Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

Ian went home and fussed over what he should wear to the evening workout. It was like going on a frigging date! He decided to wear what he usually wore, a white tshirt and cotton shorts. He returned at 10 pm to the gym, and found Erik alone.

They didn't waste any time, and Ian did his best to use the heaviest weights he could. He wanted to keep the loading and unloading of plates to the minimum. He had never seen anyone train like Erik, and before finishing the workout he was exhausted. Erik suggested they call it a night, and they headed for the showers.

The men's shower was one big room, so it was hard for Ian to hide the visible sign of the excitement he felt as seeing his hero's naked body under the next showerhead. Erik told Ian to wash his back for him, and then suddenly turned. Ian could see that Erik's already impressive member was swelling. The boy felt a bit less embarrassed at his own stiff organ. As Ian continued to lather up Erik's magnificent torso, he felt each of the muscles flexing as his hands reached them. Erik was softly moaning as he flexed, his muscles still pumped from the workout, his skin shining with the water, flecked with bits of soapy lather.

Erik held his engorged phallus in his two hands and flexed his pecs. He told Ian to get him off. For a moment, the boy was stunned. His greatest dream was coming true, and he had had to take no initiative to get what he wanted. He eagerly kneeled on the rubber matting of the shower room and began to try to take in the musclegod's cock. He had never seen one so big, and was afraid he wouldn't be able to take it, but it somehow seemed to be a custom fit. As he eagerly worked the musclerod with his mouth and tongue, Erik kept flexing and posing. The precum was flowing freely now, and Ian was surprised at the sweet taste. He had very little experience giving blow jobs, but he had never tasted anything like this.

Suddenly, Erik came, and the cum was so good, so warm, so rich, that Ian greedily swallowed every drop. It didn't seem to stop, and the boy certainly hoped it would never do so. Finally, it was over. Erik lifted him to his feet and gave him a hug.

Erik: How do you feel?

Ian: Great! I was so tired before, I could barely move… But that was great! Thank you so much.

Erik: So you're ready to hit the weights again?

Ian: Again? I never had a workout like the one we just had.

Erik: I'm telling you it's time for your second workout.

Ian knew that to please Erik he would have to go back to the weightroom. They didn't bother dressing again, and Erik set Ian working again, while he headed to the juicebar. Ian was surprised but he was able to pick up with the heaviest weights he had used earlier, and without feeling any fatigue. He was, however, hungry as a horse, and when Erik returned with a tray of protein shakes, he was more than happy to gulp them down. As he continued the workout, he felt an amazing pump. He finished the routine, then guzzled down some more shakes Erik had prepared. He wiped his mouth and looked in the mirror. He could never have imagined that he would just be finishing a nude workout with the Champ after giving him the best blowjob in the world. He hit a few poses, a bit embarrassed in the presence of his mentor, but Erik encouraged Ian. As they posed for each other in the mirror, they of course got hard ons again. Soon they were rolling on the mats, in a 69 turned into wrestling match, with flexing muscles and oozing cocks.

When they were finally spent, Ian stood and saw the results of the evening's activities in the mirror. It looked like he had put on pounds of muscle. He dashed into the locker room and weighed himself: 185! Incredible! He had put on five pounds of what clearly was pure muscle in a few hours!

He returned to the waiting Erik in the weightroom.

Ian: How…?

Erik: I gave you the gift. You drink me, you work, you eat, you grow.

Simple. And the more you grow, the more you develop the gift within you.

Ian: Well… Thank you!

Erik: You are welcome. Very welcome. You will be beautiful, and you will make me even bigger.

Ian: It's not over?

Erik: Over!? It's just the beginning. Come back tomorrow evening. But take your morning workout as normal in any case. •

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