Good Freak, The


By Also_KnownAs

October 11 7-1 357 lbs.

Long time, no type. Hey diary, sorry about the silence. I'll start off with some updated stats:

Waist: 31 inches Chest: 54 inches Upper arm: 20 inches Thigh: 29 inches Penis: 12 inches (and hard, 15 inches.)

So fucking big. No two ways around that. Jack says not to worry, that I'm not showing any weird effects of this and, in fact, I'm probably healthier than most other guys on the planet. I'd have to say I agree with that, just based on my workouts and the fact that I'm having more and better sex than ever. I keep getting bigger, I keep running into more guys who are more than happy to accommodate me.

Since last time, thing's got a little out of hand. I mean, not that I'm complaining, but I'm wondering when, like, the X File guys are gonna by knocking on some doors around town asking all these musclebound fuckhounds just what the fuck is going on anyway. Paul and me still outweigh the other guys, but a couple are catching up fast and lately everywhere I go, from the mall to the beach to the gym to the movies, all I see are gorgeous guys with serious sets of pecs and fat bi's and amazing six-packed abs strutting like peacocks looking for their next fuck.

Which, usually, turns out to be me. Jack saya there's nothing wrong with me, but this constant horniness is bound to put a cramp in my schoolwork. I can hardly concentrate anymore. I go to class and walk in and there's Jake Pearson looking like Mr. Perfect Ass in some painted-on jeans and wearing this stretchy tank top that clings to his body and shows off everything and our eyes meet and suddenly him and I are ditching and making the nasty in the bathroom, I'm pumping his ass, he's sucking my cock, next thing I know the bell's going off, he's wiping his mouth and flexing his muscles and winking at me and away he goes. I'm pulling my shorts back up and the stall door opens and there's Cary Stephens, fly undone, prick at the ready, and what's a poor boy supposed to do?

I mean, the guy is hung.

They've started calling us the Big Boys. Not very imaginative, I think, but it sure fits. I gotta go commando anymore, can't find underwear to contain me at all and, really, as much as I'm pulling it out, what's the point?

Fuck, but it's all so good. You should see some of these guys. I mean, goddam, they are fine! I heard that there's some kind of sex club happening every night out at the park, now. Cruising has given away to fucking. When you're insatiable, it makes sense. If you can get it all the time, why wouldn't you?

But me and Paul and some of the first guys, we still all meet up at Jack's place. That poor guy must have a hell of a cleaning bill what with all of us pumping and coming all hours of the day and night. And the good doctor himself, well, if he's not the best looking among us then he's in the top three.

Probably Tim still reigns supreme if I was going to compare looks. Paul and me are still together, naturally, but he's getting done and doing as many guys on the side as I am. Can't help it, we'd wear each other out if we tried to stay just us together. Not that I wouldn't mind trying, he's still the best fuck. And the best suck. And the best, well, everything. But variety is the spice of life, and maybe me being 16 means I'm allowed to play around. And my hungry big dick wouldn't have it any other way.

Once in a while I get to watch a guy change. Usually, though, I need a guy who's already been juiced at least once just so he's big enough to take me on. Watching a guy change is still really cool. I wonder if I'll ever get tired of it.

It's kind of hard to describe. I mean, I reread what I wrote a few weeks back about Rick and Steve changing, but now when it happens it's like the guy's inflating or something. The stuff is super strong now. Instant muscle, especially from me or Paul. But the longer a guy's been juiced, the stronger his juice gets. And the more he fucks, the more juice he gets. Jack calls it a vicious cycle. Your body wants to fuck constantly, or at least come all the time. You balls get big and start making this stuff and the more you come, the more you can come. And the more you fuck, the bigger you get, and you make more guys big, and they come back to fuck you, and on and on. Pretty cool, but also really weird.

Like I said, you see the guys everywhere, now. It started just at my school, but then at some of the games I started noticing that the muscular guys were, like, really muscular guys. And there was a lot more going on in the locker rooms than showering and dressing. And then it was the teachers, too. And then I saw this guy at Safeway bagging groceries and he had these guns like he was Mr. Universe. And him and I met up in the stock room and I pumped him bigger, still.

Everyone knows me, it seems like. I mean, I'm kind of hard to miss, right? Seven feet high, four feet wide, stomping around bulging out everywhere and this fat prick that's climbing up my abs anytime I eye some hot dude showing off his form. Drooling precum and shooting loads of thick, hot cream as much as I can a guy like that gets a reputation. Luckily I have no problem living up to mine.

Anyway, so when you juice a new guy he gets pretty scared at first, because I guess it hurts at first. I mean, here's your old body and it's muscles and bones and you shoot it full of this stuff that's going to force it to get a lot bigger all at once. The skin stretches and the muscles bulge and some guys scream and some guys grit their teeth. It depends on who juiced you, of course, how big you get the first time. Probably why I'm not usually with those guys. Because the last time I did it, the poor dude, well, it must've hurt pretty bad.

His name is Jason. Cute dude, blue eyes, dark hair, kind of scrawny, really, but my perspective is all screwed up. So scrawny means he was probably around 5-11 and weighed, like, 185 maybe. Decent, I guess. So I'm like lounging in the sun, whatever, feeling pretty good with the heat on my skin and probably rubbing my dick or whatever, it's stretching itself like a snake and I'm feeling the need to get my rocks off, again. It just happens, and lately I just jerk off and that helps, but this shadow fell across my eyes and I look up and he's there, Jason, though I don't know his name, and he's looking down at my whole body and the only way I could describe the look was hungry.

I wasn't naked, exactly, but I might as well have been. No shirt as usually, and like I said my cock was stretching and it's a little hard to hide a 15-inch python that's thick as a fucking beercan and these heavy veins all over it and so, you know, I'm huge and he's looking at me and I go, "Hi."

He looks at my face and says, "Hi," back and then kneels down beside me and scans down my form and stops at my crotch. I'm sort of petting the beast, you know, rubbing and caressing my many inches, showing off, and he smiles and says, "Need some help with that?"

I laugh sort of. "You sure you can handle it?"

He meets my eyes and that smile is still there and he goes, "Never know until I try." So I lean up, my belly popping with muscle, and lean on my elbows so my dick is left alone, throbbing with every heartbeat and growing harder and longer as we wait. He pulls my button fly open and out I pop. He leans down and puts his mouth against it, breathing moist heat against me, and that feels good. He licks the shiny skin and I feel a pump of precum erupt up my inches which he, dutifully, sucks off. I'm enjoying it, sure, but I'm feeling sort of, you know, guilty because maybe he doesn't know what he's in for, so I ask him, "You know who I am?" He nods but doesn't stop kissing my dick, almost like he's worshiping it. "And you know what'll happen? After?" He nods again, this time kind of twisting his head so his eyes look up at my face. He pauses and then sticks out his tongue and it's a long one, the dude's tongue hung, right? And he can almost wrap it around me and he's grinning and sucking and licking and man it feels good and I'm still growing and he's still sucking.

I pump another salty gob of clear precum and he's right there again, greedily sucking it inside his mouth and then he sucks the whole plum of my helmet inside the warm wetness of his mouth and that long tongue and my toes curl because, dude, this guy is serious. My head goes back and my eyes roll up and he moving on top of me and his ass is in my face now and he goes down and down on me and I'm thinking he's going to choke or something but, damn, it feels amazing and I lean forward and sniff against his crack. He's wearing jeans but I can smell his scent, like he's wet like some chick in there, his sweat mingling with his deeper funk and I'm snorting in his ass and stick out my tongue and shove it there, against his ass, making my tongue hard and thick and he twitches at my nudge and man I want inside, now, I want to plunge my tongue inside him and kiss his rosy hole and lick, lick, lick so I reach in there and, you know, I'm strong and whatnot so I'm grabbing the seams of his Levi's and I just, well, rip his open.

He jumps, but my dick is hard and hot and thick down his throat so there ain't much more he can do and he's not wearing skivvies, either, and there's his hairy little butt right in front of me so I go to town, because that smell of him, the Jason smell, erupts from the heat of his ass like some fucked up perfume, tangy and masculine, and I'm rutting like a pig in heat and pushing my mouth and tongue against his asshole, hungry for him, feeling his mouth on me, feeling my balls fill up with juice and I move my fingers onto his cheeks and open him up to my tongue and shove it inside, licking his salty sweat, making him squirm and tighten so I move my hands and rip his jeans open wider still so his balls drop out but his cock, hard and red, is stuck up in there. He had such a sweet ass and I was getting excited, now. I wanted to see his dick, too, and to hold it and suck it and lick it all, lick him all up.

His ass wavers delicious and lean in front of me as I continue to eat him and he blows me and I can feel my load wanting out and I know I can come now and come again and so I go ahead and let fly, shoving a thick load up my inches, swelling my dick to hold it until I deliver it down his throat and he's sucking and bucking, I'm coming and licking and, suddenly, I can feel it start.

He's still sucking and swallowing and I'm still licking and pumping and I can feel his body on top of me start to change. It's subtle at first, like I can only tell something is happening but not exactly what, then he's getting heavier, a lot heavier, but he's still sucking me off and I'm still coming, it's a huge load because I was already on my way when he appeared and he's getting it all, gallons of my hot, powerful juice and now he's showing the benefits.

Like I said, usually guys are crying or screaming by now, but he keeps on swallowing. I can't see his face but I imagine he's gotta be pinching his eyes shut and I can feel his teeth on my dick, but I'm so hard now there's nothing gonna hurt me or stop me, either. I'm giving him everything, and now I can smell him stronger and I can see his balls swelling and his legs are starting to press hard against his jeans and he's getting heavier and heavier and finally, things start ripping.

Now, I fucking love this part. This Hulking Out part. I'd never seen a guy do this while we were still engaged, though, and now I was not only seeing happen, I could feel it. I could feel his muscles growing, feel his body growing thicker and heavier, and his shirt was splitting down his widening back and his pants were spreading themselves like some cocoon so his could emerge new and perfect and beautiful.

Man, I get so poetic when I start talking about this shit.

Anyway, as his shirt tears itself apart I watch the muscles along his back bulge and swell. His shoulders are widening and filling with power and his triceps are emerging, fat horseshoes of brawn striated and cabled. I feel his ass swell and harden in my grip, his glutes growing round and firm. It was amazing, feeling him changing, and I kept coming, pumping him full of juice and he kept growing stronger and stronger, and it was like that for a while. I guess I was just over-stimulated, like they say, because of what was happening. I can come buckets now, but this was ridiculous.

So he's growing on top of me, I'm loving every minute of it and not really paying attention to him because all I can see is his ass and all the sudden he arches his back, I watch my dick stream come like a fountain and he lets out this deep, dark growl from somewhere inside him and stretches out his arms and I can see the muscles all over his back going apeshit and his shoulders mounding up and his neck getting all thick and I still haven't seen his face but I'm still streaming the juice and it feels so fucking good, this long, long orgasm, and Jason bends his arms and the peaks of his biceps are, like, unbelievable! Then his hands reach down and he's exploring his new body, pulling off whatever shreds of clothing are still hanging on and it becomes obvious that he's beating off as he sits there on me!

Fucker was so lost in himself, I guess. But, I mean, Jesus, couldn't he help me finish before he starts on himself? At least let me plug that fine ass and expend my load, but I guess he comes to and he grabs my hard-on and strokes the last blasts out, leaning down to slurp the juice inside his mouth, and then he kind of settles back down on top of me, resting his head on my shoulder and he's breathing pretty hard, I can see his huge chest rising and falling, he's got creamy strings of me all over his front and he's covered in sweat.

But the fucker's huge! I mean, fucking huge! I really want to see this guy, y'know? But he's resting or whatever and, I mean, I know what that's like, sort of. So I wrap my arms around him and hold on to him, feeling his hard bulges and my hot spunk and his sweat and body hair and I close my eyes and we sort of breathe together for a little while as my dick finally goes soft and his growth slows to a stop and we're there, together, on the grass, just sort of resting and happy and both pretty satisfied. •

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