Good Freak, The


By Also_KnownAs


At first I wonder if something's wrong. The sound is coming from deep inside him, like a dog. His face has this look like he's concentrating on something really hard. His eyes are closed and he's on his knees and bent back, his belly kind of sticking out and his hands on the floor by his feet. His face is up towards the ceiling and his jaw is clenched so tight I can see the cords on his neck. The growl sound is like rocks rubbing together or like some engine or something. I can almost feel it, it's so deep and it goes on and on.

Now Tim and Jack can hear it, too, and it's so loud and deep that they stop what they're doing, too, which is pretty fucking hard to believe, I know. I mean, if Tim was sucking my dick I don't think anything short of a nuclear war could get my attention, know what I'm saying? But Jack's looking over and Tim gets to his feet and now even Paul is looking, because him and Steve are done and Steve looks almost as bad or as good as Rick. Paul must have given Steve a load almost as big as what I gave Rick, only Steve's not arching his back he's on the floor, on his side, one arm stretched over his head and the other reaching down and he's rubbing his cock, sort of squeezing it and not really stroking off. He's not growling, though, but he is making that purring noise. Not like a cat, but more like a tiger. A big fucking cat, in other words.

Rick's growl goes deeper still and now he's twisting his head on his neck and his jaw's not clenched, his mouth is open and that noise is coming from his throat. Or his chest. A deep rumbling noise. And now I look at him, bent back like that, and I can see his belly kind of tightening up. It's like it's shrinking, but then I notice that what looks like it's happening is that all that juice of mine is traveling out from his belly into his chest and arms and legs, like they're filling up. I can see it happening, and I'm sort of freaked out and call out "Jack! Jack, what the fuck is happening?"

Jack's mouth is hanging open and he looks as surprised as me. Tim has his arms crossed over his chest and he's sort of smiling or something, and I don't wonder why then but if I was smarter I would have guessed why, anyway. Then I'm looking at Rick again and notice that his arms and legs and chest look a lot bigger, swollen or something, and his belly is really tight and hard and flat, and that growling noise is getting softer and softer, or maybe it was getting deeper so I couldn't hear it as well, but I could still feel it.

Suddenly Rick's eyes open and they focus on me so hard that it feels like he's looking inside me or something, it's a look I'll never ever forget as long as I live. There isn't pain or hurt there, or even love like in Paul's eyes sometimes or lust like in Jack's. I don't know what that look was, but it felt damn good and I felt this chill go through me and then Rick smiles and stretches his head back again and lifts his arms up and wide and I can see them growing! Fuck, Rick's muscles are growing! I think I even said it out loud, and I hear someone sort of laugh or sigh or gasp and I don't know who it was, maybe it was Tim, and then Rick's legs are bulging too! And his belly starts to suck up against this set of abs, a six-pack of hard little bumps, and his shoulders are getting fat and round and his chest, fuck! His chest was blowing up like balloons, but filled with meat instead of air.

He gets bigger and bigger like that, just slowly growing as the seconds passed, until he looks like Tim, now. He's big. Not huge like me and Paul, but big a lot bigger than he was. And that growling noise stops and he slowly raises his head and looks at me again and that other look is gone, now he's just looking at me and there's this sort of wonder or awe or something there and he gets to his feet, sort of shaky, and looks down at himself and says the first words he's said since he came in Jack's house. "Fuck," he said.

"Holy fuck is probably more accurate," Tim said, and he's still smiling and then he looks over at Steve, still on the floor, and we all look over and Steve's having the same thing happen to him! It's happening a lot slower, so you can hardly tell what's happening, like looking at a flower to watch it grow and you look away, thinking nothing's happening, then you look back and it's bigger. It was like that with Steve. He was sort of writhing around on the carpet like he was a snake or something. Or maybe not writhing, I guess, but he was sure busy doing something that looked sort of sexy.

As he moved, I could see his muscles flex and squirm under his skin. It was clear he was having the same thing happen to him that happened to Rick, and then Rick was next to me and he was taller too, still shorter than me, of course, but you could tell. Then I hear Tim say, "Just like me," real quiet and someone, Paul maybe, goes "what?" and Tim goes "Same thing happened to me, but after. Not like this."

I look at him and he's looking at me and he nods and smiles and makes a muscle. His beauty sends a chill up my spine and I'm horny all over again. "What happened?" I had to ask. I'm all worried now and wondering what the fuck is going on!

But Tim just smiles that perfect smile of his and points at Steve and goes, "This was me two nights ago. It started when I got home, I was already asleep and I was having this great dream about you, Kev, and me. We were making love, and you were so huge and powerful and I said something like `make me big, Kev, I want to be big.' Or something." He shrugged and looked weird. "Whatever. It was a dream, all right? But I was all restless and it woke me up and I had a raging hard on and I realized I'd come in my sleep. Had a wet dream, first time in a while, but I was still feeling really turned on, I could still see you in my head, Kev, there in the darkness of my room.

"So I had this huge, fine boner and I threw the sheets off my body and just started stroking off. I probably looked like Steve here, twisting and squirming with pleasure. Hope he don't get carpet burns." He laughed and then so did I. Jack too. Then he went on. "I felt fucking great and I was jerking off and feeling myself up, it felt like I was huge! I could feel my chest muscles and my belly was rippled with more muscle and my arms and everything. I just figured I was still half-asleep, still dreaming kind of. But it all felt so good, and I had to get off, I had to!

"I could feel myself ready to pop so I took my hand off and tried to calm down because I wanted this to last, I didn't want to come and have the dream be over. So I moved my hands across my body," and he sort of showed up what he meant. He closed his eyes and started exploring himself, all his fine, tight strength and the dark, plump nips and the thick curls of his pubs and down and back, moving his hands onto his own ass and then digging in deep, rubbing across his rosy hole as he rose on tiptoe and spread his cheeks for entrance. By now, of course, his dick was showing definite signs of life and it was clear that he was no longer just playing around, that he was getting into this. When he spoke again, his voice was husky and deep. "God, so good. Everything felt so good and I kept seeing you, Kev, in my head. You were so beautiful." He opened his eyes. He looked at me and said it again. "So beautiful."

He walked over to me and put his hand behind my neck and pulled my mouth onto his. We kissed deep and hard, he wanted me bad. I wrapped him in my arms and pressed myself against him and sucked his tongue, sucked on his lips and couldn't get enough of him. His dick felt like hot iron between us. He whispered, "You gave me what I wanted, Kev," and his hands were everywhere. "You make me huge."

I sort of lost track of what was going on with Steve at that point. Frankly I lost track of everything as soon as Tim started coming on to me, and before I knew it I was shoving myself inside his butt and he was grunting and bucking and telling me to fuck him harder.

So, you know, I did that. Tim is so great! I think I've said that about a million times and I feel guilty about leaving Paul out of things so far but, you know, what could I do?

Well, what I could do is go fuck Paul. So I did that, too. And by now Steve and Rick had recovered or whatever and they were exploring each other's bodies pretty thoroughly, if you know what I mean, and there's Paul and me and there's Tim and Jack, back together again and we're all, you know, fucking and whatever and then there's a break in the action and I finally get my head on straight sort of and go to Jack, "what the fuck is happening?"

So Jack says, "I don't know, Kevin. But I can guess. It's pretty clear that whatever you have, you can give it to other guys through your come." He said semen, but I like come better. "And it looks like you're becoming more potent every day. It took months for you to have the effects on Paul. Your own growth took years. With me it was weeks. With Tim, days. And now with Rick it looks like minutes."

"And Paul can do it too?" Because there's Steve looking all kinds of fine. Certainly not as big as even Rick, but bigger than he was.

"Obviously. It's probably only a matter of time before anyone you change can change someone else. Maybe we already are, in really small ways. It's like you have a virus that infects the guys you're with, and then each of those men becomes a carrier."

He was making me sound like I was a disease, which wasn't making me happy. And I guess I showed it, so he goes, "But it's all good, as far as I can tell. You sure don't hear me complaining. And looking at Paul and Tim and the other guys, I'm thinking you're going to have a pretty big fan club pretty fucking soon."

I was feeling both scared and excited. I mean, what was inside me that was doing this and why? But at the same time, look what it was doing! Look at Rick! He was gorgeous and looked so fucking great with his new muscle. Steve was filling out nicely too, and I thought if I could have a few minutes with him and give him a fat load of my come he'd look better than Rick, maybe. And Ti m, of course, I've already said what a beauty he was. And then I looked at Paul.

I loved him so much. He'd made me love myself, and taught me so much. He was looking at me and smiling and I knew he loved me, too. •

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