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It was not long until all three were up and out of bed.

There was one interesting problem from the night before and that was that when the boys tried to get dressed the three dicks still swollen from the previous “session” made weird looking and ridiculous looking bulges in their jeans. The jockey shorts were creating the problem.

Alan took the shorts off first and tried dressing in his jeans with no shorts on at all. This looked considerably better! Bulges could be seen and their crotches looked simply like those of some of the school football players that were older than they were. Alan, Barry and Charlie looked at each other without a word being spoken for a few minutes.

Alan, always the forward one said; “I was just thinking about it, did you ever see any of the “big-dicked” jocks wearing underwear after the gym showers?”

There were looks of contemplation and then there were three heads shaking that indicated they did not remember underwear either.

That is why they look so good!

Charlie called Alan and Barry’s attention to the newly forming peach fuzz on his face. At this, the other boys looked closely, and indeed areas that were smooth a week ago now had lightly colored hair in the first stages of development. Alan quietly asked Charlie to remove all of his clothes and he went into his own room and returned to their bathroom with a magnifying glass. He looked at Charlie’s arms, legs, below his navel and over most of his body closely. There was very fine vellus hair starting to grow in many of these areas. It was now obvious that Charlie at least was going to start manifesting the signs of advanced puberty and pretty quickly.

Thoughts of Juan and Carlos again entered his mind.

Alan instructed Barry how to look for the beginnings of hair, and he showed Charlie too what the start looked like.

Though it was not yet obvious there were beginnings of hair on all three of them. The distribution was different and the growth rates by location were different, but the hair was there.

Alan noticed that the shirt that his Uncle had given him about a year ago was not fitting right as he again started to dress.

Quickly he went into their bathroom and got on the scale. He had gained nearly five pounds! Quickly he got Barry and Charlie on the scale and all of them had gained weight. How long would they be able to keep this a secret?

Thoughts of Juan and Carlos again drifted into Alan’s mind.

But how?

How could he get the drug down them without their knowledge?

Right now thoughts were more back to the predicament that the boys were soon going to be facing.

They really did not have to worry as much as they thought they did. Libby had noticed that all three had been eating like a couple of starving horses, and she was expecting a major growth spurt in all of them and soon. It was a normal part of growing up.

Alan wanted to go out and go horseback riding, and he as well as Barry and Charlie had gotten permission from their dad to saddle up a couple of the ranch horses.

Barry knocked on his dad’s office door. His father was still involved in discussion with Mr. Miller, but, it had been a rule that when ever they went riding that he had to check the saddles and the blankets and straps to see that everything was attached and cinched properly.

He excused himself for just a few minutes offering Mr. Miller a glass of iced-tea while he took care of one of the duties quickly of a “father”. Fred quickly checked the horses and looked at the three boys. Alan and Charlie had the safety riding helmets in their hands. Barry did not have a helmet. Fred stopped him cold and told him simply that he did not want any kid getting a bashed skull if the animal they were riding was “spooked”. All were good riders, but he just felt that taking chances was not in order. Barry went back to the house and got his helmet!

Fred looked at all three boys and made a mental note that he was going to have to send them into town clothes shopping with Libby. The shirts they were wearing were tight and the pants were tight too.

Growing Boys, I guess!

Angelina again was out visiting from town and as the boys rode by her on horseback the tight jeans, bulging crotches and bubble butts made her get really excited. This was overheard by Juan and Carlos. What did those three guys have that they did not have?

Juan and Carlos looked as the boys rode off at how their clothes fit and then noticed how really baggy theirs were. Alan, Barry and Charlie looked like athletic young men compared to them. They still looked like under developed young boys.

Angelina was normally quite polite, but when her mind was on something she wanted, she was a typical teen herself and could be as cold and callous as they come without realizing it.

When she looked and noticed that Juan and Carlos had obviously heard her comments to the other girl at the looks of the three “horsemen”, Angelina in a manner most uncharacteristic of her, feeling that she had been “spied on” told Juan and Carlos that when they started looking like men instead of “little boys” that she might consider looking at them too! “If that EVER happened!” It was cold, it was cutting and it hurt Juan and Carlos terribly.

Juan and Carlos went to their Mom and nearly in tears told Maria what Angelina had said. Maria was of course furious and called Angelina’s mother referring to her daughter in Spanish as the equivalent of a “slut”. This started a major fight in that family. Maria told Estella which is Angelina’s Mother that she needed to keep Angelina home in the future. If she tried to have sex with the sons of the owner of the ranch, they could ALL end up jobless or worse! The three boys were only the same age as Juan and Carlos! When Estella heard this she was livid. She was mad at Maria, but she was a great deal angrier with Angelina! Angelina was GROUNDED for a month!

Away from the war that they had inadvertently caused, Alan, Barry and Charlie were enjoying their ride. Fred decided at the last minute to make the ride do double duty. He told them that they could both ride and earn money if they would take a couple of “walkie-talkies” and inspect the fencing on the South Side of the Ranch that was parallel to the main highway. If they saw anything that was not right, they were to use the radio and call him. He said that he would be in his office and finishing up with Mr. Miller in a few minutes. When he was finished he would follow along behind them in a truck and all of them would fix the fence if it were needed. Initially Alan was not happy with the agreement, until his Dad mentioned that earning money over the summer was probably a good idea. This would give them extra to spend when they went on vacation in August before school started! Miller was not real happy when he left, but knew well the power that Fred MacGregor wielded in the area. He was one of the larger ranch operators and had a sterling reputation. Yeah, that idiot Farley had replaced the pump and motor with one of the cheap imported ones. He looked back on the records and remembered that he had fired Farley for shady repairs. Farley had taken the cheap imported parts and placed American Labels on them. Miller recognized the motor. How many more of these messes of Farley’s were going to come back and bite him in the ass. Miller’s inventory showed the cheap import that Farley had obviously disguised and misrepresented to Fred MacGregor. What bothered him most was that Farley after being “canned” had left town. He was probably somewhere else screwing some other employer as Miller drove back to town.

Alan, Barry and Charlie were subconsciously very interested in their own and each others appearance. Charlie looked down at his crotch as he was riding slowly along the fence line with his cousins. He had a very substantial bulge and his legs looked great. He could see the way that Alan and Barry looked in the saddle as well. Bulging crotches, stretched jeans and shirts that were really too tight for what they were doing.

A few seconds later one of the horses they were riding reacted as one of the old flatbed ranch trucks was heard bumping along as it caught up with them.

Fred, true to his word, had caught up with them and for all it was fortunate that there was no needed repair on today’s inspection. There would be more tomorrow.

Fred made a deal with the boys that night that they could start earning quite a bit of money if they started at one side of the very substantial property and started to inspect the whole thing.

Alan, in a moment of brilliance asked his Dad; “Can we get Juan and Carlos to help us as well?” “It would speed this up and make certain that things were done more quickly”

“That’s a good idea!”

“I’ll talk to Jose in the morning!”

“Oh Boys, I want you to remember to take plenty of Sports Drinks with you in the heat”. “I do not want any of you to become dehydrated!”

Alan was more than excited! His Dad had just solved how he was going to get the drug into Juan and Carlos without them knowing it! •

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