By WBHunk


I rode away from what remained of the Bar S barely noticing the terrain around me, my mind a swirl of conflicting emotions and activities. The horse's hoofbeats sounded a clanking obbligato to the whirlwind in my head. Jeez, what if they follow me, I suddenly thought. I have no idea what could happen if...if... Instantly I swung off the horse and cracked him in the tail with the reins, dodging the kick that headed my way, and watched as he took off back to the barn. I got down on all fours, crawled to a nearby ledge, and rolled around in the sand, wincing as the rock edges dug into my skin. Good-a little blood would make it more convincing. Quickly I took off my shirt and tore it to shreds, being sure to scatter pieces across the whole area. Great, I thought. When the horse gets back, they'll think I got bucked off, then come looking. And what they'll find will look like the coyotes got here first. I climbed up on the rock ledge where I knew I couldn't be tracked and headed across the barren desert.

Around noon, I had to stop-the sun was just too intense. I crawled down the ledge and into a little cave. Sitting just inside the mouth, I laid down on the cool rock, letting it pull the heat out of my dehydrated body. I tried to think of the last time I had eaten, my stomach roiling as I thought of what it probably had been. What in the hell had happened to me? I had been just as anti-queer as the next guy, and here I'd become some kind of sex monster that had fucked two guys and destroyed two ranchsteads.

And then I heard the buzz right next to my hand. I looked over and saw a desert rattlesnake, the kind that we always carried a pistol for so that we could greet them properly. He wasn't too close-I could move away and get him with a rock. Then again, why not let him bite me-get this whole mess over with? Nobody would have to know, and I'd never do again...what I had DONE, my conscience screamed. Just let him get closer and take a good bite. Nothing to it.

"No!" I yelled, my voice echoing through the cave, as I jumped up. Charlie didn't raise me to be a quitter and I wasn't going to start now. I feinted sideways as the rattler struck, bringing one boot heel down behind his head and the other on top of it. The decapitated snake writhed in agony, finally falling down off the ledge and rolling down the hillside in a weird dance of death.

I leaned against the cave wall, my hands shaking as I caught my breath. No matter how bad it seems, I thought, I can take this. There's got to be some explanation, some kind of cure...somewhere. Suddenly it hit me like a bolt from the blue. I didn't WANT to be cured! I remembered the sheer power, the absolute ecstasy and joy that I had felt as the Hulk. I could never give that up, no matter how hard I tried to deny it, and I wanted it bad. I was what I was, and I could accept that.

I swooned dizzily, the world suddenly doubling, then twisting in front of my eyes. I felt a sudden surge of heat throughout my whole body. I must be getting dehydrated, I thought. Better find some water quick. I stepped a bit farther into the cave, listening for both the telltale buzz of another snake and the dripping of any little springs that were there. I stared into the blackness, almost swearing I saw the glint of metal. As I moved closer, it took on a definite shape and outline...almost like a door, I thought. I reached out in front of me, jumping back in surprise as my fingers touched what definitely felt like a handle. I grabbed onto it and pulled.

With a creak of rusty hinges and a shower of dust, the door opened, revealing a hallway that instantly lit up as I looked down it. This must be one of the installations of the old Army base, I thought. If the lights are still working, the water system might be too. I walked down the hallway into a main corridor, the sounds of my footsteps echoing through the empty gray tunnel. Suddenly I heard a second echo of footsteps ahead of me. Ducking into a little alcove, I flattened myself against the wall and waited. I heard the footsteps turn down my way, then pass me and continue on. Taking off my boots, I crept behind them, following through each turn of the labyrinth. I heard a door open ahead of me and the footsteps fade. Creeping along the wall, I moved forward until I found the doorway. Cautiously I looked around to the inside. A man was in there, his back to me as he paced frantically in front of the biggest computer I had ever seen. Might as well get this over with, I thought. With a dramatic leap, I went through the doorway, the man whirling as my feet crashed to the floor.

"What in the hell!" I yelled as I recognized his face. It was my hired hand!

"Wh-what are you doing here?" he squeaked, trembling as I stepped forward, quashing my immediate instinct to slam him to the floor.

"I want some answers," I said.

"L-look, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to, I just couldn't..."

"It's OK," I said, forcing a smile onto my face. He relaxed almost instantly. Good, I thought- losing my temper with him was what got me here in the first place. "I want to know what's happened to me."

"What do you mean?" he said, looking at me. His brow wrinkled as he studied me up and down...then he took a very quick step back, just like a scared colt. "Y-you don't mean...that..."

"Yes," I said, puzzled. "How did you know?"

With a shaking arm, he pointed to a mirror on the back wall. I turned, saw my reflection, and gasped. I was at least three inches taller, but that was beside the point. My muscles were thick and defined unlike they'd ever been before, pecs full and rounded with grape-sized nips showing through a gap in a thick bush of brown fur. Brown? I looked at my hair, noticing for the first time that it had changed color. My eyes had gone from gray-blue to a deep, intense green. My biceps were mountains of hard granite that made the Rockies look flat. My leg muscles were clearly defined even through my Wranglers, the waist drooping and the cuffs straining over the muscled bulls above my ankles. A full, tight muscle gut, solid as a brick wall, rode over a zipper-stretching basket, my balls pushing down against the denim of my crotch. "What the...," I said wonderingly, hitting pose after pose just to watch my muscles pop out and bulge, veins thick and ropy across my tan skin. My hired hand came up beside me and laid his hand on me, first tenatively, then working his way across my body, running his tongue across my skin and fur, hands working every part of me he could reach, worshiping this muscle god before him. I groaned with pleasure, my hired hand replying back with little keens of lust sound.

"What's happened," I rumbled, trying to get an answer out of him before I got too excited.

"You've....merged," he said, somehow managing to speak coherently with a mouthful of my gut fur. "The gamma radiation shapes your body to fulfill your innermost desires. In your case,"-he gasped for air-"you've accepted what you are, and your body has adapted to it."

"Does that mean I won't ever....change....again?" I replied, working his back muscles through his lab coat. He looked up at me, that same wicked grin in his eyes. " I don't know," he replied. "What say we find out?"

He reached down and began to squeeze my package, first slowly, then faster and faster. I felt the burning again, that surge of power beyond any mortal description. He opened the front of my pants, almost drooling as he watched my cock lengthen and thicken, greening as it went. He hugged my legs tightly as my pants tore down the seams, muscle rising majestically out of them and shredding the fabric to tiny bits. He got down on his knees and licked my toes as they popped out of my socks one by one, my feet expanding to size enormous. He watched my chest balloon outward, lats flaring out like massive wings along my neck, my delts churning like lava as they expanded to meet my bulling neck. Almost wonderingly he rode my biceps up, grabbing on and wrapping his arms around them as they expanded into volcanoes of unstoppable power. Swinging himself up, he licked along my ears, then kissed my lips sweetly, admiring the Hulk of his dreams. "You like Hulk?" I rumbled as he buried his face in my massive goatee.

"Oh yes," he replied breathlessly. "I never could be so darn sexy!" He worked his way along my body, admiring every crack, having the ultimate muscle worship experience. I knew what I wanted though. I reached down and picked him up, holding him in front of my face. "Hulk want Hulk ass!" I roared, stripping his pants and shoving him onto my cock. He screamed as it tore into him, staring up at me. "" he said. "I don't want to...I...rrrrrrrr," his voice changing as his eyes changed from brown to emerald. I slid him up and down my cock, feeling his glutes fill out and expand, working my steel rod with more and more force. I moaned with pleasure as his green cock stretched upward, growing longer and longer. I lowered my lips and latched on, sucking it as hard as only I could, feeling his body harden, the stings of his shirt buttons and belt blowing off mere flies against my green skin. Tighter and tighter we came together, his chest swelling to meet mine, its jade smoothness rippling with every touch of my green fur. My legs flared, their incredible muscles straining to balance him as his feet grew, smooth green soles reflected in the floor, his quads humming with power as they became massive cables, his hams and calves rock-solid and ultra-defined. I felt his arms wrap around me, biceps exploding and straining against my ribs as he worked himself up and down my cock. "Hulk like!" he roared as I sucked his cock harder and harder, each movement shooting an electric charge of ecstasy through our joined body. I felt the rumble in both our balls, hard enough to shake the room, furniture quivering in anticipation. With a joined scream of power, we climaxed, him shooting gallons and gallons down my throat, me returning it up his ass, a continuous stream, over and over, a never-ending river of incredible cum running through our bodies.

Suddenly I felt a wave of energy through me as I never had before. A new surge of cum poured into my mouth, my massive throat flaring as I went farther down on him, deep-throating him harder and harder. I opened my eyes...and saw pink. Dumbfounded, I watched it work its way down his cock. Quickly I raised him off my cock, holding his massive body up and watching it dwindle second by second, muscles disappearing like ice in the sun, green fading into normal complexion, cock working its way back out of my throat, over my tonsils, and out to my lips. "What happen to Hulk?" I growled.

"I....I don't know," he said, his eyes opening with a snap and staring at his body. Then at mine. "Look again," he said, in a tone of wonder.

I looked over at the mirror again. What stared back at me was quite simply a green mountain of muscle beyond description, pecs perfectly shaped and blown, delts like twin peaks of solid granite, biceps the size of a bodybuilder's legs, quads like concrete columns, bucking-bull legs, curves and striations and ripples everywhere, topped off with an achingly-handsome face. A yardstick cock and pumpkin balls completed the whole setup. "Hulk....awesome," I said, posing again, the thunderclap of my muscles moving across each other echoing through the room, my hands moving down to stroke my massive cock.

"You must body energies," he said, staring at me. "I....I'm not the Hulk any more." He looked up at me, unable to tear his eyes away from my face. And then proceeded to pass out.

"Hulk have world to fuck," I rumbled. I squatted, my legs coiling like giant gross springs, then exploding in pure muscle power as I leaped, my hands tearing through concrete and solid granite like hot butter. The bright rays of the sun glistened off my skin as I shot up into the sunlight, cracks opening in the solid earth as I touched ground and leaped again, each bound beyond distance, reveling in the pure power that was mine. •

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