Escape, The


By Dan2N

Justin had been living with Scott for about three months. Realizing that the little guest house in Glendale was too small for the two of them, Scott moved them out to a two-bedroom loft in Santa Monica. Having quit his job at the CPA firm, he devoted himself full time to Justin’s bodybuilding career. They found a small private gym about 6 blocks from the loft where the young muscleman could train without attracting the attention of the press, or worse, anyone involved in the Muscleclub. It was here that he began preparing for the USA Championships and a shot at the all-important pro card. Together, they developed a totally new background for Justin – one that would make sense to the muscle magazine writers who were sure to wonder where this behemoth came from. They forged a fake id showing him as being 26 years old – a more logical age for someone with his level of muscle development. Their story had Justin growing up in a remote part of rural Louisiana and training for the past 8 years at a small local gym, then moving to LA a few months back in order to pursue a career as a pro bodybuilder. The only problem remaining was that he had never competed before, and therefore had never qualified to be in a national level competition. So the day before the big show, Scott took his friend to see the chairman of the NPC, who had just arrived in town, and asked him for a waiver for Justin to compete. At first he was told that there were no exceptions, but when Justin stripped down to his briefs and started posing, the official’s jaw dropped. He signed the waiver immediately.

That night Scott handed Justin a gift-wrapped box with a big red ribbon tied around it. “It’s for luck tomorrow,” he said with a smile. The young man opened the package to reveal a pair brand new, black lycra posing trunks. “Go ahead, try em on.” Justin disappeared into the bathroom and emerged a minute later wearing the trunks. His body was incredible the night Scott has rescued him from the Muscle Club. But now, after three months of constant training and contest dieting, he was even more beautiful. His muscle bellies were fuller and harder, his vascularity had doubled, and his delts and pecs had grown even larger and harder. His abs looked striated and flexed even when he stood relaxed. His steel quads bulged every time he took a step or shifted his weight. And the tight black posers stretching perfectly across his pelvis made Scott tremble.

“So? How do I look?” Justin asked, as he slowly turned from side to side.

“You look like a true champion,” Scott responded, in awe of the vision before him. “You’re going to blow them away tomorrow!”

The next morning they arrived early for the prejudging. In an attempt not to draw too much attention, Justin was covered from the neck down in an oversized set of sweats. As they walked towards the auditorium, they passed several black stretch limos out in front. Suddenly Justin froze. “What’s the matter?” Scott asked. “Oh don’t worry, this is LA man! There’s always a bunch of limos at a big event like this. I don’t think Yuki would make an appearance here. Anyway no one knows you’re going to compete today.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just that black limos kind of freak me out ever since that first night when I joined The Club. Anyway, even if he was here, what could he do to me now? In front of all these people?”

“Justin,” Scott reassured him, “that period in your life is over. And after tonight, your picture will be plastered all over every bodybuilding magazine in the country. You’ll be famous, and then Yuki will never be able to touch you.”

Justin was comforted and the nervousness passed. By the time he got backstage to the pump room, he’d forgotten all about Yuki and the Muscle Club. He was in control of his own life now. And he was about to step on stage at the USA Championships. His confidence returned as he stripped out of the sweats and started pumping up his massive body. He noticed the room grow suddenly quiet as dozens of the other bodybuilders stared at him in disbelief. There were murmurs of holy shit and who the fuck is that guy? Realizing the effect he was having on the other men, Justin dropped the barbell he was curling, stood in front of one of the mirrors and hit a front double biceps pose. His guns swelled to nearly 24 inches of hard, round, rock-solid muscle. Thick veins snaked across the huge peaks as he squeezed even harder, holding the pose for all to see. One big competitor actually turned and stormed from the room, realizing that his chance of winning a pro card that day had just evaporated. As the other men slowly turned back to their pumping and oiling, Justin flexed his huge pecs. He could feel his blood filling them as they bulged, rippling with striations. He grabbed a bottle of baby oil from his gym bag and started rubbing some slowly over his pumped muscles until they glistened in the hot lights. Ten minutes later, he stepped out onto the stage.

The lineup of the superheavyweight class was made up of twelve men. But all eyes in the auditorium were focused on one man -- Justin. As he began his individual posing routine, the audience gasped, marveling at the perfection of his body. Flashbulbs popped like machine-gun fire as the magazine photographers struggled to catch his every move on film. His posing was flawless as he flexed every muscle group for the astonished judges. Front lat spread … side triceps…abs and quads….rear double biceps…most muscular… Justin swelled with pride as his massive muscles bulged and flexed, sending the crowd into a frenzy of cheers and applause. A woman in the 10th row actually fainted at the sight of him. His perfect body glowed in the hot stage lights as he twisted his torso, flexing his rack of cut granite abdominal muscles. Rippling with strength and power, Justin began to imagine the hundreds of fans in the room feeling his body all at once, groping him, worshipping every inch of incredible physique while he posed. The thought made his cock stir slightly against the tight stretched black lycra posers he wore.

Sitting in the audience, Scott’s dick grew rock-hard as he gazed at his amazing friend on stage. He could tell what the audience was feeling. They were witnessing the birth of a bodybuilding superstar. If they only knew that he was really just 18 years old – they’d never believe it!

As he neared the end of his posing routine, Justin suddenly froze. He was transfixed by a large shadowy figured looming in an open doorway at the back of the hall. A sense of dread filled him. He shielded his eyes from the stage lights and squinted to see the man more clearly, but the figure had disappeared into the lobby.

“Ten seconds” the head judge called, snapping Justin back to reality. He finished his routine with one last incredible most muscular pose, every muscle on his huge frame bulging and flexing, straining against his tight skin. The audience exploded. Swelling with confidence, his body had never felt more pumped as he strode off stage. Some of the other competitors waiting in the wings were raising their hands to high-five him. Photographers swarmed him backstage, handing him dozens of business cards, begging to set up photo shoots. When he returned to the hall that night for the finals, Justin was announced the overall winner.

During the ride home afterwards, the young bodybuilder glowed. “Well how did I look up there?”

“Oh man, you looked like a god Justin!” Scott exclaimed. “Did you hear the crowd? They couldn’t get enough of you!”

“I know! It was the greatest feeling of my life. I can’t wait to compete again – this time as a pro.” When they got home, Justin stripped and fell into bed. The hours of hardcore posing and flexing had been exhausting, and he was sound asleep in minutes. Scott climbed in and lay next to him, gently caressing the bodybuilder’s massive pecs as they swelled with each breath. As Scott ran his fingertips down the immense, chiseled torso, Justin’s cock stirred. The muscleman moaned softly in his sleep as his erection grew. Scott reached down and kissed the perfect muscle cock, slowly wrapping his lips around the thick shaft. He gently ran his tongue up and down Justin’s dick, licking every ridge and vein. Still sound asleep, Justin’s breathing intensified as he began to ooze precum. Tasting the salty sweetness, Scott pulled off of Justin’s throbbing cock and pressed his tongue firmly against the base between his two huge balls. The muscleman exploded, shooting ribbons of hot jizz up into the air, splattering down on his rock hard abs. His huge quads flexed involuntarily as the cum pumped out of him, and Scott could feel the ripples of powerful muscle against his cheek. He grabbed a towel and gently cleaned off Justin’s torso. Then he climbed up the bed, stretched out next to the sleeping bodybuilder, and softly kissed his lips. Still asleep, Justin rolled onto his side, wrapped his massive arm around Scott’s slender body and pulled him close.

The next morning Scott was hard at work calling physique photographers and setting up photo shoots and interviews. Within a month Justin was featured in every major bodybuilding magazine – Flex, Muscle and Fitness, MuscleMag International – they all wanted him. They hailed him as the “new Arnold”, and soon his handsome face, with the soft brown eyes and full lips, stared out from every newsstand in the country. He was offered endorsement contracts for everything from supplements to clothing lines. And the money started pouring in.

Although he enjoyed his newfound celebrity status, Justin kept focused on training. He was in the big league now and was determined to make a good showing at his first pro competition. Each day he spent hours at the small private gym down the street from their apartment, perfecting his body. It was there that the shadowy figure reappeared.

“Hello Justin.”

Seeing the reflection in the mirror, Justin dropped the two massive dumbbells he’d been curling and spun around. “Who are you? How’d you get in here?” The man who stepped out of the shadows was a few inches shorter than Justin, but his body was huge. A tight white t-shirt stretched across his powerfully muscled chest. Broads traps gave way to massive round delts. His arms were nearly as big as Justin’s, with thick veins snaking across his biceps and twisting down his huge forearms. Even unflexed, his wide lats flared and tapered sharply down to his tight waist. Rock-hard, sculpted abdominals were visible underneath the tight cotton shirt. His thickly muscled quads and calves pressed tightly against a pair of extra baggy jeans. Justin recognized him immediately.

“Joey? Is that you?” It was his friend from the Muscle Club – another one of Yuki’s musclekids. He smiled as the two young men embraced. “I thought they sent you off to Thailand or some place.”

“They did.” Joey responded, relieved to see his old friend again. “South Korea actually. Yuki sold me to this fuckin millionaire muscle freak who gets off dominating big guys like us. Only this guy was into real bondage and shit. He kept me in this kinda dungeon set-up he had in the basement of his huge house. He kept me chained up like some kinda criminal or something. Every night, he came downstairs and made me pose for him. Then he’d get off, feeling my muscles an’ shit. At first I refused, but then they’d stop bringing me food. Or they’d take the weights away so I couldn’t work out and the pains would start. There was nothing I could do – it was like this guy owned me.”

Justin was incredulous. “Jesus man, how’d you get away?”

“It wasn’t easy. But I started making nice with the guy, lettin him think that I was totally turned on by him. I even started getting off with him every night. After a while, he figured I wouldn’t run so he let me come upstairs, sleep in his room sometimes. Then one day I made my break. Stole a bunch of cash and some clothes while he was out and busted the fuckin door down! I hitched my way to the airport and was on the first plane back to LA. I heard about you doin the USA’s and I figured you must have got away from The Club somehow. I’ve been tryin to find you ever since. Finally one of the guys down at Gold’s told me he thought you trained here.”

“Where’ve you been living? And how?” Justin asked.

“On the money I stole from that rich fucker in Korea. But now it’s almost gone and I need a place to crash. That’s why I had to find you. You’re the only one who knows – who understands what happened to us…” Joey looked tired. Tears filled his eyes. “Dude, I thought it would be cool to look this way, to have muscles. But I never it would be like this…”

Justin put his hand on his friend’s huge shoulder. “Joey, it doesn’t have to be this way. I got my life back and you can too. The Club is in the past. Look at you man. Look at your body –it’s incredible! You could be up there on stage with me – the fans, the photo shoots, the magazine spreads, the endorsements – you could have all that too. No one needs to know about The Club or how we got this way. No one ever asks. Anyway, I could use a training partner. Someone who can really keep up with me!”

“Yeah? You mean it? Thanks man.” Joey smiled as the two bodybuilders embraced again. As he held the shorter man, Justin could feel the incredible hardness of Joey’s back. Even unflexed, his wide lats rippled with power. His shoulders felt like two bowling balls pressing against the stretched cotton shirt. Although he was only 17, the Muscle Club treatment had created a physique that would be envy of a bodybuilder ten years his senior.

“Jesus Joey, you’re fuckin huge bro!” As Justin stepped back to admire his friend’s awesome physique, Joey lifted the tight t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. His muscles were even bigger than Justin had remembered. He lifted his arms and flexed his huge biceps. His pecs were like two perfect slabs of concrete. Joey flexed them and they rippled with striations. He spread his double-wide lats like two airplane wings. Justin had never seen lats that thick or wide. Joey’s abs looked like a massive upside-down ice cube tray, and Justin marveled at size of the deep grooves and cuts separating every muscle. “Show me those fuckin quads man,” Justin exclaimed as he reached out and unhooked Joey’s belt. The shorter man lowered his massive arms to his sides as Justin slowly pulled the jeans down to his ankles. Pushing one leg slightly forward, he squeezed down hard flexing his thigh. Rivers of thick muscle bulged against his tight skin. Justin ran his palm across the sculpted surface, feeling every curve and ripple. It was the first time he’d really felt another bodybuilder’s muscles and the sensation made his cock stir.

“I’m pretty awesome huh!” Joey boasted as the two young men locked eyes.

“Fuck yeah --” Justin started, but before he could continue, Joey leaned forward and pressed his lips against Justin’s mouth. Justin pulled back with a look of surprise on his face. Then he tore his own shirt off, revealing his massive torso. Joey ran his hands across Justin’s pecs and arms as he started to flex them. Feeling the awesome power flowing through those bulging muscles made Joey’s cock stiffen, pressing hard against the white cotton briefs he was still wearing. The sight of another massive bodybuilder worshipping his huge physique made Justin’s own cock swell and harden. Soon the two young men were standing naked, entangled in each other’s bodies, matching muscle against muscle. Justin ran his tongue over Joey’s double-peaked 23” biceps, licking the thick veins that roped across them. Joey strained to keep the muscles flexed, feeling blood pumping through them, and letting the bigger man take his time worshipping how huge and rock-hard they were. Justin ran his tongue downwards to explore the awesome width of Joey’s powerful lats. Again, he flexed hard, and his back muscles swelled, flaring outward and stretching his tight skin. Justin moaned with pleasure as his tongue then darted around the grooves carved into Joey’s granite abdominals.

Justin straightened to his full height and started flexing his own incredible physique. The two teenaged muscle gods groped and stroked each other in an orgy of pumped, ripped, bulging muscleflesh, exploring every inch of their massive bodies. Catching his own awesome reflection in the mirror, Joey lifted his arms and hit another front double biceps pose while Justin circled around and stood behind him. He wrapped his arms around Joey’s body, running his hands up and down the front of the shorter man’s incredible torso and pressing his rock-hard cock against his ass. Glancing over his shoulder, Joey suddenly dropped his hands onto his knees and bent over, offering up his tight muscle ass. Although he had never fucked another guy’s ass before, Joey urged him on. Justin spit in his palm and lubed up his massive cock. Then with his hands planted firmly on each side of the younger man’s waist, he slowly slid his dick into Joey’s ass. The feeling was exhilarating. Every muscle in his body flexed as he slowly pumped the other muscleman. Joey moaned with pleasure, stroking his own cock as he gazed at their reflection in the mirror. He began rhythmically flexing his powerful glutes around the bigger man’s thrusting cock, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Justin. Staring into the mirror and seeing himself fucking another musclegod was overwhelming to Justin. He looked down, gazing in awe at his own huge delts and triceps and they flexed and rippled from the exertion. He pulled out just in time to spray a thick stream of hot jizz all over Joey’s massive back muscles. Joey also shot his load, coating the mirror before them with cum. The two young men collapsed on the floor, gasping for breath.

“Holy shit! That was some fuckin workout bro!” Justin exclaimed. “I could definitely get used to this!”

“Yeah, but next time we better lift some weights too,” Joey laughed.

They headed back to the loft. Justin introduced Joey to Scott, who couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to have two incredible bodybuilders in his life now. Justin tossed Joey his pair of black competition posing trunks. “Here. Why don’t you show Scott your stuff bro.” Joey disappeared into the spare bedroom and emerged a few moments later wearing the trunks. Scott almost passed out at the sight of this new musclegod. Being a few inches shorter than Justin gave Joey the impression of having even greater muscle mass than his friend. As he proceeded to pose, Scott leaned over to Justin and whispered, “we are going to make a fortune with this guy!”

That night the three friends spend hours planning their conquest of the world of professional bodybuilding. Of course, another session of hot muscle sex ensued – this time a three-way with an awestruck Scott joining in on the action. The next morning, Scott went down the street to pick up some bagels and a couple pounds of lean sliced turkey for his roommates. While Joey showered, Justin sat at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and leafing through the latest issue of Flex. He stopped short to admire a 3-page photo spread of himself demonstrating his routine for building huge cannonball delts. Admiring his photos, Justin didn’t notice the kitchen door quietly open and close behind him. And he barely had time to feel the hand that slammed down hard onto his right trap before the room suddenly went dark…

Scott whistled as he strolled back to the apartment with breakfast. He climbed the stairs that led to the kitchen door. “Hey Justin, I hope you like sesame seeds cause they were all out of – “ …He stopped short as he entered the kitchen. The table and chairs were toppled over and the room was empty. “Justin? Joey?” In the bathroom, the shower was running, but the curtain was pulled to one side and no one was inside. There was a puddle of water on the floor that trailed out into the hallway. “Guys?” Scott turned off the shower and walked back into the kitchen. Then he saw it – a small white business card stuck on the front of the refrigerator which hadn’t been there before. In the center of the card was a single word. It filled Scott with dread:


Justin came to with a throbbing headache. He sat up clutching his right trap, unsure where he was or how he got there. Then the surroundings suddenly became all too familiar. It was his old room at Yuki’s estate. He was back at The Club.

“You feeling OK?” he spun around to find Joey sitting on the edge of the bed behind him. He was disheveled and his hair was still wet. They were both dressed in the familiar navy blue sweat suits with The Club’s logo embroidered on the front. “They hit you pretty hard bro.”

“What happened,” Justin asked, still trying to rub the pain from his neck.

“They must have bust in while I was in the shower.”

“What about Scott? Is he OK?”

“He wasn’t home when it happened. He must have gone out just before they arrived.” Justin tried to stand but his body was stiff and ached all over. “Easy big guy,” Joey offered “you’ve been out for a while.”

“Well are you OK Joey?” Justin asked with a look of concern on his face.

“Yeah, I’m OK. Don’t worry about me –“ Suddenly they both heard a key turn and unlock the door from the outside. It swung open, and Charlie stepped into the room.

“Well, well, well…how’s the head Justin?” he glared. “Payback’s a bitch ain’t it.” Charlie still had a slight scar on his forehead where Justin had bricked him the night of his escape from The Club.

“Charlie you fucker – what makes you think you can keep us here?” Justin shouted.

Charlie snapped back. “Us? Us? What the fuck you talkin ‘bout asshole?” Now he turned and glared at Joey. “Didn’t you tell him?”

Joey lifted his massive body off the bed and walked over to stand next to Charlie. He looked down at Justin who was still clutching his sore neck. “Not yet. I didn’t have a chance to…”

Suddenly everything became clear to Justin. “Joey? You’re in on this?”

“I’m sorry Justin. I really care about you bro, but you gotta understand. I need the treatments. You’re lucky – you were able to keep your size just by training. But for me, I started losing mass once they sent me away and the treatments stopped. The Korean guy I told you about? He was real. But I didn’t run away. He sent me back when I started losing size. So I moved back in here and Yuki put me back on the formula. Now look at me – I’m even bigger than before. I love having this body man, feeling these fuckin muscles growing bigger and stronger every day. You know bro, it’s like a drug. Feeling your body all pumped up and flexed – it’s addictive man. So when Yuki threatened to cut me off again if I didn’t find you and get you back, what could I do? Justin, I ain’t never gonna be small again. No way. Anyway, you’ll feel better once they start juicing you up again. And then you’ll get even bigger and better than you are now. We both will bro. You and me together – just like at the gym yesterday. We’re not like regular guys. We’re fuckin muscle gods! ”

Justin exploded.“Joey you crazy fuck! Yuki doesn’t give a shit about you or me or any of us. He only used you to get to me. He’s only in this for the money, and now you’ve sold us both out.”

“You’re wrong Justin,” Joey responded. Yuki loves us. We’re his creations. You’ll understand. Your place is here with us, not on the outside. You just need some time to realize this.” Then Charlie and Joey turned and left the room. As the lock snapped back in place, Justin stared at the floor in disbelief. How could he have been so foolish to think Yuki wouldn’t want him back? He realized that Joey on the inside was still just a 17-year-old kid, despite his incredible outward appearance. Maybe Justin expected too much from him. Then his thoughts turned to Scott, the only person on the outside who knew anything about The Club. Would he even know what had happened? If he did, would he ever be able to find this place and get him out?

Justin’s spirits sank as the door was unlocked once again. This time Charlie returned with Mr. Yuki. “Ah Justin. It’s so good to have you back with us.” Yuki purred. In his hand he held a hypodermic needle. Justin glared at Yuki as he felt Charlie grab his arms from behind and hold him down. His muscles strained against the bigger man’s powerful grip. “My dear boy…you look like you may have lost a little weight. Well no matter, we have just the thing to help you with that…” Tears filled Justin’s eyes as the hypo jabbed his left tricep and the treatment flowed into him… •

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