I Always want to be a Superhero!

By Pumpman32

Ever since I was 12 years old I dreamed to be a real superhero like from the comic books. My name is Paul and I grew up in a small town in the Midwest. My father has always been a framer working hard each day plowing fields and feeding the animals. One night I was getting ready to bed and I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw very thin body and a small cock. Boy I wish that my cock will grow too.I truned around and I was a flash of light from the sky and I ran to the window. I saw that some thing was glowing near the barn. So I got up and got dressed and ran outside towards the barn and there I saw was a package and I opening it up and It was a pair of soild gold briefs. I ran into my room and I looked at the briefs carefully and I decide to put them on.

When I looked in the mirror again I saw my body changing from a very thin guy to a huge muscle man.It looked like that my arms were 24 inches and my chest was almost 60 inches with huge pecs.Also I saw that my 32 inch waist with soild 8 pack of prue muscle. My legs were also getting huge. I think that they are a soild 20 inch.I saw that my cock was growing also and I was getting hard through the briefso I took my briefs down a little and my cock was almost 12 inches along and about 8 inches thick. I still could not beleie it.I fell asleep dreaming about my new big body and using my new strength helping my fellow man and defending the earth.

I woke up the next morning and try my new powers and I can lift very heavy things and also run very fast.I found out that I can use my mind to lift things and also read other peoples mind.If they are thinking evil thoughts.I said to myself "that I need a costume to wear If I want to fight crime".I looked around and I found a pair of red tights and a piece of bule fabricfor a cape. So I got my mothers sewing machine and made my costume plus a pair of gloves and a mask I took off the gold briefs and put on the tights and put the gold briefs over the tights and put on the cape and glove and the mask. •

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