Good. Just hold it there - don’t suck it or anything. I just need to feel you support it. I think eventually you won’t be able to help sucking - when the Change starts. We’ll see.”

My dick was itching to get inside this massive bulk of a muscle god. It was stiff and weeping already - I could see it thrusting impotently up and down, lubing his glute-cleft with pre-cum - no way I could keep it still.

“Bjorn, concentrate with all your might on my muscles - never take your eyes off them, you hear? Just let me do the work. Ready? You’re tuning in to me NOW!”

And my dick found itself being SUCKED into his muscle-cunt. Without taking my eyes off all that glorious huge muscle in the mirror, I felt my dick impelled to start thrusting. And not gently either. It was as if he was controlling it from inside himself.

I squeezed him in close to me, one hand on the pecs, the other on the abs, clenched my own abs and glutes and started to take over with massive, mighty thrusts.

All the time the palms of my hands were running ovee those pulsing,magnificent muscles - feeling the thickness of the pecs, the hardness of his man-tits, the ridges and valleys of those astounding abs. He started to groan and yelp with every driving punch I rammed into his innards. I could see the back of Brett’s head reacting to my demands as he could no longer resist taking the Master’s dick down his throat.

At first his father’s hands were steadying his head but as my onslaught grew he raised his arms into a double bicep and treated me to a close-up view of those great thick clefts in the arm and in the bunched-up delts. Then his chest swelled as he went into a most muscular. I moved my hands onto those amazing thick-spread lats: all the time I could feel his muscles contracting and swelling in the palms of my hands. Then his came round the back of me to grab handfuls of my hard, striated glutes, pulling me closer to force my dick to fuck him even deeper.

The tempo increased, the heat increased, the moans of all three of us got louder and I began to feel myself growing. First of all my spine started to stretch upwards and my legs downwards - I felt pulled apart around my thrusting groin. Though I tried to concentrate on the picture in front of me, I found my eyes getting fuzzy as each muscle got hot and started to swell. It was the most incredible feeling of increasing power and it ran through every fiber of my being, body and mind.

Try as I might to concentrate on seeing the muscles before me in the mirror, I had to shut my eyes as I felt it all growing within me. My skin got so overheated as the new muscle grew: it felt as if it was threatening to burst through it.

It was agony. It was ecstasy. I was on the brink. I felt his muscles clench themselves one more time around my fuck-pole and that was it. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to let out a massive roar as I came. As the torrent poured out of me I looked back into the mirror. The picture was getting fuzzy - I couldn’t make him out - then I realized he was fading - no, he was fading into me. Now I was huge. Now I had his body , no, he had mine - only it was so much bigger.

I stretched my arms up into the light, feeling the full power of the transformation - feeling the full power and glory of the huge muscle I had desired for so long - feeling his whole presence within me. I looked down - my dick was deep in Brett’s throat and the cum was spilling out of his lips as he tried vainly to swallow it all. His eyes were closed in ecstasy.

I lifted him to his feet. He was a good head shorter than me. He swallowed, opened his eyes, and swallowed again.

“Your blue eyes are green like mine!”

Shit, I could see in the mirror they were. Our Kryptonite gaze connected again.

“Shit, man, you’re huge! You’re even bigger than him!”

“We’re not finished yet. I’ve got to deal with you now, lover boy. Come here.”

I was till half-woozy and intoxicated - hadn’t even taken in the full realization of what had happened tome - what had happened to us. Just knew I had to fix Brett, and quick. I had to do this while I was still fixed in that kind of spell

“Put your arms straight out.”

He stood close to me and did so. I put mine straight under his and started to lift him up till his feet were clear of the ground and his lips could meet mine. Our dicks seemed to twine themselves around each other, mashed between our abs, and pecs strained against pecs.

“Now, inhale me - inhale my muscle!” Must have been his Dad talking - didn’t have any mind of my own at this still hazy moment. All I knew was that I wanted Brett so much and that I was filled with the power I must now give him.

My lungs emptied as Brett breathed in. Then we reversed the process and he started to groan. Soon his feet were touching he floor - or standing on mine - and the more he groaned the thicker I could feel his muscles growing against mine. I sent one more huge blast of thought into him - he pulled his mouth off mine, lifted his head, yelled, and came. And came and came.

I turned him round so he could see himself in the mirror. Almost as tall as me, he was just the same hunky, beautiful, perfectly symmetrical

Brett, only a larger version of himself. Smaller, shorter than me by half a head but, compared to any other bodybuilder, he would be gigantic.

He felt his new bulk - I felt it. He turned and felt mine. Neither of us could keep our hands off these new magnificently huge, pumped up, swollen slabs of muscle meat. Our hands ran everywhere, over both our throbbing muscle masses. I felt drunk with power, engorged with glorious muscle, mine and his. I could tell from his hands and his eyes and his dick that he felt the same. He looked into my eyes.

“Man, we made it! He made it! Fuck, man, I love you!”

And he flung me back on the couch from which we didn’t arise until we had experienced every full, vascular muscle on each other’s bodies, fucked in the pool, sucked and fucked till dawn when we finally collapsed, two exhausted muscle gods, as the sun came up to gild our already bronzed, horny, throbbing, swollen new muscle.

Eventually we awoke, a tangle of huge muscle-covered limbs and dicks, cemented to each other by a dried gallon or two of muscle-juice. We rinsed ourselves in the pool, taking sensual advantage of the situation of course - we couldn’t keep our hands off each other’s new bods - nor our own - even though we had come off cloud nine back somewhat to normality, there was no doubt that I was now bigger than his Dad and Brett was at least as big as I was before the Procedure. Just as he wanted. Just as I wanted.

And Brett had us both. And we had each other.


When we had calmed down and taken full stock of the situation, we called the other guys to the house and told them the whole story. They sat there goggle-eyed, even Tattoos. Their eyes could hardly believe themselves when we stripped off to show them the results of it all. Every muscle had to be felt, discussed, slobbered over, experienced. There was no doubt that they had trouble adjusting to my dual personality, but it didn’t take them long to get with it. After all, they’d seen it happen in reverse with the other guys who had not turned back from the Final Step.

Boss and the family came over for the Summer and stayed on for good to help run the company and the household. I felt good about that. After all, it was largely thanks to Boss that I was here at all.

The business went great. We doubled our income in six months or less. The shows were a huge success and all our huge, new non-steroidal stars were there , with their perfect symmetry and massive muscles to show the way of bodybuilding to the future.

The women were peeved because they were excluded from competition, but that didn’t stop them from screaming with delight at the appearance of every new golden, gleaming muscular hero; they almost wet the knickers when the Twins, after placing very high in contest, gave their incredible (nude) muscle adagio act. Anyone would have gone wild to see these two great physiques twined round each other in impossible balances, to watch their muscles expand and contract with the flawless grace and effort of their performance.

Brett won contest after contest. Weider invited me to take part in the Olympia which I won, just once, to show them what real, natural muscle was all about. I was not going to hog the limelight year after year like some of my predecessors and, in any case, Weider and Co were having to change their tune and their judging methods and attitudes pretty darn quick now that it was so obvious that we were riding the New Wave of muscle into the future.

And Brett and me? Happy as sandboys. It can be left to your imagination how we get on with each other: each day better than the one before. We never get tired of the sex. It just gets better and better as we fuse closer and closer. As I had added my 28 years to Dad’s 36, my own longevity is pretty well unlimited. I haven’t changed much over the years. As Brett gets older (and more handsome) we sometimes begin to think one day there might need to be a final assimilation.

But meanwhile Heaven can wait.

The End •

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