By Musclebuff

La Jolla was warmer now the Summer had come, but nothing else seemed to have changed. Master met us at the door and hugged both of us.

“Now that you two are together again, I’ve put you both on the other side of the house.”

That was really the only difference: now we were going to share a two-bedroom suite. This, as Master said, is home!

“Look!” yelled Brett as he flung open closet doors and drawers: “I’ve been shopping for you! Hope they fit your new size!” Rows and piles of clothes, summer, formal, workout - everything any self-respecting bodybuilder could need. Both our rooms looked out on to the sea, but I noticed mine was the only one with a king-size bed. Young Brett had certainly been sure of himself once he made both of our minds up for us - even before he left La Jolla. But I had no complaints.

After dinner - just the three of us - we sat together in the Master’s den. and caught up. I told them all about the contest and the way I’d been training. The guest posing gigs, Amsterdam and all that. Master told me that my news had begun to filter over the Atlantic into the magazines - all of which needed some new faces after a ten or fifteen year diet of the same old fifteen Olympians. Weider’s sales were going down fast, people were out of love with the bulk craze, and they were bored with all the same old IFBB pros - not to mention that the preponderance of supplement ads had swamped the magazines, nearly ruined them and now called their integrity into question.

The quest for Olympic recognition had failed because of all the bad word on drugs and because the judging was expected, rightly, to be as selfishly, chauvinistically subjective as it had been for the skating events. All told, the BB situation was poor.

The time was ripe for a whole new attitude and a whole new set of faces and physiques. Master had been receiving a lot of enquiries from promoters about his shows, now that Weider, the IFBB and the NPC were played out and found to be suspect both in their judgment and in their promotion of steroids among the top athletes. All for the sake of BULK.

Ironically, although winner’s purses were receding and other legitimate ways of earning money among the pros were shrinking, the general interest among folk in the actual act of building the body was on the increase.

Master was preparing courses for sale, books on his methods and all the rest of it - rebuilding a whole industry anew. He even had a contract with the Bill Phillips organization to market his secret supplements. This was taking up all his time. However, he informed me, he had taken the liberty of announcing himself as my agent/manager and already had several offers of gigs for me to consider. He intended, in fact, with my permission, to promote me as a new star, his new star - his very own flagship!

This was all very interesting and encouraging but, frankly, at the moment our own personal business was uppermost in our minds. So, after a pause for thought, we got down to it.

“First of all,” he said,” to cut all the corners and get to the bottom line, I would like to adopt you as my son. This would assure your whole foreseeable future financially. I think it would also draw the three of us closer towards a pretty perfect solution to our, um, problem.”

Brett and I looked at each other. We were both as nervous as kittens, but it seemed his Dad was too!

“Shall I tell it as I see it?” he asked. We nodded.

“Let’s deal with Brett first. The inference of incest has always bothered him when it comes to discussing assimilating with me. And I’ve told you before there were too many things he wasn’t prepared to give up so son in life. Now the big bugger has proved to himself that he can get as big as he wants, using my methods, without any need for assimilation.”

“Yes, but Dad - ”

“I know - there’s something even more important for you now: just as you didn’t want lose contact with me once, now you don’t want to lose contact with Bjorn. Being someone is not the same as being with someone, you always say, and I appreciate that. You’ve never been able to grasp the idea that assimilation doesn’t mean losing yourself in me - that two beings can join together and share themselves equally, and benefit from each other‘s minds and bodies. And I can see that

Bjorn feels the same way as you do. You’re both too important to each other and now that you‘ve found each other again, you’ve also found that you can’t sacrifice the feelings you have for each other when you make physical contact. Even though I tell you that assimilation implies constant physical contact.

“And that brings us to you, Bjorn. You’re torn between two things: you desperately want to be as big as I am, your whole life has been slanted in that direction, but you don’t want to lose Brett either. I couldn‘t see that dilemma ever being resolved, so it was a great relief when Brett decided to deal with it himself.”

Brett suddenly sat up and turned to me - challenging me with that Kryptonite gaze. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as I answered his dad.

“So what’s your solution? Can we have our cake and eat it as Brett says you say we can?”

“I believe so. If you’re both prepare to risk a first-time experiment.”

We both turned to him. I could see his whole frame, his whole spirit vibrating with excitement and he was sending those vibes out to us. I took Brett’ s hand and could feel the power vibrating through him too. His Dad was looking at me.

“Instead of assimilating you, I want you to assimilate me. If that turns out to be possible, I will become part of you - you’ll receive all my power, knowledge, yes, and size, and Brett here won’t be losing either of us. Think you could take us both on at once, Brett?”

Brett answered by flinging his new huge bod on top of his Dad and hugging him as hard as he could.

“Whoa, boy! There’s more! Come over here, Bjorn.”

So the three of us sat together on the big couch - big, but hardly able to contain three massive pairs of shoulders.

“So that’s one reason why I want to adopt you as my other son. I want to be able to turn over all my affairs, my business and my property legally to you both. If you will agree to take them on, that’s my price, guys, for fixing up the experiment for you.” “But what happens to you, Dad?”

“You’ll never see it, will you, boy? Nothing happens to me - I’ll still be with you, but as part of Bjorn. That’s how you get us both. I’ll be there, even though it’s Bjorn you can see and fuck!”

There was a long pause while the three of us looked at each other in turn. We could all feel the excitement rising. For once in my life I spoke off the top of my head, not wanting to consider anything further - no other alternative suggestions from anyone.

“I say, let’s go for it! Brett?”

“Fuck, man - I’ve been wanting go for it every since Dad started hinting to me a week ago. Yes, fuck, YES!”

“Then Yes, Fuck, yes! We will!” echoed his Dad.

To thank him, I did something I’d never done before. I flung my whole weight on top of him and sunk my long tongue down his throat, grabbing the semi-tumescent tree trunk poking out of his Hotskin pants. He reciprocated, hard! Then Brett pulled us apart, did the same to me, till all three of us were joined at the hip. Brett and I were both getting very hot and horny but Dad had to break it up.

“Enough, OK? There’s so much to do to fix all this up over the next few das - all the legal stuff, the arrangements for all the businesses - you’re just going to have to leave me alone and enjoy yourselves till I’m ready for you.

“I’m going to need regular samples of blood and spunk from you. Bjorn, and Brett will collect them for me. By the way, let Brett fuck you often, d’you hear? His DNA is has a lot of my characteristics in it and that way he can plant some of them to prepare your system for the changeover. Now, have a great time, work out hard, enjoy yourselves, and remember: get plenty of sleep and plenty of sex: we’ve all got to hone our powers for the procedure and maximum sex will maximally regenerate your energies. OK, guys?”

OK, it was to be. •

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