SuperioN, the master of muscle

By Musclebuff

This is a prose ode, a paean of praise and thanks to Master N, the true Master of Muscle, for all his works which mean so much to so many of us muscle-lovers.

Although I was brought up on a healthy diet of Tom of Finland - a diet which determined me to emulate Kake and his friends as soon, as close, and as large as possible - I have to admit that my libido for the last several years has been provoked, even haunted by the magnificence of muscle as shown by Master N in his many masterworks.

The images of those hugely morphed and wonderful guys - huge in every respect - have constantly filled my waking hours and have always eluded me in my dreams. Why is it that the people we most want to dream about refuse to participate? In our waking fantasies I can involve them, imagine them flexing their huge biceps under my nose, grabbing and slamming their mighty pecs, jamming their giant cocks up my muscle-pussy, yet in dreams, where all these things really could happen, they fail to materialize and oblige me.

Is it because I have come too close? Or because I can’t be faithful to any one of them above any of the others? I even tried for weeks to focus solely on the blonde beach-boy with the great pecs and eyes as blue as the sky behind him, hoping that being “faithful” to him alone would somehow cause him to walk into my life.

But no.

Yeah, I guess you could say I was obsessed - I still am, though in a much more satisfying and mysterious way.

The Great Change began when, on the net by chance, I stumbled across Master N’s real identity. At last the Master had opened a chink in his disguising armor and a ray of his aura hit me square in the face, in the heart, and in every muscle of my body. His men had always been real to me - even the ones whose faces I couldn’t place - but now, now I had a closer and more realistic impression of them: my friends were drawing nearer - might I actually get to see them, to touch them, to feel them? Might they touch me? or better………

Such ideas can drive a man mad. You’ll say I am. But. But it was a madness that lifted me above the heads of ordinary mortals and threatened to consume me with ecstasy. With fuckstacy. The fucking computer doesn’t want me to write that word FUCKSTACY and keeps changing it to RUCKSACK for Pete’s sake! But persistence has always been part of my character and now (fuckstacy, computer!) it was about to pay off.

I had gathered all the N guys I could find anywhere, downloaded them from the web, from other markets, beg borrow or steal. But one eluded me. It was the “finished article” that was the final transformation of Superion into being an ace N guy, naked and magnificent - maybe the one I might choose to fulfill my dreams. But I could find no way to download this hero: he was somehow attached to the former beings that the Master had drawn him from. So all I could do was call him up on the computer from his lair in [email protected] and drool in front of the screen as he was transformed from the masked and latex-covered super-hero, to an ordinary, well-built very sexy mortal, and finally to the kind of naked muscular magnificence that only Master N can dream up.

Day after day, night after night I sat there, my dick as hard as steel and constantly weeping (my dick) as I willed him into my arms - or, rather, myself into his arms and beyond ecstasy into fuckstacy. I imagined us surrounded by several of the other N guys, encouraging, urging, stroking, pushing, pulling, fluffing (as if that were necessary!). Other dicks down my throat as Superion fucked me, both of us being fucked as we hugged and kissed each other - but it always ended in a sexual magnificence that involved only the two of us and the shade of Master N himself.

The Master of Muscle would never show his own form but his powerful aura filled and provoked us to greater and weirder sexual feats - always conscious of Great Muscle and all that it meant to us - to me, as it always had since I was fourteen years old and saw a picture of Gary Strydom on the cover of a Muscle and Fitness.

So, after weeks of wasted muscle-juice (not always wasted), I began to come down from Cloud Nine into the realms of greater sanity and disappointing realism. I pored over the N pictures in my album, searching, searching - at least I could organize them as I wanted - and began to re-establish friendship with some of the guys Superion had pulled me away from. Where was he, after all? Not in my album.

No, not in my album. Salty tears. I began to berate Master N for his cruelty, but to no avail. How could I turn against the one person who had made my life worth living? Whose pictures had inspired my every

workout and helped me to build a respectable contest physique. But what contest physique could ever equal the morphed muscularity, the power and the sexual promise of his guys?

Then one day I turned on the computer and once again sought out Superion.

Oh wow.

That was it. As I sat there nursing my yearning woody in front of him, I heard this voice behind me.

“Don’t waste it all on a picture - don’t you want to meet the real thing?”

I swung around on my stool and answered without thinking.

“Meet him? Fuck, I want to BE him!”

I answered before I saw what/whom I was answering - a silver shimmer that vaguely resembled the shape of a man. But huge, seemingly almost to the ceiling - but what was grabbing me was the power that zinged out from within it. The shape continued to shift like a reflection of water in quicksilver but the sheer power never changed - if anything it became stronger the longer I watched it. Whatever - it grabbed my balls and set my dick rising to a steely height. I felt my nips tingling and my head swam as if I had taken a Quaalude or two.

“You may wonder at this, but I‘ve been observing you with my guys for a few months and I think the time has come to do something about it, or you’ll start wasting away instead of getting bigger. An obsession can tear you down as well as build you up. That is, if it’s unrequited.”

“Hey, why can’t I see you? You’ve grabbed me by the balls somehow and I know you must be huge, but why are you hiding from me? I wanna see just how huge. If you’re the one who did all these pictures you’ve been exerting this - this power over me all this time, don’t I deserve to see you?”

“All good things in good time. Before I answer any of your questions I’ve got a few of my own. What is it, for instance, that glues you to the

pictures night after night and sometimes day after day? What hold do they have over you? What power do you think draws you to them? Or are you trying to draw power out of them?”

“They’re just everything I’ve ever dreamed about - everything I’ve always wanted to be - everything I’ve struggled to be. I just want to be like them - to be with them.”

The Shimmer sparkled.

“And what would you be prepared to do to attain those ambitions? What would you sacrifice if I told you it could be possible?”

I was silent a moment. I had to think this through. Here I was in this crazy situation, talking to what looked like a ghost about things that meant too much to me. The hold he seemed to have on my mind - and, particularly, my libido - demanded the right answers.

“I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t be prepared to sacrifice. My life is fine, yes, but I don’t have family or any other attachments - nothing’s…. no one’s ever been able to live up to these guys.”

“Let me put it another way: if it were possible, would you be prepared to leave this world and everything in it to be with my men? I’m not God, and I’m not suggesting anything unpleasant like suicide or death - far from it: I’m offering you a new kind of life you may find more fulfilling than the one you’re living right now.”

Pause for reflection.

“I think it’s as simple as this: I don’t think I could take being with them if I wasn’t like them. But we’re talking fantasies here…..”

“Well, you’re talking to me right here: is it a fantasy that you’re feeling something within you, something that that should show you it’s not all a fantasy?”

My dick gave a leap and started to leak.

“See?” The Glimmer got a lot closer.

“Shit, man! Feels like you’ve got your hand on my dick - and a fist up my ass! Shit, you’re going to make me cum!”

The “hands” withdrew.

“Just showing you what I’m talking about. Now, let’s get down to this seriously. I just need one answer from you and then all your questions

will soon be answered. Will you come with me, right now, without doubts or regrets, and let me turn your dreams into reality? Yes, or no?”

How could I say anything else?

“Yes. But - “

“No buts, just take my hand and come!”

I reached out towards the Shimmer - towards nothing, I thought. I’ll wake up in a moment. But I felt a strong hand grip mine, my feet came off the ground and I was flying through streams of silver cloud with a rushing wind in my ears. My senses turned themselves inside out and I rolled ecstatically as if I was floating in some heavenly pool.

The wind rushed down and the silver clouds rushed past me and down: it seemed as if they and I were slipping down some kind of wind funnel - like Alice when she ate the cake.

Then I was on my feet in some kind of luminous chamber. I felt (kind of) normal again but the shimmer was still there in front of me.

“Very good, my friend!” the deep voice intoned, sending shivers through my dick and balls. “Now we can get on with it.”

“Get on with what?”

I was too bemused to ask any sensible questions like Where am I? Is this a dream? Will I wake up soon?

The first thing, he said, was to improve my physique. And this would be done in much the same way as his first steps when morphing a picture. But first I had to choose five guys from his pictures that I would like my physique most to resemble. Only five of them? Shit! That wasn’t going to be easy.

“Now, you have to distinguish between the physiques you want to ‘be’ and the guys you’d like to be with, go with - fuck with, whatever. You must see there’s a difference? Half the time when you want to fuck with a guy, it’s because you want to be that guy. Now look seriously at your friends here and make your decisions - five to be like, five to go with.

I’ll put all their data into the computer, but I won’t press Enter until you’re quite sure of your choices. OK?”

I must have nodded, because now there appeared a mystical kind of slide show which ran all through the thirty or so guys I’d been “living” with for so long.

“Of course there are many others, and eventually you may get to meet them all, but we have to concentrate on the ones you already ‘know’”

This Golden Apple-like choice went on for ages. It was so darned difficult to distinguish between “be” and “be with”! But, though I certainly wanted to “be with” every one of them, I began to discard the ones who I didn’t really want to be like - or rather some I so badly wanted to go with got dropped because, like the ForemaN, if I looked like them, maybe I wouldn’t be able to go with them. And I really wanted the ForemaN to fuck me.

“Yes, my friend - you’re beginning to get the point!”

So this is how it worked out. (You may not recognize all of them because, where I didn’t know what N called them, I had to make up names.)

“Before we begin this, I have to get you plugged into the system. The data I enter must co-relate with data I get from you. As you make your selections your id must mingle with those of your choices. Just move back against that wall……..”

“That wall” had not been perfectly apparent until this moment; now the Shimmer impelled me backwards against it. My butt felt a protrusion which gently insisted its way up my fuck-chute where it began to throb almost immediately. At the same time it lifted me clear of the ground and my whole body was pulled back to be cushioned against the wall which seemed to be made of some soft, pulsing rubbery substance. It was like lying on a water bed, only upright. Very comfortable - very sexy, and I was quite unable to do anything but “lie“ against it.

“Now I’m going to desensitize your genitals for a short while so that I can attach these electrodes to your prostate and your nuts. Once I have done this - ” - he attached a kind of circlet around my head - “and this” - a steel ring clamped itself around the root of my dick - “and this - ” my wrists and ankles suddenly clamped themselves against the wall; I was now comfortably immovable - “you won’t feel a thing until this part of the process is complete.”

I felt a pleasant tingle in my temples and a sudden emptiness down below as the silvery cloud obscured my genitals for a moment. When it cleared I could see a long thin needle going right through my nuts with electrodes and wires sprouting from each end. There were also similar needles going through both my nips.

“Now we’re ready to begin”. Something was switched on and an electric tremor shivered through my nuts and nips, causing my dick to rise rampant in sympathy. A similar fast throb began inside my butt and, YES, I was ready to begin! I felt as if I was in Barbarella’s Pleasure Machine. So there I was, suspended happily in space, all my favorite body parts glowing and throbbing. Happily spaced out and as horny as hell.

“Had enough time to consider your choices? Don’t forget nothing’s final till I initiate the program. Who’s your first?

“Superion - ”

“No! I knew you’d choose him, but you have to discard him: he is too much uppermost in your mind and he would crowd all the others out. Time enough to deal with your friend Superion later!”

Well, that seemed like a bad start but, on the other hand, the promise of “later” was pretty exciting. So here’s the final list.

NightGym (modeled, I believe, on Dennis Newman) for his enormous proportions, his huge pecs, giant, veined arms, the most deeply etched abs of all of them, and the thickness of his dick which hangs down to his knees; his ultimate handsomeness of face.

Swimmer, for the width of his shoulders, perfect balance of bis, delts and pecs, long abs and the great obliques which reach down to grab the long dick, magnificent quads and the fun in his eyes.

Shades, for his perfect proportions, giant cleft bis, the sweep of his lats, the striated perfection of his quads, the thickness of his dick, the perfect sensuality of his lips. (I imagine myself as I was then as his partner in this picture)

Construction, for the veins that run up his huge bis on to his wide, wide delts, the tiny waist, the great sweep of his outer quads, the enormous diamond calves, the great cleft between those bi-i-i-g pecs and the wicked gleam in his grin.

Damian, because, in my eye, he is inseparable from Swimmer, the best bis of all with the deepest clefts, the huge sweep of his triceps, the thickness of his whole thigh, the wicked promise of that enormous veined dick and the sweet, open smile.

All five as sexy as hell.

It took me ages to make the selection and I felt real bad for leaving out some of my favorite guys (see below - it was nearly impossible to restrict myself to five) - but, of the “discards”, the first three had always been the guys I most wanted to “go with”.

As the Shimmer completed each set of data there would be a strange peal of electronic musical sound, and I would feel jolts of electricity going through me, jolting my balls, jerking my dick, with similar responses from my nips. At the same time I’d feel something leaving me, like a message on a sound wave.

While I was mulling over the choice of the next five, I could see those silvery shadows clicking away at some vast machine : as I named each one he would appear on a screen alongside a large series of meaningless hieroglyphs. These, I was informed, were the co-ordinates of the DNAs and physical characteristics of each one. As another guy was added to the list the picture would subtly re-form to adapt one set of characteristics to another.

Before he hit Enter, he clouded the screen as if he didn’t want me, yet, to see the results .

“Now before I do, tell me who are the other five - I want to involve them in the final part of the operation.”

Here we go again.

The three guys who had anchored me in N’s world were:

BlondeBeachboy - Mr Perfect in every way, muscularly, facially, personality, my ideal physique, the guy I most wanted to be my top-person lover.

Shave - great muscularity, vascularity, perfect dick for sucking and fucking, lazy about shaving and hot as hell. The guy I most wanted as a friend.

And ForemaN - tough, bold, muscles as hard as nails, full muscle bellies, nuts the size of pomegranates and a thick dick to match with the most perfect mushroom corona I’ve ever seen or lusted after. The thick quads I want to feel clamped around my face, giant calves to lick and worship; long Italian nose and promisingly sexy lips. The most like Superion of them all, but I’ve known him for so much longer than that hero. There’s almost nothing I wouldn’t do for this master. That’s why I didn’t put him among the first five.

Lover, Friend and Master - that’s those first three.

CoachBrick was the first N guy I ever saw and I melted at the knees and frothed at the mouth and wept at the dick when I saw his magnificence. Need I say more?

The reason I didn’t put Cupid (Mr Valentine to me) on the first list is because his physique is remarkably like some of the others, But no one else has that sexy, taunting, provocative look in his eye. It was nearly impossible to choose between him and Carney: Carney does not have the most exhibitionist physique - just big, rangy and beautiful - but he is the best looking of them all with his long, dimpled chin and sad eyes. I finally chose him over Cupid because he is the most laid-back and the least aggressive of them all; I think he’d be a great friend and quiet lover. Someone I’d like to spend all day with, in fact. And I feel he’d be the most likely to be the most faithful, long-time lover.

I was surprised to see the Shimmer entering details of these five too but I was soon to find out why. Meanwhile, he listened patiently to all the reasons I gave, tapping away as he did. Their pictures appeared too, but they didn’t melt into each other as the first five had.

“One final thing I need from you before I hit GO is an orgasm. Ready?”

Without asking for an answer, buttons were pressed and it seemed as if I was suddenly whirled into space. The ring round my dick started to pulse violently and the pole up my ass swelled and started to pump in and out. My “bed” never stopped whirling, nor did my head and, as I whirled, I saw a constant slide show of different parts of my first Five - parts that had not always been shown in their pictures - their backs, for instance. And from different angles. And there seemed to be rays from each that connected our eyes.

It didn’t take long for this treatment to cause a massive ejaculation, one that went on and on and on - massive spasms which echoed all through my body. When it was over, the whirling stopped, but my dick was as hard as iron and throbbing deliciously. Never in my life had I felt so charged after cumming - and cumming so much. I couldn’t tell what happened to the cum, but I guess it was somehow fed into that machine.

Once again I was upright and the Shimmer turned away from the controls and faced me. First he removed the needles.

“That was the first part of our operation. I shall now, with the assistance of all the data you’ve given me, proceed to morph you as I do with all the men in my pictures. You will find it pleasant, exciting and, I hope, interesting! You need to drink this.”

A heady, warm wine-like substance flooded my mouth and of course I was compelled to swallow it. It went straight to my head.

“And you may need this if you start to feel any panic at all. But don‘t be greedy! A little will go a long way.”

I inhaled “this” at once and almost went through the roof. A most potent kind of amyl, I guessed.

“No, not amyl - but with much the same effect. Careful, now!”

The wall seemed to push me closer to the screen which now doubled in size. A hum. I appeared mirrored on the screen.

“I am not going to give you a running commentary - everything will be quite clear to you without explanation. And anyway I need to concentrate on what I’m doing.”

The light in the chamber dimmed. The Shimmer dimmed somewhat too and the dominant light came only from the screen. I didn’t look too bad, in spite of all the attachments and the strange position I was in, splayed against the wall like a captive moth.. There was some strange, soft indefinable music, otherwise total silence.

Until I started to gasp at what I saw.

The picture shifted so that my face was now in shadow. As I watched, my shoulders were stretched outwards to an unimaginable width, then the deltoids began to swell and divide. The movement of the shoulders also pulled my back with it and now I could see amazing thickness in the lats. My pecs swelled and swelled until my nips were pointing downwards, then they too enlarged and darkened. Two rings appeared through them, then the one on the left nip disappeared. I watched fascinated as he played around with the shape and formation of the pecs: one moment they were like Construction’s, then they thickened like NightGym’s, then the uppers split from the lowers, and the cleft down the middle became deeper and deeper and the vascularity spread over the whole landscape.

The abs turned a six-pack into a deeply ridged eight-pack and the obliques reshaped themselves into the perfect frame for the whole stomach “armor” before plunging thickly down towards the cock and balls.

Slowly the whole picture revolved so I could see what was happening to the back. As with the front of the body, the muscles rippled in constant flex of shaping and reshaping: the rear delts pushed themselves out to stand clear of the huge, thick, wide spreading lats, then the rhomboids and traps competed for supremacy before the erectors thickened like tree trunks to support the whole thing.

The frame of the picture moved down to the legs where I could see the hamstrings bunching and flexing and growing like steel hausers; and the calves shaping and reshaping themselves into perfectly divided, enormous diamond shapes. Then, like to the front view, the vascularity became more visible. The “camera” shifted gently back to the quads and, as it turned, I could see the curve of the front being balanced with the great curve of the hams; then the side curve became visible, its lines being drawn and redrawn to enormous proportions: the gracialis jumped diagonally across to the teardrops which swelled to balance the proportions on each side of the knees.

All this while, I felt nothing actually happening to my own body, though my mind was completely taken up by seeing the muscle qualities of NightGym, Construction, Shades, Damian and Swimmer appearing, transforming into each other and being fitted to my newly monstrous frame. Only my head and my dick were left in shadow - as if the photographer had air-brushed them out. Otherwise the total picture of this new creation was awesome: a physique as huge as any of Master N’s other guys, and yet subtly different, seeming to borrow from all five of my #1 choices.

“I know perfectly well what your face will look like: you’ve made your wishes so clear from your ten choices. No doubt you’ve noticed the close similarity of type between the first five? So you can discover that later. I’ve also laid in data that will provide for your genital development, also based on those five, but, before I press the button on all this to put the morph into effect there’s one more procedure to go through and for this I’ll need the help of your other five friends. Guys, come in!”

The Shimmer’s voice was coming out of the shadows near his machine, but now the five magnificent ones of all my sex dreams (day-dreams) came into view as if they had been waiting in some “next room”. Here were the Foreman, BlondeBeachboy, Shave, Coach Brick and, hovering modestly in the rear, that fucking handsome Carney - the only one still wearing his pants!

My breath left my body as I was confronted by their amazing bulk and beauty. When you see a huge bodybuilder in a contest photograph his apparent size is limited in ratio to the frame of the picture and it’s only when you see him in the flesh, and close to, that you realize just how enormous he really is. Now here were five guys who must each have been at least six and a half feet tall, and almost as wide, looming over not-so-little me, examining me with a kind of excited curiosity. All their dicks were semi-tumescent (even Carney’s was stretching out of his fly) and mine rose to its full height in salute.

No one spoke. I couldn’t, and they didn’t. They just stood there, gently and unconsciously flexing, half grinning - even Beachboy and Coach who normally looked so severe. Then Coach reached out and started to stroke and test the size of my muscle. But all he said was “Hmm.”

Then Shave knocked his elbow into Beachboy’s arm and jerked his head towards the projection of the (I hoped) about-to-be Me. They all looked round. Someone let out an admiring whistle and, when they all looked back at me, they were all grinning widely.

“Boys,” intoned the Shimmer, “you have been chosen to induct our friend into our society: I hope you will feel flattered enough to see him through the process. Then you can do what you like with him!” Some laughter - Foreman punched me lightly on the pecs and Beachboy gave a squeeze to my dick. This nearly made me cum - Coach saw what was happening and subdued the proceeding by swatting my dick with the back of his hand.

“These guys are here, not just to assist but to contribute part of their DNA to our proceedings. Coach, since it was you who introduced our friend to my works perhaps you would set the ball rolling?”

Shave and Foreman each lifted one of my legs and pulled them wide apart so that Coach could stand against my crotch. He took hold of his massive organ and began to massage it. Slowly the huge thing thickened and swelled and lengthened until the head of it was hanging over my pecs. While Beachboy and Foreman were massaging the inside of my legs Coach took no time to reach his climax: a great fountain of thick muscle juice jetted onto my face and chest. I’d never seen so much gism come out of one guy’s dick. He gathered it up in two hands and proceeded to massage it into my dick and balls: one hand did the massaging, the other gripped me tightly around the root to prevent my otherwise inevitable spurting.

“Thank you. Coach - that’s all we’ll need from you now. He’ll see you in the gym later.” Coach licked his fingers, grinning at me, and left the chamber.

Then Carney and Shave stepped in, their giant dicks waving over my face, one on each side, and started to jerk off. They aimed their galvanic spurts at my chest , then massaged the gism roughly into my pecs and abs.

“Now I think it’s my turn. What comes out of this will determine the size of your equipment for the future.”

As the Shimmer approached the void between my legs that Coach had left behind him, Foreman and Beachboy lifted my feet high into the air.

The quicksilver shimmer vibrated fast for a moment and then began to take the form of a - huge and solid - man. The quicksilver seemed to peel off the giant physique and standing before me was - Superion!

“Fuck! Double fuck! Triple fuck!”

“That’s what I’m here for! Surprised? Now see why you couldn’t choose me?”

I started to shake with incredible desire. Superion lifted me up so that my hard dick was resting in the amazing cavity between his huge, wide burnished pecs. Then he started to flex the pecs and squeeze my dick. I had an uncontrollable urge to fuck his pecs but, as soon as I began, he just laughed and lowered me again into the grasp of ForemaN and BeachBoy.

“Just teasing! I know how you love these pecs. Time for all that later. Get those legs up, boys!

The “boys” lifted my legs high into the air and before I could catch my breath the monstrous fuckrod I had been lusting after so long was suddenly thrust up my muscle-pussy. Then Superion grabbed my ankles and pulled me hard on to that cock which started its slow, deep thrusts into the very depths of my being. I had never been so filled.

I started to quiver in my ecstasy. I started to yell delighted obscenities.

“Time to shut him up, boys!”

And ForemaN and BeachBoy rammed their swollen, pre-cum-leaking dicks into my mouth. They alternated their thrusts down my throat in time with Superion’s operations down below. I couldn’t see it because of their administrations but I felt my dick spasm with each of Superion’s mighty thrusts and, with each spasm, it seemed to grow thicker and thicker. Eventually, after about another hundred thrusts, I felt its tip nudging gently at the bottom of my pecs. A hand stroked it as if to say, Yeah, it’s all yours! My balls gave a great lurch and were about to send their gism up this new length of fuckrod when a fist, Superion’s I guess, clamped itself around the root of my dick to prevent any such premature spurting.

Hard fingers were kneading my nips which felt as if they were an inch long when Superion, between mind-boggling thrusts, said “Ready, boys? Carney, stand by the Enter switch.”

His thrusts and my ecstatic groans accelerated and crescendoed as we neared climax. The dicks down my throat became ever more demanding. My whole body was throbbing with frustrated desire.

“Aaargh! Aaargh! Unnhh! Unhh! N-O-O-OW!” Three things happened as that Enter was clicked: a dam burst in my gut, twin torrents poured down my throat as I gulped to swallow them, and a bolt of lightning struck me as I orgasmed.

I was whirled into the air, jolted constantly by my orgasmic spasms which, in turn, seemed to cause my whole frame to stretch. A pleasant but insistent fire spread through my loins, rushing through my blood to join the fire that poured down from my throat. The torrent invaded every part of my body as it stretched and the muscles blossomed. My pecs were swelling and shaping; my bis were ballooning, but hard! My back seems to be opening to monstrous proportions and my quads were rumbling into hugeness.

All the time I was gasping and spasming orgiastically, yelling my head off in obscene delight. And all the time my dick was spurting, spurting and my balls throbbing and throbbing.

Suddenly, as before, I was swept down the tunnel of wind and found myself back in the Chamber, standing in front of Superion. I was as tall as he was.

“Welcome, brother!” He kissed me on the lips, then turned me to face the others. Right in front of me were, Damian, Swimmer, Shades, Construction and NightGym.

“See what you’ve made, guys! What do you think?”

Swimmer grabbed me and kissed me, passed me on to Damian who stuck his split bis in my face, then frenched me. Shades took off his shades, let his violet orbs drill into mine and shoved my hand on to his boner. Construction grabbed me by the balls and shoved his tongue down my throat, then pushed me on to NightGym who folded me in his mighty arms and squeezed me tight into his muscles. So I squeezed back until he was forced to kiss me too.

Our struggle was separated by Superion’s voice. “Guys, you made him - show him what you made!”

BeachBoy and ForemaN elbowed NightGym out of the way and led me to the screen: this turned out to be some kind of cosmic mirror. And I was in it. BeachBoy and ForemaN stepped back to leave me alone in its shimmering reflection.

Wondering (and wonderful!) as I was, I guess the body was no great surprise, for I’d seen it through the other guys for so many years. In fact It was easy to recognize the geneses of it all. Huge - magnificent - hot, hell yes! - but the face! It was NightGym and yet it wasn’t. It was Swimmer, and yet it wasn’t. It was all five of them, and yet it wasn’t - but it was ME!

I started to pose and flex those great muscles. The split in my biceps was deeper than Damian’s! My pecs were higher and harder than NightGym’s! My quads were as big and cut as Construction’s. My lats were as wide as Swimmer’s and my arms rivaled Shade’s mighty cannon balls. And my dick - those huge hanging nuts! I went crazy in that mirror as the others hooted and whistled me on until I fell, shining with sweat and spurting joy-juice, into the arms of Carney and Shave. My two longest-standing “lovers” smiled down at me as they hoisted me back to my feet. I turned to Superion (solid, not shimmering) who was smiling and satisfied.

“How…?” I was speechless with gratitude but couldn’t find anything that could match the depths of my feelings - or the size of my new muscles.

“Don’t bother. The creation is my whole joy and all the thanks I need. You’ll find time to satisfy me when the others have finished with you!

Guys. He’s all yours!”

With a whoop, I went down under a pile of magnificent muscle. ForemaN pulled me out of the scrum: “You want us one at a time or all together?”

“As long as I have you all, I don’t care - you choose!”

“Then,” said BeachBoy, muscling the great ForemaN out of the way, “I think we’ll have you two and three at a time!”

“As long as you leave something for me at the end!” said Superion as he left the Chamber.

There was a moment’s silence, Beachboy looked at Shave. Shave nodded. “You can have him after us!” he said to ForemaN as he claimed me.

“Fuck that! We’ll have him together!”

Carney spoke up for the first time, quietly and forcefully as he (finally) pulled his pants off. “Guys, give him a chance! He wants to explore his new body and get to know ours too. Time for all that stuff later.”

Even as he was talking he was stroking my new pecs and placing my hands on his. Shave got behind me, pressed his bulk against me and started to stroke and knead my eight-pack and dick. Carney kissed me, long and deep. Shave whispered in my ear. “You think he’s the quiet one - wait till he gets going, he’s the wildest of us all!”

And so it began. Gentle exploration of all those huge muscles. Getting to know those ten great guys. Getting to know my own body till I felt it was my own. Feeling what I had always dreamed of feeling and now could really feel it. Be part of it.

I explored each and every one of them - and they explored me. Muscle to muscle, pec to pec. So many biceps to feel and lick, so many dicks to stroke and suck. So many guys to get to know - really get to know.

And what of Superion? Shall I ever get to know him - really get to know him?

ForemaN forced me to my knees and stuck his throbbing dick down my throat; BeachBoy pulled me backwards on to his dick. Shave got down to swallow mine as the other two started fucking. NightGym fucks me with that mighty thick rod until I spurt over his face and pecs. I cling to his huge bulk, still not realising that my bulk is as big as his.

Coach works me out until all I can find the energy for is to be bounced up and down on his rod while Construction twists my long hard nips. I have private times with Construction and Carney; doubles with ForemaN and Beachboy. Workouts with NightGym as my training partner, always urging each other on to greater feats of muscle, then slamming each other’s butts in turn. Doubles in the pool, over and under the water, with those two muscle-swim-obats Damian and Swimmer. Maybe the most amazing times were alone with BeachBoy: I had “known” him for so long that I really wanted to get to know him. I think, apart from Superion himself, he taught me more about the beauty and joy of muscle than any of them. Then there were the crazy S and M times in the sling with Shades in his leathers.

And Superion? He in his magnificence is always there to remind me where I came from and how I got here. Whatever he wants I give. And whenever. He remains supreme. He’s even gotten himself bigger than me to keep me in my place. My private times with him are beyond belief. Each one is like some fantastic muscle-dream as we live out, fuck our minds out with his fantasies. To nestle my face between those mighty pecs and to stroke that towering dick at the same time; or to ride the huge fuck-pole while he deep-kisses my soul; to work out with him, mercilessly challenged by the swelling and flexion of the giant muscles rippling across that incredible body (that would be another chapter in itself); or to sleep with his dick up my ass all night, cradled in those mighty arms - all that is something like paradise.

He taught me the true meaning of MUSCLE - the exulting glory of muscle - the spiritual power of muscle. The very mind of muscle. What it means to feel it, to have it, to hold it, to fight it, to assimilate it, to meld into each other through it.

To be it. •

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