Unexpected Muscle


By Turbo Muscle

John was enjoying being in his muscled friend's arms as the two of them walked silently down the narrow, silent street. It was well past midnight by now and not a sound could be heard anywhere except for the occasional dog barking and crickets. Not even a single car had driven past.

"Jeff… where are you taking me…" John replied looking up into the beautiful blue eyes of his adoring friend.

"You'll see. It’s a special place… a place only I know about."

Just then a patrol car came down the street and it stopped a few feet in front of them. Oh shit, it was their cop friend Matt that had rescued them from the bullies earlier that day at the beach..

"Hey, what are you guys doing out this late…Is everything ok with John?"

"Uh nothings wrong Officer… Im just taking him to my place cause he fell and hurt his foot so he can't really walk right now." Jeff said… He knew that was a lame excuse since Matt obviously knew he lived in the other direction.

"Well why don't you two hop in the patrol car and I'll give you a lift."

John was hoping that it was the other kind of lift but he meant a ride in his car….

"Well … uh…" Jeff stammered.

"Might as well put me down Jeff." John said. Relunctantly the older teen complied.

They both got in the front seat of the patrol car. "Sorry for the tight squeeze up here but its prisoners only in the back seat."

"That’s ok." John didn't mind being sandwhiched in between his two most muscular friends ever.

"So what were you two doing out so late anyway?" Matt asked, starting the car and driving off… "Just horsing around…" John lied..

"Are you sure that’s all that it is?" Matt asked. Suddenly, he reached over and placed his hand on John's knee giving it a squeeze. Jeff was his usual oblivious self staring out the window.

"Uh yeah.. Why.."

"Oh just wondering. Im wondering why Jeff's clothes are all tattered. Looks like he's the incredible hulk." Matt answered, leaving his hand there for an incredibly long time.

"Dude.. Shouldn't you pay attention to the road?"

"That’s ok… I can multitask.. Why don't you grab hold of my bicep … you know you've always wanted to."

"Are you sure?" John asked… as an answer Matt flexed his incredible 20" peaked bicep…

"Now prepare to see REAL muscle." Matt answered back. John was sure that the veins were going to tear the uniform apart. •

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