Press Pass, The


By Dan2N

This one's actually the first muscle story I ever wrote. It's not a growth story, but it might turn on some of your readers who've always fantasized about being backstage in the pump room at a major competition and landing the biggest, hottest musclegod in the lineup back at the hotel…

Mike knew he was a cute guy – at 20 years old, he stood about 5'9" with a lean, well-muscled swimmers body and a boyishly handsome face. All in all the picture of a college jock. But Mike had a secret obsession which started one day five years earlier when he picked up a copy of a magazine called MuscleMag International. As he leafed through the pages, Mike couldn’t believe the images of male perfection before him – massive men with huge muscles of steel… flexing, rock-hard muscle gods – page after page of bulging biceps, thick veins roping across tight skin stretched over granite muscles, swelling thighs that looked like cabled steel, rock-hard abs, massive pecs, shoulders like bowling balls. His eyes widened as he realized his cock had become hard right there at the newsstand. Unnoticed, Mike quickly threw the magazine into his bookbag and headed home to jack off to the images he’d discovered.

Now, years later, Mike finally had someone with whom he could talk about his secret passion. He’d met Jason online in a chat room called “Bodybuilders m4m”. Although he worked out, Jason was no bodybuilder himself, but he shared Mike’s obsession with massive musclemen. Although Jason lived in Los Angeles and Mike in Colorado, the two friends IM’ed each other daily, sharing their muscle fantasies, and discussing the latest bodybuilders featured in the pages of their favorite magazines.

Mike had always dreamed of visiting Los Angeles, going to Muscle Beach and Gold’s Gym in Venice, meeting his muscle idols in person. So he didn’t hesitate when Jason called him with the exciting news. In two weeks, the USA Bodybuilding Championships would be held in LA, and Jason invited him to fly out for the show. Mike could hardly contain his excitement as he packed for the trip. Four days in the Mecca of Bodybuilding. And to see his first live competition. Even sitting in the back row of the auditorium would be exciting enough, given the chance to see dozens of huge musclemen up there on stage, posing and flexing their massive bodies live and in the flesh. His cock swelled every time he thought about it.

The two friends met at LAX on a Friday morning. They headed back to Jason’s two-bedroom condo in the San Fernando Valley. That night they stayed up late talking muscle, watching Jason’s collection of bodybuilding videos, and jacking off. The next morning, Jason grabbed his camera and they headed out early to see the prejudging. On the way, he reached into the glove compartment and handed Mike a small white envelope. “Here” he said. “Go ahead, open it”.

Mike tore open the envelope and pulled out two small plastic badges – they looked a little like the nametags people wear at conventions. Emblazoned at the top of each tag was the logo “USA BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS” and down below, in big letters, was the word “PRESS”. “What’s this?” he asked.

“Those are our tickets to paradise” Mike responded with a smile. “They’re backstage passes – all access to muscle heaven”

“No WAY!” Mike stammered. “How did you get these?”

“It wasn’t easy,” Jason admitted. “But I managed to bribe the contest promoter. Paid him $1,000 for these two babies. So if anyone asks, we’re reporters for an East Coast muscle magazine called Muscle Source, and we’re out here to cover the show. Got it?”

“Definitely! Man this is unbelievable!” Mike grinned as he pinned one of the badges on his shirt.

They arrived at the auditorium by 10:30 a.m. Already a large crowd was waiting out front to buy tickets. As he scanned the crowd, Mike could see a number of big, buff guys. But it was hard to tell which ones were there to see the show, and which were competing. Jason led him around the back of the theatre to a door marked “Stage Entrance”. A large guy with a clipboard was guarding the door. They gave him their names, and after a few seconds of scanning the list, the big man stepped aside and muttered “OK, go on in”. What Mike saw next nearly made him pass out.

They were standing in a large room backstage. A couple dozen floor length mirrors were leaned up against the walls of the room, and the floor was filled with a huge collection of freeweights – dumbbells, barbells, of every size and weight. And then there were the bodybuilders… about 40 of the biggest, hottest musclemen Mike had ever seen, standing in posing trunks, or stripping down from their sweats. Some were rubbing oil over their massive muscles. Others were pumping up with the weights, squeezing out curls and flies, filling their already huge muscles with blood. Still others were standing in front of mirrors, flexing, hitting pose after pose, checking every inch of their perfect bodies, preparing to do battle out on stage. There was a quiet air of tension in the room that only made Mike more excited. “Oh fuck…..” he muttered as he gazed around the room. “Careful” Jason warned him. “It’s OK to be turned on, but just don’t let them know that, or we’ll be out here faster than you can say ‘front lat spread’!” Mike caught himself and the two friends stepped further into the room.

Jason pulled out his camera and walked up to a huge heavyweight competitor flexing in one of the mirrors. “You mind if I get a few shots?” he said. Mike was shocked that his friend actually spoke to one of these muscle gods. He instinctively took a step back, expecting the man to tell them to go to hell. Instead, the guy turned to Jason and said “Sure. What magazine are you with?”

Muscle Source. It’s a new mag based on the East Coast” Jason responded as cool as could be. “Cool”, the bodybuilder said, “how’s this?” He lifted his arms into a perfect front double biceps pose. As Jason snapped the pics, Mike gazed at the guy’s bulging muscles – perfect peaked biceps that must have been 21” around, thick veins snaked up and over them disappearing into a pair of massive delts. His pecs were huge and hard, and Mike’s eyes drifted down over the guys rippling washboard abs, packed with cuts and grooves. His tanned olive skin was perfectly set off by the pair of black lycra posing trunks he wore, and Mike’s gaze lingered a second or two on the guy’s cock as it bulged in the tightly stretched fabric. A pair of the biggest quads Mike had ever seen extended from beneath the trunks – thick massive muscle that looked like rivers of steel cables running beneath his skin. As the guy shifted his weight back and forth, his quads and calved rippled and bulged, making Mike’s knees tremble slightly. Jason continued to snap pics as the man hit a front lat spread, a side chest, and finally an intense most-muscular pose.

As Mike’s gaze slowing returned up the guy’s huge physique, he saw that the bodybuilder was looking right at him. Mike suddenly realized that his mouth had been hanging slightly open the whole time as he stared in awe of this musclegod, and that the guy had definitely noticed. Shit!, Mike thought, I’m supposed to be discreet and right off the bat I’m gonna get the crap beat out of me! But to his surprise, the man smiled and turned back to Jason. “You got enough?”

“Yeah, thanks” Jason responded. The man turned back to the mirror and picked up a bottle of posing oil. Jason grabbed Mike and they headed to another part of the room.

“Man did you see that guy?? He was incredible!” Mike whispered. “Dude I’m so hard I can’t stand it!”

“I know, me too!” Jason responded. “Aren’t you glad I told to you wear tight jeans and a long, loose button shirt! Now if it gets too intense, just head out to the men’s room in the lobby and blow a load in one of the stalls. It’s better than doing it in here and having it running down your pant leg! Just keep it on the down low…” Mike acknowledged this but said he’d be fine. Anyway, there was NO WAY he was leaving this room!

The two friends spend the next two hours backstage, surrounded by the biggest, hottest young bodybuilders in the country. Jason must have snapped 6 rolls of pictures. As Mike gradually became more comfortable, he actually approached a number of the bodybuilders and struck up conversations. Most were glad to talk. One even asked Mike to help him oil his back. He tried not to tremble as he reached out and smoothed the posing oil across this guy’s massive lats. It was the closest he’d ever been to heaven.

After a while, Mike saw Jason standing across the pump room, talking with the same heavyweight he had first photographed a couple hours before. The guy was back in his sweats, but Mike could see the outline of his massive muscles stretching the cotton material, and imagined those naked muscles flexing once again. This was the single most beautiful bodybuilder Mike had ever seen. Just then, Jason caught his eye, and the waved him over. As he approached, Jason said “Hey Mike, this is Steve. He’s a competitor on the Superheavyweight division.”

“Nice you meet you” Steve said as he shook Mike’s hand and smiled. “Your buddy Jason said he got a bunch of good pics of me earlier. I was hopin I might be able to get some copies if that’s cool.”

“Absolutely!” Mike responded still too nervous to hold eye contact for very long. The three of them chatted for a few more minutes, and Jason asked Steve what he was doing for the next five hours until the evening show.

“Nothing much, just heading back to the host hotel. Actually I was hoping you guys could give me a ride. I could really use saving the cab fare. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Jason responded. “I just hope you’ll fit in my little Honda Civic!”

“Well maybe I’ll have to ride on top” Steve laughed, and gave Jason a little wink.

The three of them headed for Jason’s car. Mike hopped in the back and rolled the seat as far back as it could go. Steve squeezed into the front passenger seat and they headed for the Airport Marriott. When they got there, Steve thanked them both for the ride and turned to go. Mike’s heart sank at the sight of this musclegod about to walk away. Just then, Steve turned back to them. “Hey, I dunno if you guys are busy, but if you wanna come upstairs and hang out, you’re more than welcome.”

“That sounds cool,” Jason replied, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. “Ok with you Mike?”

“Yeah, um, I mean, that would be totally cool!”.

“Great!” Steve smiled. “I’m in room 602. Park your car and I’ll see you guys upstairs”. With that the bodybuilder turned, slung his gym bag over his massive shoulder and walked into the hotel.

“Holy SHIT!!!” Mike exclaimed as the drove into the parking structure. “Is this what I think this is??”

“I don’t know man” Jason replied. “We played it so straight back there that maybe he really just wants to hang out. If we come on to him, we might end up with broken heads! I just can’t believe this guy would be picking up on us…”

After a few minutes, they found a parking spot on the top floor. But the time they got to the hotel lobby, 10 minutes had passed. Jason pressed the elevator button. They headed down a long hall and nervously approached #602. To their surprise, the door was ajar, propped open by the deadbolt. They knocked but there was no response. Slowly, Mike pushed the door open. They could hear the sound of the shower running behind the bathroom door. “Hello? Steve?”

“Mike? Jason? That you? C’mon in. I just hopped in a quick shower to get this oil off me. Have a seat”. The two friends sat down on the big bed as the sound of the water shut off. After a few minutes, the bathroom door opened and out stepped Steve, his hair dripping wet, his massive torso wrapped only in a white towel tied around his rock hard waist. Mike couldn’t help staring at Steve’s quads and they bulged and flexed with every step he took, stretching against the tightly wrapped towel. “You guys want something to drink? The mini bar’s over there” he said as he grabbed some underwear out of an open suitcase. “I’ll be one more sec”. Disappearing back into the bathroom, Steve emerged a second later in nothing but a pair of white briefs and a tight white tank top. He dropped himself down into a chair across from the bed and ran his hands through his wet hair. “I hope you guys don’t mind my wearing this but it’s so fuckin hot out. Doing all these competitions, I sorta got used to wearing practically no clothes in front of total strangers. Anyway, I get the feeling your friend Mike here doesn’t have a problem with it…”

“Huh?” Mike stammered. “Uh, no, I mean…listen Steve, you have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks man,” Steve smiled. “I just hope the judges think so too! You guys get to see my routine on stage this morning at the prejudging?”

“Not really.” Jason admitted. “We were stuck backstage for most of the time so we really didn’t get to see any of the guys’ full posing routines.”

“That’s too bad. You guys want to see mine now?” With that, Steve stood up and lifted the tank top over his head, tossing it onto the floor. Jason had never seen a bodybuilder pose in underwear before, and it was totally hot. As Steve went through his whole routine, Mike and Jason sat frozen on the bed, gazing at the display of perfection before them.

“Damn….” Mike muttered when he could catch his breath. “Steve, how big are your biceps?”

“Pretty nice huh” Steve smile, flexing them. “I guess I didn’t bring a measuring tape with me. Why don’t you feel em and let me know what you think…”

Steve extended his arm in front of Mike and slowly flexed his bicep. Mike slowly reached out both hands, encircling the massive muscle, feeling it’s incredible hardness. Thick veins roped along the top, and Mike could swear he felt the blood pulsating through Steve’s veins as his fingers closed around them. Suddenly, Steve squeezed his arm even tighter, and his bicep swelled up into a huge double peak. Mike caught his breath and let out a quiet moan. “You like that huh Mikey” Steve smiled.

“Oh FUCK yeah” Mike responded, running his fingers across the rock hard muscle. His cock ached as it swelled and pressed against the inside of his tight jeans.

“I could tell you did the first time you watched me pose in the pump room. I knew you wanted me. That’s why I asked you and your friend back here. Guess it kinda turned me on bro.” With that, Steve stood up to his full height and dropped his massive arms to his sides. Mike reached his trembling hands up to feel two of the biggest, hardest pecs he’s ever imagined – two massive slabs of rock-hard muscle. Slowly he ran his fingers down across Steve’s chisled abs, feeling ever groove and curve, down to the waistband of his briefs. Instinctively, he hooked his fingertips in the tight elastic and peeled the underwear down over Steve’s huge legs, exposing his swelling muscle cock. When they fell to his feet, the bodybuilder stepped out of the jockey’s, standing naked before the two young men. “You want some of this action too Jason?” Steve said with a wry smile. Only needing to be asked once, Jason leapt to his feet and circled the muscle god, pulling his own shirt and pants off in the process. He pressed his already raging hardon against the bodybuilder’s hamstrings, and started to kiss his incredibly thick lats. Steve moaned while Jason worked his backside, then reached down and pulled Mike’s shirt over his head. Undoing his jeans, Mike quickly shed the rest of his clothes, as his thick hard cock sprang forward. Then Steve lowered his massive body onto the younger man’s. Mike gasped as he barely was able to wrap his arms around the massive musclegod. Their two hard cocks pressed together as Steve’s lips caressed Mike’s open mouth. His bulging muscles strained and flexed sending rivers of electricity down Mike’s spine. Steve rolled over onto his huge back, allowing both young men to taste his massive hard muscle cock, while lifting his arms over his head and flexing his incredible biceps. Soon all three were entangled in a massive orgy of Steve’s muscleflesh. Finally, the bodybuilder’s huge cock erupted, shooting rivers of thick cum onto his two young admirers.

The three men gasped for breath as they lay in each other’s arms. After a while, Steve stirred and rose from the bed. He smiled at his two new friends. “Well listen boys, that was amazing. But I’ve got to get a little rest before the finals tonight.”

“Oh no problem” Jason offered, as the two young men pulled on their clothes. As they headed for the door, Steve took each of them in his arms and kissed them. “Listen, I don’t know how things will go tonight, but I may need some consoling if I don’t win. You boy’s feel like coming back here tonight after the show?”

“Oh we’ll be here!” said Mike without hesitation.

“Yeah,” added Jason, “but if you ask me, you’re gonna need some help celebrating.”

“Yeah!” smiled Steve. “That would be cool. Either way, I’ll meet you guys back here. OK? Around 11.”

Mike was quiet as he and his friend rode down in the elevator. Without uttering a work, Jason knew what his friend was thinking – that this was the best vacation he could ever have imagined. Just then, the elevator stopped and the doors opened onto the hotel lobby. Standing in their way was a massive black bodybuilder wearing shorts and a tank top. His muscles bulged as he stepped onto the elevator. “You guys going up?”

Mike and Jason shot each other a quick stare. “Um, yeah, going up” Jason responded. The musclegod turned and pressed the button for the 10th floor. “Cool, me too.”

Mike spoke up immediately. “So you’re in the show today, right?”

“Yeah, I’m one of the superheavyweights. You boys see me in the prejudge?”

“Definitely. You looked incredible up there” Mike said. “How big are those guns of yours man?”

“22 inches and counting bro…” replied the muscleman. “Check ‘em out!” and with that he turned and hit and stunning front double biceps pose.

“Unreal!” Mike stammered gazing into the man’s eyes. Just then, the elevator bell sounded and the doors opened onto the 10th floor. The man stepped out, stopped, and turned back to the two young friends.

“Hey, you guys want to see the rest of my routine?”

“Sure!” they two young men said in unison, as they stepped off the elevator… •

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