Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann


Rick Long didn’t see the sign that posted the change in the speed limit as he was distracted by his youngest son, Bryce, who pointed at what looked to be a dead armadillo in the road. He had never seen one himself, having never been further south than St. Louis before now.

Just a month ago, he’d decided he wanted a change of scene after having lived in Chicago all his life, and began doing job searches over the Internet. Not being an expert at computers, he asked his sons for help. Trent, the middle one, knew the most about them, so he visited several sites looking for a teaching position. Most of the higher-paying jobs were in or near big cities, and he’d had enough of traffic, high costs of living...and his ex-wife, who still tried to insinuate herself into their lives even though she had a restraining order out against her. After two weeks, he didn’t think he’d find one to suit him, but then he found an opening for a math teacher for a high school in a town he’d never heard of before: Musclove, Texas. The pay was over twice what he was earning now, with an excellent benefits package. He submitted his resume, and heard immediately from the principal, Joe Rob Thorne. He was surprised to learn that the one thing which prompted the call was reading about his three sons. Joe Rob explained that his academy is an all-male, private academy (but not affiliated with any religion), and since his sons were all of high school age (Bryce was entering his freshman year, Trent was a junior, and Jeremy a senior) they could be students there and not be charged tuition if their father was a teacher there. After discussing the school, his pay, and life down there, he made an unusually quick decision and accepted the job.

Joe Rob hadn’t mentioned the unusual aspect of this town; he had several men turn him down when he did, so instead he played up the town’s beauty, Southern charm, and nurturing atmosphere where boys can become fine young men. And what fine men!

Now in his moving van with Bryce in the passenger seat and his other boys in back, he missed seeing the speed limit change as he looked at the roadkill. But he couldn’t miss the sound of a siren. He looked in the side mirror and saw the blue-and-white, muttered under his breath, and slowed off to the shoulder. He told his sons not to say anything smart, as he had no idea how Texas lawmen were. He took out his wallet and prepared himself, but let out a small gasp when he saw Officer Carlos Huerta.

Carlos was the only police officer in Musclove, but that’s all they needed as the town was very peaceful. A very large town sizewise, but not in population. Other than traffic tickets, the last big call he had was a break-in at the Thorne house, but it turned out Joe Rob had accidentally locked himself out and had broken his door down. The silent alarm had tripped, so when Carlos arrived Joe Rob had to apologize and make it up to him...which he did all night long.

Even among the men of Musclove, Carlos was imposing with his piercing brown eyes, thick mustache, and a smile that kept you guessing about his thoughts. Though not as tall, at only 5’8", he weighed in at a full 330 lbs. of rock solid muscle. His chest measured almost 70", his arms near 29". His waist measured just more than each thigh at 41", with thick 25" calves in a diamond shape. He was one of the first to take part in Doc Schmidt’s experiment, and though most of the participants had better results than he, Carlos had no complaints, for what he lacked in size he more than made up for in energy.

Carlos asked Rick for his ID, who fumbled with it for a moment, asked if he knew how fast he was going, then asked where he was headed. When Rick said, "A town called Musclove," Carlos told him the correct pronunciation - the C is silent - then told him he was at the city limits and offered to take him into town, then tore up the ticket he had been writing. Rick was surprised by this gesture and thanked him. He gave him the address of the house he was moving into, and Carlos escorted him the rest of the way.

When they got to the house, Carlos offered to help him move in, and for the first time all four Longs got to see how powerful he was as he lugged in the heaviest furniture without breaking a sweat, even for a hot Texas day. As the boys were settling in their new bedrooms, Rick heard a knock on the door and saw another hugely muscled man, wearing a pair of bermuda shorts and sandals, in the doorway.

"Hi, you must be the Longs! Sorry we missed you arriving or my son and I would’ve helped you move in. I’m Keith Zimmer."

Rick shook his extended hand; Keith was careful not to grip him too tightly. Keith stood 6’1", with almost 400 lbs. of pure muscle on his body, with everything in similar proportion to Carlos but larger. Rick said, "Geez, I thought Officer Huerta was big...something in the water here?" He laughed nervously.

Keith flexed his arm to an awesome 33" around. "You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas. Even though I’m originally from Rochester, I’ve adapted myself pretty well, huh? Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude and show off like this, but you’ll see all the men here tend to do it."

"What about the women?"

"Oh, there’s no women here. You could call this a commune, but don’t call us commies. This town was founded by men who just wanted to live their lives free from the constraints women bring. Most of us here are divorced, a couple widowed, some single men...but we have the same outlook. Hey, Carlos!" Carlos had just finished installing the refrigerator and was wiping his greasy hands into his tee shirt. He’d taken off his shirt and Rick gaped at his huge hairy chest, the nipples pointing almost downward, the eight-pack rippling. Although Rick considered himself fit, he felt awkward around these behemoths. "Hey, Keith! Just helping the new guy and his sons move in."

"Sons, how many?"

Rick said, "Three."

"Got one myself inside the house now, you could meet him later. You all done setting up here?"

"Yeah, I’d say so. Thanks, Officer Huerta, for your help. Care for a beer?"

"No, thanks, and you can call me Carlos. Oh, Keith, you wanted me to see that computer program you just got...should I come over now?"

"Sure. Rick, it was nice meeting you, and I’m sure we’ll get along just great."

After they left, Rick and his sons ordered pizza, and gave the massively muscled delivery boy a $10 tip; Rick thought with that kind of body he’ll need lots of food to keep up his strength. They talked about the men they met today, and wondered if they’d fit in. Trent didn’t mention it aloud, but he’d done some research into this town throught the Internet, and what he read both worried and excited him. Especially after he’d recognized both the cop and the delivery guy.

The town had been founded by two men, Dr. Heinz Schmidt and Ned Garrett. Heinz was the son of a doctor, an escapee from Nazi Germany and a pioneer in hormone research. The rumors following him were that he’d been hired by Hitler, who wanted to use his theories in creating the perfect Aryan, but had to flee after openly praising Jesse Owens and his performance at the Olympics. Ned was a rancher interested in trying to breed his cattle so they’d have more meat. It was unclear how they met, but soon they began a lifelong partnership that resulted in Ned selling his stock and turning his vast ranch into the town of Musclove, a town devoted to health, harmony, and men.

Trent clicked on one of the links, and found himself looking at some of the men of this town in various poses, including that cop. Side arm, double bicep, most muscular, all were incredibly blessed with the kind of muscle Trent dreamed of having on his scrawny body. He clicked another site, which said it featured male nudity and must be eighteen to enter. That never stopped him before, so he clicked...and those same men were now nude, and Trent felt his heart pounding wildly as he saw the huge penises each of these men possessed. When limp, they reached their knees and when hard most reached near the base of their broad necks. They posed with their hard and limp cocks...Carlos’ shot was a double bi from the back, showing off his hard, round, furry ass, and his huge cock dangling down to just above his knees. Trent often visited this site before he moved, and saw the picture of the delivery guy, Aaron Thorne, posing with a birthday cake saying "Happy 18th, son". From the center appeared what seemed to be a giant pink candle...but of course it was his huge hard cock with splotches of frosting...or was it cum?...covering it. Trent came in his pants when he saw that picture, wondering if the 18th stood for years or inches of cock?

After dinner, they went to bed, but only Trent had even a vague idea of what was soon to happen to them.

Meanwhile, Carlos, Keith, and his son Oliver were also in bed, but wet with sweat, saliva, and semen from the intense lovemaking session they just shared. Oliver was going to be a senior, and looking forward to having the final dose of the doctor’s formula; he already weighed as much as Carlos, with the same measurements, but on a 6’ body. One injection left, and then he’d be as big as dad...everywhere.

Oliver asked, "So what do you think of those new neighbors of ours? Will they be the first to not take those shots?"

Carlos said, "Well, the way they were all looking at me I wouldn’t be surprised to see them all lined up at Doc Schmidt’s office tomorrow morning. Especially that middle son. So skinny, you know he wants a piece of this." He flexed his now sweaty arm and kissed it.

"Yeah, well right now I want a piece of this."

Keith moaned, "You’re gonna empty me out, son," as Oliver grabbed his father’s massive cock, currently limp at 16" long by 4" wide.

"Bullshit, dad, you got enough cum in those balls to fill a tub. You filled my ass, now fill my stomach." Oliver stretched his jaw as wide as possible and fit the spongy, bulbous head into his mouth. He began sucking the huge dick down his throat, inch by thick inch working its way down his young gullet.

Carlos’ cock quickly hardened at the sight of this incestuous love. He often wished he had a son to enjoy this way, but that was the only disappointment in his life. He often enjoyed the sons of the other men in this that Aaron’s driving, he often speeds just to have Carlos administer some hot punishment. He quickly moved behind Oliver and with one quick lunge sank half of his hard, tanned 20" cock inside the young man. Oliver was used to being fucked at both ends so he didn’t bite down on his dad’s lengthening member, which soon hardened to its full 24 1/2" of massive masculinity.

Keith moaned, "Yeah, son, you’re so good, you’re the best cock sucker in town. Twist my balls, boy. Ooh, yeah..." Oliver loved to hear his dad talk dirty, ever since their first time back when he was a freshman. He worked on his dad’s dick lustfully, hungry for more of his super-nutritious cum. He’d sucked off the video store clerk, the other man in the store, and Aaron already today, and as the doctor would always say, you need to suck five cocks a day in order to get enough calories. And it’s always best to suck five different men to make sure you have a variety of cum in your belly. With four new men moving in, there would soon be more cum for everyone.

Carlos and Keith worked in tandem; thrust for Carlos, pull out for Keith, then vice versa. They’d been doing this for so long their rhythm was perfect, and after twenty steady minutes neither could hold out anymore. Carlos came first, his spicy jism shooting deep inside Oliver’s bowels. As always, his load was so big that cum began seeping out of Oliver. Hearing those squishing sounds, Keith sighed loudly and began erupting down his boy’s gullet. Oliver began taking his dad’s cock immediately, wanting to taste that delicious cum, wanting to swallow his dad’s semen while he watched. Keith always watched his son do this, and Oliver would look up with those sexy blue eyes as he drank every drop of his cum. Still the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Oliver’s huge young throbber still hadn’t come, so Keith and Carlos took turns lapping the huge young cock from pre-cummy tip to heavy ball base. Their toungues often met, and they couldn’t resist a hot French kiss around the cock. Finally, their mouths met at the tip, and their tongues licked the huge head. Oliver cried, "I’m cumming," and both men sank their mouths around the head, drinking the boy’s sweet jism as he exploded.

Carlos showered and left; father and son snuggled in b ed.


"Ye s, son?"

"I’m so glad we moved here. You think think the others will feel the same way?"

"Maybe not at first. Remember how shocked I was? But we’ve been here over three years now, and I’d never want to leave. I love the town, all the men...but most of all, I love you." His kissed his son gently on the mouth. "Good night, Oliver." And the two huge men fell asleep, as almost all the men of the town did, with cum in their bellies and asses.

Almost, except for four, but they too would soon know the joys to be shared in the town of Musclove, Texas. •

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