Pleasure Boy


By FanTCMan

While I'm finishing a third part to Better Than Perfect, which has virtually no dialogue, and since things seem a little slow around here right now, here's a little piece of all-dialogue candy that was just sitting around.

What do you want, boy?

I want a bigger cock. I hear you have stuff that can make my cock bigger?

Really? You heard that, did you? What else did you hear?

Not much. Everyone acts like it's all a big secret, what you do here, but I heard that.

And did you hear it costs a lot of money, unless . . . Do you have a lot of money to pay for a big cock, boy? What's your name?


And how old are you Philip?

I'm sixteen, sir.

No, you aren't. You barely even shave. You know, if you wait, your cock will grow bigger as you grow up.

Yes sir, but not really big.

And do you know what else happens when our young men are made to grow really big cocks, as you call it?

I've heard they also get muscular.

And have you heard that there's only one way that a boy can have that happen to him? Is that why you're here, Philip?

I heard you sent the boys to the pleasure camps, sir.

Ah. So you know about the pleasure camps.

Well, yes sir. I mean, you hear the stories.

So you know about the pleasure boys, then.

I've heard, sir.

And is that what you want, Philip? You want to be a pleasure boy? Most boys don't want to. They fight it. We have to get them from, well . . .

They were gonna put me in another foster home, sir, and I ran away and came here.

And you'd rather be a pleasure boy than go to another foster home?

Yes, sir.

You seem like a bright boy. You know our pleasure boys are not exactly what you would call bright.

I don't care, sir.

So, you won't miss being bright. And you are quite good looking. But you know that, don't you?

I guess so, sir.

Take off your clothes, Philip.

Okay. Just put them here?

That's fine. Now come over here. Once I give you the shots, you can't change your mind. Are you sure, Philip?

Yes, sir, I'm sure. Can you really make my cock twenty inches long, sir?

Yes, Philip. I really can. And give you a body like a muscle model. Is that what you want?

Yes, sir.

Do you mind if I hold your testicles, Philip? I have to hold them to give y ou the first two shots.

What? Sir, I don't . . .

All right, Philip. That frightens all the boys, but don't worry. It hurts, but not for long, and you have to take the pain.

Who are they?

They are two of our boys, Philip. They're going to help me here, by holding you so you don't squirm. There, now. Aren't they wonderful looking? You'll be like them soon. Now, try not to jump.

But, they look like robots or something.

Ah, but look at their bodies, Philip, and their cocks. Look at their cocks. Isn't that what you want? Now don't struggle. Easy. Easy.


There, now. That's one. Now the other.


There. That's all there is to it.

Shit, sir. Oh, God.

Oh, don't worry about getting a boner, Philip. Everyone does. How do you feel?

Dizzy. Horny. Hot.

Yes. Do you want to flex for me now, Philip? See, your muscles are already starting to grow.

Oh, yeah. Fuckin' muscles gettin' big man. Fuck yeah.

Yes, your fuckin' muscles are getting big. Big hot muscles. Look at your cock, Philip. It's already growing. I bet it's already almost an inch longer. You must be about to cum. Do you want to cum, Philip?

Fuck, man. Look and my fuckin' cock. Gonna cum, man.

That's right, you are gonna cum, boy. Feel your pecs now, Philip. They're already getting extremely thick. Go look at yourself in the mirror. You're already becoming massively muscular, Philip. Look how you walk, now, boy. Does that make you feel hot?

Fuck, man. Aww, God, so fuckin' hot.

Yes, you look hot, too, Philip. I love to see you boys grow. They'll love you at east camp. We needed a blond like you at east camp. Turn around Philip. You're getting a beautiful muscle ass on you. Does that feel good, Philip?

Fuck yeah, man. You like my big muscle ass, man?

Oh, yeah. You're a good one, Philip. Can you tell me your last name?

Fuck, man, look at my fuckin' cock. You like my big fuckin cock, man?

Of course I do, boy. Looks about sixteen inches now. Still growing. You like that, boy?

Aww, fuck yeah, man.

But you don't remember your last name anymore, do you, boy?

Fuck, man, fuckin' huge.

Do you remember your first name?

Fuckin' muscle boy. Hot big muscle cock. Big hot muscle ass.

Oh. Yeah. Good and tight. You like that? Fuck your brains out. What's left of them. What's four and six, boy?

Feel so fuckin' hot.

What's four and six, boy?


What's four and four?


What's two and three?


What's your name?


Show me that big muscle ass, boy. You like all that muscle, boy? You like that twenty inch boner, boy?

Yeah, fuck.

Yeah. Feel good, you fucking moron? You like that, you musclebound animal? Flex for me. Fuck yeah. One more for the camp. You little studs are so fuckin' easy. Yeah, play with that big cock while I fuck your muscleboy ass. Those guys are gonna love you. Do you even remember you wanted a twenty inch cock, you little fuckboy? Go on, suck yourself while I fuck you. Drink your cum while I shoot you full of mine. Aww, fuck, yeah. Hot muscle fuckboy. You love this like you thought you would? Sure you do. You can't help it. Flex those muscles. Yeah. Tell me about it, you big musclefuck.

Yeah. Big musclefuck. Yeah. •

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