Breeding Stock


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Alan decided that if things started changing on them quickly the best dodge that they had was to make certain that Juan and Carlos also became part of the equation. If there were others developing too, it would make their changes seem less noticeable. The problem was how to get the stuff into Juan and Carlos without them knowing it. This was to remain their secret. This possibility was something that Alan had not really considered.

Alan, always the ringleader managed to talk Barry and Charlie into spy duty. They had to find a way to get to some food or beverage item that only Juan and Carlos regularly consumed and one that was not consumed or traded at school! Discovering a foolproof way to deal with Juan and Carlos would take them some time.

They had been taking the drug for about nine days when things started changing for Barry. Like Charlie a few days before, he suddenly found himself hungry to the point of feeling like starvation. At dinner, he went back for second’s, third’s, forth and fifth’s. At twelve days, the same thing finally hit Alan and at breakfast. He was ravenous and ate enough to feed a small army. At this point the food consumption had escalated a great deal for all three!

At fifteen days a new sensation appeared.

It was almost hard to describe. It gave all three of them the sensation of having a hard-on without their dicks actually being hard. To the touch it might have felt like a partial erection, but as a sensation in their dicks it was really interesting. It was a very hot feeling. It was sort of like something was going to happen all the time.

Charlie, who had been the first to really start manifesting the effects of the drug, was also the first to begin to feel this new sensation. He tried to describe it to Alan and Barry, but he could not. About six hours later he didn’t have to!

They had just started their summer vacation the week before, and it was a good thing that this had not started when they were in school. Concentrating when one is experiencing such pleasurable sensations is a difficult thing.

By 11:00 P.M. both Fred and Libby had gone to bed. Tomorrow was to be a very hard day for both of them. Libby was going to make the drive from the ranch up to El Paso to visit a friend who had been hospitalized and was waiting for surgery. She was going to stay the night in El Paso, and then return after her friend was out of the recovery room. Fred had a meeting with a fellow regarding some problems with one of the well pumps. It had been repaired four times at a very high cost and the water production from that particular pump was not what it was supposed to be. The electric motor powering this pump was also running hot.

As late as it was, Alan was so out of control horny that he could not stand it. He did not have a hard-on, but he could not figure why he didn’t. Barry and Charlie couldn’t sleep either. Both were afraid of making noises because they were so badly “in heat”. It was decided that they would sneak back out to the pump house and get their rocks off there. That pump house had lights that could not be seen if the door was closed, and it was far enough away from all of the housing that they would not be heard unless they stood outside screaming.

They dressed in just enough to be “decent”, and slipped quietly out the kitchen door of the house headed for their secret rendezvous with a quiet place to remove some “jizz” from storage. There was just enough moonlight so that they could easily see what they were doing and where they were going. Just after they got inside the pump house, the rattles and squeaking sound of a vehicle was heard on the dirt road. Did they dare look and see whom it was heading this way at such a late hour? Alan turned the lights off and they waited. Just as the vehicle neared the pump house, the sound of a tire failing could be heard. There was a “pop” and a quick hissing of air. The next sound was a “flop-flop-flop-flop-“ as the vehicle rolled to a stop. The sound of a door opening had them scared shitless. What would happen if the ranch hand found them in this pump house at this hour? A few seconds later a great deal of cussing was heard in Spanish. The boys had picked up some of the language and the parts that were understood were no spare tire and no lug wrench in the vehicle. The voice sounded like Gonzalo. He was known to sneak away from his wife at night and go to one of the bars catering to Hispanic farm workers in town. He was probably drunk again and when he got home, if his wife discovered his absence she would be furious! A few seconds later they heard the engine re-start and the vehicle placed in gear. Then slowly there was a characteristic “flop-flop-flop” as the vehicle was driven flat tire and all towards his quarters.

After the vehicle had driven away and the heartbeats of the boys had returned more or less to normal sex and relief started to dominate their thoughts again.

It was a hot Texas night, and the steel roofed brick pump house had retained some more of the heat of the day than any of them had expected. Soon the T-shirts were off and sweat was glistening on their bodies. The shorts were off too and shortly after all three of the boys sported erections.

Alan pulled out a little tape and the notepad. With this new sensation he wondered if their dicks had grown any more. He measured Barry first and found that indeed Barry had grown from 4.5 in length in a few days to just over 5 inches in length. He had gone from 4.75 around to just over five inches. For the first time Alan also noticed on his brother that there were a couple of hairs on the lower end of his belly button that had not been there when the last measurement was taken. Things definitely were starting to happen. When he measured Charlie things were even more interesting. Charlie had grown nearly one half inch in length making him the largest at 5.5 bt 5.5. Alan himself had added enough length to make measuring difficult. He was just a hair under 5 inches in length and just a hair over in girth. This was really not bad when one considers how recently the other measurements had been taken.

All three were so consumed with desire for sex that tonight was the night that Alan had decided to treat the others like other breeding animals. He was the ringleader and always managed to get his way in the group.

He opened the case removing it from underneath a couple of old tarps and assembled the electrojackulator and the sperm collection device.

As he did this the other two boys eyes got as wide as frying pans.

“Just to make things more interesting, Alan said!”

The first to get “bred” was Charlie. Alan inserted Charlie’s hard dick into the vacuum cylinder and quickly the machine attached itself to his groin. Then Alan used some of the special electro gel and inserted the electrojackulator up Charlies ass. When the device was properly placed he followed the same instructions as had been used to breed sheep or goats. He set the power setting initially on the lowest one and pushed the button. As he did this it was like he pushed the inflate button on Charlie’s already hard dick. In the plastic tube Charlie’s dick swelled even more. The veins were standing out looking like steel cables and in spite of it’s still small (but growing) size it looked like one formidable weapon indeed!

Charlie started thrusting involuntarily and moaning. His body was covered in sweat, his chest heaved up in down sucking in air the sheen of sweat highlighting his young and yet to develop musculature and his nipples, boy this was weird, his nipples and the areolas around them were swollen and large.

Charlie literally sprayed cum in a quantity that none of the boys had ever seen before. It was copious to say the least. After Charlie came down from that ejaculation it was decided to leave him hooked up and see if he could do it again. The whole time the vacuum collection cylinder was still sucking away and strangely enough Charlie’s dick was looking even larger and swollen in a different way than any of the boys had ever seen any dick before. It was not long before Alan again inserted the electrode and pushed the button. When he did this Charlie’s dick inflated even larger and was again hard as a rock in the cylinder. His eyes began to role back as the pulsation against his prostate gland triggered yet another orgasmic release. This one was as large and copious as the one before. Again Charlie’s chest rose and fell and this time he was covered in sweat. It was literally dripping on the floor and running from his body in rivers. His eyes were rolled back into his head as he blasted volley after volley of warm rich cum into the collection device. What was interesting was that the volume he was collecting was enough that if he had been a large farm animal instead of a human he would have been doing damn well. As before, his nipples and the surrounding area swelled and he was such an erotic sight on the second trip down orgasm lane that both Alan and Barry’s dicks were literally dripping with anticipation with their own experiences yet to come.

This procedure was repeated a total of four times on Charlie before he ran out of seminal production. The final eruption was the most severe and it lasted for almost five minutes. Charlie held on to one of the pump components and used it to keep himself from literally ending up on the floor after his final heroic blast.

After four times Alan removed the collection cylinder from Charlie and at least wiped some of the sweat off of him.

Charlie’s dick was now huge and was lying like a huge heavy cylinder itself across his stomach a good portion of the way between his sparse pubes and his belly button. None of the boys were aware that they had also discovered vacuum pumping and that this may also play a role in what was to come.

Alan instructed Barry and he was next. Just like Charlie he lasted for four complete orgasmic plateaus and just like Charlie it took a little over an hour for him to get off four times. When the vacuum collection cylinder was removed from his dick like Charlie’s it was bigger than he had ever seen it.

Alan himself was the last to receive the whole treatment and he turned out to be the surprise and the strongest of all going for six ejaculations before the well was dry. Because he had been connected the longest his dick was swollen and hanging huge.

None of the boys realized how long they had been in that pump house. When they had cleaned up the machinery and gotten back into bed after wiping themselves down from all of their activities the very first rays of sunlight could be seen off to the east. It was nearly 5 A.M.

The boys slept in as late as they could. Libby entered each bedroom before she was ready to depart for El Paso and asked each of the boys if there was anything that they needed. None needed anything so she headed out of the house to the garage and climbed into the seat of the new Lincoln to begin her journey to El Paso. It would take her about two hours to drive the distance.

Fred in the meanwhile was engaged with a Mr. Miller of the Rainbow Water Well Service Company.

Charlie awakened at about noon and was ready to go for the day. He jumped up and went to the bathroom. Initially he did not notice much but this day he did. His dick was still swollen huge from all of the activity it had endured the night before. When he looked in the mirror for the first time he could see by the lighting that there was a light coating of peach-fuzz on both sides of his face and that there was also light little hairs on his chin and upper lip as well.

This was COOL! •

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