Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

Erik had the gift. He had used it only sparingly until now. All the patrons of the City Gym knew was that Erik Leas, a nationals level competitor, had been working out in their gym for nearly a year. The management had made the most of it, and the huge bodybuilder was certainly a draw, and would be one even without his titles. At just over 6-2 and 260 lbs, the thirty-something bodybuilder was one of the biggest guys around. Everyone wondered why he hadn't tried for his pro card yet, but that would come in due time, Erik knew.

For several months Erik had had his eye on this kid, Ian. He must be around eighteen, and had been quite scrawny when he first started working out. But he showed great determination, and a real gift for the iron, and made swift progress. Slightly taller than Erik, and fair whereas Erik was dark, at 180 lbs, he could of course not compete with him on size. But for determination, Erik was sure that Ian could not be beat in all the clients of the gym.

Ian had joined this particular gym in large part to be able to see the Champ, Erik Leas, here in his hometown! He had used part of his graduation present money to invest in a year's membership, and worked out twice a day. He took a part-time job to pay for his large food bill and kept promising his parents that this was just a sabbatical year and that he really would go on to college. In the meantime, he was enjoying the workouts, feeling himself change, and seeing Erik, although he would never work up the nerve to actually speak to him or anything.

Erik had decided it was time. He went up to Ian at the end of the boy's workout.

Erik: Making good progress!

Ian: Me? Gosh, thanks Mr. Leas.

Erik: Call me Erik. And I think your name is Ian?

Ian: Yes sir, um Erik. Yes, I'm Ian.

Erik: Listen Ian. My workout buddy has gone out of town for a while,

and I'm looking for a new partner. You interested?

Ian: Interested! Of course I am. But there's no way I can keep up with you. I've seen the weights you use.

Erik: Then we'll just have to bring you up to speed, won't we?

Ian: Gosh. Well, when do you want to work out?

Erik: Come back for my private workout after closing. •

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