Ten Big Indians

Numero Uno


By John

Todd woke up very, every early. He was still confused and excited at the same time! His dreams had stayed with him in the night. As he laid there, he couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to add up to 10 pounds of muscle each and every day. He could have a 56" chest in no time. Heck, he could pass 58" or, maybe even 60". Todd wondered if he would be able to reach around all that thick, mounding muscle with 24" or 25" arms and still be able to work his cock. He certainly didn't want to loose that ability. And just how much bigger would that cock be?

He found himself getting very excited at the prospects and possibilities. He could feel the weight of his cock sliding down over his upper leg as the thoughts translated themselves into a physical response. Then he remember what they had been told about cumming. Damn! This wasn't going to be easy. If there was anything he like more than the feel of his own thick, hard muscle, it was the exquisite jolt of passion as his cock exploded with cum. And, then, of course, there was the image of Mel that reminded him of a need to control himself.

He needed to refocus himself. Looking at the clock, it was only 6 AM. He decided he would go see if there was a way to get into the gym this early before the others and before going for breakfast at 8 AM. He forced himself out of bed. His cock swayed heavily and slowly as it resisted the attempts to change the thought patterns away from what it wanted the most. Was it just his imagination, or was it ever so slightly longer already?

Todd stopped at the mirror on his way to lock the other door. He certainly didn't need to have whichever muscle hunk was in the next room walk in on him, especially if he was as naked as Todd. There wasn't one of them that couldn't finish causing the vertical trip his cock wanted to take by just walking in. The mirror showed that he was still very pumped from his workouts of yesterday. Todd paused to admire the swell of his chest. He loved the way it protruded over his tight, rippled abs. When standing just right, he could see the hard nipple pointing out at a 45% angle down from below the thickest part of his pec The light over the sink caused his man-tits to cast long, dark shadows almost half way down his stomach just about to his navel. This only exaggerated the apparent size of those precious pecs.

Moving to the shower, Todd couldn't help but languish over the feel of these thick chest melons as his hand slipped over their solid thickness under the combination of soap and water. He pinched each nipple several time, feeling them grow even harder. He could feel the heat coming off the skin as blood moved in to the already swollen pec meat. Looking down, Todd realized that his cock had accomplished it's task and it's full 10" hardness was up past horizontal and moving closer toward his navel. God! He was really, really horny!

Then his mind caught up to itself. This must be what that voice had talked about.. He would have to stay as far away as possible from these other muscle hunks. Even if this was all just a big joke by a sick old voyeur, Todd couldn't risk the chance that what they had been told was true.

Working to keep himself under control, Todd finished up in the bathroom as quickly as he could, not even letting himself look at the body he loved so much in the mirror. By 6:30, he was in his baggiest workout clothes he had and out the door.

It was much the same for Mike and for Ram. Neither of them had slept well. Mike hoped that what they had been told was all true. In his mind, he deserved to have the chance to become the biggest, most beautiful muscle god on earth. He had worked so hard for so many years to get as big as he was. He was not small by any standards. That voice had been too close to the truth in everything he said about him. Mike believed that the only thing between him and the recognition he deserved in the world of body building was his height. But if he could add that promised 140 pounds of muscle to his 6'-4" frame, he would be spectacular. No one could ignore a 390 pound muscle giant, no matter how tall he was! Mike was going to get the most out of this regardless of the cost.

Ram thought that the money would be nice. Sure, he didn't really need it, he did pretty well with his psychiatry practice, but who doesn't want to know that they have enough financial stability behind them so as not to ever have to worry. Besides, his 401k had taken a bit of hit lately and this would be all the insurance he needed. Now and again Ram found himself laying there examining just how this mysterious stranger could know so much about him and, he presumed, about all the other guys. Someone had done a lot of checking and found their way into an awful lot of private information.

He was proud of his cock. Not many could prove that they were actually as thick as a beer can. Sure, he loved the look on another guy's face when he caught sight of Ram's hard, waiting ram-rod. Yet, once over the initial shock, they wanted it up their ass as much as he wanted to put it there. One thing was sure, he could always count on a great fuck as his cock worked it's way in and out of a tight ass with the inevitable accompanying friction created inside any guy by his cock's sheer thickness.

Then there was Steve. Ram was sure that it would prove to be the tightest, most perfect ass he had fucked in a long time. All he had to do was to figure out how to get into that ass without him cumming. He would have to work on this, but he was going to get into that precious little ass somehow! After all, he was a doctor, he could figure this out. Ram had already seen the body language yearning for physical relationships in the eyes and actions of several of these muscle jocks. Let them ruin their own opportunities with their uncontrolled lusts. He was going to be beyond that, that was his advantage. Horny or not, logic could always dominate the body.

Just like now, he could envision his ultimate conquest of Steve's tight ass and not stir himself into an uncontrollable sexual arousal. Once inside that ass, he knew he could get all the pleasure of the feeling he wanted and still be in charge of the situation. Ram bet it would be especially satisfying running his broad, hard cock head back and forth past Steve's prostate. Steve would be beyond himself. Ram imagined that that boy was loaded with hot, steamy cum. If Steve couldn't hold back, that would be his problem, not Ram's.

In the meantime, the thought of that extra muscle pushing his own body beyond great into glorious musculature was a great bonus. Imagine him with pecs as thick or thicker than the muscle-champ Todd! What would it be like to have legs big enough to put Dwayne's obvious tree-trunk limbs to shame?

As he started to get up after the combination of alternately uncomfortable and delicious dreams, his mind turned to the scientific questions. He guessed that this testosterone splicing was certainly feasible. He hoped it was for real. But this threat about loosing mass after cumming, that sounded a bit far fetched. Yet, it was not something to challenge without proof especially since they were already, allegedly affected and had had a good look at Mel. He would have to go with the program for now while he looked for better, more definitive information…and while he pursued Steve and his tight, waiting butt.

Spike wandered the house before going for breakfast. He was in search of the elusive "host". The house was not that old. Their rooms were in one wing. The other wing held the formal living areas, a media room (with no reception to the TV) and what must be a sleeping room and bath for Mel. Upstairs an absolutely enormous master suite. It was completely empty of everything, including furniture. There was no basement. The kitchen and a laundry room were immediately behind the dining room with a second door that he figured led to Mel's rooms. The gym was connected near the dining room to the back of the house and was quite huge. His background as a contractor told him that there was no way to have hidden any secret passages in the clean, simple layout. The ten of them and Mel were the only one's in the house.

Ivan was already in the dining room when Todd got there just after 7 AM. The gym had been locked. Mel was carrying a plate into what must be the kitchen as Todd came in. Apparently Ivan had been there even before the 7 AM start of breakfast time. Ivan walked over to Todd and immediately put his right hand full onto Todd's left pec. Todd reacted automatically by tensing slightly, half out of surprise and half out of a natural response.

"So, is hard as looks." Said Ivan in broken but clear English. "Thick, hard, heavy; feels good. You like man-tits, huh?'

"If you mean by that that I enjoy building up my pecs, then the answer is yes. But I have built up all of my body and have a few titles and placings to prove it - as you heard last night." Todd responded making it clear that he was not fully pleased with this kind of approach by anyone.

"You like man-tits." Ivan repeated seeming as if Todd's tenor didn't matter.

"I like, too. And I like yours. Here, you feel mine, too." Ivan offered as he pulled back the left side of his unbuttoned shirt.

His left pec was a wonderful sight indeed thought Todd while trying to figure out how to get this bozo off of his case. Before he could think about it consciously, Todd's eyes drifted down and over the mound of muscle that had been offered to him. It wasn't quite as deep as Todd's but, even without a workout, it showed the shadows of several writhing lines of veins crossing from the outside and disappearing into the shadow of the deep cleavage. Todd was always a sucker for muscle so defined that the veins had to move thickly over the surface just below fat-free thin skin.

Before Todd could even speak Ivan took Todd's right hand and moved it up to his exposed pec.

"Come, you feel. Hard like yours, huh. Strong like yours, too. You will see. We make our tits thick and hard in gym together. Others will be jealous. We have best man-tits in whole house and we show them." Ivan said now showing a bit of a smile.

Todd pulled his hand away. Sure, it felt hard and warm and wonderful. Under normal circumstances, he would love to play with those thick, dense globes and watch them move from outstretched with each vascular line showing to mounded up in tight heaps of meat as the arms move closer together. But, this certainly was not a normal way to meet someone, regardless of cultural backgrounds.

"Yes, you have great pecs" Todd said trying to gain some semblance of propriety in the conversation "but, we don't even know each other and, you must admit, this situation we are in is very strange. Plus, to be honest I am not very comfortable with fast friendships. If you'll forgive me, I need to get something to eat right now."

"OK, we do tit-play later. You eat now. It will be good to see your pecs grow here. More to play with later." Ivan responded with seeming refusal or inability to comprehend the intent of Todd's response.

Fortunately, as Todd began to step around Ivan and head for the food, Dwayne walked into the room. This morning he had on a muscle-shirt that was one size too tight and was wearing a pair of tight stripped shorts that had been painted over his huge thighs. His upper legs seemed so thick that both other guys noticed how Dwayne had to swing his legs in a small arc as he moved to walk. This movement caused the shadow of his basket to shift from side to side and showed that, unfortunately, what was often said about men of his ancestry did not necessarily apply to all of them. So, our host was right on a number of accounts, thought Todd.

Whatever the case, this didn't seem to be any part of Dwayne's mind at the moment. He strode in as if it was just another day for him to conquer. Apparently nothing that was said the night before had affected his attitude.

"You guys ready to put on some serious muscle?" he called out to Todd and Ivan in general, sounding as if this was all part of some fully normal situation.

"Bigger and harder." Ivan shouted out as he thumped himself on his still exposed pec. He instantly whipped off the rest of his shirt and hit a most muscular pose. The veins jumped out in sharp shadows across his chest and the lines defining each strand of muscle shot into focus.

Todd couldn't help but look. Shit, he thought, this guy really does have great pecs. And, based on just one touch, I'll bet they are as hard as they look.

"Woe, not bad, fella," Dwayne called back. "Not bad at all, in fact, pretty damned good. Especially for a Russian dude."

"Ukrainian!" shouted Ivan back as he moved into a crunch showing that his pecs sat on a good, ridged set of abs.. "Is different! Is better! Is stronger!"

"Hey, sorry guy." Dwayne apologized with a quick laugh. "You may want to save some of that energy for your workout."

Ivan smiled back, grabbed his shirt and headed out of the room. "Sure, you see what real strength is then."

"You two got something going already?" Dwayne joked to Todd with a bit of a smirk

Without responding, Todd moved to his corner of the table with his breakfast trying not to make eye contact with Dwayne. Catching the hint with a little sorrow and thinking this guy to be kind of self- centered, Dwayne got a plate of food and they ate far apart in silence.

Ivan went back to his room and took his training shirt out of his travel bag. He found his cut-off jeans that would serve as his workout shorts. He liked the way Todd looked. He had enjoyed sitting pretty much across from him at dinner last night and really did look forward to seeing that muscle machine work out. He hoped Todd wouldn't keep those unrevealing clothes on all day. As to Ivan himself, he was going to get as big as this program would let him. He was all set now.

Taking off his shirt again, he picked up his training outfit and went into the bathroom off of his room. He had been up doing pushups and sit-ups earlier in his room and was impressed with how he could see a little more definition in his pecs and lats already. The veins that were always there were visibly more prominent. The scale said he was six pounds heavier than when he weighed himself after getting into the room yesterday. This body was going to be the best. Look at how sharp it is already he thought to himself.

Shoving down his pants and shorts, he flexed harder and harder, forcing the veins out even more. Throwing his left hand behind his head, he pushed his left lat into a clean sweeping arc down to his vertical obliques. Veins popped out, rounding the curve to his back. Bringing his right hand up, Ivan reached across, closed his eyes and let his hand caress the hard, curved, wide back muscle. The skin was so thin and tight to the muscle that the veins refused to yield under his fingers and he relished each time his hand had to bump over the pulsing vessels. He felt the pressure of the blood as it worked to help make the muscle even harder then he had thought possible.

He felt lower and lower, finally reaching the point where the lat moves behind the oblique. With no fat to be found, the skin made a sharp bend as it jumped the tight gap between the two different hard masses. He slipped his fingers from defined ridge to defined ridge across the whole obliques muscle. Ivan envisioned the deep shadows defining each muscle bundle at his side that he knew he would see in the mirror if he opened his eyes. Ivan's waist was not large, but he didn't have that same visual taper that seemed so popular today. Moving back up to the flaring lat, it wasn't too far before his hand couldn't reach all the way across the broad curved meat as the back grew wider and wider on it's way to the thick round shoulders. Heat moved outward from the still hardening muscle and into his hand. How it kept getting harder pushed Ivan's mind to a new level of muscle- joy. Then he felt the same heat in his groin.

Opening his eyes, he was greeted by a cock that had filled itself with the same blood that was making the showy back muscle so hard and the result was very much the same. Like the rest of his body, it was covered with thick coiled bands of veins. Maybe it was only 7" long, but it looked like a rock! A dark, dense rock! Moving his right hand down, Ivan gently ran his index finger over the top of his shaft. Just like his lats, the skin was so tight that the veins refused to yield. This only added to the intensity of the sensory pleasure that had now taken over.

Ivan flexed harder still. His whole body glowed in the sharp bathroom light with hard shadows and his body was perfectly reflected in the mirrors. Veins like he had never witnessed before wrapped and coiled over, around and through every muscle. It was as if his body was making more and more blood to service the demand for the hardness he was pushing for. Now his thumb rubbed lightly along the top of his cock. It moved from rock hard to granite hard. Even the ropes of blood vessels were hard to the touch. Ivan pushed down with his thumb but the cock refused to yield, remaining straight and stiff.

He put his whole hand on top of his manmeat and applied more downward pressure. He felt the pleasure pain at the root of his cock that comes with trying to force it where it doesn't want to go … and it didn't want to go down at all. Ivan could actually feel the blood pulsing in the cock veins as it's root refused to let it circulate out of this fuck tool once captured in there.

Shit! His cock had never been this hard! His body had never been this hard! Veins had formed in his forehead by now. Glancing across, he couldn't believe his pecs as he saw them in the mirror. The skin was so tight that the striations showed clearly as they crossed each other under the twisting road map of blood engorged veins. The light from above the counter reflected sharply off of the pec meat's skin. Ivan's hands moved up to feel the rigid, heat- creating muscles. The meat was so tense it refused to give as much as a fraction of an inch as he tried to force the hands into the deep, darkly defined cleft.

God! He felt good. No, he felt great! His whole body was a living, pumping rock of muscle. And his cock was the hardest muscle of all. Even his balls were rigidly solid. He, Ivan, was the best muscle- god! He felt his hand feeling his hard, hard cock. It felt too good. It felt too hard. His hand bumped up and down the length as the veins created their own sense of friction inside his rock-tool.

The sound of the massive wad of cum hitting the mirror with a force he had never before experienced was both spontaneous and shocking. His mind went numb as his whole body went limp. •

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