Sunday, going on Monday


By Musclebuff

It was another beautiful La Jolla afternoon when I woke at lunch-time.

I turned over, feeling rested and great, only to see Brett on the other half of the bed, grinning at me. Nice. Really nice. I gathered him up into my arms and held him close. Maybe this was why I had come to America. It certainly would have been enough, if the Master’s expensive invitation hadn’t been nagging at me. Oh well - it was only Sunday - time enough to sort that all out later. Meanwhile…..

I grabbed at his long, thick one. He had hold of mine first - mercifully back to its normal size, or almost. I pulled him even closer by his dick. Without letting go of mine (swelling already) he half sat up and his green eyes looked down into my blue ones.

“Strangely enough, lover, though I’m hard and horny - and so are you - “ with another dangerous squeeze - “I don’t really want to have sex with you right now. I do want to make love to you, just be with you, and somehow I feel that’s different - that it‘s enough for now.

He leant down and kissed me gently on the lips, then buried his head in the crook of my shoulder while he tickled the underside of my swollen nutbag.

“I just guess this horny Scandinavian’s just going to have to go without a fuck this morning. I was kind of wanting to get that long thick thing of yours acquainted with my backside.”

“Maybe it will - we’ll still got all day - or at least till six p.m.”


“When you have to get back into training!”

“Oh shit yes.”

“Isn’t that why you came here? To get real big?”

“Sure, but….”

“But what?”

“I guess I didn’t count on all this. It’s never happened to me before.”

“What hasn’t?”


I had to turn my face away - I didn’t want him to see them teary. He turned it back anyway. He kissed each one gently.

“Me neither.”

We kissed again, our hungry bodies mashing into each other. Shit, the boy had pecs almost as big as mine.

He threw the sheet off and got up, pulling me up with him.

“Come on - breakfast time. Gotta remember why you’re really here!”

“Stop teasing and come here.”

I pulled him into an embrace. He may not have been as bulky as me but he was certainly as tall as me. And those pecs……

He threw a pair of briefs at me.

“Come on - we need to go for a run!”.

I wouldn’t let go. “A run?! Not allowed any cardio!”

“Fuck that! We need to get those druggy cobwebs out of us!”

Before I knew it we were down the stairs and out on the beach, running through the foam of the tide with an easy, long-legged stride. Many pairs of eyes, male and female, turned to watch us run by. Maybe mine wasn‘t the only pecker longing to get out of its shorts. Just hoped the tenting of mine wasn’t so obvious as we loped along, our half-swollen dicks banging in and out of our shorts. He laughed as he looked down at mine.


We turned up on to the promenade and leaned on the railing to watch the sea-lions sunning themselves. As the little ones slid over each other I was reminded of last night’s cum-bath. Shouldn’t have though of that. Dangerous, in so public a place! Let’s try something else.

“So you weren’t prepared to take that last step, I guess?”

“No. Are you?”

“I don’t even know what it is yet. Going to tell me?”

He was silent a moment. I sensed this was difficult for him.

“Don’t tell me if you don’t want - I guess I’ll find out soon anyway.”

“Guess you will.” Sounding down at the mouth. A sigh, then he turned to me.

“There were several things to consider at the time, some big, little. But the big ones were really big, more ways than one. I really wanted to be huge, like Milos, or even Gunther. You know, those Olympians. But, like I said…. Anyway, I was really very happy as I was, getting bigger all the time, lots of modeling jobs and posing exhibitions - lots of dollars coming in too, not that I really needed them. Lots of guys, if I needed them.” (A sideways look at me as if to say I’m not really a slut.)

“The Master always looked after me - he more or less adopted me and brought me up. Still does. He’s making sure I get as big as I can without taking that last step to be really huge. He’s a really special guy, you know. Nothing bad about him at all.”

“So what’s the problem?”

Hard-lipped: “There isn’t any problem. Unless you’re going to be one.”

I shut up. We both gazed out to sea. Long pause. Then a firm hand crept into mine under my other bicep. I gripped it back and wouldn’t let go. I squeezed even harder. He started to yelp and laugh, trying to pull away. But I wouldn’t let go. This led to a lot of horse-play on the promenade, greeted indulgently by some and “These bodybuilders -disgusting!” from others.

Brett pulled away and I had to chase him up the sand again, my dick harder than it had ever been since last night. His too, I guess, because we both had to run real fast until we collapsed on the front steps like two hysterical kids.

Saved by the ref’s angry bell again.

“Shit - you haven’t had breakfast yet! They’ll kill me! Come on!”

When we’d wolfed down enough for an army, we lay by the pool, uninterrupted, till the sun drove us indoors again for another meal.

We had talked sweetly about nothing, both of us avoiding the two subjects uppermost in our minds: Us, and It - that final step.

Six o’clock came and, with it, the (last) supper. Last, that is, for us for the time being. Over it, Brett got quite serious.

“Look, you’re here because you’re here and because you’ve got something you have to do. And he’s paying for it, through the nose - the least you can do is finish up the program he’s planned for you and then hear him out? OK? He’s not going to send me away, or keep us apart, but you have to get with the program and finish out what you came for. The best thing I can tell you is that it’ll be exciting working out with him and trying all his crazy ideas. The worst thing is that you’ll get enormous - and make me feel like a shrimp!”

That gave me a great idea.

“I will - I’ll do all that! But why don’t you do it too? We can take the final step together!”

He laughed, sounding very grown-up all of a sudden. “It’s not as easy as that! You’ll see. We can talk about that when you get there.”

“Wherever ‘that’ is.”

“Look, I’ve gotta go. You’ve gotta eat and go to sleep soon. Just promise me you’re not going to let us, the Big Us, get in the way of the program. I’ll see you tomorrow evening: he’s asked me to supper. Then you can tell me what you think of him. Now take that Sleeping Beauty potion and forget about me - until tomorrow. OK?”


We both stood up. A moment. Then we fell into the most passionate embrace yet.

“Shit! I’ve cum!”

“So have I! Go to bed!”

And, laughing, he ran off. Yes, I definitely needed that potion.

But it didn’t stop me dreaming of him. Running through the surf, stark naked. Grinning back at me and flashing his big dick. My hand was glued to my dick in the morning with my own cum. Joy juice, they call it over here. I wonder.

Still, it was another great day and I felt wonderful. Today was the Master’s day - and I was in love. To hell with the outcome. •

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