Prelude: Error


By Jace Soliz


Just started working on this idea. This is a pathetic beginning, but it's a beginning none the less. You writers write some incredible stuff and I'll try my best to keep up with that. I hope I can do justice for some of you.

Ernesto S.

Did I foget anything? No. I'm fine. I have everything I need. Money. Damn�..I'll have to stop at the ATM in Denver's airport.

The error light was flashing on my screen and I had no idea how to shut the damn thing off. That "thing" may break out of the secured room. I have to get outta here before then. It knew who I was. I saw it in it's eyes. Poor guy�What have we done to him?!


Oh my GOD! Its trying to get out. Dammit where are my keys?!?!

(CRACK��CRASH)�uhhhhhhhh (Wall crumbling a shadow emerges)

Okay��..running to the car��..Damn��Where did I park? Where the fuck did I park? Okay, Jared, keep cool��Keep cool���.

(engine starts��.starts driving off��looking in the rearview mirror, a hulking figure running)


(pushes pedal all the way down�..and escapes......for now) •

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