By WBHunk


I stood there huffing, the sounds like a distant thunderclap, as I watched my now-massive pecs move up and down, nipples erect and rock-hard. Fragments of moonlight reflecting from what were my windows illuminated the sheen of sweat glistening over my emerald body, smooth parts like a statue of jade, hairy like a foreboding forest. My enormous cock throbbed, blood audibly gushing into it, stiffening and erecting as the sights of my superhuman body. I reached down to stroke it, but suddenly a deep electric charge seemed to come up from the very bottom of my soul and I felt the words pass my lips…..”Hulk want ass”.

Without another thought, I walked out of the ruined house, green toes ripping grooves in the concrete slab wherever I stepped, my hands reaching forward to tear the wall, then a tree, then the barn, and then the pipe fence apart like cardboard. I paused in front of my pickup, my mind suddenly fighting, saying no, you can’t do this, you mustn’t, think of what you did for this……then that rumble from deep in my soul, a roar that shook rockfall off a nearby cliff, and the sparks flying as I reached for it, fingers digging deep into the body metal, crumpling and shredding the truck into a ball of aluminum foil. As if commanded by some distant puppeteer, I leaped once, landed, and instantly took off in mile-long leaps, the desert sand melting to glass each time my feet touched it, the BOOM of each landing echoing over miles, the shock wave shattering the nearby outcrops of granite. And then, in what seemed like seconds, there was another ranch house.

I stood there looking at it, about three hundred feet away, steam rising from the ground below me where my red-hot feet were burning the moisture out of the soil. The door slammed, and I saw a man come out, looking around warily, a rifle in his hand. A dim light shot through my clouded mind…this was Tim, the cowboy who ran the Bar S twenty miles from my place…and then the curtain of pure sex lust slammed down again…….”Hulk want ass”.

Tim whirled at the rumble of my voice, rifle coming up to the ready, the stink of apprehension strong in the air around him. He started to step forward, covering his every step, eyes searching the chilling night for a sign. Without even thinking, I leaped again and landed twenty feet from him, a pittance for my tree-trunk thighs. His eyes widened and in a rush of fear, he raised his rifle and shot wildly.

The sound of the blasts echoed across the canyon below, only to be followed by the quiet plink of four flattened slugs falling away from my jade abs. Tim’s eyes widened in fear; he lunged for his hip knife and swung with all his fear-driven strength. The same instant as the blade shattered against my granite quads my ham-sized hands reached out and grabbed him, lifting him off his feet to my eye level. He writhed like a caught snake, but he couldn’t get out of my iron grip. I held him close, watching the wild light of fear burn in his eyes like a prairie fire; then I brought him close to my lips and kissed him long. I felt his resistance at first, frantic, unthinking….then a sudden calming, then an active kissing back, his puny lips bloodying and bruising themselves against my unyielding stone mouth.

Gently I lowered him to the ground and stared down at him. His eyes still burned, but this time with something else…..pure unadulterated desire. He looked at my massive cock and began to drool, hands reaching for it blindly, then hugging it, caressing it, pressing his whole chest against its incredible length. I laid back on the ground, rocks crunching into dust as I lowered my 600-pound diamond body on them. Tim crawled all over my body, feeling every crack, every striation with an almost frenzied lust. Easily I moved him from side to side and up and down, riding my cock like a fine horse, massaging his back in the ropes of one of my quads, letting him climb the mountain of my chest, then slide down to my sweet lips where he always thanked me with a kiss. I moaned with pleasure, a deep rumble that made Tim even more excited as if he was playing with the earth itself.

I felt the stirrings in my cock as he slid over me, burning, twitching, the head flaring obscenely with anticipation, wanting some of his sweet ass. I knew on some level though, if I fucked him, I’d kill him. My cock quivered in frustration as I fought for control. My Hulk-soul roared from deep within me again, as my resolve began to shatter before an overwhelming wave of lust. Suddenly, though, a thought pierced my clouded mind like an arrow shaft. I quickly grabbed him between two fingers and placed him at my chest. “Suck Hulk,” I rumbled, pointing at my nips. Instantly he latched on and began to suck. My pecs quivered as he pulled on them, a muted gurgle of surprise coming from his lips as they were suddenly filled with muscle cream. He paused, gagging on the strong taste of man….then relatching on and sucking like his only future lay at my chest. After a minute of sucking non-stop, he passed out. I laid him on the ground….and then watched with pleasure as his eyes flicked open…..bright emerald green. He eased to his feet, body inflating like the Goodyear blimp, then hardening like mud in the sun, muscles exploding from every point, shooting upward to near my 8 feet, voice deepening as he roared his pleasure, cock shooting out like a New Year’s noisemaker, fur sprouting and deepening on his expanding chest, fat evaporating to reveal hard ropy muscles everywhere. He reached out with arms now steel cables of green muscle, enveloping me in a hug that could crush rocks as he forced his lips against mine, our tongues fighting each other in a sweet battle of ecstasy. He locked his knees and fell over backwards, bringing our entwined bodies to the earth with a THOOM! that opened cracks in the sun-baked earth around us. My cock fought forward even as he brought his legs up, seeking the entrance to his sweet pleasure ass, my thighs contracting and knees digging trenches into the ground as I slammed his green ass over and over again, then blindly pulling out and shooting my cum skyward in great green glowing arcs over 50 feet high, hanging the mesquite with deranged Saint Patrick’s decorations. I felt him come up behind me and then the electric charge as his green cock popped into my pleasure hole, head expanding, my ass milking his cock like the tits on an old cow, then feeling the sweet charge of his cum exploding up into me. The moon sunk deeper into the horizon, the hills illuminated by the fire of the house, his car, and then the barn, all destroyed in the wild animal lovemaking that continued unabated. •

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