Gift, The



By ParisPhoto

Erik was not cruel. He took Ian in to his new house. Everyone admired how Mr. Olympia had been taking care of his former protégé after the tragic "accident" that had compromised his career.

Erik let Ian live. He put him to work. Many men were happy to pay a fortune to use and abuse the castrated former nationals champ, the boy who almost unseated Mr. Olympia. To keep his body up, Erik and the boys constantly fucked him, but without his own balls, it was a losing game, and slowly but surely Ian's muscles disappeared.

It was getting harder and harder to find paying clients for the shrinking muscleboy, but Ian had not yet worked off his debt to Erik: the warehouse, it's equipment, all the money Ian had stolen. For the pain Ian had caused, Erik knew that the debt was paid. He had caused pain and suffering, and unlike Erik, Ian would not be saved.

When Ian had finally lost all his muscles, had gotten fat like the eunuch he now was, when he could no longer bring in his keep, when Erik sent him to live far away and out of his sight, he was never out of mind. Erik felt pity for the creature he had made and then destroyed. He had given a gift, and it had been wasted.

The boys Ian had chosen were kind and good, and Erik loved them all, especially Andy, but they would never be gods. Would another man be worthy of the gift, and would Erik be brave enough to give it again... •

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