Sean Concern, The

By Musclebuff

BILLY SAGA PART FIVE; Latest in the Billy Saga series.

Billy, his Big 'Bro and Tim were huddled together in the locker-room. They had just finished a punishing workout which left their huge muscles glistening under the fluorescents with macho-musclestud sweat and the gism that they had each spurted spontaneously with their "maximum" lifts.

All this 'teen and post-teen muscle sat or squatted in a circle, their huge stretched and striated butts looking like giant peaches to anyone who might be brave enough to invade their privacy at that moment. Their pumped-up pecs leaned in towards each other and, if they hadn't been in such deep conversation, they wouldn't have been able to resist grabbing the tempting muscle under each of their noses - especially when their nips were so magnetized to each other that sparks were flying between them like some Frankenstein movie.

The reason for this intense and muttered conference was their concern about Billy's homopathic Little 'Bro, Sean. The youngest of the three massive siblings had been arrogantly proclaiming his muscular and sexual superiority over his fag-bros and their fag-friend, Tim. He had already managed to force-fuck both his brothers' fag-butts in public territory and had now declared open season on Tim's. The final straw was when he stole Billy's girl-friend from him and he started to parade around in the show-off helanca tees she liked him to wear.

The fact that he was undoubtedly BIGGER than any of them, even Tim, was incontrovertible. How he had gotten that way was open to speculation. The brothers suspected it was the result of both of them jerking off mega-wads into a plastic container to assist their then-smaller brother's then biology major girl friend with her latest scientific experiments. As soon as his major growth had been revealed to the world, and to his 'bros in particular, he had dropped the then-girlfriend in the most cavalier fashion and taken up with Billy's current snatch. As Billy was now much more interested in Tim than her she was an easy and vengeful catch for Sean. As for the biology majorette, she could be found stalking around the campus muttering vague Doctor Moreau-like threats against her treacherous puffed-up ex-bedfellow.

The three big guys came to some interesting conclusions which shall be revealed in due course. Meanwhile they were to enlist their all-too-willing coach (who had obliged all three of them on more than one joyful occasion and had already been fucked dangerously near fission of his fundament by Sean three times, excitedly and confusedly willing-unwilling) with promises of joys to cum.

Coach would summon the young 'teen to meet him in the smaller gym given over to wrestling practice at a given hour. He would then leave the field to our three muscle-heroes and retire to his office - which had a convenient one-way mirror looking over the wrestling mats.

The appointed hour arrived. Sean flung open the swing doors (which were immediately locked behind him from outside by Coach) and yelled:

"Hey, Coach-dude! Come and get a butt-full of mega-macho muscle-juice!

Hey, where are you, pussy-boy? My big pecker's getting' angry waitin' for you!"

What he didn't see while he paraded round the room, pulling off his muscle-split tee and his giant dick at the same time, was his three opponents hanging from climbing ropes in the rafters of the gym high above him. At a signal from Billy all three, stunned Sean with a huge, concerted yell as their huge bods slid down the ropes and swung crazily around and into Sean who was knocked flat by a particularly heavy blow to his chest from Tim's swinging feet. As one, the three muscle-heroes fell on top of the prone boaster, pinning him to the mat.

When Sean had entered the gym he had come from one of his most grueling workouts (thinking this was what Coach wanted to talk about) before he got fucked by the muscleteen) so he was incredibly pumped up (which excited anyone who looked at him, including our vengeful trio), pretty exhausted (which was exactly how the trio wanted him), and with his muscles glistening with a copious sheen of muscle-sweat - which meant holding him down pretty tricky. (He had also exhausted his libido with all the sucking and fucking his team mates had willingly provided/endured after their mammoth workout.

He heaved that huge mountain of muscle every which way, trying to escape the determined/infuriated/amorous grip of our three friends. It was like trying to control a thrashing boa constrictor - only much more fun. Muscle collided with muscle, genitalia mashed against genitalia and, since the teen-giant was already so depleted in that department, he was easy prey for Tim's insistently probing fingers and fist which soon got his sated flag hoisted again to a fair comparison with those of our heroes whose cannons had been loaded and ready to shoot since the beginning of this operation.

After a good fifteen minutes of this punishing wrestle-event, the Three managed to quieten the giant into some kind of submission. The shining hour was improved by each of the three taking turns to sit on the giant's dick, thus depleting him even further, and forcing the (apparently) homophobic teen to appreciate the joys of 69ing.

When he was finally limp, after cumming a good six times since the gym sessions with his buddies, they dragged him over to a squat rack and lashed him to the steel girders, arms and legs wide open. The dazed and dazzled Sean hardly felt what was going on and muttered incoherently as he was dragged across the gym - "Fuck.. fuck you.. fuck me...wanna feel... Big dicks... fucking boners.. want it all.. Please guys.." and so on.

When the huge guy had been firmly lashed to the steel frame, his huge great arms stretched out above his head - and I mean stretched, those boys were not feeling merciful - and his ankles pulling those car-crusher quads apart almost as far as they'd go, the "little brother" was so dazed that he was vulnerable to any kind of assault. He hung there, panting like some huge muscle machine on stand-by. The only thing not hanging was his raging dick which was weeping pre- or post-cum gism (who cared which?) copiously as it stretched itself to its full magnificent, thick, juicy, veined length, begging for attention.

Tim slapped it aside and began to pummel those pecs, pummel them unmercifully, his fists and flat slapping hands digging by turns into that taut muscle. Sean yelped and his dick jerked up at every blow as Tim's fists threatened to turn those magnificent slabs into raw meat. Just in time, he stepped back and told Billy to get working on Sean's scarlet throbbing nips. Billy climbed halfway up the squat rack and fastened his lips onto those man-teats, treating them as a farmer might treat a reluctant cow. Since the coast was clear, Big 'Bro squatted in front of his youngest brother (BB's quads ballooned over his huge calf muscles as he did so) and grabbed the rampant dick with his jaw.

Sean let out a scream - whether of pain or ecstasy the others couldn't tell - as his cock suffered (?) the ministrations of Big Bro's demanding jaw. Sometimes sucking with the painful power of an industrial vacuum-cleaner, sometimes biting the corona as if it was the next best thing for lunch, sometimes grabbing the heavy, orange-sized nuts and pulling them down hard at the same time as pulling the dick up - hard.

Tim saw an opportunity - grabbing something obscured behind the racks, he got behind the pulsating, yelling muscle stud, knelt down and grabbed Sean's snatch with his teeth, shoving his steely long tongue in as far as it would go. With this three-pronged attack, Sean began to feel the ecstasy of man-sex. When Tim thought he was groaning enough he jammed the till-now hidden black latex dildo (mammoth Manrammer size) up the hungry, begging fuck-chute as far as it would go - and then a bit further. He twisted it violently in every direction, banging it in and out to give Sean a complete trip round the land of fuckstacy.

Billy inverted himself in front of his brother, grabbing him round the waist and shoving his swollen, happy fuckrod into the depths of his brother's throat.


This sent Sean off the deep end and Big 'Bro was soon aware of the impending torrent that would be erupting like Vesuvius from the muscleteen's dick. He pulled off and cupped his hands under Sean's crotch - likewise the upside down Billy prepared his. At the crucial moment, almost as if they had planned it, both Billy and Tim (who had long ago replaced the dildo with his even bigger dick and had been power-pumping real hard, erupted at both ends into Sean's innermost being. The catalyst of this experience got his own Vesuvius going and soon Billy and Big 'Bros were hands were full of Sean's red-hot muscle-lava.

By now nearly every part of Sean was raw one way or another: his pecs and nips were burning like charcoal, his orifices and internal chutes had been stretched to the limit, as had his arms and legs and abs, for all the jerking about and spasming muscle attacks he had endured throughout the long treatment. He was exhausted. Finally.

But his ordeal? his joy? was not over yet. The two hunky brothers slathered the pints of Sean-cum all over his face and into his mouth. Billy held his brother's nose so that Sean had to swallow it.

Have to experience everything in this world, Sean-boy!

Gently they untied the exhausted muscle-stud and lowered him to his knees.

Clean up time! yelled Tim as he presented Sean with his gooey dick for lick-up. Then Billy delighted him by sitting on his face so that Big 'Bro could finally get his rocks off by pulling Sean's mighty thews towards the ceiling and jamming his now-spurting dick into Sean's now-greedy crack.

That was soon over and the three assailants sat on the floor fondling parts of their youngest member's anatomy while he slowly regained an awareness of this world. All three were ready for a violent reaction if it came - for who knew what\\Sean was feeling after all that?

A timid knock came on the door and Coach pushed his face through it. (He couldn't show any other part of himself for it was all distinctly slimed with the result of the several splurting occasions he had enjoyed while watching through his one-way mirror for the last hour.)

Everything all right, boys?

Sure, Coach! Just hangin' out!

You OK, Sean?

Yeah, Coach - couldn't be better - thanks for askin' though!

Coach quietly closed the door and reluctantly departed.

Sean sat up. There were happy grins all round.

Aww, fuck, Dudes! What've I been missing all my life?

So the Three Fucketeers became the Four. •

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