Virtual Shapeshifter

By lemapp

I've been using a computer program that renders out images of naked men that I can pose and morph. I had a dream recently that I could do the same to myself in real life. The following is a version of that dream.

I admit that I?m addicted to a computer program that allows you to morph 3-D models of naked men. I know that I?m not the only one because I?m a member of several online communities. Recently I spotted an ad on one of these communities that seemed too inexpensive to believe.

The ad offered to create a complete 3-d model of you for only $12.95. As an introductory offer they would include the files to make the skin of the model match your own skin. This seemed too good to be true. I had read where it takes weeks to take nude photos and get these photos to match up a 3-D model. It also takes a professional modeler to create that 3-D model to match a person. Either way, it was important for me to be present when the model was being created.

I went ahead and sent in the money through the Internet. I thought that I would not be out much if this turned out to be a big scam. Within the hour, I got a message that my files were ready to download. At this point I assumed that the files were simply lists of people around me that would do the modeling and photographic work. I grabbed the files.

It took over an hour to grab both the 3-D model file and the skin. This meant that they were fairly large and enormously detailed. I followed the installation instruction and placed the files in the correct places. I then launched my modeling program. The instructions directly me a new menu item labeled with my name. I selected it and a tiny icon that looked like a photo of myself appeared. I selected the icon and my computer began to hum.

After several minutes, an image appeared of a naked version of myself standing in a natural pose. This was a limited resolution version so there were not many details but still it was amazing how much the image looked like me. My first thought was that I wanted to enlarge my dick and balls. I selected them in the image and then the morphing tools to enlarge. After a few adjustments I was nicely hung with balls to match. I then chose the rendering option to bring in more details to the image.

The program began to scan over the image from the bottom marching up the screen. As the scan line pasted an area more details began to appear. When the scan line past over my dick and balls, I thought it was odd that my own dick and balls hummed briefly. After a few minutes the scanning ended and a highly detail naked image of myself was staring back at me. I saved my work back to the menu and there were now two icons of me there.

I began to wonder how accurate the image was. So I hopped up from the computer to a full-length mirror on the opposite wall. I stripped out of clothes to my underwear. I keep looking back at the computer to compare details like freckles, hair, and scars. Everything matched up. At this point I stepped out of my underwear. I knew that the computer would have a larger dick than me, but still the details should match. What I saw amazed me.

My dick and balls had grown in size the match the set on the computer. I reached down and felt the weight. They were huge. I slowly stoked myself, watching as I grew hard. I soon had an erection over 10 inches that stuck out toward the mirror. My balls began to pull up in their sack and I shot a huge load on the mirror. It felt great. I stood there stunned for a few moments and then returned to the computer.

This then I selected the entire body and choose a muscular body morph. I ran the controls toward the most muscular bodybuilder. Instantly the low-resolution version of myself grew muscles everywhere. I could see a wide back, thick pecs, large arms and legs. I had always had a cut dick so I wanted to know what an uncut dick was like. I changed the morph on my dick. After these changes I selected the rendering option. As soon as I clicked the button, I leaped to the mirror.

Just as before the scan lines started at my feet and moved upward. I slowly watched as my calves swelled. Soon my thighs were much wider than my outspread hand. I watch in turn as abs appeared, then forearms, pecs, biceps, back and shoulders. Soon I was staring at a muscular version of myself. I started to do a posing routine when I remembered that I should save my work. I went to my computer and added a third icon to my menu. I returned to the mirror to explore my new body. Soon I was pumping my dick and shot a second load.

I returned to the computer. There were so many things I wanted to explore. I settled to wanting to change my skin. I wanted to lose the body hair, gain a tropical all- over tan and perhaps a goatee. I knew that I had a similar skin for one of my other male models. I was not sure if it would work. I selected my entire body again and located the options for the other skin. I hit the button. Instantly the low-resolution version of myself was sporting a hairless body and a goatee. The skin was not as tan as I wanted so I changed the dials to darken my skin. Finally I chose my hair a selected a very short cut. I liked the results so I hit the render button.

I stood in front of the mirror watching as the hair disappeared from my body and a dark tan appeared. Soon I had amazingly smooth tan skin and nearly no hair except a goatee and a crew cut. I remembered to save this fourth option in my menu. I was now getting used to seeing someone else staring back at me when I faced the mirror.

I realized that I would not have any clothes that would hit such a large body. I glanced at the installation instruction and saw a note about clothes. It seems that I would be able to render any clothes that I had with my 3-D program. I knew that I had a lot of choices; I never really used them before because I usually rendered nude men. I went to my clothing collection and discovered that I had more options that I remembered. I first selected the Napoleon officer. I found the skintight pants would not be allowed today. I assumed that is why they always wore jackets. I stripped out of the uniform and selected an American football uniform. I was amazed at how huge the cup was in my jock. I guessed it was enlarged to accommodate my extra large equipment.

Soon an hour had past and I had created a large pile of clothes for this new body. Now I wanted to go out and do something like hit the gym. I rendered a skintight wifebeater that did not hide my large nipples and short spandex shorts. I slipped off the shorts and pulled on the jock and cup. As I pulled on the skintight shorts on again, I admired myself in the mirror. I was an amazing stud.

I walked a few blocks to one of those local gyms found on the back streets. I knew this one catered to big muscles. I never had the nerves to go in before. I was a little scared inside but I did not show it. I entered the gym and found a tiny lobby with a small frosted glass window. I heard a voice greet me. I explained that this was my first time. I saw a piece of paper slide from under the window. My first visit was free, but I did need to complete a form for insurance purposes. I fill it in and sled it back.

A door buzzed to my left. As I passed through a tiny teenage boy who had been behind the window handed me a towel. He explained that this was a male-only facility so clothing was optional. I would have the place mainly to myself for a few hours before the evening rush. I followed the long hallways to the locker room. I decided to go ahead and work out in the nude. I stowed my clothes in a locker and grabbed my towel. I walked through the rows of lockers and find that the only wall in the place was the hallway to the front door. You could see from the workout area, the lockers and showers.

The kid was right that I did not see anyone else. I walked through the dimly lit free weights to an incline bench. I decided to work my pecs. I threw my towel on the floor and picked up some large dumbbells. I pumped out a few reps and realized that I need something heavier. I now had 200 pounds in each hand and I still pumped out reps with ease. I was amazed at my strength. I continued through my upper body routine but with weights heavier than I have ever used.

After an hour I decided to stop. I had not seen anyone the entire time. I then heard a noise in the locker area and looked to see a huge bodybuilder like me stripping out of a bus driver uniform. I was hoping that he would join me on the workout floor when he headed toward the showers. Then to my surprise he opened a door that I had not seen before. I was curious, so I followed the stud.

There was even less light here. It took me a few moments for my eyes to adjust. I soon made out that there was a sauna, steam room and hot tubs. Along one wall was a row of showerheads. I heard one of the hot tubs start up, so decided that I should him. I grabbed a quick shower and walked back to the hot tubs. I found my stud was laid back in the spa. I quietly slipped into the tub facing him. I judged the tub to be larger than it was and I bumped into him. He bolted up staring at me. I apologized and he checked me out and said that was fine. I offered to leave but said that I could stay. He then offered that I would find more room if I switched next to his side. I took him up on his offer.

After a few minutes I felt the stud?s hand brush my leg. I did not move. I sensed that he took this as an invitation and his hand began to explore my body. Soon the hand settled on my dick, which began to expand with the attention. The stud then moved around in the tub and took one of nipples into his mouth. My dick jerked violently. The stud pumped my dick and I was ecstasy. Soon I was cumming and moaning. The stud then pulled himself out of the hot tub and left me.

I pulled myself together and went after him. I entered the locker area and there were dozens of men getting undressed. I was unable to locate my hot tub stud. I got dressed and left. I slowly walked home trying to decide what I should do next with my new toy. I entered my apartment as I heard a voice on my answering machine. A friend of mine would be there shortly to pick me up for dinner.

I quickly went to my computer and selected the second icon from the menu, the original body with the extra large dick. I selected render. I had forgotten to take off my clothes. Soon I was wearing baggy clothes on my original body. I heard a knock on my door as I finished getting dressed in my regular clothes. I turned off my computer and left for dinner. I keep adjusting my pants because they were so tight between my legs. My thoughts keep taking to things that I could now do with my new ability. •

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