Bar Fly, The

By jumpingbassflash

We go to the same bar one nite I cant help but to see you, you stand out in a croud. Your very well built and pleaseing to my eyes. Eyes that are hungry. Hungry for what I need your muscles, I need to embrase you somehow to do it through. I need to touch you. I to feel your nearly eighteen inch biceps muscles and carress them and kneed my fingers in their sinuey flesh. To feel the hardness that lies just under their tanned skin casings.

But to this you must touch me as well and you are a hetrosexuall guy who loves women and not guys. So how do I do it? Im starving as watch you playing pool with your friends, I stay hidden in the bars shadows as I enjoy every aspect of your well muscled body. Your Levies hug your jock bubble butt to perfection and I lust for it in my minds eyes. I get woossey with hunger as I watch my meal playing its game, every time you raise your pool cue to shoot your muscles firm to attention, and it gets my attention as well as my lust for that, and that, that you have and that I so desperatly need. Your ass is absolute perfection its housed in the tightest of jeans thick well muscled legs show beneith your fine ass and I crave their size their essence. I need thoose muscles of yours. I need the streanth that you exude from your personna. Im to hungry now to let you get away. Im hooked and like a lion I stalk my prey in the shadows of the bars diffused and confussing lighting. I move to a table close enough to feel your essence of manhood I can smell you. Im that close!

You seem to feel me as your game takes a bad turn and you start to miss easy shots, you blow off the closeness that has engulfed you as just a chill in the air, but your arms are full of goose bumps now and yet your not cold! Your actually starting to sweat. And the bar is comfortably air conditioned. Im with in your eye site watching you and you can feel it! You look around the room unconciously searching for where this weird feeling comes from. Im not alone in the enjoyment of your veiw. Your handsome so many people are watching for that reason alone Your used to the attention you get, but not this kind of attention! Im studying you like a predetor does its prey. I watch you talk to your friends and watch their reactions to you. your face is cute your gotee looks good on you and you teeth are an almost perfect white they glow slightly under the flouresnts of the pool tables bright light clouded slightly by the smoke of nearby cigeretts waisting away in ash trays all over the bar. It gives an air to you that sets you apart from the other guys and MY HUNGER JUST GROWS AND GROWS! Its time to make an appereance. We need to see each other eye to eye in order for me to get you.

I move again this time I let you see me. Im handsome enough to get the attention of most of the bars patrons on my own so I make sure they see me as well I like you turn heads and I too like the attention. But Im hungry and my meal is playing hard to get so to speak and its time for a closer study of my victom YOU! I move to the table directly in your veiw from your pool table. Im close enough now to taste your smell in the air Ive honed in on you and the deal is almost done, But I need your eyes to meet with mine. You get that feeling again, I dont know what it is but they all get that feeling befor they go down! You shrug your musculare shoulders and rub your powerful biceps with the oppisit hands and then the key process begins you look around the room in a wide sweep of what you can see of the rooms guests. I know now our eyes will meet so I just wait as your handsome head and face sweep the room till you come to my face. You pass my face by in your sweep of the room and the desperate seach for the uneasy feeling that now dominates the very air around you. Your eyes pass mine but quickly go back to mine. You see them shimmer in the dark. Pale light blue eyes stair back at you. They stand out and you cant help but to look again at them.

The fish is on the hook and it has swallowed it as well and now your muscles will soon be mine. Another victome has been hooked. You try to look away, but thats part of my appeal the reason I have suvived! My looks are just to intreageing for you! You look away again but its to late your hooked. You shake your head and try take your turn but fail and miss the shot, your angry at how bad your playing but mind is on me now and as soon as you feel your friends arnt watching you go right back to me! My site has not faulterd from you. Your eyes and mine meet again and the game is over for you. You sit long enough for me to set the stage of your dismiss I concentrate on your groin and bladder and soon you need to use the bathroom and you need to do it now. you tell your friends you will be right back as you make a bee line for the mensroom as fast as you can.I love this part of the hunt just befor feeding I get off on the accidents really its fun watch the poor guys who dont make it. The guys who had a few beers and waited to long as it is to go take a piss. I get up and follow you as you make your way through the crouded room, other eyes are watching you as well as you go, I wonder if their feeders like I am?

But I don't feel them and they don't look with hungry eyes like I do. Some of them know you and say things like "Hows it going Eric?" and alot just say hey and your name. A name I now know to be Eric Duncan. I dont care about that Ive known some of my victoms intamatly so theres no problem there. By the time you finally reach the bath room you are sporting a fine piss engorged erection and you are desperatly cupping the hard shaft that is now aching from the preassure with in. I smile I think its fun to watch this happen to big strong guys like you their inflated egos resting on the very edge of disaster, and humiliation. I watched as you are stoped before you get to the door by a young girl who wants to get to know you, Your a ladys man and shes quite beautiful and she stops you for a breif but adequitly long enough peiod of time. You hold your need to piss as best as you can but time has said you will not make it now, all the better I think as you are foced by natures accelerated needs to go to bathroom you brake the conversation abrubtly and quickly and push past her in a now even faster pace your eyes widen as realize dispite your forward momentum and closeness to bathroom that you will probably not make it in time. Im right behind you now you feel me near you but your mind has a bigger agenda right now! But Im weakening that muscle of control as we we both get closer to the bathroom and before you even open the door your now hard cock has begun to releive some of the preasure of the piss it can no longer hold back. Im following you faster as I hear you say in a shocked shakey voice "OOHH SSHITT!" I love this part because I know this site of a macho guy looseing it right there in front of strangers will be their last site of you as that strong guy with all the well toned and trained muscles you have now.

some guys who looked at you with envey now relish in your dimise, while the ladys either feel sorry for the event or are shocked by it. Your angry now, and fling the door to the bathroom open and run for the nearest urinal still leaking the whole way Im laughing out loud now right behind you but you dont hear me you dont hear anything except that voice in your head cussing you out for this accident. I turn around and lock the door to bathroom. you dont even hear the click but you sence me there with you so you know your not alone. your mind is on what happened and while one hand holds your ample man hood and aims it where it should go your other hand braces your still fine body against the wall above your head words like Fuck! and Shit! are said allowed by you as you shake your head in disbeleif and discust. As finally fininsh what began in your tight fitting jeans. Thoughts of how will you get out of the crouded bar without them knowing this happened to you race through your head as tuck in the still semi hard monster into your jeans and stay turned around till youve checked the damage out for yourself. its bad enough it shows clearly and will be hard to hide behind even your big hands. I hear a sigh come from you and watch as you turn around already takeing off your tee shirt to wrap it around your waist. Your hoping your fine chest dominating well muscled pecs will be enough of a diversion of the eyes of the bars croud for you to make it to the exit and then your truck.

I watch you and look at your firm abbs as they are exposed to me your shirt covering your face as you pull it off over your head. Your body is perfect to me an easy 46 inches of pure muscles comprises you upper torso and tapers very muscularly down to a waist line I know to be 30 inches by the writing on the patch of your nicely fitted Levies. It seems almost a crime to take it from you, but Im hungry now and its too late for you. Your thick quads show clearly in there now wetter confines of your jeans a large wet area the size of a dinner plate and shows clearly shows clearly on the crotch area of your jeans the right leg is soaked to the to the top of your knee while the left leg of your jeans is wet down to middle of your well muscled thigh. Your chest is surprisingly smooth with only a modest amount of chest hair and soft trail leads my eyes from the deep valley between your firm pecs on a visualy erotic trip to thourgh the valleys of cut your six pac abbs. I size you up while the tee shirt still covers your face I figure with abbs that tight your body fat count is an easy 5% or less. Im impressed as I make my move towards you.

Its feeding time Ive savoured my meal long enough no cook could have made a meal look better then you have with all the hard sweat and obvious exorsizes youve done. You pull the shirt over the top of your head and Im stairing into the most inviting eyes, Youre taken back by my closeness to you and the sheer shock of seeing someone in the bathroom with you at first embarrases you because of the accident and your face turns the red color of shame. Before you can think about it though my own large hands now are holding on to your wonderfully muscled biceps there thick and hard in my hands and thicker as you tence up and drop the shirt to the ground and ball your big hands into fist, with embarassment quickly turning to anger and defencesive rage. You cant help but to look into my eyes they have gone from their iredesent pale blue color to a glowing deep red color My pupils have gone from rounded to long vertical slits they are now my speicies pupils and I tighten my grip on your musculare arms. Your still in awe and shock so your reactions have been slowed by these emotions. I look into the face of my victom. His angulare jaw and high cheek bones are reminisent of a models fine features your thicker sensual lips are all framed nicly by your well trimed gotee. You have a nice strong looking face hardly any blemishes to speak of. Your in shock now and I know it I grab you and pull your face to mine and I lock my own thick pouty lips to yours. I begin the process right then and there. I feel you struggling vainly in my arms, I feel the very size of your biceps shrinking in my tight grip on them. I feel your manly forces filling me with the food of your muscles. You bring your oppisit hands up to mine and get a good grip on my hands to try to free your arms of my tight grip. Ay first I feel like you might be able to pull them off of you but as I suck your lips harder there streanth and force begin to weaken,. Your biceps are no longer the 18 inchers they were, they are now only 15 inches and dropping. Your whole bodys changing loosing size and definision. I pull you closer, you vainly struggle aginst me but Im now bigger then you are. you were bigger to start but you didnt react fast enough to me and now your paying for it with your presious size. I want to feel those firm bare musculare pecs against mine before they vanish from you. your hands grip is weakening on my hands you now have the streanth of a girls as your muscles begin to drop in size fast the biceps I have held tightly in my hands begin to be able to be held much easyer now and they have dwindled down to 14 inches and their diameters dropping your once powerful pecs still feel tight and firm but they are diminishing from you in my muscle sucking embrace to your lips. Your mind reals with the discusting thought of a lip to lip contact with another guy and the realization of what that lip lock is actually doing to you!

You now feel your tight jeans becoming looser on you as your powerful quades succume to my draining lips Your fine ass that was the envey of the croud and a lustful veiw for the ladys and some guys is dissapearing fast your waist size has droped down to only 28 inches and is getting smaller with every passing moment Your magnificently built body has gone from tightly muscle and attactive to average and now its below average in size for the height you are now. a hieght you will not remain at long. Where you once invoked an uneasy feeling of a painful outcome if provoked before this happened to you now, only snikering would be your personna, fear of your once muscular size is now a history question for you as more and more of your size is taken from you. I feed freousiously and merceslessly on you now. your days as a big tuff muscle guy are behind you now. Even if I let you go now you would have been laughed at now your ass is gone your powerful legs are but thinly muscled legs now and where I could not touch my fingers together around your thick biceps my fingers now touch and even over lap the first digit of my long strong fingers. Your biceps are now less then nine inches around and still getting smaller in my grip. My firm pecs now press against only small thin pecs as your deflate under mine your powerful shoulders that were once broad and eye catching are now but narrow reminders of their former glory. Your jeans hang from your wasit and threaten to leive them they are weighted by your accident and begin to slip down your now narrow thighs. But Im not done yet, I begin on your very skelton and begin to cause your very structure to change from big boned to small boned, you can feel it happening your eyes are quarter sized and tears flow down from them Your nose is running from your crying and I taste it discharge and the salty water of your tear ducts rolls over my ever pressed thick lips your own have thinned down and now I barly feel them your height drops fast as I run out of muscle to suck from you and now just have the bones size to take from you. In my firm grip are but skin covered bones now where impressive biceps once dominateed your once fine looking arms. You drop in height till Im bending over to contiue my feeding your jeans now pool around your thin knobby knees Your wet underwear sit on top of the jeans waist line below that folded up fabric that now sits on top of boots that no longer fit your now tiny feet. Your impressive body gives its last bit to me and I pull away. I leive you a short 5'3" 75Lbs rediculous version of your once fine self, where an impressive organ once dominated the area between your legs a shrivaled up tiny appendege now hangs limp and lifeless and is child sized at best. I leive you with just enough muscle remaining to power your new frame. You fall to your knees and sit in the wet waist line of jeans that will never fit a guy your present size again. I kiss you on the top of your head and leive you there! My own body now full and musculare as you used to be.

I walk out of the mens room and two guys rush in their mad because the door was locked. I laugh recognising one of the guys as one of your friends. I know now you will be out soon most likely helped by the guy who was the skinny guy of your group before I did this to you, now that honor or horror for you, is your role in the group now. I feel great! My bodys surges with streanth and vigor. I do as I always do I sit back and wait for you to come out of the bathroom. I want to see this ,its part of the meal a belch sorts of for me. Your in there for awhile and so is your skinny friend no doute consouling you and helping you to deal with this ultimate of rapes.

You eventually come out with your friends help your jeans now look huge on you your tee shirt hangs loosly from a body that had only a half hour ago fill it to the breaking point, It hangs down on your shorter torso like a dress and covers the accident almost completely only the wet baggy right knee area shows still very wet , the tee shirt though has begun to absorb your wet jeans moisture and its appereant that youve had an accident anyways. Your friends belt is missing from his waist line no doute holding your now over sized jeans up. I smile and your head is hung low and you dont even look up. if you did you would have to look way up just to look some of the shorter guys in the face now. You dont even notice as your friend guides you right by me I watch as you go by. The top of your head is now even with my seated head. Un benounced to you though you tee shirt now looking like an extra extra lerge shirt is tucked into the back of your now belted waist line. The ass of the jeans that was filled to perfection now hangs flattly from your boney ass, the crotch line hangs half way to your now knobby knees and no dout you feel it down there too, rubbing against your bony thin lower thigh area the bottoms of the pockets move in unison with there persective legs. Youll need child sized clothes now. I think, as you pass by me and are escorted no doute to a hospital your still crying openly. They all do that though. I order a beer and drink it down Tomarrows another day and I will be hungry agian , I look around at the studs and scope out my next meal. •

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