Ten Big Indians

Non-lovers and Other Strangers


By John

All's fair in love and muscle. Big muscle can be so strong and, at the same time, so deceiving.

This was always Dan's second favorite part of the day. He laid there awake in bed as his eyes gazed slowly up and down the naked length of his magnificent, young lover. Rick was as sweat as he was beautiful. So many of his friends had warned him over and over again about letting an infatuation with someone 19 years his junior overtake reason and logic. They told him how they would have nothing in common to talk about and how, once the initial physical thrill wore off, he would find himself stuck in a hollow, empty-minded relationship.

How wrong all of them had been! It was four years now and Dan loved each new day with Rick as much as the one before, if not more. They certainly had the love of body building in common to begin with and, Dan admitted, that would not have been enough to sustain a serious long-term relationship in and of itself regardless of how beautiful Rick was. It wasn't long before they started to discover the so many other common interests and, more importantly, common respect they had for each other. Rick had graduated from college two years ago now and was already well respected at the hospital where he worked as a Physical Therapist.

Dan's accounting business left him with the great opportunity to adjust his schedule to work with Rick's most of the time. Rick understood the demands that Dan had placed on him during tax season and was a doll when it came to picking up more of the housework and chores then, which he did gladly. They had season tickets to several different theater groups and both loved going to just about any kind of movie. They could sit or walk together for hours after a play or picture to discuss and analyze it. They had become each others greatest sort of motivational support. Dan could not have asked for more in a friend or a lover and, as far as he could tell the feelings were equal and mutual between them.

On top of all that, there was the bonus of sharing amazing sexual experiences with this beautiful body now reclined restfully next to him. He eyed the smooth, silky flow of skin and muscle next to him. He liked the way Rick's body still had that almost invisible fine, light hair that goes with youthfulness. In it's fully relaxed state, the body next to him appeared as if it was out of Renaissance painting only trimmer and tighter. More like a sleeping, more muscular "David" than those thick-waisted depiction's of Roman Gods.

Dan watched as the clean-cut angular face slowly drew in and expelled air through the straight, small nose. Moving his glance down, the rounded mounds of chest muscles lifted calmly up and down as the lungs filled and emptied. The arch of the chest hid most of the stretched, inward sweep of the abdominal area from view. The flat, smooth base of the lower abs came into view again, turning sharply downward to the sheets on each side of the thin, trim hips. The narrowness of the hips along with the fullness of the underlying balls made the projection of the now soft cock look even bigger.

Dan wanted so much to touch it and watch it stir toward it's perfectly shaped 9" fullness that he could often get it to achieve before Rick would awaken. But, after last night's speech, he dare not try this morning. Instead, his gaze continued down to the full roundness of each ample thigh. The knees, like the abdominal cavity, were invisible behind the swell of the considerable lower thigh masses of muscle. The calves, even now in their relaxed state, showed how full and thick they were. They tapered smoothly and gently to Rick's surprisingly thin ankles, ending in small but, equally beautiful feet.

Again Dan's mind paused. This time to focus on the memories of how those strong and deeply defined muscled legs could envelop him in their playful muscle-grip in the heat of their passion. Dan loved having those legs embracing him around his waist so tightly as if to let him know who owned who while Rick's mouth and tongue took in all of Dan's hard 7 ½" of manhood. Rick was a master at making Dan cum without so much as a single hand stroke. Their love play could still go on for hours. Dan did his share of the work on Rick's cock with hands that had years of experience in bringing both pleasure and release. Dan loved the taste of Rick's cum and, by now, they both instinctively knew when the time was just right to shift positions so that not a drop would be lost.

How had he been so fortunate to end up with all this beauty at his side? Rather than search for an answer, Dan had learned to appreciate the fact that, there he was, and that was good enough. Dan, admittedly, had to work much harder these days to keep his body at it's best for his young lover. Rick deserved nothing less than Dan's best. Certainly, the thoughts of what would happen to their relationship as his body refused to keep up as a natural result of the aging process crossed his mind more and more often. How dare their arrogant host to put those previously unspoken thoughts out there in front of a room full of strangers!

As Rick turned toward Dan in his sleep, his cock spilled away from his body landing on Dan's own huge thigh. It was perfect! Even in it's soft state, the head flared out like a perfectly sized helmet crowning the body of the flowing soldier of meat below it. Rick's cock was as long soft as Dan's was hard. Though it didn't have to lengthen as much as others when aroused, it sure new how to fill out. It appeared to be about an inch across now, but it would double in girth as it formed a hard, upward sweeping curve to full erection. When completely hard, the pole of meat grew suddenly smaller at the end so that the cap of the head appeared to have been designed to fit perfectly. The deep ridge created just under the dome caused Rick to experience extraordinary sensual pleasure as Dan ran his fingers in and around the sensitive collar. When Rick would shoot his cum, Dan could see the joy of the feeling Rick was experiencing and constantly devoted himself to ensuring that he never let Rick down.

One eye opened and a small smile appeared on the young face.

"Good morning, love." Dan greeted his partner. "You had a good night's sleep I hope. I'm so glad that we had rooms next to each other - like we were actually going to sleep apart anyway. At least we didn't have to sneak down the public hall to come together."

"Hi, lover." Came the response with a broader smile and a quick wink. Rick's hand moved to wrap up and behind Dan's shoulder. He pulled him closer and planted a full, soft kiss on the lips. "I love you." he added.

"And me, you." came the response. "Now, it's almost 8 AM, time to get up and go see if this muscle promise carries any merit my beautiful muscle-beast. Let's get something to eat before we miss breakfast and then I want to see that gorgeous body of yours showing those weights just who is in charge here."

"What! Just like that?" Rick questioned. "How about us? We haven't missed a day of sex in months."

"No, dear, not today. We have to assume that what our host said is true. At least until we can prove otherwise. Rick's lover responded calmingly. "We'll do fine. Just be patient, dear one."

With that Dan rolled out of bed hoping that Rick had not seen the raging hard-on he had. Rick, though, had noticed. When he mentioned something about Dan's soldier being at attention, Dan pretended to just ignore the observation. They needed to assume the worse and make the best out of it. After all, when it was all over, they still had a lifetime to share together, so what was a couple of weeks to them - no matter how horny they got. Rick reluctantly resigned himself to just watching as that big, full butt that he loved so much moved cheek-by-cheek from flexed and deeply cut to relaxed as his lover crossed to the bathroom.

After they ate, they made their way to the gym just a bit after 10 AM. Dwayne, Spike, and Todd were already there and, from the looks of it, a couple of them had been there a while. Todd was just finishing up his own leg workout while Dwayne was in the squat machine next to him.

Dwayne's legs were now pumped and looked enormous. Even fully extended at the bottom of the squat, the top of each muscle was individually visible and heavily rounded as they each sought space to move into as the calf muscle pushed it's way out and under them. As he pushed his body upright, the front leg muscles swelled into ridged balls that were each crossed with a series of angular cuts interrupted now and again with veins that had grown to service the demand to move blood around these monsters. The three main muscles came together above the knee in a deep darkly shadowed valley. Sweat poured through the crevasse and ran around the knees. The water continued down the sides of the flaring calf muscles only to be forced into free-fall as the calves turned sharply inward at the base of their massive bellies.

Dwayne smiled broadly as the two lovers came in. That kid is just too, too beautiful, he thought to himself. I'll bet he's just as tasty. The kid, clearly likes the look of these muscled legs, so let's not disappoint him!

Dwayne took advantage of his obvious best body part and proceeded to put on quite a show. He made no noise as he moved up and down with the look of unyielding determination on his face forcing several hundred pounds of weight to defy gravity. The show that Todd was giving was no less exciting. His legs were not quite as broad as Dwayne's, but they were even more deeply cut. Not satisfied with the show of bundled striations across each upper leg muscle as he went through the last of his exhausting leg extensions, he loved the way he could see the cross striations appear clearly defined as he reached the top of each movement. Whether this mystery host was on the level or not, Todd could already see a newer, hard, visible difference in his legs. He couldn't wait to see what would happen with his chest workout this afternoon.

Spike did his best to keep to himself. He ignored to two leg monsters and concentrated on his triceps workout. If this testosterone splicing really worked, then he wanted to see it in his arms. They were always his favorite body part to look at right after sizing up a great looking guy's bulge. While Todd's arms were clearly the best here, that was just for now in Spike's mind. He was going to leave here with arms that would turn heads by the end of the two weeks even if he got nothing else out of this program.

Working in construction had it's physical advantages. It kept him lean and pumped and he enjoyed that. But the work had it's drawbacks, too. When you were busy, you were really busy and the time to eat and rest right so that you could build yourself up was hard to come by. When he wasn't busy, he had the time he loved for his body, but had to worry about paying those bills. This "offer" couldn't have come at a better time. Work had been good. But he didn't have another job scheduled for three weeks. It wasn't often he could get a free vacation - let alone one that offered the chance to devote it to his body building. And, once he won that money, it would be great. He could set up a real shop and go after all those big jobs he had to pass up now.

Spike forced his way through one last set. He, too, already noticed a bit deeper definition after just this one arm workout. He liked what he saw. The tri's were showing the separation he loved when he was really, really lean, but hadn't seem to give up any of the precious size he liked to have. Pausing at the top, he saw the separations form for a moment and, then, in walked Dr. Ram!. Spike found it hard to ignore him. He had caught site of that wide, big basket right when they were first getting onto the boat to come here. He just had to get to know what was under that fabric. Even now, in somewhat baggy gym pants, it pushed them forward to hang straight down several inches before encountering the outward sweep of Ram's leg muscle. Spike dreamed of what it would be like to compare that thing in there to his own special member.

Ten inches was good enough for anyone, but Spike had the added bonus that his cock just kept getting thicker and thicker as it moved to the base. It kept expanding outward from the sharp head, always outward, until no one could get their hand around the whole thing and then, finally, culminating at a full matching 10" around at the base. If it was unlimited pleasure you wanted, just try sitting down on that monster as it forced you to open more and more with each passing inch. He was sure he could show all these guys a thing or two about the pleasure of size as soon as he was given the chance.

Ram, of course, had other ideas at the moment. First a good hard back workout, then some squats to get ready for whenever he could get his hands on that chiseled butt he new Steve was hiding under his shorts. He thought he noticed a few too many glances from Spike and admitted to himself that he was somewhat aroused by the comments of the bodiless voice. Hell, maybe he would just have to explore a couple of muscleman options here on this island. All in good time, he told himself as he brought his focus back to the workout task at hand.

And so it was throughout the day. Workouts, eating and chance (and sometimes not-so-chance) encounters.

Around 3 PM, Todd came back to the gym and began his chest workout. It was pretty deserted in the heat of the mid-afternoon. Good, he thought to himself as he jumped into several sets of flies to stretch out the volume of fibers that formed his thick pectoral muscles. He loved this feel. Moving to an incline bench, Todd watched himself as he continued with heavier and heavier dumbbell flies. Dark lines formed and grew ever deeper between each of the several bundles of muscle that extended from the chest plate to the upper arm. The pec muscle hung over the armpit area like the rock over top of a Pueblo Indian ruin making a deep shadow between it and the lats below. As he brought the weights together above his face, he watched as the meat pushed it's way up into thick, hard piles.

Squeezing at the top, he could barely see himself in the mirror over the tops of these huge mounds of meat.

Todd was not the only one enamored with this display of thick, dense power. Ivan pushed the gym door open and headed straight over to Todd's bench.

Shit, thought Todd. Why did this ass-hole have to pick now to come here! He dropped the weights and prepared for the inevitable confrontation. Much to his surprise, a gentle hand backed by an inviting smile was offered instead.

"I am sorry about morning," started the Ukrainian. "Sometimes I am too slow to understand how I do wrong. Here you are more slow in meeting. From my country, we just talk first, then we think. You accept my forgiveness, please."

The English may not have been quite right, but Todd understood and was immediately impressed with the sincerity of the offer. He thought for just a second and then put his hand out to meet the one that had been offered. It was strong and hard, like the rest of this guy's body.

"Sure, apology accepted." Todd responded with a return smile. "I'm sure I reacted a little too harshly myself. By the way, you really do have great pecs. I assure you, I can admire them without having to feel them."

"Is OK." Retorted Ivan. "Now, you want spot? Just spot."

"I was just about to begin benching. Let me get a couple of warm-up sets in and then I would be glad to have the help." Todd said with relief. This wouldn't be that bad after all.

Todd loaded up a bar with two 45 pound weights which he moved as if they were nothing. Ivan asked is he could work in, too and Todd was happy to let him. Together, they added 90 pounds more on each side and got into the heart of the workout. Ivan enjoyed standing over this muscle giant and watching as the two massive globes went through the delicious motion of spreading out and mounding up. Even at the bottom of the movement, Todd's pecs were thick and solid … and the lines separating fibers in the pieces of muscle were a site to behold.

During Todd's turn to spot, he couldn't help but admire how the veins became so pronounced in his partners pecs. After three more sets and another 140 pounds of weight, each of them was pumped and tight.

Todd had never had such a good workout. He knew that he had pushed himself and been pushed to a new limit of intensity. He could feel it across and inside all the meat clinging to his upper torso. At his suggestion, they found a tape measure in a drawer. Pulling it tightly around himself, Todd beamed with pride as Ivan read out the number - 56 ¼". There it was! …and on the first day! His chest rippled with muscle and pride. He offered the tape to Ivan who politely, but resolvedly, rejected the offer. Todd flexed over and over, looking into the mirror and, at the same time, into Ivan's envious eyes. As he flexed, he felt himself getting even denser. He asked Ivan to bring the tape around one more time and, sure enough, it measured 56 ¾" now.

So this thing really worked! Todd's excitement was openly visible. He turned to Ivan, picked up the Ukrainian's right hand and moved it onto his own pumped chest. Ivan's eyes went wide as he first just lightly felt the hardness and heat beneath this muscle god's skin. It turned to pure lust as he began to knead the muscle meat. Todd responded by flexing and relaxing over and over again. He was beyond pumped. He felt dense enough to stop a bullet. The Ukrainian cupped his hand in the crevasse formed in front of Todd's armpit and was astonished at just how thick this pectoral meat was. There was enough there to feed a whole family for days.

Ivan saw how Todd's pants were ballooning up at the same time that Todd began to feel the intensity of the heat coming from his groin. Todd untied the knot, his loose pants slid to the floor as Ivan reached inside the band of the tight jockey shorts. He pushed them down over the thighs with no sign of resistance from Todd. Indeed, Todd was into his own world of self-muscle admiration now. 56 ¾"- he was a fucking god!. His cock stood straight out, it was as hard as his massive pecs - and it, too, looked bigger.

Ivan caught something in Todd's eyes and, grabbing the tape again, ran it over the top of this monster of manhood - almost 11 rock solid inches. Todd let out a gasp of obvious pleasure. Ivan knew the feeling. He let his hand rub the whole length of Todd's mighty prick as he removed the tape measure. Taking hold of Todd's pecs in both hands, he gently pulled the award winning muscle man over to the wall. He motioned for Todd to lay down with his head near the wall. Todd mechanically followed the lead.. When he was down on his back, Ivan moved around and placed one hand on top of each bulbous pec muscle.

"You flex hard now." Ivan demanded.

Before Todd knew it. Ivan had thrown both feet in the air and up against the wall. All the weight of this big Ukrainian muscleman was on Todd's pecs. Todd responded by flexing as hard as he could as quickly as he could before the sheer weight started collapsing his chest cavity inward. Todd knew he had to flex as hard as possible just to support this man and to protect himself. As if that wasn't good enough, Ivan started to bend his arms, feet still against the wall, and did a handstand push-up right on top of this muscle god, grasping the pec meat harder and harder as he went through the movement. Todd responded by flexing even harder. He could feel his pecs force the man higher as they became denser and more rigid than he had ever dreamed possible.

Ivan continued with push-up after push-up Two, three, four. Todd's pecs got into the rhythm. On the fifth one, Ivan tilted his head back and their lips met. Todd let his part as he felt Ivan's tongue searching for entry. This felt amazing, he thought to himself. In all his erotic muscle dreams, he could never have imagined this one. It was pure pleasure and immense strength, his strength, combined. Their lips and tongues parted as Ivan went up yet again. Todd glanced down at his pecs, they were huge and solid. The hands on top of them barely sunk in, but the kneading that accompanied the presence of the magic fingers let Todd sense each thick. pulsing fiber from inside as it all worked to support the muscle mountain perched on top of him. Their mouths met again on the sixth dip. As the seventh movement began, Todd became overwhelmed with the intensity of this insane pleasure.

The cum shot out into the opening between those wonderful pecs and Ivan's head and arms. Some of it splattered along Ivan's forehead. Most of it continued on to Todd's own face and even onto the wall above him. He was shooting more cum then he had ever experienced before.

Shit! They had been warned about this. Absolute joy turned into absolute fear almost instantly. Before Todd could fully readjust and react to what had just transpired, even as he was still shooting cum, Ivan threw his feet back on the ground, stood up and started to walk away quickly.

Ivan shot an angry glance up to the camera and shouted "Good! Now we be even" as he exited the room.

As Todd laid there dazed, he realized that Ivan had shown no sign of any erection of his own. It had been a long time since Todd had cried. •

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