By Musclebuff

First class. Wow. More than that - he’d sent his private jet to get me! My seat was so wide that my huge shoulders could really spread in comfort. And the food……. The attendants (all male) were big BBs themselves, almost bursting out of their well-cut uniforms; they treated me like royalty, till we started talking muscle, contests and all. Two of them were practically identical. “Twins?” “No, we just look like each other!” Once the ice was broken, we had a real good time. The seats folded down into beds - uniforms came off, all my muscles, and a lot more, got admired and felt - so did their considerable equipment. Yeah, we all had a real good time! Never had three giants all getting off on me at once - let alone the American variety- they’d been told to look after me.

Sure did.

At least until we reached the States. We touched down briefly for re-fuelling somewhere in the North - at which point it was suggested I got tidied up to meet their Boss - the Pilot. The pilot and his #2 - now they did look like Scandinavian gods! Tall, blonde, and all the rest of it. But they didn’t take their clothes off.

Just before we took off again the Pilot handed me an envelope (my Orders, he said) and had a quiet word, reminding me that my sole object in accepting the Master’s invitation was to prepare myself for giving him the opportunity to keep his promise. Muscle, not sexual demands, was the sole reason for his generosity. He would be very understanding of all my other desires, of course, but I had to understand that muscle had to come first. He had no other ulterior motive.

I understood. I’d had the best time of my life on the plane but I understood, and I appreciated it. Sex is great, but muscle had always come first in my life. I opened the envelope.

Dear Bjorn -

Welcome to my country! And welcome to the best muscle event of your life! I’m sure the boys have looked after you magnificently - I envy you all! - but what now lies before you, I have promised you, shall be even more magnificent. All I ask is that you give yourself to me one hundred and fifty percent and all will be well. Dreams fulfilled and all that.

You will be here for three weeks, on this occasion, during which I shall be supervising both your exercise program and your nutrition. You will not be expected to be celibate - you will find plenty to enjoy while you are here. I hope you will enjoy other guys, for this is not one of those chaste sex-free programs. In fact, the sex-act is almost essential to the process. It just has to be kept under control. Sadly, some of my choices have failed to do this and have wrecked their chances - I am sure, from all I am told, this will not apply to you.

When you arrive at my establishment in La Jolla you will find everything waiting for you - clothes, equipment, food, a good bed, even a swim in the Pacific if you are so inclined. Then I would indicate a good night’s rest to prepare yourself for the rigors of tomorrow.

When you arrive I shall be away for a few days on business, but they have their orders and you will be well looked after. Regard this short time as one of preparation for the Real Thing.

Enjoy yourself, my friend, and I will enjoy you.

Your Master. •

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