Ten Big Indians

Growing Pains


By John

Time to check in on our vacationing musclemen once again. If your new to the story, don't forget to read the first four chapters. As we walk into our island home once again, who will not be walking out with us?

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By 10 minutes to 8, all but Ivan were already in the dining room. Mike had come across the still shaken Todd sitting alone on a bench in the gym. His thoughts of out-muscling this stud shifted quickly as he saw the look of depression exaggerated by how Todd was slumped down on the bench. He noticed the still liquid whiteness running in wet lines down the nearby wall. Without hardly any prompting, Todd explained how he had become overcome with lust with Ivan and of his suspicions that Ivan, too, had lost his claim to the challenge somehow.

Mike did his best to comfort Todd and to assure him that things would all work out in the end though he, himself wasn't sure he believed it at all. Todd seemed to move to a level of calm over time and said he just wanted to go back to his room until dinner. Thinking better of it, Mike persuaded Todd to just walk around the island a bit with him. As hard as Mike tried, he couldn't completely dismiss his own lust for this award winning mountain of muscle next to him. Maybe he had harbored too much jealousy. Todd didn't seem like a bad guy at all.

As they walked along, Mike felt his own sorrow that he couldn't (or at least shouldn't) take advantage of the situation. Now that he actually had this stud where he was obviously vulnerable, there was no way to act on the chance. Even if he had triggered the dreaded testosterone alarm that they had been warned about only a day ago, Todd's muscle still felt warm and hard as Mike moved along beside him with an arm draped across one of those cannonballs he called shoulders. As Mike turned to see how Todd was reacting as they walked, he was taken again and again with the massive projection of chest muscle. He certainly could understand how much Ivan had wanted to enjoy it. He just beat the rest of them to it.

Todd sat quietly at his seat at the dining table. As the clock struck 8 PM, Ivan strode into the room. Todd's attitude shifted immediately into hate followed by rage. He bound out of his seat and was across the room and on top of the Ukrainian in three long bounds. Several of them reacted immediately to get between them and pull them apart. It took four of these muscled specimens to try to hold Todd back. Ivan stayed down on the floor where Todd had knocked him as blood trickled out of one nostril. Someone tossed him a napkin from the table.

"I'm going to kill you, you shitty little fucker." Todd shouted out.

"You enjoy me as much as I enjoy you." Ivan retorted with an air of indifference. "Maybe more. You the one who shoot his cum."

This only made Todd angrier. Before he could come back with anything, the mysterious voice boomed into the room.

"I expect a lot more decorum in my house!" he shouted. They all jumped a little with surprise.

"From my view, both of you seemed be having a great time back there in the gym. Those were some of the finest acrobatics I have ever witnessed." He continued. "It seems to me that both of you have something more important to concern yourself with for right now."

"What?" growled Todd.

"The neutralizing serum, you fool. Ivan, how much weight have you lost since just this morning?" it went on.

"Nine pounds." He muttered with an air of defeat in his voice.

"Yea, that puts you four pounds down from where you started, doesn't it?"

Ivan nodded his response.

"Your a little better off for now Todd." The voice continued. "You were probably up the full 10 pounds, maybe even 11 or 12 with your genetics. The boat comes every third day about 1 PM with supplies. If you guys get on that boat, you can have your antidote within 36 hours. You'll find it on the pier when you get back to the mainland."

"You're a real bastard." Todd pronounced looking toward the camera.

"Now, now, my good young muscleman." Came the response. "I'm not the monster you seem to think I am. I gave you a very special opportunity and you couldn't handle it. Now I am your gateway to stability. By the time you get neutralized you should only be down to about where you were when you first got here, and with your genetics, you can certainly maintain what you had. The worse that will happen is that you'll miss a few months of competition."

"Ivan, you on the other hand, will be lucky not to loose 30 to 40 pounds." It continued as the seriousness of this realization showed in Ivan's face. "So if I were both of you, I would be a lot more complacent for now. Any more physical outbursts until you have the serum in hand, and neither of you get it at all - and that goes for everyone during the duration of this program."

Both defeated men sat in silence.

"Meanwhile, I have a little news for the rest of you. Since two guys are out of the running, one or two of you will get their dosage." The voice added changing the tenor of the his speech to something quieter.

"We don't want it" shouted Dwayne.

"Oh, sure you do. You have already begun to notice the results and you all like it. Your legs looked a lot more pumped than ever before there in the gym today, Dwayne. So don't tell me you don't want it. Look, it isn't going to do Ivan or Todd any good, and just imagine a 20 or 30 pound gain tomorrow." Taunted the speaker.

"Here's how it will work, There are two bowls over on the sideboard. There are 8 slips of paper in each bowl. Each of you will draw out one piece from each bowl. One piece in each has a big red "X" on it. If you get that piece, you get the extra dose tonight and every night here on out." Came the explanation. "Just one more catch. With bigger dosage comes increased sexual desire. You've seen what one dose can do, imagine what it's going to be like with multiple doses. Mike, you go first."

Looking over toward the side wall, they could see the bowls he had described. Mike hesitated, looked around the room at the others, shrugged his shoulders he got up, reached in and took a sheet from each bowl. The others did the same. No one moved to open the folded papers until they had all drawn. Rick leaned over and showed Dan his sheet with the "X".

"I got one" he announced.

"I have the other" added Mike.

"Good" said the voice. "Tonight it comes as a tablet. Just take it now with water before you eat. It works better that way. The two with the "X's", just show Mel and he'll give you the extra doses."

The sound system went silent.

Mel entered the room and handed each of the eight remaining players a tablet and gave the extra ones to the two drawing winners. They all hesitated.

"Hey, guys, it's OK, your host is right." Todd assured them. "I wanted it as much as Ivan and there's no value to us in your not taking it now."

Ivan made no sound. He gave a brief, slow nod then got up and silently left the room.

They all swallowed their pills. Mel preceded to serve another well balanced meal. This second dinner was just as quiet and subdued as the first one. Immediately following the meal, Dan and Rick told the guys about the poem they had seen. Following the two lovers up the stair, they all read the verse. This only served to add to the already growing discomfort. They all headed off to their rooms to see if tonight's sleep would be any more comfortable than last night's had been for most of them. It wasn't.

The whole next day proceeded quietly and with only one incident of which they were aware. Several of them went back up to study the poem only to find that it was no longer there. No explanation was offered when they questioned this at dinner. Everyone could feel how much hornier they were today, but the feelings of the pending separation from their first two participants seemed to enable them to exercise a fair amount of control over their desires.

Neither Todd nor Ivan joined them at dinner. During dinner, Ram made a point of dropping his napkin several times between him and Steve. Each time, his hand brushed Steve's thigh as he retrieved it. Steve had noticed the much increased package size showing in Ram's pants and liked the way it was reacting to the drugs. The doses now were showing clear visible accomplishments. They were all bigger as was apparent in whatever they chose to wear. All their clothes were visibly tight and all their muscles showed just how much more cut and defined they had become with an average of 20 pounds of new muscle on each of the 8 bodies.

Mike and Rick actually were having trouble fitting into anything they had brought. Mike was up to 282 pounds and his chest surpassed Todd's 56" maximum by a full 2" His waist had actually shrunk to 31" and his arms were a solid 22 " of pure, thick meat. Rick had moved from purely aesthetic to sharply aesthetic. His face was even sharper and handsomer. The 27 pounds he had added made him look much more mature and certainly more massive.

They all got their pills, like the night before with Mike and Rick getting their double dose. At this pace, they would outshine everyone else in the house in just a couple of days.

The third morning greeted the 8 competitors with reflections of another growth spurt. Spike loved his new 270 pound body. He fondled his own 55" chest and 22" arms. His triceps were everything he had ever dreamed of. He even dared to let his cock begin to swell over the muscled sight in the mirror before him. Soon it was at the new 12" length and had still grown at the root to match that dimension. He knew better than to touch it hard. He could feel how sensitive it had become. It was bigger and even more beautiful than ever before. He doubted that there were many who would be able to take it all the way in anymore. He gave it a quick flick to the side with his fingers. It twanged back and forth invitingly.

Spike could feel the juices in his fist sized balls churning and wanting to be released. He wanted to feel the cream rushing through the shaft and belching out of begging piss slit. "No! he warned himself.!" Restraint was hard, his cock was hard. But the thought of the departing Ivan and Todd brought him back to his senses just in time. He turned the shower on cold and jumped in.

Dan's new 240 pound body was beginning to look dwarfed already next to Rick's. Even in his sleep, Rick's cock remained semi-hard and was 11" long now. Dan had to keep moving away whenever Rick turned toward him so as not to set off that monster as it rubbed against his own new expanded thigh muscles. They had come close to trouble just after they had gone bed last night. Soon after Rick fell asleep, he rolled into Dan as he often did. Between them there was 50 new pounds of muscle then and Rick's cock seemed to be responding to growth opportunities even faster than the rest of his body. As Rick rolled in, Dan had rolled over automatically to meet him.

The next thing Dan knew, Rick's cock was lodged between Dan's hard legs. Rick seemed to move into a slow rocking thrust in his sleep. Dan woke up with the feel of Rick's super hard manmeat sliding in and out between his inner thighs. Almost instinctively, Dan began to flex and release his new found leg mass causing it to act like a tight waiting ass hole. As Rick groaned in pleasure, Dan realized what was about to happen and rolled away as fast as he could. God, he had wanted to complete that transaction, but there was no way he was going to hurt his lover that way.

He needed to talk to Rick about this situation sometime today. They had to figure something out. After all, by tonight, the way it was going, there could be over 500 pounds of prime muscle and 21" of cocks trying to share the same bed.

Crap, thought Rick, as Dan removed his cock and rolled away. He wanted sex. He needed sex. As he tried to move from the pretense of sleep to real sleep, Rick focused on just how good it had felt to have those great muscled legs of his lover working and massaging his big, hard cock like a thick enveloping man-cunt.

Later that day, they all watched from the windows as the boat pulled up. They saw Todd walk down to and get in the boat. He had told them that he wanted to be alone and had said his goodbye to them earlier in the day. The others respected this decision.

After another few moments, several of them noticed curiously that the boat began to pull away. Then the voice of their mysterious host came on abruptly over the loud speaker system. It directed them all to go to the dining room. Once there, they were informed that the reason they had not seen Ivan get on the boat was that during the night before he had, in an apparent depressive response, jumped from his bedroom and crashed his body down the long, steep cliff outside their windows.

The shock was complete and instantaneous. There was a growing scowl of anger that began to form in the room. Their host boomed them back into silence and bespoke his own sorrow and anger over this waste of a life. Ivan's actions were his own. The voice spoke of how fast it had happened and, while he had seen a bit of it on camera, it was so sudden that there had been nothing he or anyone else could have done. The boat was going to swing around and retrieve the body and return it to the mainland. Todd had already been informed and had even offered to help. As to the rest of them, the windows were being sealed shut by Mel this afternoon and none of them were to go back to their rooms until after dinner.

The remaining men spent the afternoon dealing with the information each in their own way. All of them knew that this would not be their fate, they were all too mentally strong for that. Some like Mike, Spike and Ram sat silently and reflective at the pool for some time. Dan and Rick walked around the island together, more grateful than ever for the presence of each other. They had hoped to catch up with the boat below the house to see if they could help, but, apparently, the smallness of the island and the time it took them to get around the sharp bluff made it too late. Chen practiced his yoga and drew great relief from it. Steve threw himself into his hardest back workout yet. Dwayne, too, sought comfort by working his mighty muscles out in the gym. He was doing legs yet again when Steve entered the gym. Those legs were beyond huge.

Dwayne was able to use the workout to put his mind back on track. Steve didn't take long to let the muscle show being put on redirect his thoughts back to the task at hand. Dwayne had had to cut the sides of the too tight shorts just to get in and out of them over the massive thigh meat that hung in broad, deep slabs around his upper leg bones. He now showed deeper cross striations than Todd had previously achieved.

Ram finally came to terms with the fact that they were all still pretty much strangers. He regretted the incident, but he had his own challenge with which to deal. Ram had noticed that he was getting deep into his own abs. He decided to join those others in the gym. It wasn't long before he was showing off how tight his midsection was getting. He focused on doing a variety of sit-ups. The bulge that showed in his shorts as he laid back on each rep was not to be believed. That thing must be getting half of the daily growth each day, thought Steve longingly to himself.

Steve worked off in a corner where, because of the arrangement of the mirrors, he could see his own back in action. He was up to 275 pounds. His back was over twice as wide as his waist and, in fact, his fully inflated upper torso measurement was up to 56" while, to his own disbelief, his waist was down to 28". Being at the 2:1 ratio was exactly as Steve had envisioned it all these years. The smallness of the waist created an illusion of even more size across his ever thickening back. The "Christmas tree" pattern in his lower back was visible all the time now because of how cut he had become. It pointed decisively down into the shorts toward that precious ass. Yes, he was something special and no one could take that feeling away from him

He was the only one whose pants had actually developed an excessively loose slot around the waist permitting a nearby viewer to look down into the dark, inviting crotch area. At the same time, the new swell of ridged muscle on his ass pushed outward locking his workout shorts in place. The fabric stretched ever so dangerously across the striated masses and promised deep, defined dimples on each side as it wrapped around to caress his cock and ballooning balls. The ball sacs forced the limits of the thin material into the bottom of his ass crack inviting everyone to the most spectacular view of male ass anywhere.

After a hard pumping, Steve let himself have his own special back show as he hit several lat poses and clenched his ass muscles as tight as he could at the same time. The back muscles stood out with deft definition. It felt good to get back to his own thoughts and needs. Ram noticed how each of Steve's back muscles was outlined by it's own defining ridges and shadows as light flowed down over them. With his medical background, Ram began to name the various muscles off of the anatomy chart that was Steve's back. He loved the way the muscles flowed from the top of the trapezius around the huge thick arch of the latissimus dorsi back up by the serratus and teres major into the base of the deltoids.

Steve, himself, enjoyed his own show, too. Looking down into the lower regions of the back, Steve felt that his control over those amazing gluteus muscles were stronger and better than ever and he really wished he could prove it.

In fact, the swelling muscle and sex drives the men were encountering, quickly moved each of them back into their own focus and the desires; consuming their minds; and displaced most of the thoughts of sorrow.

It wasn't long before Steve got his chance to test his own rekindled sense of desire. Once finished with his back workout, he headed back to his room to get ready for dinner #4. Heading into the shower, he heard the other door to the bathroom open. Damn, he thought to himself, he had forgotten to lock it! He wasn't used to this sharing bathrooms thing.

Ram had known from the first night that he shared a bath with Steve. He had seen the beautiful back display at the gym and had followed Steve out. Sure enough, what he figured Steve would do was exactly what he was doing. He needed a mental diversion right now. He needed a physical challenge to recharge himself. He didn't hesitate, lust aside, he was going to get a good look (and feel) of that ass. He had undressed himself in his room and let the excitement of the moment do it's work on his own amazing tool.

Steve spun around to yell at the intruder as the shower door flew open. When he saw what he was facing, he gasped loudly instead, taking in a mouth full of water.

"It's now or never. Otherwise this thing in my pants will get too big even for your beautiful ass." Announced the good doctor. "You want to have it and I want to get it. Look, we're both the smart ones here, not like these others. It's all about logic and control. We can handle both of those things and still have each other."

Steve caught his breath. The doctor was right about one thing - he wanted it! He knew he could completely control any situation involving his ass, and this was a challenge he really wanted to take on. He had never seen anything like it.. The cannon pointing at him was close to 11" long. But that wasn't what was so amazing. It had to be 5" in diameter - 15" around. It would be like taking two fists at once and all of it contained in one single, solid cock. And the head! It had to be almost 5 " across! He wanted to feel that inside of him. He had to have that inside him.

"This isn't right. Look at what just happened!" Steve tried to get the vision of that astounding sex tool he was staring at out of his mind.

"That wasn't us. We are bigger than that! We are stronger than that!" Insisted the Doctor. "You want it, I want it and, right now, we both need it more than ever!"

Steve thought it over. This would really help him in moving on. He knew he could take this and deal with it. Steve looked down at the special invitation standing straight out at him. It was very special indeed! He knew he could just use these amazing new ass muscles he had to pull that thing in and move it wherever and however he desired.

"OK, you're on Doc." Steve responded now that he had regained both his breath and his composure. "I'm going to give you a ride like you have never known."

"And I'm going to fill your ass like it has never been filled." Replied Ram. "But just so we understand, the minute one of us calls it quits, we both quit."

"Yep, understood." Promised Steve.

"Here, let me do that." The doctor said taking the towel from Steve as he stepped out of the shower.

Ram proceeded to towel off his wet, waiting partner, leaving that ass for last. As he stepped around to the back of Steve, he knew this had been worth waiting for. That ass formed the two most perfectly muscled invitations to glory that he had ever seen. Steve knew just how to respond as he clenched and released the muscles slowly. Then he would tense and hold them that way for a while. The Doctor marveled as an astounding number of lines and mounds pointing into that deep inviting crevasse between the masses of sculpted ass meat formed. He relished the thought that there was an ass hole in there that was just as perfect and waiting to take on his ramrod.

They crossed to Ram's room. Steve's own enhanced cock standing at equally hard attention. Not even his huge, oversized, dangling balls could pull it down from perpendicular with his crotch. At the foot of the bed, Steve turned to face Ram as Ram reached around to fondle the rear mounds of desire. Steve kept up the rhythm of flexing and relaxing his ass as the hands learned their way over every inch. Meanwhile, Steve dared to reach down and touch that unbelievable tool. With both hands wrapped around it, the fingers barely touched. It looked like a hardwood fire log and felt just as hard. Steve couldn't wait to set it on fire!

Thank god the knob that defined the head yielded some under his feel. Ram groaned as Steve's hand moved across from pole to head and back again. So this, Steve thought, is where the real pleasure is. He would work on that once the monster was safely locked inside of him. Steve permitted his cheeks to relax as Ram inserted a newly wetted finger into the wanting hole. A second soon followed and then a third. As the fourth one entered, the Doctor looked a bit surprised into Steve's eyes. Steve just shrugged slightly and smiled back. You haven't felt anything yet, he thought to himself. The Doctor began to twist his hand from side to side slowly, adding the thumb to the equation. Now that felt good!

Finally, Steve used one hand to gently urge Ram's hand out of his ass and turned around slowly while using his other hand to lead the thickest tool he had ever seen toward the waiting hole. The sight of that marvelous ass was all the invitation the doctor needed. Placing the tip of the gigantic head against the begging hole, he began to push. He felt the sphincter relax and moved the head in deeper, splitting the bottom of the two muscled globes completely apart. There was some pain for Steve, but he was soon able to control it. Steve concentrated on relaxing as the cock demanded more and more space. Soon he had gotten to the point of no return. He knew that the crown of the head was just a short thrust away from entering. Taking a deep breath, he moved back deliberately. The pain came intensely and went away just as instantly. He continued to force his ass back as inch after inch of the rigidly muscled log slid into the fire inside his body. The stretch was amazing. He had never experienced such fullness and warmth. There was no pain, just immeasurable ecstasy.

Then Steve did what only he knew how to do better than anyone, He let his mind consciously work the muscles lining the inside of his perfect ass. The Doctor couldn't believe it! This man was actually massaging his cock from inside his ass with complete control over how the muscles moved around it. Soon all 12" was embedded inside this human tunnel of love. Ram stood there, transfixed in pleasure as Steve's muscles did all the work for him. The pleasure was like nothing he had ever experienced before. He felt his balls tense and vibrate as they prepared to send their load out in responsive gratitude.

"Enough" he said as his balls began to rumble under their desire to release their joy juice.

"Enough" he repeated.

But, instead of stopping, Steve clenched his outside ass muscles forming those invitingly beautiful ridges again while clamping down on his sphincter muscle simultaneously.

The Doctor began to panic. His cock was being held captive inside Steve's vice-tight ass He began to push away using the broad, heavily- muscled back of his captor as a lever. The trapped log began to move out, but very slowly. The inside muscles massaged harder and faster. The cock head moved backward trying to get closer to the locked sphincter. The crown was stuck inside this unyielding ring of heat and passion. He tried to pull again and again. But this only resulted in the most intense enhancement of the pleasure switch in Ram's cock head that he had ever known.

When it finally plopped out, it was too late. Steve could already feel that when he let himself release his victim. It had been wonderful beyond belief for him. The resulting volley of enhanced man- cum covered almost every square inch of both beautiful, but deadly ass cheeks.

I still have it, Steve thought proudly to himself. And I can use it!

"Thanks, Doc" he said as he made his way back into the bathroom to clean up. This time he remembered to lock to door. •

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