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In an addendum to the existing list of side effects, several other things have recently been noted. Breeding bulls on the program have been gaining substantial muscle mass from the administration of this drug. Usually the muscle gain starts rather suddenly and is preceded by a substantial increase in appetite.

Very recently, the Berkshire Zoo in the United Kingdom made an inquiry. They had been experiencing great difficulty in convincing several members of their Male Gorilla population to breed. Though this product was designed for cattle and horses, the ingredients, which comprise this drug, would have no ill effects on an ape so we allowed them to participate. The drug had been given to the ape in question for three weeks before systemic absorption evidently reached optimum levels. Substantial genital development started after several weeks of use, and then there was a massive increase in food requirements. The ape in question had always been docile around humans and it seemed became even more so after use of the drug, but, within only a few weeks muscle mass gains became so substantial and strength increases became so frightening, all drug therapy was discontinued in this ape. The gorilla was after long term ingestion of the drug easily able to escape his pen and on his own was found strangely enough not desiring sexual activity with female apes, but with other male apes. The gorilla in question was homosexual in his desires we feel before administration of the drug and the administration of our compound has never shown any problems in the animal species for which it was originally intended.

We feel obligated at this time to relate the experience because one of the tabloids in the United Kingdom ran a story with gross inaccuracies.

The rest of the letter was just other updated data and a corporate pat on the back for all of the new participants.

All three sat there with hard dicks. . . .

All three were now staring at Charlie’s hard dick in particular . . . .

It was straining with an erection so hard it was like it was made of granite. It was so hard it should have been painful or hurting, but it was not. Charlie felt a sexy sensuous feeling and that his dick was hard enough to pound nails, but there was no discomfort. But there was a desire for sexual relief. The skin of Charlie’s dick was almost purple and it was definitely shiny from the stretching action.

Alan went over to Charlie’s desk and got a ruler, he opened a little notebook and wrote down the date and then after the date in three columns the letters “A”, “B”, and “C”. After a few seconds he thought and with his hard erection leading the way he quietly crept back to his own bedroom. In the bottom of his desk drawer he found a seamstress tape. This would be better for what might be coming.

He measured himself first at 4.5” in length and about 4.75 around. Barry was measured and was nearly identical in size. The final measurement was Charlie who was in fact the youngest. Charlie who up til this time had appeared to be the same in size or maybe a little smaller than they had, measured the largest now at 5” in length and 5.5” around. By the time that they were finished measuring Charlie he was leaking precum in big strings and there was little doubt that Charlie needed relief at least as bad if not worse than the other two.

The jack-off session had been pretty much normal except that the volume of their cum had continued to increase and so had the intensity of their orgasm.

The next morning all three boys dressed, but there was one thing that seemed different. After the stretching it had received the night before Charlie’s dick and his balls seemed swollen and larger. When he dressed in his jeans it definitely felt like his crotch was fuller than it had been.

In the Breeding Pens. . . . . . . . .

Cyclone, who had been a “problem child” as far as breeding in the past, needed little encouragement now. The female was led into the breeding area and he was hard in record time and was quickly trying to mount her. Also unlike in the past, he needed little assistance and was going after her in a sexual frenzy. He fucked that cow into absolute oblivion and must have deposited a very large quantity of semen, because when he finally pulled out of her, semen started running from her vaginal opening and down her flanks. Within minutes of leading her out of the pen, another female was brought into a pen adjacent to his. From that moment on, he was again hard and waiting. The initial plan had been to give Cyclone a rest and to breed Freedom. It was very obvious that Cyclone was ready for another go at it. Fred and a couple of farm hands led the female again to the pen and watched a repeat performance. Cyclone immediately mounted the female and was so hard that entrance into her was easy for him. He thrust away until his labor and snorting could be heard several hundred feet away. In another pen, Freedom had been hearing everything that was going on, and was beginning to pace nervously. His huge dick was also hard as a rock. He was hearing the sounds of Bull sex and he wanted to be a part of it. Fred watched this pacing and the rock hard erection with curiosity, and led a female into the second pen. For two dumb farm animals it was like there was enough intelligence and competitive spirit to turn breeding into a contest between the two bulls. The plan had initially been to breed each bull once and see how they did. By day’s end they had bred six times each, and with what appeared to be increasing rather than waning desire. What stopped the process was exhaustion on the part of the human participants and though desire was still there, exhaustion on the part of the Bovine participants as well. It would take a little bit of time to know if the breeding took. If all of the females were pregnant, this was going to be the best thing that Fred had ever seen!

Sunday came along and it was the day for the ranch to celebrate Juan and Carlos’ Birthdays. They may have been employees but they were also family.

The shopping and chores had been completed, and it was time for the celebration!

Alan, Barry and Charlie all started dressing in better clothing to go to the party. Libby had found a Pińata shaped like the Space Shuttle, and because it was one of the better looking ones, that was the one she got. She and Fred had told the boys to get dressed and to meet them at the lawn area that Grandpa Angus had planted for the kids on his ranch. There was a BBQ there, some picnic tables, buried pipes for lanterns and TIKI torches, and there were some other families who were employees and a few of Juan and Carlos’ relatives with their kids as well.

When Charlie started to get into his jeans there was something different. These had just come out of the dryer. Had they shrunk? When he put them on they seemed tight and there was a small but noticeable bulge in his pants where they had been loose and flat a week ago. It seemed as if Charlie’s butt had also changed. He was getting a really tight looking “bubble-butt”. Alan and Barry saw this, and though they did not know why, this was exciting to them.

When all three showed up at Juan and Carlos party they were the hit. A cousin of the two Birthday Twins had come to the party and she was from town. Angelina was a few years older and she could not keep her eyes off Charlie’s crotch and rear end. She was obviously turned on by what she saw. It may have been great to look at, but she was definitely not barking up the right tree because she was in possession of the wrong plumbing!

Maria had outdone herself and had made tons of food. There were numerous Mexican BBQ and party dishes, and there was enough food to feed an Army!

Alan and Barry began to become nervous after they watched Charlie eat his seventh plate! Charlie had eaten enough to be sick by most standards and he was totally unaffected by what he had done.

He was playing and as active as usual. Libby had noticed, but had not thought anything about it. She knew that when puberty started that things like this happened. She also guessed that she was going to have to start buying a great deal of clothing for the boys before school re-started in the fall.

Alan, Barry and Charlie discussed the possibilities of what could happen including the possibilities of getting “caught” by Fred or Libby.

They all decided that they wanted to go forward with this. But they thought a great deal and wondered how they could cover up some of what was obviously on the horizon for them. What if the other two boys on the ranch had the same thing happen to them? “Juan and Carlos?” If no one has a reference to say that we are different over the summer, how will they know that this is anything other than puberty?

Well, let’s go on for at least a while and see where this takes us.

With that conclusion reached, Alan mixed their next dosage up and they drank it down.

The next day Charile asked his Aunt a question: “Aunt Libby, can I see the pictures of my Dad and Mom with you and Uncle Fred?

She answered: “Certainly sweetheart, are you missing them?” “Well, a little I guess, but I just always need to remember what they looked like.”

Libby went over to some bookshelves and retrieved one of the many photo albums and brought it over to the dining room table. She paged through the book and then laid it in front of Charlie.

“Sweetheart there is a number of things that are in storage for you and will be yours as soon as you are old enough to be able to take care of them.” “There are pictures of you and your Mom and Dad together, and some with us in them too.” “What I have available is some pictures of your Mom and Dad and your Uncle Fred and I at the beach down near Corpus Cristi.” “Will those do for now?”

“Yeah, thanks Aunt Libby.”

The pictures of his Dad at the beach intrigued Charlie. What he saw of his Dad was indeed interesting and he looked now at them in a completely different way. He knew from school biology classes that boys inherited most of their genes for sex traits from their Mother’s side. But he wanted to see what he had gotten from his Dad. There in front of his eyes was a very handsome man of about six feet tall with a very hairy chest and standing next to him was his Mom. She was stunning too!

The only relative that Charlie needed to see was his Uncle Mike. Mike was the baby in the family and was still in College, he had been his Mom’s and his Aunt Libby’s youngest Brother. What did Uncle Mike look like now? That would answer the questions at least somewhat on his Mom’s side.

“Aunt Libby, do we have any current pictures of Uncle Mike?”

“Boy, you certainly are interested in relatives today, what brought all this on?”

“We have been talking about genes in Biology in School, and I wondered what I might look like when I grow up!”

“Your Uncle Mike is at U.S.C. in California right now, and he lives in California sweetheart.” “I think that the most recent picture I have of him is his High School Graduation picture, will that do?” “It’s only about a year old!” “Aunt Libby, where does he live in California?” “Sweetheart, U.S.C. is not far from Downtown Los Angeles.” “Your Uncle Mike lives in a place called West Hollywood, which is where he works part time to help pay his College expenses.” “Remember too, that Uncle Mike has a scholarship in gymnastics too!” “He might be trying out for the Olympics this next year!”


“I have a couple of pictures of your Uncle Mike!” “I forgot about these!” There was a different photo album and the first page were photos of this young fellow who was extremely good looking. In his High School picture a blue-black shadow of beard could be seen, and the features were rugged and so great looking that Uncle Mike could be a movie star. The next set of pictures was of Uncle Mike at a High School Gymnastics meet. He was really good looking and Charlie could feel himself getting excited and flushed just looking at this fellow. In his gymnastics uniform his body could be seen and there was the beginning of hair showing on his chest. He was really neat to look at!

“Thanks Aunt Libby!”

“You’re welcome Sweetheart!” •

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