Better than Perfect



By FanTCMan

I'm a genius. A fucking genius. Don't know whether the gift is from God or the Devil, if either one exists. Don't really care, either. Wish I did, sort of, but, well, too far past that now. Some people just see numbers, some hear music, I see the workings of body chemistry. Oh, it took a while to get it all right, but I knew I'd get it. Couple of mistakes no one knows about. Made my hair fall out once, couldn't go out for almost a month. Almost ended up in the hospital a couple times. But then it started coming together.

I could tell I was getting it when my beard started getting heavier. Guys in their 30s don't usually start getting thicker beards. I also notice pretty soon that I was hornier than ever all the time. So, thinking I was on the right track, I kept fiddling around, adjusting the formula, thinking I'd know I was on track by stuff like my hair and my horniness. Never really crossed my mind that it would get into my head the way it did. Well, maybe it crossed my mind, since I was deliberately increasing the elements of masculinity, that there would be corresponding increases in the feelings of masculinity, and then I did notice that happening, too. That part got to be like a drug. The feelings of masculinity getting so strong they made me feel almost high. The part I didn't count on was the feelings I began to get about masculinity. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but I found that I was, to use a totally inappropriate term, falling in love with masculinity. And not just my own.

I'd made friends with a guy, Vince, at the gym. We played handball sance with their son to get away, and I broke up with Jennifer, because she was pressuring me to spend less time in the lab and more with her. Well, with a full patient load, and my project taking most nights, and since I was finally hitting some right notes, I had no choice. So, I was just getting those feelings, or maybe they were just getting stronger, when Vincent came back from France and we started getting together again.

By that time, other signs were starting to show. My body hair, pits and pubes, began to get thicker and denser, and I was getting hair growing in on my arms and legs. Strange, but exciting. And finally, the thing I'd been working to achieve, muscular development independent of weight training, began to show on me. I expected that when I got it right, it would be not just a major breakthrough, scientifically, a fortune-maker. I expected it would also be a turn-on, sexually, erotically. What I didn't expect was the degree, and the kind of turn-on it would be. I didn't expect to be falling in love with own body, jacking off constantly in front of the mirror. And I sure didn't expect to start finding Vincent so attractive.

But there it was. Out of the blue. One day we were showering at the gym, and I suddenly found myself absorbed by what a hot looking guy he is. I guess I was thinking how my formula would work on him. He was already extremely handsome, had a naturally muscular athletic body, which he had toned and built up so that he looked like a fitness model. He had the kind of perfect body hair pattern that even guys who didn't like body hair would wish they had, the flat swirls on his pecs, the treasure trail down his abs. And, not that I hadn't noticed before--who could help it--but he was hung. Really hung. I realized I would give anything to be with him in private and see that big dick get hard.

So I was running fantasy scenarios in my head all the time about that, about getting Vincent alone and getting into some serious mutual exploration of all that beautiful masculinity. And I was just as much into my own body at that point. So one day we were having lunch after a game, and he started telling me about his boy, Tony, and how he was trying to get him to be comfortable with his masculinity. He was going through puberty and already showing all the signs of what he, Vincent, had gone through when he was his age--getting hairy at a young age, and getting, and I could tell he was embarrassed at first to talk about it, a big dick. Already he could tell Tony was going to be bigger than he was. It had been rough for him, he didn't want Tony to go through that. He wanted Tony to be as comfortable with his body as I was, a nd as he'd finally learned to be.

I questioned what he meant, probably because I just wanted to hear him talk about it more. He said he thought I projected an incredible sense of my own masculinity in a way that was both proud and comfortable. He wanted Tony to feel the same way. He'd told him that in France, and he was gratified to see that it apparently sank in. In fact, he joked, he might have created a monster.

I wanted to hear more, and I had a feeling he wanted to tell me more, so I told him about my project, what I was working on. Suddenly it was like I was his doctor-confessor. He told me about catching Tony checking himself out and how guilty he felt when he got so turned on he had to go jack off. All I could think about was that big cock, seeing him jack it, helping him with it. So I did what any good buddy would do. I told him he was probably just reacting to his own latent homosexuality, and since I was so horned up myself over the story and the guy telling it, and pretty much ready to jump his bones and lead him with me down the path I'd been looking at with growing desire, I took the chance and kissed the dude.

Man, and I thought I was ready for it. Boom. Crash. I thought the guy was going to pass out at first, then eat me alive. Suddenly I've got this hunk sucking the tongue out of my mouth, man, sandpapering himself with my whiskers, into my body like a boa constrictor fixing dinner. All the feelings I'd been getting exploded. I hadn't told him I'd been trying out my formulations on myself, but I saw the future in that explosion, and it was all muscle and meat, all masculine, and all gay.

I didn't tell Vincent yet that I'd been trying stuff out, but we talked, and we advanced from hand jobs to blow jobs to fucking real fast. Poor Vince was still a little hung up, what with his kid and all. I, on the other hand, made it my business to experience everything I'd been missing, and discovering sex with guys was like opening the farmhouse door and finding myself in Oz: suddenly the world was in color, and the color was male.

But back to Vincent. Vincent and Tony. He began to bring me into his private world, watching his boy grow up, and holy shit, was it easy to see why he'd had those feelings that made him so guilty. I didn't burden myself with guilt, though. I just marveled that such a creature came from the loins of man and woman. I mean, Vince is a hunk, like I said. Might even call him gorgeous. But this kid. Oh, my god.

At 14, he was already so sexy and so aware of it that I could see the girls drip and the guys turn green with envy when he walked by. Well, walked isn't really accurate. He strutted. He was charming, so he didn't put people off with how aware he was of his looks and his attributes. If anything, he had a kind of innocent cockiness that just made him sexy beyond his years or experience. And at the gym, in the showers, he was so proud of his meat and maturity, he totally paraded it.

I concentrated harder on getting my supplement formula just right, inspired by seeing the kid grow into high school, literally. He got so into his body, he began lifting weights, and hair was sprouting on him even more perfect than his dad's. His cock and balls were big and heavy, giving him a basket that almost looked fake it was so pronounced, but all I could think about was how I could enhance all that, and, at the same time, give him, both of them, those same feelings that had me horned up 24/7. Guys with muscles and big cocks, horny beyond belief, like me. A world of gay muscle guys. And to get one like this, while he's in the growth mode anyway . . . well, who knew where he could go with it, but long before my mind could wrap around it, I was cumming at the thought.

In fact, I was cumming at just about everything at that point, or at least everything that presented or represented the kind of masculinity I was shooting for. It turned out to be much easier to find other guys interested in testing those waters, or who just wanted to be serviced and have their hot jock bodies admired. And my buddy, Vince, was the best of all. I worked on him, and it didn't take much before he was standing in front of the mirror looking with the eyes of a gay man at his own body, sporting an erection that made my own cock bone every time. So when I told him I had been testing my stuff on myself, and wanted to give him some, so he could feel its effects, and then maybe start Anthony, he was an eager taker. He was so ready, as I held his big thick cock and told him how lucky he and Tony were to be so well hung, and how hot it would be to get his meat bigger, as I showed him how my formula was making mine grow, how it was making me grow more body hair, his excitement betrayed him and he came, uncontrollable burst, all over my chest, babbling about how hot that would be, how hot my new chest hair was, how he loved blond body hair on guys. He was so gone.

I didn't really tell him what I thought about what it might do to Tony. I figured I'd let it work on him some first, and when it had boosted his own libidinous imagination to fully encompass even more openly erotic thoughts about the male body, including, especially, his son's, then I'd put the picture in his head. Tony, growing in the last of his teen years into a demigod of astounding proportions, in every respect. The kid already had a hard-on that would rival any porn star. But we would make him bigger. Bigger than any guy. He would be so developed, and so irresistibly erotic, that he would become a sex magnet. And he would bring me fame and the fortune I knew I was soon to enjoy. And we'd all share in all of it.

I didn't take long before Vince was obsessing over Tony and suggesting that it was time to start giving him the supplement. Tony took to it like he had been waiting his whole life for that door to open. He absorbed the stuff, and it showed. His strutting became his whole attitude, spending as much time as possible wearing as few clothes as he could get away with, and his weight lifting turned into bodybuilding. He was already so popular at school, he could get away with anything and knew it. And the fact that he was such a rich kid didn't hurt, either. Everyone wanted to be his best friend, or be around him, or be him. His cock, already huge by anyone's standard, just continued growing thicker and longer, and his balls grew in proportion, pumping out those hormones. His body hair grew more, faster, getting hotter looking all the time, his beard grew dense, his face matured and got so fucking handsome it was hard to be in the same space without staring. Of course, he lived to get those stares.

He grew so increasingly into himself, so in love with his body and his sexuality, that he hardly noticed the changes that his dad and I were going through. Vincent, like his boy, was getting hotter by the day. His cock grew, his hair grew, his muscles grew, and soon I didn't have to ask him anymore to show his stuff for me. He was flexing because it felt so hot, and because he loved turning me on. And I was having such a ride, I couldn't believe it was all happening, just like I'd imagined, but so much better. I couldn't have dreamed up the kind of feelings I got as I watched myself change. I could never have even fantasized how I would feel as I realized that I was driving up my maleness factors to such an extent that it was forcing hair to grow, and since I'd been pretty indifferent to the hair I had, I couldn't believe how hot growing more would make me feel. And the muscle. As it grew bigger and thicker, as it began to show even more in my clothes, as I began to turn the corner from looking like a jock to looking like a bodybuilder, I found myself being so turned on by my own body that I was cumming, like Vincent had, just looking at myself, watching myself flex in the mirror and realizing the reflection that was so hot it was making me crazed with lust was my own. And that's not even touching on the feeling, the experience, the stunning thrill of having my penis and testicles grow larger and larger until I was strutting, I realized, like Tony, showing a basket that turned heads. Oh, yeah, I felt hot.

So you can imagine, the first time I tried the concentrated version in an injectable form. I tried it late one night, when I knew I wouldn't be disturbed, and I really felt like Dr. Jekyll. I took it, and waited, and soon I was rushing like I hadn't since my college drug days. But the rush was pure sex, pure essence of masculine sexuality, like rapids in my blood. I sat for a while, then got up to watch in the mirror. Nothing before came close to the feeling. I could actually see myself grow. Not much, but enough to make me spew cum all over the room. I wanted Vince to be there, to see me, to fuck me, to fuck. I flexed. I wanted his hands on my muscles. I wanted to give him the same thing, make him feel the same way, create the clash of the Titans in my own room, except there would be no clash, just the intense melding of man to man.

Vincent almost forced me to let him try it, and then, to start Tony on it. Vince finally, completely gave in to being gay. In fact, he's become one huge, horny muscle fag, and so have I. Every day I'm more of what I'm turning into and less of what I was. But hotter than all that is Tony. That little fuck isn't even 20 years old yet, and he is something past reality. Except when you're with him, you know how real he is. He is so totally right out there with it all, so absolutely sexual, so blatantly in love with the size of his muscles and his cock. I mean, my god, the boy has 23" biceps and his erection is 16", and still he can't get enough. It makes me so hot to see his father encourage him, telling him, standing there with his own huge boner, that nothing should stop him from growing as much as he can, seeing what my formula can do for him. Vince wants him so bad. Tony teases him, lures him, shows off for him, and Vincent is drawn like a bear to honey. I know he'll give in soon, he'll step across that last boundary, and then it'll be no holds barred.

What I didn't tell either of them, what I probably should have mentioned, devil take me, is that the shots they had today were a new adjustment to the formula. I thought of one little change that should amp up the sensations it delivers, shake loose any ties left in the pleasure zone. I wish I could be there. I know Tony is waiting for his dad to come in and watch him bone and flex and become an even more extreme god. And, God help me, if they both are feeling what I'm feeling right now, there's no way they're not going to break that barrier. God oh god, I'm so fucking buzzed I can hardly write. My cock is so hard it hurts. I can feel my muscles pump themselves harder, deep inside. God, they're going to get so thick. Oh, man, I fucking love my body. My cock is so hot, so big, so fucking thick and hot. God I love being male, I fucking love men, man, maleness, fuck, oh God, I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck. I should just go over there. I want to see it. I want to see Vincent and Tony. Oh, shit, man, look at my huge fucking guns. Look at that beautiful cock. Oh, God, oh, uh, aww fuck, ah, uunnnhhhh. •

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