Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

And so it went, night after night. The growth was never as dramatic as that first time, when Erik had been storing up months of this incredible semen. But it was never less than a pound a night, and everyone in the gym was stunned by the progress made by Ian. They were less impressed by that made by Erik, since he was already so big that the additional weight he was putting on thanks to Ian's juice was less apparent. Ian had been careful to were bulky clothes and to avoid showering at the gym in the morning so that when after two weeks he finally revealed his new 6-foot-3 200-pound physique.

While Ian was a hit in the gym, his growth was less popular at home. His parents were already upset with the time he had been spending on the gym, and as they saw how big he was getting, they were convinced he was doing steroids. Eventually to preserve relations, Ian decided to move out. This fit in well with Erik's plans, and he had him move into his place.

Erik had rented an abandoned warehouse. Outside it looked rather broken down, but inside he had had it fixed up nicely. One large area was a well-equipped gym. They continued to make an occasional appearance at the gym in town, but most of their time was spent at the warehouse, fucking, sucking, working out, eating´┐Ż From time to time Erik had a photo session, a tour with his sponsors, or a muscle worship session with a private client. Sometimes he was able to combine business with pleasure by having a fuck session with Ian in front of a wealthy client.

Their sessions had become more intense over time, as they discovered that flexing increased the potency of their semen. The effectiveness was also improved by direct administration of the precum and semen during exercise. Erik had decided to take the blond muscleboy up the ass while Ian was doing preacher curls, and was shocked when Ian passed out from the intensity of the pump in his biceps. They enjoyed discovering ways of fucking each other while working out, and dig some particularly interesting rigging to allow a variety of positions. All of these techniques were important, as their was a law of diminishing returns the applied to their semen, and the bigger they grew, the less effect it had on future growth. •

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