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To get things started had actually taken more than one day, and Fred, being a good rancher, made this an opportunity to teach the boys how to organize a work detail.

As is common on ranches throughout America, boys learn to drive at very early ages. All three boys had driven the old farm trucks and they started learning even before their tenth birthday.

This was in many ways a day to remember, because it was the first time that the boys were to be trusted alone with any piece of major mechanical equipment.

Fred impressed upon his kids how important this was, and that it was one of the first steps in the chain of responsibility that would allow them more privileges in the future.

Fred went back and picked out an old F350 with a stake bed and had a couple of the hands load it up with most of the supplies the boys would need to repair fencing. He gave them a two-way radio and instructed them carefully, telling them that if there were anything they needed help on, to use the radio and he would come out from his office and meet them to help.

After dinner, the three fellows went to bed early, the last thing that they did before sleep was to take their dosages of the drug.

The next morning, after each emptied a voluminous load into the shower, they went down to find that their Mom had prepared them a big breakfast, and that their Dad had already gotten things ready for them. Outside there was the F350 with four horses saddled and tied to the rear step bumper. Right behind the cab of the truck were two huge orange and white containers secured to the back of what the other farm hands called the “headache rack”. (For those not familiar this is a partition between the truck cab and the bed itself, made of metal to prevent injury to the driver if a load shifted forward and fell.)

Alan had a handful of the pills in his pocket. What was he going to do now? He had expected to take a big ice chest with individual bottles. He had planned on giving Juan and Carlos a rather high dose to help them catch up! If he dissolved the pills in the containers he and his two brothers would be getting that plus the dosage they had taken last night! Alan felt that at this point there was no choice. He could not do anything at this point that would call attention to what he was doing. Alan went to the refrigerator and took two containers of ice, one for each cooler. When he threw the ice into each of the commercial dispensing coolers, he also threw in equal dosages of the pills!

When Alan went back into the house to relieve himself, Libby said; “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Alan looked puzzled?

“Sweetheart there is a large ice chest that has a bunch of sandwiches and some other snacks for you sitting on the kitchen floor in front of the sink.”

“Get the other boys to help you with it!”

Charlie overheard this and went over picking up the large cooler full of ice with surprising ease.

Libby’s last words as the boys headed out the door were that they were not to make any plans on the weekend without asking her, because she was taking all three of them shopping for clothing!

Barry and Charlie mounted two of the horses, each taking one lead-rope for the remaining two. Alan then turned the engine over on the truck, and they headed towards the other side of the ranch to pick up Juan and Carlos.

When they arrived, there was at first a very uneasy relationship between the boys. Juan and Carlos felt that their social place in life was far below that of the sons and a cousin of the owner of the huge ranch, which employed their father.

Within an hour however, Alan, Barry and Charlie too had put their mind at ease convincing Juan and Carlos that in this case they were just employees too!

As the day progressed in the summer heat, things began to heat up in many ways. Alan, Barry and Charlie were almost feeling buzzed by the drug that had been slipped into the Sports Drink that they were all guzzling from the two containers. All three were so sexually charged that they probably worked twice as hard just to get that day over! Juan and Carlos had not of course had prior exposure to the drug, so their ride was yet to come!

There were some major repairs needed, particularly in a confined pasture area that had not been used in a while. There were a good dozen fence posts that had rotted to the point of needing replacement, holes that had to be dug, barbed wire strung, and then stretched, and more exercise and sweat than any of the boys thought. There was a gate to be repaired, and this required lifting and stringing up some wire and a turnbuckle to make that gate work right. The harder they worked the more energy they seemed to have and the more liquid they consumed as the sweat dripped off their bodies.

It was almost as if there was something sexual in the exercise. There was almost some sort of addictive feeling to the physical labor.

Fred had told the boys that they were to knock off work at 4:00 P.M. and get back in.

Alan and all the rest had been surprised at their own stamina. They still had enough energy to bathe and curry the horses and put away the tack as they had been taught. One of the other hands said that he would re-load the truck for them for the next day while they prepped the animals for the night.

Alan watched as the truck was reloaded and after they finished with the horses a different hand brought the horses their evening food.

By the time that this was finished, the truck was reloaded and Alan was again at the wheel. Barry was in the cab on the outside and Charlie was riding on the back of the truck bed with Carlos. Juan was in the truck cab between Alan and Barry. Alan drove the truck carefully over to the quarters of the ranch staff and the three boys courteously dropped their helpers off for the day. It had been a great day.

As the truck got back on the dusty farm road headed back towards the main house, Barry, Alan and Charlie were all in a sexual frenzy, they needed to dump some cum!

When the three boys got back to the house it was almost as if their appearance had changed in some way. The jeans had been tight when they had left that morning, but they appeared to be even tighter now. The bulges of their quads and calves could be seen. Three “bubble-butts” that would have given Angelina a total apoplectic fit were stretching the rears of these jeans to where there was not much room left. Three crotches looked loaded for bear especially when the age of these three were considered. They were in some ways miniaturized studs and that was for certain! Alan noticed that the snaps on all three of their western shirts were open down across their chests. He did not remember opening them, but, it looked kind of good.

The fact was, that as they dosed throughout the day on this drug, that it had, when used in that manner, accelerated their development a great deal.

After the work was over, all three were really too tired to pay close attention to the physical changes that had taken place over the course of that day. They quietly took turns showering, and all three blasted incredible loads, which were washed down the drain.

The only thing that seemed unusual was that when dinner was placed in front of these fellows, it was like they had not eaten in weeks. The three boys had eaten enough dinner for the whole family and had even cleaned up the leftovers. This would have been appreciated, except that it happened even before Fred or Libby were able to get their own dinner.

One of the women active with the local Rotary Club had shown up just as they were sitting down to dinner. Libby and Fred went to the living room to greet their guest, never dreaming that there were three “garbage disposers” eating everything in sight at the kitchen table.

When Libby and Fred waked back into the kitchen, the plates were cleaned and stacked in the dishwasher, the rest was cleaned up with not one morsel left, and the kitchen was left clean.

Libby surveyed the whole situation and turned to Fred and said: “Want a hot dog?”

Alan had not mentioned that he had placed the drug into the Sports Drink that had been in the two coolers. It was not deliberate, it was just an oversight really. Barry was happy and decided that he was going to do all of them a favor! He knew where Alan had stashed the pills so he dissolved their nightly dosage in a cup of hot chocolate. He placed one on Alan’s nightstand, and he and Charlie were drinking the other two. He had added the drug to the cups in the kitchen and did not mention this to Charlie. Alan awakened for a few minutes and seeing the cup of cocoa was struck by how thoughtful this was. He was sleepy now, and he would remember to thank whoever had made it later. He then, after finishing the drink went back to sleep. At about 9:00 P.M. Charlie was hungry. He went down to the kitchen and saw that their Mom had made some fresh Limeade. That certainly looked good! He thought a minute, and remembered that they had not taken their dosages of the drug! He would fix that! He remembered how much and made three cups of the iced limeade. The tart taste of the lime hid the second full dosage of the drug, this was not counting the mammoth dosage they had consumed in the Coolers that day. Charlie was the first to awaken the next morning. He stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. He was still half-asleep and had sort of a tight and slightly tired feeling all over his body. When he looked down to direct his stream of piss into the toilet the color fled form his face. There was a definite treasure trail leading from his belly button down to a pubic bush that had grown a great deal overnight. Another shocker was that he no longer had to hold is dick to aim it at the toilet. The increase in size that had taken place made that unnecessary now. It was a good four or five inches long soft! Charlie went over to the mirror and looked at his body. He was still a young teen, but during the night he had rocketed ahead. When he lifted his arms there was a thick bush of hair under each one. His waist was still wasp thin, but instead of the baby-fat that had been there only a few days ago, it had good definition, there was the beginning of a good set of abs starting to show. Though they were still flat, there was a definite shape and outline of two pecs on his chest! It was as if he had rocketed through several years of puberty in one single night.

When Charlie looked at his face he was startled to see the change. There was now a great deal of long downy fuzz all over. It was not yet a beard, but if it kept growing at the present rate, it would not be very long until it was!

All of this rapid development was getting to him. He started to feel a vibrating sensation in his groin and his newly improved cock quickly started growing to full length! He quickly ran back to his bedroom and grabbed a ruler. It did not stop growing until it was just short of seven inches in length! Compared to his old dick this was great. He could feel the pulsing in it! He could feel the increased weight, he could feel that his balls had grown a great deal as well.

He wondered how he was going to get into his clothing to go work in that field!

A few minutes later Charlie walked in quietly to Barry’s room and looked down at his sleeping cousin. Barry had changed too! There was little doubt of that. There was a good distribution of peach fuzz all over Barry’s face. It was long just like his was! He could see that like his own body there had been changes and improvements in Barry’s too. The more he looked at Barry, the more turned on he became. Now his dick was throbbing for release and the veins were starting to stand out like ropes. As if Barry could somehow read what was going on near him, still in a state of sleep Barry rolled on to his back. As he did so his dick started to erect too. Charlie could see now that Barry’s bush like his own had increased dramatically in size and he could now see the hair on Barry’s legs. It had darkened some and so had the hair on his arms!

Before he became too excited, Charlie then padded quietly into Alan’s room. Alan was sprawled on his back in a position with his chest and torso rolled to the side and his butt facing the door. Charlie crept around and found that from the front Alan had changed in all the same ways that he and Charlie had, and Alan had something that they did not and that was a coating of fuzz all over his butt. As this progressed, he was going to have a hairy ass too! This was an incredible turn on for Charlie and his dick throbbed some more. He decided that it was time to take a chance and awaken Alan so that there would be at least a little time to try and disguise the changes before they went down stairs to breakfast. When he tried to whisper to Alan it sort of squawked out. Alan was awakened immediately, and when he awakened he looked at Charlie, his eyes growing as wide as frying pans as he took in all the changes! He brought his fingers up to his own face and looked at his arms and legs and the new or at least more obvious hair that was growing there. He was awake now, boy oh boy! And he had to think fast or this was going to be out of the bag faster than he had ever dreamed!

Alan went into Barry’s room and awakened him so that he also would have a few minutes to grasp hold of what had taken place during his sleep. Now, being the ringleader he had to think fast and he was good at that! He rummaged through a drawer in the guestroom and found the Electric Shaver that had belonged to Grandpa Angus. It was a few years old now, but it had been given him as a gift shortly before his death. It was very “low mileage”.

Fortunately, this shaver was very quiet. He ran the shaver all over his own face, and because he was new at this he found a slight burn, the others did the same. Without the facial hair the rest of them would be passable as long as they were in clothing. There was one major problem and that was the more the three of them looked at each other, the harder their peckers got! Charlie had been leaking pre-cum for the past fifteen minutes and the others were not far behind. Measurements were taken and Charlie had the largest increase between the legs, but up to this point he, Alan had grown the most hair. When they weighed there was a uniform gain in weight of nearly five more pounds. This placed all three of the boys where they were edging over 145 pounds.

Alan, now knew that he had to accelerate the changes in Juan and Carlos. If the others started growing and developing as fast as they were, then there would be fewer questions.

The shirts that they had been wearing the day before had been laundered, but there was one problem. They would no longer fit. Alan could get his arms in the sleeves, but he could not fasten the snaps on the western shirt no matter what he did. There was a gap of about an inch at his chest.

Barry and Charlie were no better off. It took some looking but there were some larger shirts and all three boys managed to find shirts in their own closets that would not give things away. There were a couple fortunately that had been too large received as gifts from a few relatives and if the growth continued it would not be long until these were tight too!

The jeans were a different matter. The Western jeans that they had worn the day before were impossible. They could get them on all right, but they could not get their genitals inside the smaller pouches. Their cocks and balls had grown too much the night before.

Alan had an idea. The more baggy jeans that they used to wear for school would work. They were getting new clothes anyway on the weekend, so with a little careful maneuvering and with the amount they had grown, these looser fitting jeans would get them by for a while.

He was right, the jeans that had been real loose and baggy were not all that loose now. Their quads and their calves had expanded enough to fill them out a great deal more. It was so different in appearance it looked similar to what their boot fit slim cuts had before the physical changes had started.

Breakfast was uneventful, and in most respects the day was a repeat of the day before. Again, Alan said nothing and dosed the two containers of sports drink with the drug. After all, this was the best thing that they could do for now. There was no mention to the other two that he had done this.

Alan again started the Ford and headed off to pick up Juan and Carlos with the truck. This day he told Barry and Charlie to meet them where they had been at quitting time the day before. He would bring the other two boys out in the truck.

Barry and Charlie with two more horses saddled and with lead ropes in hand, headed off for the gated pasture when the truck bumped down the dusty road in the opposite direction. •

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