Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

In the meantime, Andy and Erik had made it back to Andy's family's cattle farm, where they swore everyone to silence. They put up Erik in the loft of the old barn, where he would not be seen by strangers. Andy's parents were surprised to see how big their son had become, and how small this Mr. Olympia guy was. But they were so happy to see Andy return safely from this crazy adventure that they said nothing and let them get on with business.

Andy had long ago built or bought second hand equipment for his own little gym which had remained untouched in the barn during his absence. He first had to build Erik up enough to be able to lift anything, which took a few days. Once they got going, Erik's muscles seemed to remember their former size, and he gained weight fairly quickly. His vibrant growth in turn stimulated Andy to become a real fire plug muscleboy. Still, it would be impossible to return to the public scene until he was at least as big as he had been at the last Olympia, and Andy just could not provide enough juice on his own.

Andy knew that Erik was desperate to grow, but he also knew that they did not have the luxury of being able to recruit new trainees. He needed more information on how this growth worked. Erik did not have all the answers. He explained that he himself had been given the gift several years ago, but that his mentor a famous champ whose name Andy easily recognized -- had died in a plane crash. The gift seemed to have been amplified when given to Erik. One useful bit of information Erik did have was that although the ability to make growth juice was transmitted with the first dose of Erik's semen, its effects were short-lived and the trainee did not gain the ability to transmit the gift himself unless he had had several weeks of feeding off the stuff. He figured he had the solution. •

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