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As they slept the mixture was absorbed. The drugs went into the blood stream, cells began to divide, and changes were beginning at a cellular level. Within a period of hours, their pituitary gland had received a signal to change the hormone patterns. Their 5-alpha-reductase level began to increase, their testosterone level began to increase, Leutenizing Hormone levels began to increase and a number of other more trivial hormones patterns were all starting to change. By morning the changes were barely measurable, but the ride was coming.

It was Sunday Morning and it was a custom in the McGregor household that the family would always go into town and eat Sunday breakfast out at a favorite café and then as a family they would go and do the grocery shopping for the week. It was a time for the three boys to be the boys they were, and it was time for Fred, Libby and the kids to be together as a family. The ranch had a great staff, and the ranch hands would handle all of the work including the administration of the new drug to the two initial test bulls.

As the truck started up with a noisy diesel clatter, Libby ran from the house towards the big crew cab of the pickup. Fred looked at her and asked if she had remembered the shopping list. Libby again did a sprint across the yard, ran back into the house, and grabbed the list off of the corkboard.

As the truck was eased into gear, Fred applied the throttle and eased out the clutch as always. The truck began to roll round towards the gate when one of the Hispanic farm hands waived Fred over. Fred turned the truck towards the man. His name was Jose and with him were his two sons Juan and Carlos. As Alan looked at Juan and Carlos he wondered what the cattle drug would do to these two fellows. Juan and Carlos were twins and were both thirteen years old just as they were. Jose had come to work from a very poor part of Mexico and was one of the hardest workers on the ranch. He had no education at all to speak of, but he was hard working good and honest. His wife Maria was the one who had served as sitter to the three boys when that duty was needed.

The day proceeded as most other Sundays. In town the McGregors met other ranchers that they knew and then it was off to do the day’s shopping.

The list was the stuff for the McGregors themselves and Libby had agreed to pick up a few things for Jose and Maria as well. It was going to be Juan and Carlos fourteenth Birthday celebration the following week and there was to be a Piñata and a host of other things for the two boys.

Each year it was a challenge for Maria to find ways to hide the surprise party for her two sons. Libby got a big kick out of the whole thing and she did not mind helping out workers who were loyal to the ranch and the day to day chores which needed to be done.

After Dinner, the local Texas PBS channel had a special which was a compilation of old Lawrence Welk TV shows. Libby remembered the shows when Angus McGregor had been living. Angus Loved Lawrence Welk, and would get up occasionally to dance with his wife Maureen. It brought back many memories. The three boys thought that this stuff was “awful”. It reminded them of the music they heard in the elevator when they were in the big city and on the way to the Dentist! OUCH!

Fred remarked: “You boys have all your lessons done?”

Unexpectedly, Libby answered for them: “Yes and it was checked by their poor tired Mother who is having to re-learn U.S. History for a second time!”

Fred Laughed!

“Why don’t you boys go out and play for a couple of hours there is still some light outside and it is nice and warm.” “Come in when it gets dark so I don’t have to go out and find you.” “You have school tomorrow and only a few weeks before school lets out for summer vacation.”

The boys decided to quietly go check on the two bulls to see what was going on with them if anything.

As they walked across the ranch towards the pens were the bulls were kept they talked and laughed among themselves.

When they got to the first pen the bull it contained was “Cyclone”. Cyclone really did not deserve that name because like many of his species he was not at all mean and was more interested in eating and being made over. Cyclone was used to being handled and had been raised with humans since he was a calf.

When the boys got to the side they saw something different. Cyclone’s dick had slid partially out of its sheath and was hanging real full. This made the boys get kind of a weird feeling in their own crotches. Then they went over to the second pen that contained a bull named “Freedom” they saw that Freedom’s dick was hanging real full just like Cyclone’s was. This for some reason called to their attention that their own crotches were feeling a little strange. It was sort of a feeling like it was numbness, but not really. Maybe a tingling sensation would describe it well.

Alan figured out his math again. If the bull weighed approximately two thousand pounds and they each weighed one hundred then the dosages would be pretty close to right. He knew from reading the literature that the reduced dosage worked out to being right for a 125-pound weight. They boys were all somewhat smaller than that, but they were all around one hundred pounds even maybe a few pounds over. Allen had figured pretty well. In the single dosage, they were getting just a little over the equivalent of what the bull was.

The strange feeling remained for the rest of the evening, it was not bad, it was not good it was not anything in any direction other than different.

When the sun set it was time for them to shower and ready to knock off for the evening. All three boys went to sleep that night with tingling crotches. The one thing that was noticeable was that after their shower, it was like they all had partial erections that would not subside. It was not all the way hard, but it was not all the way soft either.

The boys had just recently discovered the joys of jacking off and the feelings of sexual release. This was looking like it might make things more interesting!

At about midnight, with the rest of the house asleep, Alan went in and mixed up the dosages for the second day. He awakened Barry and Charlie and they swilled down their dosages just as he had done.

Over the last year, all three boys had started with the morning erections so typical of young men.

The following morning, upon awakening, the morning erections all three had this time were monumental. Alan’s was so hard that it slapped against his belly, and the ones that Barry and Charlie had were nearly as hard.

There were these morning hard-ons and the tingling, which was still going on, to contend with, before going to school. Alan got the other two up when he noticed the tented sheets in their rooms. He was the ringleader, he needed to check on the others to see if his plan was working. Alan went into the bathroom and started to stroke his dick. He used a little petroleum jelly as a lube and got a rhythm going rather quickly. As he stroked, his own dick felt different than usual, and this made the whole act even more of a turn-n for him. When he started to spiral up to his climax he noticed feelings that were factored up by a thousand from any he had ever had in the past. He could feel some weird things starting to happen. It was as if he was no longer in control of his own body. His butt muscles began to clench and relax on their own, as if there was some strange little pump trying to work, his toes started to curl without his command, and he found himself involuntarily thrusting his hard dick into his own hand with his hips. When he finally came it was everything he could do to keep from getting rather vocal. Anyone leaning up next to the door could hear the quiet groans and moans of a male in rut. Just outside the door were Barry and Charlie, and Alan’s moans were getting to them. Their dicks seemed to get even harder and there was this strange clear stuff dripping off the end. That had never happened to them before.

As soon as Alan finished, the other two immediately entered the bathroom and were watching as Alan took a washcloth and cleaned the splatter of cum from all over the bathroom sink and mirror. There was so much to clean!

Alan looked at the raging hard-on’s of his brother and his cousin and wondered if he may have gone a bit too far with this little “brain storm”. The other two boys were standing next to the bathtub and were heading up the spiral that Alan had been on only a few minutes before. Like Alan, there were things happening this time that were new for them, and this sexual experience was obviously going to be better than any other that they had ever had.

The only thing that was said after the cascade of cum splattered all over the bathtub was that they were going to have to find some other location to do this and get this relief over together.

Their sex noises could possibly wake their parents and they could get “found out” if things were revealed too early.

After the sex wound down and the shower was cleaned out all three boys cleaned themselves up in the shower and decided to get up a little early for school.

Alan, feeling a little more energetic than usual, decided that they should do a kind deed and fix breakfast for their parents for a change.

When Fred and Libby started to walk into the kitchen, the table was already set, and there were three boys involved in the serious industry of preparing the meal for all of them. Libby was amazed, three young teens trying to prepare a meal and the kitchen did not look like the aftermath of the Nevada Test Site.

The bacon was a little underdone, the eggs were a little overdone, and the toast was more than acceptable.

Fred looked at what they had done. “OK, what drug are you on, whatever it is I need to know so that I can market it to all the other parents!” Initially Charlie almost turned ashen white until he realized that his Uncle Fred simply was making a joke.

As the day progressed, all went well, but that persistent tingling was still going full tilt in all three crotches. When they had finished their morning sex session their dicks never did really go all the way soft. They were sort of like the two bulls, not really hard, but not soft either.

When the boys went through their respective gym classes at school there was one interesting side effect that they really enjoyed. As the other boys made the exit from under the water sprays of the gym shower the drafts in the old gym caused their little wieners to shrink up into almost non-existence. Alan and the other boys did not experience this side effect of the cold and as a result there were no barbs directed at them that day.

As the week progressed, each day seemed a repeat of the previous except that the need for sexual release grew and so did the volume of their semen production. By the following Friday, the stimulation needed to achieve a hard-on was not great. This was a normal part of growing up and there were many who had thrown a rod here and there in the gym showers. The strange thing was that for some reason the asses of the other boys started to look attractive. It in the beginning really was not a sexual thing that the boys perceived, but there was a fascination at looking at all of the different sizes and shapes of butts one could see. It was the first time that the boys also started looking at the different sizes and shapes of dicks too.

They placed their own dicks on the small end of average if the pecking order of the gym showers meant anything. There were a few smaller than theirs, but most were larger. The fact that they did not go 100% soft helped and made them look larger than they were.

After school and homework were a thing of the past, the boys were out running around the ranch doing the things that boys in their age group do. For a while Alan disappeared. The other two boys could not find him and wondered where he had run off too. They were out in a field, which was not scheduled for planting and was a normal part of the crop rotation. Out there was a cement block building that was away from the prying eyes of any of the adults at this time. The pump house pumped water from a well and irrigated the fields. In the pump house there was electricity, 220v for the pumps and 110v for service equipment. The room was a cement floor which was quite dirty and the equipment was at one end of the structure allowing the storage of some equipment for service and when there was need to use this particular structure. It had been Fred’s policy to clean out the pump houses of dead field areas to prevent theft, transferring the equipment from those going idle to those in use.

Alan waived the other two boys over to the pump house and quietly motioned them inside. In there were a couple of old lawn chairs, a couple of tattered horse blankets and two pieces of equipment that Fred had purchased several years before and then stored as being too much trouble.

One of these was the vacuum semen collection device and the other was the small “electro-ejaculator” he had purchased when Libby thought that she wanted to breed some sheep and goats. Barry and Charlie’s eyes were the size of frying pans!

The “electro-ejaculator” was small, but the vacuum semen collection device weighed about forty pounds. The other boys wondered how Alan had gotten the device down here without being noticed.

Alan said:

“I had this wild idea last night, so I sneaked out of bed and got the “lektrojaculator” out of the cupboard.” “Dad’ll never miss this one, because it is far too small to use on bulls.” “Dad hasn’t used the vacuum collector for several years, and this had also been thrown in the back of the storage closet.” “I left the lectrojaculator gadget itself last night, but brought the battery and the charger up to my room and charged it up good!” “The other thing you plug in!” A few minutes later, Alan looked around outside the pump house and saw that the coast was clear. He then opened the door and started sweeping the dust and accumulated dirt out the door and into the surrounding area. For a minute or two the dust cloud rose at what Alan was doing. Barry the quiet one questioned; “What are we going to do with this stuff?” Alan looked back and said; “If we blast our cream by the gallon in the afternoon, maybe we won’t want to jack off so bad at night!” “What does this shit got to do with that?” “The idea ass wipe is to use this shit on us to get us off a lot more in a shorter time!” The second Alan got that out the idea suddenly flashed in both heads and the tingling crotches of their jeans suddenly felt tighter as they all started getting themselves hard.

All three pulled down their pants and the equipment was at least momentarily forgotten. Almost instantly, all three were hard, but there was something not quite the same as in the past. Barry was the first to comment. He was sweating as he jacked his meat. It felt bigger in his hand than it had before. There was also a different sensation inside him as if something was really going to explode. As he neared his first ejaculation, he felt the cum rise as if it were molten lava, and when it did, it could literally be heard as it shot against and landed on the side of the wall of the pump house. It seemed like the quantity had certainly increased, and no matter how hard he had tried, his young chest could be seen rising and falling as he was gasping in air for recovery. Alan was nearing the “promised land”. Not normally noisy and the most controlled of the boys, Alan felt his body involuntarily stiffen and the thrusting of his hips had become animalistic in it’s vengeance. He let out a small gasp as his chest too rose and fell trying to increase the oxygen intake from the experience. Charlie was so turned on he did not know what to do. His hips were bucking like a bronco, his eyes had rolled back into his head and his dick was so hard the veins were standing out in bold relief crisscrossing the outside of his dick. The other two looked closely at Charlie’s dick because the appearance of it had changed in the past few days. Alan looked closely and then noticing what Alan was doing, Barry started looking too. Charlie had not yet completely come down and was still at the tail end of his ride. There was little doubt in Alan or Barry’s mind, Charlie’s dick looked different, maybe it was bigger.

They did the best that they could to clean themselves up and make themselves more presentable before going past their parents.

As all three entered the kitchen, Alan recognized the stationary from the company, which had made the stuff they had been taking. The letter had been opened and was still sitting on the kitchen table. Alan wondered what was in the letter.

It was not until after the rest of the house was in bed that Alan crept from his bedroom and made his way down to the kitchen. The letter was gone! He had to find out what was in that letter! He slowly made his way across the living room and nearly tripped over Timothy the cat in the process, he carefully avoided the squeaky board in the downstairs hallway and made his way to his Dad’s office. He had to find that letter! He heard activity in the room next door, which was his parents’ bedroom. How could he get a copy of that letter without his parents hearing the photocopier machine? If his Dad locked the letter in his files, getting the letter would be nearly impossible! He heard his Dad invite his mom into the shower. He did not have time to equate this with sex, he knew that the running water would mask the sound of the copier. He reached in the dark turning the switch on so that the machine could go into it’s warm up phase. This would take about one and one half minutes, then it would be ready. Alan was scared to death! What if his parents heard something and caught him! But, if the letter indicated some possible danger, he had to take that chance, he simply had to do it. If Alan had known that the activities of Fred and Libby included a great deal more than bathing, he probably need not have worried all that much. When the machine indicated it was ready, he momentarily closed the door lightly and then turned on the desk lamp so that he could see what he was doing. He found it! This was more than a letter, it was five pages printed on both sides! FUCK! He had to have this, what if the drug had been found to kill things! Alan managed to finish his copying about five or six minutes before Fred and Libby were finished getting wet.

Alan was so nervous he was almost on pure adrenaline when he made it back up to his bed. He then heard sounds on the staircase so he quickly turned out the light. It turned out that Barry had gone down to the kitchen to get water and it was Barry that Alan had heard. Barry said, “Wa’s up dude, heard you leave your room, you OK?” “OH Fuck Barry, it’s only you, I thought it was Dad and my goose was cooked!” “Waddya mean?” “Look, let’s make certain that Dad and Mom are asleep, I was down in Dad’s office a few minutes ago doin’ somthin’ related ta what we’re doin’, we haven’t had our shit tonight, but Mom and Dad are still awake, so we have to wait until they’re asleep. Go back in you’re room, and I will be in after a while.

At about three A.M. Alan had still not read the latest information, but figured that if the drug had been anything that would have harmed the bulls, the letter would have been either sooner or it would have been a telephone call, e-mail or telegram. He walked into Charlie’s room with their drug mixture and the letter. They chugged down their drug cocktails and then Alan quickly started reading the letter.

When he got to the beginning of the second page, there was a paragraph on new findings and more recently discovered side effects. His eyes got as big as frying pans. Just then he looked over at Charlie and saw that Charlie’s dick had slipped out of the front of his pajamas and was again hard as a rock. It was so hard it was pulsing and again the veins were standing out all over it. At the sight of Charlie’s dick there were immediately two more boners! This was getting wild! Here they were so sexually charged and again after mammoth ejaculations at about 6 that evening they needed relief again! This was not an optional thing, all three were so charged that there was no way that sleep was going to happen if they didn’t get off!

Charlie upon seeing the wide-eyed stare at the top of the second page asked Alan what had been stated. Alan handed Charlie the paperwork and Charlie’s eyes got as big as his cousin’s had been a couple of minutes before. Upon seeing Charlie’s reaction Barry wanted to see it. Charlie handed it to him and they were all kind of wondering what to do now. . . . . . . •

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