Wanting It

"What's happening to you?!"

I looked helplessly at my contorted body as it began the change. My chest heaved up, like two great turtles rising from the deep. They weighed heavily on my torso. My shoulders began to widen, thickening, crowding the space inside my shirt. My muscles had a life of their own. Overtaking me. Enveloping me in an explosion of masculinity.Monstrous proportions.. Every involuntary contraction took me one more step closer to ultimate development. Grotesque. Pure, unadulterated muscle.

"Oh, yeah. C'mon, baby, yeah, C'MON...." I was lost in the sensation of the change, so fucking hard. Ecstasy. Everything was about muscle. The size, the power, the strength. I clenched my fists, egging my biceps to grow bigger. I wanted them to burst my sleeves. Already, I could see their outline pulling on the fabric. I was enthralled by the rising peak, veins popping. My tris were hanging hard and heavy, pumping downward. My arms were so heavy man, so thick. The bi spread wider, filling up the gap on my puny arms. Pump it. Pump that fucker, man. The sleeve was really starting to get tight. Bigger, man! Gotta be BIGGER!

The Incredible Hulk had nothing on me. The thought of me outgrowing my clothes only spurned me on even more. Tearing out of my fucking clothes. Too big for fucking clothes!

My dick was damp already. The familiar smell of man wafted upward, exciting me more. The combination of cum and man sweat.I was getting off on myself. On my changing. On my new strength. My new size.

My personality was different as well. Fucking cocky muscle stud front and center. My shirt was real tight now, molded round my super pecs. I felt my back muscles lifting me off the chair as they pumped thicker. Fuller. I actually had slack in my shirt at the waist, but my torso was solidly packed. The buttons were straining to keep me in.

Yeah.watch em grow, man. Fucking beefy pecs. Fucking man tits. My shirt was stretched like a second skin. My nipples at full attention. I traced around them, squeezing my pecs. So hard, so big and round. I was proud of my tits. I could see my flesh peeking through the gaps in the buttons. I wanted to see more. Get a glimpse of those man tits.

With both hands, I tore open m shirt. Those huge mothers fell forward like dead weight. Spreading wider. Heaving higher like creatures whose lives depended on them growing as huge and powerful as possible. Massive man pecs were all I could see. All I could concentrate on. Flesh. Hard, muscular flesh. My flesh. Pumped and steaming as the cool air hit them.

I was becoming increasingly aggressive too. I couldnt grow fast enough, big enough. I didnt want to be just big, I wanted to be huge. I wanted to see it, feel hugeness. I couldnt wait. My dick was throbbing like a mother fucker. I flexed my back as hard as I could and hit a lat spread.

R-R-RIPPPP! My back burst out the center of my shirt right on cue I could feel it tearing all the way down. Giving way to me. I was master. Nothing could stop me. I twisted at the waist to break open the seams on the sides. My wing span was unparalleled. I could feel the thickness of my traps and rhomboids pushing me farther off the chair.

Oh yeah, traps. My favorites. Big traps were the key to monsterdom. Gave you that savage inhuman look. Big fucking hulk traps.The hairs on my ears tingled as I felt those globs pumping higher, spreading over my back and shoulders. The back of my shirt finally split apart as they and my lats bulged bigger. •

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