Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

Erik was getting ready for his pro bid, and wanted Ian to understand the competition scene. He was also pleased to show off the young god he had created, and to do so while Ian could still compete as a teen. He taught his protégé to pose, all the tricks of the trade for contests.

The first show was a regional qualifier for teen nationals. Tanned, huge, proud to please his mentor, Ian appeared in the pump room in the skimpiest of posing trunks, the same turquoise color that had become Erik Leas's trademark color. At 230 lbs, he was as big as the senior men competing in the open contest that evening, and much bigger than any of the teens. Ian was still pumped from a precontest fuck by Erik, and he gave the show his all. It was an all-day affair with a prejudging in the morning, and Ian had been posing and flexing all day long, the periods between his appearances on stage being taken up by photo sessions. All the photographers present, professional and amateur, were eager to shoot this new phenomenon, the first young competitor trained by the great Erik Leas. The only break he took was a brief rest at the hotel where Ian was refreshed by a quick fuck from Erik.

The results at the show in the evening were obvious, of course, with Ian blowing his rivals out of the water. He had been pumping and flexing all day, and was dieing to give Erik his juice. He couldn't wait to get back to the hotel, so they cleared everyone out of one of the dressing rooms to stick his newly-crowned champion dick up his mentor's ass. Even without a workout, the results were almost immediately visible, and made Erik decide to take the boy on the road, having him compete for every title, teen or open, on the national circuit. In a few months, Erik took on 20 pounds of pure muscle, and was able to return the favor for his boy, giving him ten more, and ensuring his success at the last shows of the season.

At the same time, Erik was doing just the requisite shows to get his pro card. At one of these shows both he and Ian were competing, and the mutual muscle champion juice they filled each other with that evening was the best either had ever had. Each filled his loving cup several times over with the delicious muscle juice for the other to drink down, and only stopped when they had finally pumped each other dry. •

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