Escape, The


By Dan2N

“Damn!” Scott swore as he slipped on some loose gravel tearing the left cuff of his black dress pants. Why didn’t he wear something more appropriate for climbing around the hills and canyons above Los Feliz! He had no idea how he might find Yuki’s compound, having never visited the place. But he knew he had to rescue his friend, and breaking into The Club was the only way he could try to break Justin out.

He’d spent hours driving around looking for the exact spot where he’d met the young bodybuilder the night Justin first escaped from Yuki, but it had been raining then, and Scott had been lost. Now, so many months later and in broad daylight, nothing looked recognizable. Finally, he came upon a lonely stretch of road that had a familiar look. He ditched his Honda behind some bushes and set out on foot. After another hour of struggling through thick brush and trees, he came upon a 9-foot-high stone wall topped with curls of barbed wire. Following it for several minutes, Scott finally came to a massive iron gate, the top of which was formed into the shape of a large barbell. “The Muscle Club,” Scott thought aloud, and he peered through the bars to see a long driveway leading up to a huge house in the distance. He knew he’d found the right place. The only problem was how to get inside.

Scott continued to make his way along the outside of the wall until he chanced upon a tall tree close enough that the lower branches extended over the property. With difficulty he scaled the trunk, crawled along a sturdy branch, above the razor wire, and out over the neatly manicured lawn below. With no easy way to climb down, Scott held his breath and jumped, nearly twisting his right ankle as he landed. Exposed against the inside of the wall, he quickly made his way to a nearby thicket of trees, and then, slowly crept from tree to tree until he had circled around and was approaching the back of the house. Off the back portico of the building was a large swimming pool surrounded by deck chairs. There were three bodybuilders sunning themselves by the pool. Two were dressed in workout shorts, the third in a pair of light blue posing trunks. As he gazed at their massively muscled bodies, Scott recognized the effects of Yuki’s treatments. These must have been his latest creations.

Terrified of being discovered but wanting a closer look, Scott slowly made his way along a row of shrubs to the perimeter of the pool area. Two of the massive young men were lying fully reclined, their eyes covered with sunglasses. The third bodybuilder, the one in the blue trunks, sat upright. Scott gazed at his powerfully built body – his huge delts and pecs bulged gently with each breath. Thick veins roped down his massive biceps. His left leg was bent and he casually draped his left forearm across the knee. His right leg was fully extended. Slowly, almost rhythmically, the young man was flexing his right quad, watching it bulge and twist into thick cables of rock-hard muscle. He ran his right hand up and down his massive thigh, stroking the rippling sinews with detached admiration. Scott felt his cock swell as he watched the young man explore his own muscles.

Feeling somewhat self-conscious, he quickly checked behind him to make sure no one was approaching. When he turned back to the display by the pool, he caught his breath. The young man was now staring straight back at him. Their eyes locked. By the look of his model-perfect face, Scott could tell this boy was no more than 16 years old. But from the neck down, he looked every inch like an IFBB pro. This was truly one of Yuki’s new stars. Scott braced himself for the expected call for the guards, but the boy remained still, staring at Scott, and continuing to flex and relax his incredible leg muscles. Scott was transfixed. Suddenly the boy lowered his left leg and swung both feet over the side of the deck chair. He stood up slowly, never releasing Scott from his gaze. He reached his elbows up above his head and stretched, flexing every muscle in his massive body. As he lowered his bulging arms to his side, Scott noticed the thick outline of the boy’s hard cock pressing against his tight blue posing trunks. The large mushroom-shaped head stretched the lycra until the front of the waistband pulled completely away from his washboard abs. He turned and walked slowly to a small door at the side of the house. Scott marveled at the thickness of the boy’s back, and the perfection of his muscled ass. When he reached the doorway, he turned to look at Scott once more before disappearing inside, leaving the door open behind him. Scott knew he’d found his way into the house. Slowly he crept towards the door. Neither of the other two bodybuilders by the pool seemed to notice he was there. He reached the door and peered inside.

The boy stood in a small room, his back to the door, facing a large wall-mounted mirror. In his hands, he grasped a barbell with at least 75 pounds of plates on each end. He raised and lowered the bar repeatedly, performing a slow set of perfectly executed bicep curls. Scott gasped at the size of the boy’s rear delts and upper back muscles at they bulged and flexed, shimmering in the soft light. He entered the room closing the door behind him. He walked up behind the boy, who continued pumping his guns, and reached out to touch his back. It felt like carved granite. Scott trembled slightly as he ran his hands up and over the boy’s huge shoulders.

Suddenly the young bodybuilder bent over and lowered the bar to the floor. He raised himself back upright and slowly turned to face his admirer. He lifted both arms over his head, and brought them down into a stunning front double biceps pose. Scott ran his trembling hands across the mountains of solid muscle from his thick traps, over his bulging delts and high peaked biceps to his elbows. The boy then hit a front lat spread that made his massive pecs swell and flatten into sheets of rock-hard muscle, rippling with striations. Feeling Scott’s hands worshipping and exploring his massive body seemed to give the boy extreme sexual pleasure. His breathing intensified as he continued to slowly flex each muscle group for the older man. As the boy flexed harder, holding each pose, he started to moan softly. Suddenly he rolled his head back and groaned. Scott took a step backwards and noticed a small dark stain appear on the front of the boy’s posing trunks. Then it spread quickly across the tightly stretched blue lycra as his hard cock began rhythmically pumping out a huge load of thick cum. The boy moaned with pleasure, his head leaning back, his eyes closed, and his outstretched fists tightly clenched. For a moment, Scott watched as every muscle in the boy’s incredible body swelled and rippled. Eventually, the boy raised his head and opened his eyes. Then without speaking a word, he turned back to the mirror, picked up the barbell, and resumed the seemingly endless set of curls. Scott was transfixed by the encounter, and although he ached to touch the boy again, he realized that the longer he stayed, the more he risked being discovered. As the boy continued lifting with a glassy look in his eyes, Scott quietly slipped through a side door and into a long, dark corridor.

At the far end was a large room, this one a fully equipped gym. In one corner sat a lone figure. Scott recognized the familiar face. Clad in a navy blue sweat suit, executing a set of ab crunches, was Joey. “Oh man am I glad to see you!” Scott said as he entered the room. Joey leapt to his feet.

“Scott? Oh my god, what are you doing here?” Joey gasped as the two men embraced.

“What do you mean Joey? I’m here to rescue you and Justin. I don’t exactly know how, but I’ve got to get you both out of this place!”

“That’s…that’s great. Man I’m so glad to see you!” Joey feigned a sigh of relief. “Well I can take you to Justin. Just follow me.” Quietly, Joey led Scott back down the long corridor, up a small staircase and through another hallway. They came to a locked door. “Listen, Scott, Justin’s in here. They keep him locked up cause he put up a real fight when they brought us back here. They let me go to the gym but that’s it, and I’d better get back there before they find I’m missing. Just wait in here with Justin, and I’ll get back as soon as I can.”

“Thanks, Joey. And don’t worry, I’ll get you out of here.” Scott said reassuringly.

“Yeah…um…that’s great man…thanks” Joey repeated with mock relief. He slid the lock back on the door, and Scott stepped inside. As the door closed behind him, Scott saw a lone figure stretched out on the bed suddenly sit up.

“Justin!” he exclaimed.

“Scott?” The two men embraced. “How the hell did you find me?”

Scott had almost forgotten how good it felt to be held in Justin’s massive arms. “Never mind that now. I’ve got to get you both out of here.”

“Both?” Justin asked puzzled.

“Sure, you and Joey. I ran into him downstairs in the gym and he led me to you just now. He seemed so glad to –“

Justin cut his friend off and ran to the door. It was locked. “Damn!”

“I don’t understand,” Scott said. “Why did he lock us in?”

“Because he’s in on this whole thing Scott!” Justin exclaimed. “He set us up! Yuki sent him to find me so they could bring me back here. Don’t you understand? Joey doesn’t want to leave The Club – he loves it here – and he doesn’t want us to leave either!” Scott’s face went white as he sank onto the bed. He stared in disbelief as Justin sat down next to him, holding him once again. Without realizing it, he had walked right into a trap. Now he had no idea how to save himself, let alone his friend. And no one on the outside knew he was here. Suddenly, the door unlocked and swung open. In stepped a large man Scott instantly recognized as Charlie.

“OK you two,” he barked. “Come with me.” He grabbed the two young men and pushed them through the door.

Charlie led them through a maze of hallways and finally into a large well-appointed room. Mahogany walls were lined with volumes of books. Behind a large, elegant desk sat a small, elderly Asian man. Yuki. On one side stood the boy in the blue posing trunks, only now he was dressed in the familiar navy sweats. On the other stood Joey.

“Well, if it isn’t the famous Mr. Scott…” Yuki purred. “We meet at last. I understand you have already made the acquaintance of my newest protégé Danny. And, of course, you and Joey are old friends…”

Scott glared at Joey, then at Yuki. “What do you want, old man?” Charlie tightened his grip on Scott’s arm, sending a current of pain shooting through him.

“I should ask you the same question, since it is you who are trespassing on my property. Unfortunately, I cannot allow you to leave with my prized pupil. Oh no…Justin is staying right here with me. And I’m afraid I must request that you do the same, Mr. Scott…”

Scott struggled against Charlie’s grip. “What? You can’t do that! You can’t keep me here against my w–“

“I assure you I can!” Yuki interrupted. Then his tone softened again. “After all, you could be quite happy here. I understand you have quite an appreciation for muscle, or so Danny here tells me.” The boy to Yuki’s left locked eyes with Scott and smiled slightly. “Well look around Mr. Scott… you’ll be surrounded by the most beautiful bodybuilders in the world, each one more perfect than the last. Why don’t you join our little family? In time, you might even come to enjoy yourself…”

“Yuki, you’re insane!” Scott snapped. “This place is a prison. You have no right to keep me or any of these boys here.”

Yuki rose to his feet and sighed. “I was afraid you’d say that. Very well…release him.” Charlie let go his powerful grip and Scott stumbled forward a step or two, clutching his sore arm. “But before you go, Mr. Scott, I’d like to show you my latest experiment. Come this way.” Yuki walked to a small door at the side of the room as Charlie pushed Scott and Justin forward. The group followed the old man into a vast laboratory that made Scott think of a movie set. The walls were lined with banks of electric generators. Dozens of glass beakers were filled with various colored substances simmering on burners. Several computer monitors flickered in the background. In one corner stood a large stack of canisters marked “DANGER: CONTENTS FLAMMABLE”. The center of the room contained a large machine resembling a still, which was producing a thick, amber liquid collecting in a tall glass receptacle. On the other side of the room stood several long machines resembling tanning beds, which Justin has described as being used in the treatments he’d received when he first joined The Club.

Yuki picked up a small, shining hypodermic needle and methodically filled it with some of the amber liquid. He raised it to eye level, gently tapping a fingernail against the glass tube to release any air bubbles. As he turned around, he signaled Joey who circled behind Scott, grabbing his elbows and holding him immobilized. Yuki faced Scott and spoke in a slow, gentle voice. “Since you insist on leaving us, I would like to give you a little parting gift. Perhaps you’ve heard about our famous treatment? Just look around and you can see how effective it is. But regrettably, it takes months for these young men to transform into the living gods you see before you. Since time is money, I began work on a new strain of the serum, one that would have more immediate results. Although I fear it may still be somewhat…well…unstable, it is time to test my new formula. Danny, please roll up Mr. Scott’s shirtsleeve…” Scott struggled against Joey’s grip but couldn’t move. He shot a desperate glance at Justin, who was now being restrained by Charlie. As Yuki approached, Joey whispered in Scott’s ear...

“Don’t worry, man, you’re gonna love this! You have no idea how cool it is to have these huge muscles…you can be a musclegod just like us now!” Scott pushed back into Joey’s massive body as Yuki approached. He felt the prick of the needle entering his upper arm, then a shooting pain as if a thousand bees were stinging him all at once. Suddenly, the room went dark…

When Scott slowly awoke, he was lying in bed, back in Justin’s room. The curtains were drawn making the room dark. His friend sat on the bed next to him. “Are you OK?” Justin asked with concern.

“I think so,” Scott answered in a shaky voice. “I feel strange though…” His body ached all over. His arms and legs felt heavy as though he’d been drugged. His breathing was labored and he felt like a large weight was pressing on his chest. His clothes felt tight, as though they were cutting off his circulation. “It’s hard to breathe, like something’s holding me down…”

“Try to stand up if you can,” Justin urged him, helping Scott to his feet. As he steadied himself, Scott felt something tear. “Don’t worry, I never liked that shirt anyway…” Justin smiled. He reached over and flipped on the light switch. A soft light flooded the room, making Scott squint momentarily. Justin opened the closet door, revealing a full-length mirror. “Check it out…it’s unbelievable.”

At first Scott didn’t recognize the reflection in the mirror. It was his face, but his white shirt struggled to contain a massive new body. The weight he’d felt on his chest was his chest! His arms and delts had tripled in size. Two rippling forearms extended from the ends of his shirtsleeves. His pleated dress pants, which had hung loosely on his lanky frame, now were stretched skin-tight over his powerfully thick quads. The cuffs had risen halfway up his huge diamond-shaped calves, which bulged and flexed as he adjusted his weight from side to side. Scott gasped at his reflection. As he straightened his back and shoulders, several more tears appeared in the seams of his shirt. His huge pecs heaved against the tight cotton. Justin stared in awe as Scott slowly flexed his right bicep. The muscle swelled, ripping his shirtsleeve from end to end, the thick peak protruding through the torn fabric. Holding the pose, he brought his left arm up and flexed it – similarly shredding the other sleeve and exposing a second perfectly peaked 22” bicep. Breathing hard, Scott lowered his hands to his waist. He glanced tentatively at Justin, then turned back to the mirror and hit a front lat spread. Instantly the top four buttons running down the front of his shirt burst one by one, flying against the mirror and clattering on the floor at his feet. The material parted, revealing his two swelling, rippling pecs. Scott flexed his lats even harder, and felt the back of his shirt split down the center all the way to his belt. He then pressed his palms against his hips and flexed his massive shoulders. They bulged upward and outward, shredding the remnants of his shirt, which fell to his sides, hanging in tatters out of the waistband of his pants. Scott stared at his reflection in disbelief and turned to his friend. Justin stepped forward, pulled the strips of white cotton out of Scott’s belt, and tossed them on the floor. As he continued to flex his new muscles, Justin unhooked Scott’s belt, peeling the tight pants down over his ankles, and tossing them on the bed. Scott’s swelling cock pressed against the white cotton briefs he was wearing, which now felt as tight as a pair of lycra posing trunks. Justin removed these and stood back to admire his friend’s incredible new body.

“Jesus Justin, look at me!” Scott exclaimed.

“I know. You’re amazing,” Justin responded. He then removed his own clothes revealing his even bigger physique. The two friends embraced, and despite his own amazing transformation, Scott was still awed by the power of Justin’s body. He ran his hands across the rippling muscles of his back, down to his rock-hard ass. Then he buried his tongue in Justin’s mouth. Together they groped each other and fell back onto the bed. The springs strained and creaked beneath the weight of their two powerfully built bodies. Justin wrapped his huge arms around Scott’s torso and held him close, pressing his rock-hard cock against the now rippling muscles of Scott’s washboard abs. Scott flexed his massive new torso. The blood pumping through his bulging muscles made him shiver with pleasure. He rolled over on top of Justin pinning his delts to the bed. The bigger man was simultaneously stunned and aroused by the power of Scott’s body. Straddling Justin’s upper thighs, Scott sat upright and continued flexing and posing, running his hands over every inch of his bulging muscles. Awed by his friend’s display, Justin wrapped one hand around Scott’s thick cock and the other around his own massive meat. As he stroked furiously, precum started oozing out of both men. The sensation was overwhelming, and Scott moaned loudly as he fell against his huge friend, ribbons of thick, hot cum shooting out of him and covering Justin’s pecs and abs. Justin’s own cock exploded seconds later.

Scott had never felt such intense pleasure. It was as though Yuki’s serum had made his entire body capable of feeling the orgasm. He rolled off of Justin and lay beside him, both men breathing too hard to speak. Suddenly, the door swung open and Joey walked in. Scott leapt to his feet and pushed the younger man up against the wall, holding him by the neck.

“Hey!” Joey choked. “I thought you’d like it here! Look at your body, man…you turned out better than I hoped –” Joey gasped for breath.

“You listen to me you little shit,” Scott warned him. “I trusted you – we both trusted you -- and you betrayed us. Now we’re getting the fuck out of here, with you or without you. Either way, we’re gonna need your help. So the choice is yours – help us escape, or I’ll snap your fuckin neck right here and now.”

“Okay – okay! Just let go of me – I can’t breathe –“ Scott released his grip and Joey fell forward, clutching his throat and gasping for air. After a moment, the young man regained his composure. “Listen Scott, I never meant to hurt you or Justin. I’d leave too if I could, but without the treatments I’ll lose all my muscle mass. I guess I just don’t have the natural genetics for bodybuilding. But you’ve got to get out of here – I realize that now. I just overheard Yuki and Charlie talking downstairs. He says he’s not gonna really build your body up cause you’re already over 30, and he thinks you’re too old to interest any of his customers. What he really wants is to find out how much of his new muscle juice a guy can take before it kills him. He’s planning on using you as some sort of guinea pig.”

Scott stared at Joey in disbelief. “Well that’s great you asshole – looks like you fixed me real good.”

“Scott, I didn’t know! It’s like Yuki’s gone crazy or something. Please don’t be mad at me!” He started crying, and Scott realized that despite his massive body, Joey was really no more than a 17-year-old kid. “I’ll help you get out of here…I promise…” he sobbed quietly.

“Hey, Joey,” Scott said gently. “It’s alright, c’mon. You’re no good to us like this.” Joey straightened up and wiped the tears from his eyes. He managed a shy smile. Scott and Justin got dressed. Scott pulled on his black pants, and since his own shirt lay shredded on the floor, he grabbed an extra navy blue sweatshirt from the closet.

The three men stepped quietly into the hallway. Joey led them back to Yuki’s empty study, and into the adjacent laboratory. “See that door at the far side of the lab? It leads out into the back yard. You should be able to make it up and over the wall before anyone knows you’re gone.”

“Thanks Joey,” Justin said. “Are you sure you don’t want to come with us? We could—“

Suddenly the lab door swung open and Charlie burst in, lunging at Justin. “And where the hell do you think you’re going?” he shouted. Justin pushed back at him, and an intense fight ensued. Glass beakers shattered as the two huge men grappled with each other. Charlie was at least 40 pounds heavier than Justin, and he flung the younger man across the room. As Charlie circled the central workbench and moved in to finish the job, Justin spun around and grabbed hold of a heavy barbell that lay on the floor behind him. As he rose to his feet, he lifted the weights over his head and flung them. The bar hit Charlie square in the chest and sent him flying backwards into the bank of power generators lining the wall behind him. Sparks flew in all directions as the plates pierced the machinery, pinning Charlie upright. An electric current coursed through the big man’s body and after several seconds, he shook free and collapsed on the floor. He didn’t move.

“Jesus Justin… I think you killed him!” Joey gasped.

The sparking machinery started a fire on one side of the lab, which began to spread along the back wall. “I think we’d better get the hell out of here!” Scott shouted, jolting Justin back to reality. As they reached the back door, the three young men suddenly heard the sound of a gunshot. They spun around and froze as they recognized Yuki standing in the far doorway, pointing a smoking pistol at the ceiling.

“I’m afraid no one will be allowed to leave just yet…” Yuki lowered the gun and pointed it directly at the three young men. He glanced down at Charlie, lying motionless on the floor. Smoke began to fill the room as the fire continued to spread. Yuki seemed oblivious to the flames as they crept towards the canisters of flammable gas stacked to his left. “In fact,” he purred, “I’m afraid I cannot allow you ever to leave.”

“You can’t keep us here Yuki,” Justin snarled.

“Oh I realize that now my dear boy. So you leave me no choice. I shall have to kill you. All three of you.” Scott braced himself for the shot. But the explosion that came next wasn’t from Yuki’s gun. The fire had reached the nearest of the canisters, which burst, sending Yuki flying across the room. He landed hard, lying still, a trickle of blood running down his forehead. As the flames began to encircle the largest stack of canisters, Scott, Justin and Joey turned and bolted through the door into the yard. As they started to run from the house, Joey stopped short, remembering the glass vial of amber serum that sat in the center of the room.

“Wait! Just let me grab that jar of muscle juice. I can still get it – I’ll be back in a second –“

“No Joey!” Scott screamed after him, but the boy had already disappeared back through the doorway into the lab. Justin grabbed hold of Scott. Suddenly the remaining stack of canisters let go. A huge explosion rocked the house, collapsing the entire back wing and burying the lab. The force of the blast threw Scott and Justin back 15 feet or more. When they came to, the entire house was in flames. Justin grabbed his friend and dragged him to the perimeter wall. They managed to find the same tree Justin had climbed to make his first escape so many months before. Both men struggled up and over the wall. They managed to find their way down through the canyon to the deserted stretch of road and to Scott’s hidden car. As they drove away, two more huge explosions echoed from over the hill. The Muscle Club was gone...

The crowd in auditorium cheered as Scott stepped onto the stage. His body glistened with posing oil from the neck down. His tanned skin glowed against the tight black lycra posing trunks he wore. At the back of the stage, a banner read “NPC Western Regional Bodybuilding Championships”. It was three months since he’d escaped from The Club, but it seemed more like three years. Since then, the hours he’d spent in the gym training and honing his already massive physique into competition shape had paid off. As the music started, Scott began his posing routine. He lifted his arms and flexed his massive biceps. The crowd went wild, and he began to execute pose after magnificent pose – front lat spread, abs and quads, side triceps, side chest, and finally an intense most muscular. Finishing his routine, Scott stood for a moment to accept the boisterous cheers of the crowd. He could hardly believe that less than a year ago he’d been racing home on a dark rainy night to watch the Mr. Olympia on television. That night had changed his life. Now he stood on stage himself, transformed into the kind of musclegod he’d fantasized about his entire adult life, about to qualify to compete at the Nationals for a pro card of his very own. As the judges announced him the overall winner, Scott’s eyes came to rest on one face in the crowd. Sitting in the tenth row was Justin, who was preparing himself to compete in his first Mr. Olympia. But tonight belonged to Scott, and the bigger man beamed with pride as he gazed back at his friend standing on the posing platform.

After the show, the two men embraced backstage. “So how did I look out there tonight?” Scott asked.

“Like a champion,” Justin replied with a big smile. “Like a true champion.”


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