Can I Be a Freak?


By falseyedee

Can I be a freak; a muscle freak? I really want to be a muscle freak. Unlike other people, I've never really wanted to be a big body builder. I used to think that getting all puffed up like that was gross and unnatural. But, I've come to see that big muscle can be beautiful. Actually, I've come to see that a muscle freak can be hot.

It started back in May. Was it that long ago? I guess it has been a whole year. Anyway, I was out doing my usual 3 mile run thru the park. I noticed a guy up ahead who looked familiar to me. I had no idea where I knew him from, or if I actually did know him. But he looked familiar to me. He was shorter than I am with a great build. This guy was hot. Just my type: short, with a lean, athletic build. He was strolling along toward me on the path; no shirt on, just baggy shorts and a pair of athletic shoes. I have to confess that I was staring at him. He looked so familiar to me, but I'd have remembered a guy that was so sexy.

This guy met my gaze as I ran by and gave me this look like, "yeah, look at me. I'm all that." Ordinarily attitude like that is a turn off for me, but for some reason, I finished my run thinking, "yeah. He was all that."

I don't run every day, and I don't run the same circuit every time. But every time I ran through the park I did keep my eyes peeled for him. It was about a month later, toward the end of June when I spotted him again. At first, I wasn't sure it was him. He had changed. From a distance I spotted a muscular guy in nothing but a red speedo sunning himself on the green by the lake. He seemed to radiate some kind of "come fuck me" energy, cause I wasn't the only one checking him out. I could see that.

By now I was close enough to recognize him as the same guy I'd seen before that had been so hot. But, I'm telling ya, this guy had packed on some amount of muscle in just over a month. I'm just guessing, but it looked like he'd put on 30 lbs of solid muscle. That's not possible, I thought. But he sure was the same guy and he was at least that big. The guy had a great build: about 5'-7" tall and 175 lbs. He had a nice narrow waist, the kind you wanna get your arms around and muscular chest. His legs were really big for a guy his size. He looked like a speed skater or something.

Normally, a body like that was starting to get outside my dating zone, but this guy seemed so hot and sexy. I ran by caught his eye and nodded to him. When he nodded back I was way more pleased than I should have been. This guy really turned me on. I made the executive decision to go back and see if he was interested in hooking up or something. So I ran back and walked up to him.

"Hi, I'm Dean," I said as I got close to him. "This may sound like a line, but do I know you from somewhere?"

He laughed. "A lot of people say I look familiar now a days. But in your case, its true. We both use the same gym." He propped himself up on his two elbows, stretching his muscular chest and I noticed that he had great abs.

I thought for a minute and then it dawned on me that that was where I knew him from. But this was not the body I remembered. "Wow, your workouts are starting to show. You look a lot bigger than the last time I saw you there."

He smiled at that, almost too himself, then he sat up and made a muscle for me. Although, now that I think about it, he might have done it for himself. It was a beautiful arm, really well formed with a nice peak. "Yeah. Look at these babies. They're about 17" today."

"Well, whatever you're doing, its working." I said. "Maybe we could hook up some time." I looked at his big legs and noticed that his calves were in proportion to his thighs. That confirmed my thought that he was a speed skater.

He looked me up and down and replied, "sure, I'd like that." I gave him my number and he said he'd give me a call.

"I look forward to it, stud." I don't know why I said "stud", but I did. It just came out of me. I jogged back home, really pleased with myself.

About a week later I was laying on the sofa watching god knows what when the phone rang.

"Hey, Dean. It's your muscle boy." It took me a couple of seconds to recognize the voice.

"Oh, hey, er, hunk, how are you?" Had he told me his name? I wracked my brain trying to remember if he had.

"So, do you want to get together tonight? I know its kinda late notice, but I think you'll really enjoy it, dude."

I'd rather spend a couple hours with a desirable young stud, than planted in front of the tube any day. We agreed to meet in an hour at a coffee shop near the park. I hung up with a big smile on my face and flutter in my heart. I arrived at the coffee shop early, but didn't have to wait too long until he arrived.

Maybe it was my imagination, but he looked bigger than he had only a week ago. I chalked it up to the clothes. Not that he was wearing much. He was wearing a pair of denim overalls. They were pretty snug over his big legs, but he had used a rope, wrapping a couple of times around his narrow waist to cinch all the extra fabric. This little sartorial extra, really accentuated the impressive "V" taper from his muscular chest to his strong waist and the billowing sweep of his quads. He wasn't wearing a shirt and only had one shoulder strap fastened. One big pec was exposed. It was cool out and his nipples were hard. When he walked in there was a momentary hush in the café as everybody took notice of this studly junior body builder. It was just like in the movies.

Guys this size and guys with his "look at me" attitude normally turn me off. But this muscle boy was really sexy. I felt an immediate desire to have him. I bought him an extra large O.J. We chatted for about an hour. He was young. He said he had just finished his junior year of college. He seemed really caught up in his body. It seemed like he was flexing his pecs. That was more than a little distracting. Now and again, he'd lean on the table and with his fore arms crossed. This pose brought his big hard arms right up into view. He'd twist his wrist a bit and his powerful biceps would ripple with strength under his smooth tan skin. That sight would make my cock stir in my jeans. I really wanted to lay hands on this guy.

Finally, he suggested we go to his apartment, which as it turned out was just around the corner. I gladly agreed. Walking out behind him I saw that his back was really wide and he had a really beautiful muscular butt. Even though I was pretty much absorbed in drinking in his body, I did feel a sense of pride that I was going home with this muscle boy. I noticed that some men in the café were watching us leave, lust in their eyes. I felt like, yeah, I'm going home with this muscle boy. He wants me.

His apartment was a small third floor studio. It was pretty simply furnished: a futon, a full length mirror, a tv and vcr and little else. His walls were covered with pictures of big bodybuilders and equally big comic book heros. He kicked off his athletic shoes. He closed the mini blinds and pulled out his futon. I took off my loafers and socks. We kneeled on the futon facing each other. I reached over and unfastened the strap on his overalls. The front bib fell forward exposing his entire chest and an amazing set of eight- pack abs. As the bib fell, he reached up and slowly flexed his arms in an exquisite double biceps pose. I could have sworn his arms were slightly bigger than last week at the park. I reached out again and caressed his chest. It was smooth and hard; my cock was getting hard in my pants. The muscle boy dropped his arms to his side and flexed and bounced his big pecs. He was completely focused on his body. So was I.

He continued to bounce his pecs while I reached under the fallen bib and untied the rope around his waist. I had to lean in close and wrap my arms around his big chest in order to unwind the rope. The bib fell further and I looked down his rippling abs and saw that he wasn't wearing anything under the overalls. I pulled off my shirt and unbuttoned my 501's. The muscle kid stood up in front of me on the futon and let the overalls drop to his ankles. The quads the dropping overalls revealed were huge for a guy his height with a beautiful sweep and great definition. He stepped out of his overalls so that he was even closer to me. His semi-hard cock was just under my chin. I was enraptured by this gorgeous young body builder. I started to move my mouth toward his cock, but he pulled me up gently, easily. I felt his strong hands on my shoulders and he guided me up past his hard wash board and his flexing pecs. Just as he had me standing, he kneeled in front of me again and pulled my jeans down. I wasn't wearing underwear either and my hard cock flopped out over my balls.

With his left hand the muscle kid grabbed the base of my cock, my balls wresting in his strong hands. His right hand went around my hips and grabbed my ass pulling me close so that my thighs were resting on his big muscular chest. He bent and took my hard cock in his mouth. He sucked and licked, practically swallowing my manhood. His strong left hand held the base of my prick and played with my churning nuts. He was very talented and soon I could feel pre-cum beginning to flow.

At that point, the muscle boy removed his mouth, released my penis and pushed me back so that I was standing again. I looked down at him and saw that his cock was hard and dripping as well. He produced a condom from nowhere and deftly placed it over my throbbing cock. Then he lay on his back legs spread wide. His body was so beautiful and strong. I wanted him. I wanted to fuck him. Kneeling down I grabbed his legs and pulled him with some difficulty close and inserted my hard cock into his moist eager hole. I thrust my cock in and pulled it almost out and continued, forcing my meat further in each time. The muscle boy started groaning with pleasure. I wanted to make him feel good. My cock went in and out, his low hanging balls stroking my cock as I pulled out and getting squeezed between my groin and his when I thrust in. I pushed faster and harder getting closer to climax with every stroke. We were both drenched in sweat when I finally came, exploding with jizm in the condom. He came at the same time and shot a thick stream of hot cum up over his head. His orgasm lasted longer than mine and produced stream after stream of cum. When he was finished, his torso glistened with a layer of his own cum.

I got up and found some towels in the bathroom. I disposed of my condom and toweled myself dry. When I went back into the other room, he was still laying there on the futon, drenched in sweat and cum. What an amazing sight. His body was muscular perfection, legs still spread and his arms out at his side. He looked like a living more muscular version of Leonardo's Man. I toweled him off and did my best to clean up. He got up and wrapped a towel around his narrow waist, helped me dress and saw me to the door. We agreed that we had to get together again.

By the time I got home I realized that not only had I not gotten his phone number and I still didn't know his name. •

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